Best Beards for Triangle Face

Most Popular Beard Styles for Triangle Faces

Heavy Stubble

Heavy Stubble

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Even if it is highly recommended to fit a triangular facial shape with a beard that features good width and length to make your narrow jawline become more even, there are still instances when a heavy stubble will work for it. The best choice would be a 10-day beard growth.

With your heavy stubble, you can make your jaw more defined without concealing all the natural features beneath it. Like the handlebar mustache, the heavy stubble can also make you look more attractive.

Garibaldi Beard

Garibaldi Beard

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It is also a good idea to achieve a groomed and styled Garibaldi beard if you have a triangular facial shape. This is a highly recommended facial hair style for anyone who wishes to boost their face’s lower portion. It is perfectly compatible with the triangle face since it can fully transform your chin and jawline through its featured wide and huge rounded out the bottom.

The Garibaldi beard is also capable of making your jaw look wider. If you are interested in this style, you need to exercise more patience as you may have to wait at least eight months to grow it. The reason is that the minimum length of this style is four inches.

Verdi Beard

Verdi Beard

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If you want a beard that fits your triangle face and is shorter than the Garibaldi, then the Verdi is ideal for you. It is around 2-inch long and requires you to wait up to 4 months for its growth. Expect this beard to come with a mustache that serves as the style’s focal point. You may curl up this mustache from both ends or style it to the sides.

Keep the sides short while ensuring that the remaining beard looks natural. It is suitable for the shape of your face as it can make your jawline wider while concealing your pointy chin. It does that while ensuring that the mustache continues to frame your face nicely.



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There is also what we call the Hollywoodian beard style. It features a full extended goatee with an extension part that creeps up on both cheeks. It is around an inch over the jawline. If you want to carry this style, consider how important it is to shave off all facial hair from your upper cheeks and sideburns. The beard left will only be around the chin, jawline’s bottom, and mouth.

It is a good choice for triangular faces as it can nicely boost your narrow jaw. The usual length of this particular beard style is around an inch. This means that you will have to wait around two months for its full growth.

Short Boxed Beard

Short Boxed Beard

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The short boxed is another popular beard style that works for triangular-shaped faces. This style is known for being sharp and clean, featuring a full beard that is only around half an inch. You have to trim and shape this beard to make every line and edge look sharp and angular. This can result in boxed facial hair framing the bottom portion of your face.

A great thing about this beard style is that it has a couple of variations compatible with triangle faces. These are the low box with a cheek line around an inch lower than its usual growth and the high box with a cheek line that can go as high as it can. The high box variation is a fantastic choice if you plan to hide your wide cheekbones. On the other hand, the low box variation can help in making your face look taller.

Classic Full Beard

Classic Full Beard

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You can also expect the classic full beard to fit triangle facial shapes and probably all the other face shapes. This style is around two to four inches long. It works by forming a nice and round boost surrounding your natural jawline. This is beneficial for a triangle face as it balances its features. This is especially true if you trim the sides short.

Regardless of the style, you have chosen, make sure to treat dry skin under your beard, in case you experience that problem, to keep the style looking at its best.

Bold Circle Beard

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Longer Goatee


Extended Ducktail Beard

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The Lumberjack


Extended Goatee


Ginger Long Goatee

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Long White Verdi

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Neck Patch Goatee

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Long Neck Anchor Beard

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What Is a Triangle Face Shape

A triangle face shape is characterized by a wide forehead and cheekbones with a medium width. Your face is also triangle-shaped if it features a narrow jawline tapering down to form a pointy chin. With your narrow jaw, choosing any sophisticated, classy beard style for you should involve figuring out which one can provide more width to it. Your choice of beard should also aid in making your pointy chin distinctive.

How to Know If You Have One

Knowing whether you have a triangle face shape or not involves more than just looking at your face. You need to use your measuring tape and take some necessary measurements. Among those you should measure are:

  • Height of your face, which should start from your chin to your hairline. The height should be 1.25 to 1.75 times your face width.
  • Width of your forehead from one temple to the other. The measurement should clearly show that your forehead is your widest facial part.
  • Width of your cheekbone beneath your eyes from both edges. This width should be less than that of your forehead.
  • The width of your jawline measured horizontally from two of its widest points. This width should be less than that of your cheekbones.

