Stubble Beard Idea for Square Face Shape

Having a square face shape is very attractive and sexy, it can also be quite problematic when trying to grow a beard.

A square face has all sorts of advantages, but it comes with disadvantages beard-wise.

If you do decide to pick a beard on your own and shape it, you have to be aware of all the necessities that come with it.

Certain styles simply don’t go with a square face.

You need to learn to avoid those.

In order to help you out with all of your beard-growing needs, we created a helpful article for all of your square-faced blokes.

We included the most appropriate advice as well as a few extra tips to help you pick the right style for you.

The lesson starts now, so pay attention.

15 Most Popular Beard Styles for a Square Face

The ideal beard styles depend on the face shape that you have. Some thin beard styles work on specific face shapes while others don’t. Beard enthusiasts know what beard styles to avoid and what styles are best to fashion. 

For square faces, an essential feature to consider is the sharpness of the jaw. You can either opt for a beard that further emphasizes this strong feature or one that softens its sharpness for a bit. 



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A stubble beard allows you to fashion a beard without covering up much of your face’s sharp and strong features. This style accentuates both your jawline and cheeks.



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The circle beard features a connected beard and a mustache. The rest of the jaw and cheek are clean-shaven. The beard can be styled either short or long, but it is best to trim and groom it.

Use a double edge safety razor to shave the jaw and cheek and keep a clean cut around the circle beard.



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Much like it is called, the beard stache is a combination of a mustache and a stubble beard. The emphasis lies on the mustache, and the stubble completes the rest of the look without hiding your jawline.



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A goatee is the best beard style for men who cannot grow much facial along their cheeks. Although you can use various beard products such as premium beard oils or a DIY beard shampoo, promoting beard growth can still be challenging.

Although a goatee would hide much of your chin, it wouldn’t affect the looks of your jaws and cheekbones.

Van Dyke

Van Dyke

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The Van Dyke beard is another classic beard style. It features a disconnected mustache and a beard with an iconic style. The mustache can be trimmed short or style long enough to create a thick curl.

The beard features a sharp and pointed shape that helps add length without covering much of the chin and jawline. You can use the best beard combs to trim and shape your beard when fashioning a Van Dyke beard.

Short Boxed

Short Boxed

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The boxed beard style features a full beard covering the jaw, lip, and cheek. Although this beard style hides the defined features of a square face, it is typically styled to have neat and sharp edges.

This allows it to somehow mimic the strong angles of the face and still give off a very masculine look. There are two styles for a short boxed beard. The high box features a full beard that reaches as high as the cheek line.

The low box cuts an inch down the cheek line for a more exposed cheekbone.



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The Balbo beard features a fully grown mustache and beard. Although the beard and mustache are not connected, each feature is elegantly styled. Another defining feature of the Balbo beard is the gap between the beard and mustache that exposes more of the jawline.



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The ducktail beard is a full-face beard style that features an extremely long beard. Although this style covers and hides the features of a square face, this style adds length by fashioning a long and pointed beard shape.



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The Imperial is a unique and high-maintenance beard style made famous by Napoleon III. It features a handlebar mustache with a styled narrow goatee to complete the look. The rest of the face is clean-shaven, accentuating the jawline and the cheekbone.



Sideburn beards feature facial hair that grows on the side of the face but with the chin and mustache clean-shaven. However, this beard style can be further elevated by connecting thick sideburns to a long mustache while keeping the chin clean.



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A chin beard features facial hair that wraps around the chin but does not include any mustache. This beard style can either be grown long or trimmed short. 

Extended Goatee

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Full Ducktail

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Boxed Beard

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Stubble Circle

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How Does a Beard for This Face Shape Work

The ideal beard style for a square face typically accentuates the strong jawline and defined cheekbones. Beard styles such as the stubble beard and goatee help highlight the jaw without covering much of its features.

On the other hand, longer beard styles such as the Van Dyke, Balbo, and boxed beard make short square faces look longer. 
Having a beard significantly changes the way a person looks. Thus, men often pay close attention to how they style their beards.

It can be clean and sharp-looking, or it can also be rugged and shaggy. Either way, the goal is to find a beard style that best suits their aesthetic.

However, beard styles are not only determined by personal preference. Beard enthusiasts know that their face shape influences the beard shape and style that fits them. Not all beard styles work with all face shapes.

There are beards for a triangle face, and there are styles that work best for a heart face. This post focuses on the best beards for a square face. If you have a sharp and angular face, here is a quick guide and overview of the beard style that would look good on you.

What Is a Square Face Shape

A sharp and angular structure characterizes a square face. The most dominant feature is its wide and protruding mandibles and defined cheekbones. However, square faces are relatively short, unlike the sharp yet elongated rectangle face shape.

 A square face on a man gives off a powerful and masculine look. Tom Cruise, Henry Cavill, Brad Pitt, and Jensen Ackles are the most known actors with square faces. 

How to Know If You Have It

If you are unsure of your face shape, you can use a tape measure to see if you have a square face or not. This is based on measuring your face height, forehead width, cheekbone width, and jawline width.

