Ragnar Beard

Ever since the show Vikings started airing, we fell in love with its main character Ragnar Lothbrok.

Its ferocity and rage aren’t the only things that make Ragnar so captivating, it is his styling, which many have started to copy.

Even though there are a lot of Viking beard styles out there, the most popular one is the Ragnar beard, and for good reason.

It is not hard to create and it looks good on all face types.

In order to copy this style successfully, there is a formula.

Picking up a razor and trimming simply won’t do.

So, we did our research and find the best and easiest way for you to start growing a Ragnar beard.

We made things tremendously easy and the only thing you need to do is follow the steps exactly as described.

What Is a Ragnar Beard

The Ragnar beard is a style made famous by the TV show ‘Vikings.’ The beard features a full beard and sideburns coupled with a trimmed mustache.

The style goes well with a braided ponytail, top knot, or a man bun. If you want to pull off the style, you need to ensure that you have the right physique.

It is a Viking beard style; after all and Vikings are warriors known for their ruggedness and masculinity as portrayed in the TV show.

Benefits of a Ragnar Beard

Low Maintenance

Full beards are usually easy to maintain. The Ragnar beard is a full beard style. The beard is meant to look unkempt.

With that comes low maintenance. You will, however, experience itching and may develop beard dandruff, but it’s nothing a good beard oil can’t fix.

Portrays Masculinity

Beards incredibly full beards are a sign of masculinity. The Ragnar beard is, however, more masculine due to its association with Viking warriors.

Bold Choice

Benefits of a Ragnar Beard

The Ragnar beard is a bold and daring choice. This is because not every man can pull off the beard style. You can, however, still manipulate your beard to grow into a full Ragnar beard.


Every beard style comes with its variations. The Ragnar beard is no different. There are so many Ragnar beard styles that you can try that differ in length and thickness.

Confidence Booster

The Ragnar beard, like any other Viking beard style, oozes confidence. This is because the beard can be a little intimidating.

I mean, it portrays the strength and ruggedness of a Viking warrior. Any man wearing the beard style would therefore feel like a warrior.

How Does a Ragnar Beard Work

The Ragnar beard style is all about how you wear it. As mentioned earlier, it features a trimmed mustache, a full beard, and sideburns.

The head is shaved on the sides and the remaining hair is held into a ponytail or a top knot. It can also be worn with short hair or a bald head. To perfect the look, you need to have the right body. That means men who look masculine like Viking warriors pull off the style much better.

Vikings didn’t have at their disposal the modern beard products that we have today. They, however, tried their best to style and maintain their beards.

The good thing about most Viking beard styles, including the Ragnar beard, is that you can manipulate your hair to grow into whatever style you want.

Pros and Cons of Growing Ragnar Beard

The Ragnar beard looks good. It is rugged, masculine, and a little intimidating. If you are the kind of man who can grow a thicker beard that is strong and full, this is one style that you must try at some point.

With that in mind, here are a few pros and cons of the Ragnar beard style that you should know about.


  • The Ragnar beard is masculine, making you look confident, bold, and unapologetic, just like a Viking warrior.
  • It’s a low-maintenance beard that doesn’t require a whole arsenal of beard products to maintain the look. A little beard oil is all you need to prevent or get rid of itching and beard dandruff.
  • If you have Scandinavian roots, rocking the Ragnar beard can be one of the ways of reconnecting and feeling closer to your roots.


Types of Ragnar Beards

Types of Ragnar Beards

Short Beard

If you are unsure about the full Ragnar Lothbrok style, the short beard can be a great option. It involves long hair with shaved sides and trimmed short facial hair.

Viking Beard

The Viking beard is a full-on rustic style that doesn’t require much grooming or trimming. The beard typically grows to about 2.5″ or longer. As such, growing such a beard to perfection should take about 2 to 5 months. It doesn’t require much grooming except for beard oil to prevent itching.

Bald With Long Beard

A bald head will do if you like the Ragnar beard style but don’t have the long hair to go with it. At some point, Ragnar Lothbrok rocks a long beard and a bald head. The sides and the mustache are trimmed and the rest is a full beard that is easy to style and maintains.

Well-Groomed Beard With Dreadlocks

In the second and third seasons of the show, Ragnar’s beard is still growing. This doesn’t, however, stop him from rocking a well-groomed beard with dreadlocks.

The beard is coupled with long dreadlocks that are tied together with the sides clean-shaved. The look would be perfect if you had a head tattoo to go with it.

Ragnar Beard and Different Face Shapes

Diamond Face

If you have a diamond face, you can rock a long Ragnar beard style. You could also combine it with a full-on well-trimmed mustache.

Heart Face

A short Ragnar beard that tapers at the chin would work to hide the longer chin for heart face shapes.

Oblong Face

With an oblong face shape, you can go with a full-on Ragnar beard style with shaved sides.

Oval Face

If you have an oval face, you can wear a specific short beard style with either a ponytail or shaved sides.