Apart from those measurements, you can confirm that you genuinely have a triangle face shape if you have sharp and angular facial features rather than round and soft. You should also have a pointy chin resulting from your tapered down jawline. Once you know that your face is triangular, you can decide to grow one of the short beards that perfectly fit such a facial shape or the long beard styles without a mustache that also looks good on you.

How Does a Beard for Triangle Face Work

You may want to learn about some of the most effective beard shaping techniques and tools if you plan to sport a beard that is compatible with your facial shape. It would also be best to talk to your barber first, so you will know if wearing a beard is also suitable for your triangle face.

By choosing the right beard style for a triangle face, you can add more definition and weight to your narrow jaw. Note, though, that this facial shape also has defined and sharp features already, so a short beard or stubble will improve your look even further.

Pros and Cons


  • Comes with a more prominent jawline.
  • Makes men look more attractive and masculine, especially when paired with the proper mustache.
  • Features sharp edges and more defined angles.
  • Compatible with various beard styles.


  • Adding extra width to both sides of your face may further exaggerate your already wide cheekbones.

How to Choose the Best Beard Style

How to Choose the Best Beard Style for a Triangle Face

One thing to note about the triangular faces is that they tend to become bigger while ascending the bone structure. This makes it necessary to pick a facial hair or beard style that assures you that your balance will not be thrown off. In this case, you may want to choose a short beard – one with a length and fullness that won’t make your sharp jawline and pointed chin appear more prominent.

One incredible choice for a beard style is the beardstache. It gives you the chance to incorporate various styles of mustache into the stubble while attaining full coverage without having to exaggerate your chin. The best choice for a short beard style is also one that does not cover the cheeks, thereby ensuring that the jaw and chin will not have more attention. This should also make the lower part of your face look more pronounced.

How to Grow a Beard for It

Step 1 – Grow a full mustache

If possible, it should come with a stubble and beard.

Step 2 – Keep the lower part of your beard short

This should help in balancing your prominent jawline.

Step 3 – Keep the sides short

This should prevent making your cheekbones look even wider. Remember that your cheekbones are wider than your jawline already so that an additional boost can narrow down the jaw even further.

How to Trim a Beard for It

How to Trim a Beard for a Triangle Face

Step 1 – Start to trim

With the help of a premium beard trimmer or a safety razor, start trimming your cheek. Ensure that your sideburns stay wider when doing that while keeping their edges defined.

Step 2 – Shave the facial hair around your chin

This should include your soul patch. Form a gap that is of the same width as your razor. Ensure that the beard’s edges are defined at this phase, too.

Step 3 – Shave the remaining stray hairs

Clean off the beard neckline.

Step 4 – Begin trimming your mustache

Style your beard neatly with the help of the beard comb. The goal here is for the style to match your desired beard finish.

Do’s and Don’ts

FAQ About Best Beards for Triangle Face


  • Style your beard in such a way that there is a lot of volume and length on the topmost section.
  • If you prefer wearing short beard styles, then go for one that will never cover your cheeks – This can prevent attracting a lot of attention to your jaw and chin while also ensuring that the lower part becomes more pronounced.


  • Do not go for high fades. The reason is that this style may only cause your forehead to look even narrower.
  • Do not sport the mutton chops, goatee, or Van Dyke beard style. All these styles can only make your chin even pointier.


What kind of beard is the best for a triangle face?

The best beard style for a triangle face is capable of making your narrow jawline wider while also making your small pointy chin distinguishable. It is also advisable for the sides to remain short, preventing the cheekbones from getting more width. In that case, the best styles that will work for you are the heavy stubble, Garibaldi beard, Hollywoodian, classic full beard, Verdi beard, and short-boxed beard.

Which beard styles are not a good fit for the triangle face?

Men with a triangle face should avoid beard styles, including the mutton chops, Van Dyke, and goatees. It is mainly because of the tendency of these styles to make your pointy chin appear even pointier while increasing the width of your cheekbones that are already considered wide.

Is triangle a good face shape?

Yes, it is. It is perfect for men who would like to appear more attractive and masculine. Pair it up with the right hairstyle and the most appropriate beard and you will indeed feel confident about yourself if you have the triangle facial shape.

Is a triangle face rare?

A triangle face is not that rare. Some famous men possess this shape, including Ryan Reynolds, Justin Timberlake, Bradley Cooper, Ty Burrell, Kevin Bacon, and Kiefer Sutherland.

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