Jason Momoa Beard

Jason Momoa is one of the most popular figures in today’s industry.

His grandeur is not only defined by his towering performances in blockbuster movies and shows, a lot of it is thanks to his unique style.

You can’t have Khal Drogo or Aquaman without the exquisite Jason Momoa beard.

Jason was able to create his unique wildstyle beard that suits his physical presence.

At the same time, it goes perfectly with the roles that he is getting.

However, creating a similar style for a regular person is not as easy to attain.

While Jason Momoa seems to do it without effort, we regular people are going to need a few pointers to create it just right.

This is what this article is here after all, and after being done with it you will know how to grow, trim, and maintain the legendary Jason Momoa beard.

What Is a Jason Momoa Beard

The Jason Momoa beard is typically a ducktail beard. This is a full beard with a pointy chin that looks like the tail of a duck. Momoa’s beard is about four inches long with patchy growth on the cheeks hidden under long wavy hair.  

What is so unique about Jason Momoa’s beard? It’s an unruly scraggly beard that most of the time would look lazy and unkempt. 

But Jason Momoa has found a way to make the beard look good and even stylish. That and his long hair have created a style that is unique and worth emulating. 

7 Most Popular Jason Momoa Beard Styles

Classic Ducktail Beard 

This is the classic Jason Momoa look and it’s the beard style that he mostly wears. It features a traditional ducktail beard coupled with his long wavy hair. 

Shorter Ducktail Beard

Sometimes Jason Momoa rocks a shorter ducktail beard with medium-length hair. The sides have the classic patchy look and the beard has a scraggy look. For most men, this would not work, but somehow Jason Momoa still makes it look classic. 

French Fork Style

The French Fork style is what happens when a ducktail beard is not maintained as it should. The ducktail beard divides into two from the middle, slowly turning into a French Fork beard.

Big Goatee with Patchy Cheeks

Sometimes Momoa grows his beard out but does not shape the chin into a point. The beard turns into a big goatee beard with patchy cheeks. 

Five O’clock Shadow

It’s rare to see Jason Momoa spotting this beard style, but he has done it in the past. The style involves rocking a five o’clock shadow beard or light stubble. The light stubble looks good on him, but that is no surprise since it’s one of the most attractive beard styles. 

Short Pointed Beard

The short pointed beard resembles a goatee, but the chin is shaped into a point and kept longer. The style is best referred to as a short ducktail beard. 

Short Boxed Beard

While it’s rare to see Momoa with a formal beard style, he has sported a short boxed beard in the past. The beard is ½ inch long with groomed neck and cheek lines. 

Benefits of Growing This Beard Style

Has a Masculine Vibe

Jason Momoa has always portrayed strong male characters. From Khal Drogo, the Dothraki warlord who had never been defeated in battle, to Aquaman. This has always been due to his rugged beard and long hair, which give him a masculine vibe. 

Easy to Maintain

The Jason Momoa beard can be described as a scraggly full beard. It is meant to look unruly, making it easy to maintain. 


Jason Momoa’s beard and long wavy hair helped him transform the Aquaman character into a god-like superhero. The beard style is stylish and has got men striving to grow their facial hair to look like Aquaman’s. It’s a beard style that has caught on and is not going anywhere in a long time. 

How Does It Work

How Does Jason Momoa Beard Work

The Jason Momoa beard is a full unruly and scraggly beard with patchy cheeks. The beard is achieved by growing a full beard with a full goatee in the mid-section.

It’s the perfect beard for men with square face shapes. The style also works for those with round faces since it defines and flaunts the jawline. Although the beard is meant to be scraggly, there is still a lot of maintenance that goes into it if you want to look like Jason Momoa. 

You will need to use professional beard care products and learn to use beard scissors properly to trim the sides to be shorter than the rest of the bard.

The goatee area needs to be long and full. You will also need to keep the neck area neat so that there is no neckbeard showing. On that occasion, use a stubble trimmer or a safety razor. 

If you can’t grow a full beard, there is a whole array of beard products that you can use, including beard vitamins to help your beard grow thick and full.  

Pros and Cons


  • The beard is thick and full, which makes any man look even more masculine.
  • The beard style is easy to maintain since it’s a full beard that has been left to grow unruly.
  • The beard is unique and helps you stand out.


  • If you don’t get it right, your beard will look lazy and unkempt.
  • The beard doesn’t work for all face shapes.

Momoa’s Beard and Different Face Shapes

The Jason Momoa beard can go with different face shapes. For one, it’s perfect for a diamond face shape like that of Jason Momoa. 

A diamond face shape consists of wide cheekbones, a narrow forehead, and a narrow jawline. The chin will be pointy with a jawline that slopes down. 

A diamond face shape goes with most long beard styles. These styles add size and width to the jawline. They include the ducktail beard, the classic full beard, Garibaldi, and Verdi beard styles. It also goes well with all stubble beard styles.