Generally, a square face is characterized by the following:

  • The face height is closely 1 to 1.5x more than the widest width.
  • The width measurements for the forehead, jaw, and cheekbones are closely within the same range.
  • The jawline is tight, wide, and sharp instead of sloped.
  • The face has no rounded features. All angles and edges are well defined.

How to Choose the Best Style


The first thing to consider is the length. Some beard styles that work for square faces are relatively short, such as the stubble beard and goatee. On the other hand, some styles feature longer growth, such as the Van Dyke beard and the Balbo beard. 

Structure of the Face

Another thing that you should look into is your face structure itself. If you feel like your jawline is too angular, you may opt for a rounded beard shape to help cover the sharpness for a bit.

However, if you are proud and confident about your features, several beard styles help accentuate the strong characteristics of a square face shape.

Man Pointing Square Face Shape Structure

How to Grow

Step 1 – Choose a style

Growing a beard for a square shape depends mainly on the kind of beard style you are going for.

Generally, the suitable beard style for such a strong and angled face structure is short or trimmed because the beard helps accentuate its defining features. However, some feature either a long mustache, a long beard, sideburns, or a full-face beard.

Step 2 – Nourish to promote growth

To grow a beard for a square face, you must practice proper grooming and maintenance to promote facial hair growth. Using different beard care products and regular brushing and grooming will encourage this process.

This is particularly important in growing spots with poor follicle activity, such as the cheeks and the sides of the mouth.

Step 3 – Groom regularly

Continue this routine until your beard reaches the ideal length for your preferred beard style. You can start cutting, trimming, and styling your beard in a way that complements your square face.

Remember that grooming is a crucial part of proper beard care and should be practiced regularly to keep the beard in good condition. 

How to Trim

Step 1 – Allow your facial hair to grow

It would take about 1 to 3 months for facial hair to completely cover the face from the jaw, mustache, and cheeks. You can use beard care products promoting beard growth to encourage and hopefully hasten this procedure.

It is best to let your facial hair grow at least an inch more than your ideal beard style. This will give you enough allowance when you start cutting and trimming the beard to shape.

Step 2 – Trim and cut 

Once your facial hair grows out, select your preferred stubble beard length. Use a precision trimmer to even out the beard on all sides. Make sure to comb against the grain when trimming.

Step 3 – Get rid of stray hairs

Start cleaning the edges by using a more precise trim guard. First, clean the neck area and then use a double edge safety razor to create a sharp outline for your beard. You can also use a razor to get rid of stray hairs around the neck and cheeks.

Beard Styling Idea for Men With Square Face

Quick Styling Tips

  • Let your facial hair grow longer than your preferred length. This will allow you when it is time to cut and trim your beard according to your beard style of choice.
  • Use beard care products that help promote hair growth. This is especially important for areas challenging to grow, such as the spots around the mouth and the cheeks. It is essential to have a full beard to avoid patches and gaps when opting for a stubble beard style.
  • Continue to regularly groom and maintain your beard regardless of style or length. Even short beard styles require grooming and trimming to keep their shape. On the other hand, Longer beards need shampooing and oiling to keep the beard solid and healthy.


Can I wear any beard style with a square face?

Some beard styles work better for a square face because they emphasize their sharp and strong features. The most suited beard styles for square faces lightly accentuate the sharp jawline and defined cheekbones without covering or exaggerating them. 

What beard style best suits a square face shape?

The best beard styles for a square face shape include the stubble beard, goatee, beard stache, the Van Dyke, etc. 

If I have a square face, should I hide my jawline with my beard?

No. The best way to fashion a beard if you have a square face is to find one that helps emphasize your strong jawline. You can go for a stubble, a goatee, or a Van Dyke beard to achieve this look.

How do I know if my jawline is too angular?

Your jawline may be too angular if the width extends more than your cheeks and forehead measurements. If that is the case, you may opt for a longer beard style and style it with rounded or softened ends. 

How to shape a beard for a square jaw?

There are two steps two shaping your beard for a square face. The first thing to do is determine your preferred beard length and the style you want and allow your beard to grow. 

You can use various beard care products to promote hair growth and improve skin conditions. Choose between beard balm and beard butter to see which one works best.

Once your facial hair reaches the ideal length, you can use a trimmer and a comb to cut and shave the beard the way you want it to.

How can men make a square face look more narrow?

Fashioning a long and pointed beard style can help make a face square look slimmer. A Van Dyke beard works best for this situation. 

Which celebrities have a square face shape and a beard?

Brad Pitt, Jensen Ackles, Henry Cavill, Tom Cruise, and Josh Hutcherson are celebrities with square face shapes. 


Fashioning a beard is not as simple as growing out your facial hair. If you want to include a beard in your aesthetic, it is essential to know which beard styles are suitable based on your face shape. Square faces feature a strong and angled structure.

The beard styles suitable for this face shape should emphasize and accentuate the dominant features such as the sharp jawline and high cheekbones. Other beard styles also add length to the relatively short structure of a square face.

Aside from knowing how to style your beard, it is essential to regularly groom and maintain your facial hair. Don’t forget to use different beard care products that help keep your beard and skin looking good and healthy.

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