Round Face

A round face means a shorter chin. The Ragnar beard is shorter on the sides and then tapers at the chin. It is excellent for a round face because it gives the impression of a longer face.

Square Face

A square face, just like a round face, needs a beard style that can make it appear longer. A long full Ragnar beard does the job perfectly.

Triangle Face

With a triangle face shape, a long or short Ragnar beard with a mustache will work.

How to Grow a Ragnar Beard

How to Grow a Ragnar Beard

Step 1 – Give the beard time to grow

A Ragnar beard is a full beard. If you are going to pull off the look, you need to allow your facial hair to grow.

There are so many styles of the Ragnar beard. Therefore, you are looking at anywhere between two to five months to achieve good growth, depending on your facial hair growth rate.

Step 2 – Choose a style

The Ragnar beard can be worn in so many different ways. Choose a style that you think will look good on you. While at it, you might also want to choose an appropriate hairstyle.

Step 3 – Trim the sides

Once you have a style in mind, it’s time to start trimming. The Ragnar beard is shorter on the sides. Start by cutting the sides to a uniform length making sure not to trim too much.

Step 4 – Snip stray hairs

Use a good pair of grooming scissors to trim any stray hairs on the chin or the sides. Make sure that you leave the cheek lines untouched since the Ragnar beard is supposed to be rugged.

Step 5 – Apply beard oil

Like with any other full and thick beard, you may experience itching and beard dandruff. To prevent this, apply beard oil. Using beard oil will also go a long way in softening your beard for easy maintenance.

How to Maintain a Ragnar Beard 

Step 1 – Use beard oil and balm

The Ragnar bear is a full beard, so it’s bound to get itchy. Investing in good-quality beard oil will help prevent itching and beard dandruff.

When it comes to styling, you will need to use a good quality beard balm. Getting a strong hold with a beard wax is also convenient when you want to style the beard.

Step 2 – Clean the beard

Viking beards are supposed to be rugged and unkempt. Even when that is the case, you need to keep the beard clean. A dirty Ragnar beard will not grow as you want it to and might also get damaged.

Using a high-quality beard shampoo to clean the beard at least every three days will go a long way to keep the beard clean and well-moisturized. Water-soluble hair pomade could also be used to style the beard and keep it moisturized.

Step 3 – Comb the beard

Ragnar beard styles were meant for Viking warriors, but you are not one.

You are living in a modern world where you have different beard products and tools like the world’s best razor for head shaving at your disposal.

Combing the beard will help untangle the hairs while ensuring that the beard grows in the right direction. An affordable beard comb could also be used to manipulate your beard to grow into a Ragnar beard.

Step 4 – Trim the beard

Your Ragnar beard will grow out of place after a few weeks. When it does, use a premium stubble trimmer to trim the sides to maintain the look.

Step 5 – Eat the proper diet

Even Vikings knew that your beard is what you eat. Eating a healthy diet rich in Omega-3 and Omega-6 will help accelerate facial hair growth. You will also have a healthy-looking beard which is something that you need with any full beard style.

Dos and Don’ts With a Ragnar Beard


  • Do ensure that you trim the beard regularly to maintain the look.
  • Do clean the beard with a quality beard shampoo to keep it moisturized and to prevent damage.
  • Do consider using beard oil to prevent itching and beard dandruff.
  • Do go for a Ragnar beard style that matches the shape of your face.
  • If you don’t know what you are doing, consider trimming your Ragnar beard at the hair salon. This prevents any trimming disaster that may lead to uneven-looking facial hair.


  • Don’t grow a Ragnar beard if your facial hair grows in patches.

FAQ About Ragnar Beard

What kind of beard does Ragnar have?

Ragnar Lothbrok rocks a long or short beard trimmed on the sides and tapers at the chin area. The beard is coupled with a well-trimmed mustache and a shaved head or hair held into a knot and shaved on the sides.

Can anyone grow a Ragnar beard?

Anyone can grow the Ragnar beard. The beard style is, however, best suited for those who can grow full and thick beards. It also looks better on men who have the Viking kind of bodies portrayed in the TV show.

How long does it take to grow Ragnar’s beard?

A Ragnar beard needs time to grow. For the perfect beard, you need to give your beard time to grow, which could take anywhere between 2 to 5 months, depending on your facial hair growth rate.

What celebrities grow a Ragnar beard?

The most notable celebrities who rocked the Ragnar beard include Vikings TV Show’s Travis Fimmel and Peter Franzen. Others include model Josh Mario John, Chris Hemsworth, Sanjay Dutt, and Jason Momoa.


The Ragnar Lothbrok beard look is a style almost every man wants to rock at some point. The beard style is rugged and easy to maintain. It also has a commanding and intimidating appearance. That is enough to boost any man’s confidence. The beard style goes with any face shape, but you are better off having the right body to go with it. We’re talking about a near Viking body. If you have a neck or head tattoo, well and fine. If not, you can still grow a killer Ragnar beard that you can rock even in the office as long as it is clean and well kept.

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