The Jason Momoa beard would, however, also look great for those with a square face shape. The beard defines and accentuates your jawline and other facial features.  

How to Grow It 

How to Grow a Jason Momoa Beard

Step 1 – Clean up your beard border zones

To pull off a Jason Momoa beard, you need to clean up the border parts of the beard by keeping them clean-cut and well-trimmed. 

To do this, stick to the desired shape and clean away any hair going down the neck. If you don’t do this, your beard will appear lazy and neglected rather than rugged and masculine. 

Step 2 – Trim the mustache 

Trim the mustache down and above your upper lip. If there is overgrowth on the cheeks, trim that too. The idea is to keep the beard line well-defined and clean for a more chiseled look. 

Step 3 – Add a little color 

If you’re going for the authentic Aquaman look, then it would be better if you added a little color to your beard. A few highlights will create a multi-tonal style while adding texture to the beard. You might also want to add highlights to the ends of your hair and beard for an effortless rugged look. 

Step 4 – Keep the sides shorter

Your sides need to be shorter for a Jason Momoa look, especially if your beard grows in patches in that area. The idea is to have trimmed sides that are well maintained while growing a larger beard at the center. 

Use premium beard oil or a high-quality beard softener to keep your beard soft and well maintained. Beard balm could be an excellent option for keeping the beard well put together throughout the day. 

How to Trim One 

Step 1 – Trim the mustache

The first thing you need to trim is the mustache. Get a fine-tooth comb and place it diagonally above the upper lip. Trim the mustache so that it’s parallel to the line of your mouth. 

At the same time, use high-quality mustache grooming scissors to cut any unruly hairs poking out of the bottom section of the comb. 

Step 2 – Clean up the cheek line

Jason Momoa spots patchy cheek lines beneath his long hair. Place the comb diagonally on your cheeks and then trim any hairs that are above the comb. 

Step 3 – Trim the neckline

If you want to embrace the good Aquaman look, your neckline needs to be cleanly shaved. You can use beard scissors for this step to snip and trim anything that looks scraggly. 

How to Maintain It

Step 1 – Cleaning the beard

To grow a beard like Jason Momoa’s, you need to keep your facial hair clean. At this point, choosing beard shampoo according to your needs will go a long way. 

You can also use a beard wash to scrub the beard. Avoid beard cleansers that have sulfates like sodium laureate sulfate because such ingredients strip away natural hydration from your beard. 

Step 2 – Hydrate the beard 

If you are serious about growing a Jason Momoa beard, you need to keep the beard well hydrated. The skin underneath the beard also needs to be hydrated. Use premium beard oil, moisturizer, or beard balm that is non-comedogenic to ensure that your pores don’t get clogged. 

Step 3 – Comb and brush the beard 

Jason Momoa’s signature look needs regular brushing and combing. Combing your beard helps distribute natural oils while keeping the beard well-nourished. By using the beard brush and comb, you help avoid split ends on your beard. 

Do’s And Don’ts

Do’s And Don’ts When Growing Jason Momoa Beard


  • Do clean up the sides for the classic Jason Momoa look. Failure to do so will lead to a beard that looks lazy and unkempt.
  • Do consider using beard products like beard oil, moisturizer, and beard balm to keep your beard looking hydrated.
  • Even if the Jason Momoa beard is meant to be rugged, it still needs to be cleaned. Clean the beard with the right beard shampoo.
  • Do comb and brush your beard to keep it looking great.


  • Don’t let your beard grow out of control. You need to trim your beard regularly to maintain the Jason Momoa look.
  • Do not use regular shampoo to clean your beard. Such shampoo strips your beard of natural oils, leaving it dry and weak. 


How long does it take to grow hair like Jason Momoa’s?

Jason Momoa is known for his long wavy hair. According to Momoa, if you want to grow such hair, it should take you about a year to grow it out. 

How to ask your barber for Jason Momoa’s beard style?

Most barbers are familiar with Jason Momoa’s beard style and will trim yours to that and advise how to grow your beard to look like his. If your barber is not familiar with Jason Momoa’s style, have a picture with you of Momoa rocking the beard style you are going for. 

What beard product does Jason Momoa use?

First of all, you need to use high-quality beard shampoo to clean your beard. You also need to use beard oil, moisturizer, or balm to keep the beard hydrated. 

Did Jason Momoa grow his beard back?

Jason Momoa shocked the world a while back when he drove into the desert and shaved his iconic beard. While we mourned the loss, the good news is that he grew it back.  


You may not have the size or even the physique of Jason Momoa, but you can still be like him in other ways. Jason Momoa has always landed iconic roles thanks to his size, physique, hair, and iconic beard. His beard is somewhat of a classic and more and more men are copying his style. It’s masculine, but that could be due to his roles like Aquaman and Khal Drogo in Game of Thrones.

There is no denying, however, that the beard gives off a masculine vibe. To grow a Jason Momoa beard, patience is vital. You also need to shave and trim the beard regularly and use the right beard products.

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