Italian Mustache

Super Mario and his bro Luigi may be some interesting examples of Italian mustache styles.

But they are not the best representatives of what this exquisite style actually is.

An Italian mustache is an attractive and sharp style that makes a man feel confident and sexy at the same time.

Most men want to achieve this type of look, but it seems to always fail and does not look as good as the ones seen in the photos.

This could be attributed to not knowing exactly how to trim it or not having a good face shape type for an Italian mustache.

Luckily, all is not lost.

First of all, there are a few mustache styles that you can try out which might benefit your face shape.

Secondly, there is a specific way to trim and groom this type of mustache that you might be missing when doing it yourself.

All the answers and ways to create a perfect Italian mustache lie here in our article.

We’ve created an ultimate guide that will lead you towards creating a perfect Italian mustache that you have been yearning for.

Most Popular Italian Mustache Styles

Handlebar Mustache

The most common style of Italian mustache is the handlebar. It is a fancy and attractive style but take note that growing one requires a lot of commitment. You may have to wait long to grow this hair. It is also crucial to practice patience during the early phases as it really takes some time before it can show off its best look.

Also, note that it requires constant and permanent styling. It would be necessary to invest in products, such as mustache wax, so you can effortlessly shape the hair in your upper lip based on your preferred form. You may also need to choose a transparent beard shaping tool to ensure that the result comes out based on what you prefer.

Chevron Mustache

Another variation of the Italian mustache is the Chevron. This quintessential style follows your upper lip’s shape, which forms a natural mustache with a bit of an upside-down V shape. This natural style requires minimal grooming but still looks great. Some even say that it is a truly classic style.

For you to demonstrate this mustache, ensure that it covers your upper lip partially. However, make sure that the hair does not get into your mouth. For longer hairs, use beard trimming scissors for the proper trimming of the edges. Constant trimming is also necessary as it helps to remove beardruff.

Pencil Mustache

Though less common compared to the other styles of Italian mustache, you can still see those who sport the pencil mustache in the country. It is actually a style that you can easily identify. It is thin yet thick to the point that it looks like it is drawn over your upper lip.

The sophisticated pencil mustache is also one that you have to trim precisely into a thin line. You can also find a few variations of it, including the mid-line gap, making it look like there are two halves.

What Is an Italian Mustache

As the name suggests, an Italian mustache encompasses those mustache styles that are common in Italy. It refers to the styles that many Italians are using then and now, particularly those that will let anyone know right away if they come across an Italian.

The fact that Italian facial hair styles are popular even before and up to the present means that many people consider certain styles genuinely derived from Italy. These include the handlebar and the Chevron mustache.

Benefits of Growing One

Classy and Unique

One advantage of the Italian mustache is its sports class and uniqueness that will never go out of style. This is especially true if you go for the handlebar mustache that’s strongly associated with the Italians.

It is also a fact that you need a high level of perseverance and patience to maintain and grow this mustache, so expect to see only a few who will sport this look. With that, you will surely stand out from the crowd.

Protects Your Face From Acne and UV Rays

Wearing facial hair can make you look more attractive. However, note that aside from being nice to look at, your facial hair also serves as a sort of protection from harmful UV rays, germs, and dust particles.

Your decision to wear a mustache also means that you can easily switch to trimming instead of shaving. This is a good thing as shaving also tends to produce negative effects like tiny skin lesions that make your face prone to bacteria.


Growing a mustache instead of thick and long facial hair without style or a full beard is more cost-efficient since you will only use a small number of beard products to maintain the look.

You may also want to pair up your Italian mustache, especially the handlebar variation, with a beard style to save even more money on barbershop trips and shaving supplies, like premium beard comb and other high-quality beard care products.

How Does It Work

The Italian mustache works by making you look more attractive while wearing a facial hair style that can be easily associated with the Italians. You can also use this mustache to cover up extensively for your facial asymmetry. That said, expect your face to appear more symmetrical when wearing an Italian mustache, which can also make you feel a lot better about yourself.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of Italian Mustache


  • Allows you to wear a facial hair style that can be strongly associated with the Italians.
  • A classy and unique look.
  • Cost-effective style.
  • Keeps your face protected from acne UV rays.
  • Can improve your confidence knowing how good the Italian mustache looks.


  • Takes time to grow.

Different Face Shapes


Your face is oval if your jawline and forehead have the same width and a rounded jawline and chin. This makes all your facial features proportional. In that case, choose an Italian mustache that is more toned-down. Make sure that it complements well with your facial features’ harmony.


Your facial shape is square if you have a broad and square jawline. You also have a jawline and forehead that is of the same width. This indicates that you have strong features, which means that the Italian mustache, or any other variation, is ideal for you. It can even make your entire face look even more masculine.


You have a round-shaped face if its length is the same as your cheekbones in terms of width. This shape also comes with a soft and rounded jawline. If you have a round face, then the Italian mustache, specifically the handlebar variation, can help set your facial proportions. It is a big help in reducing the height of your chin.

Factors to Consider When Deciding to Grow It

Hair Type

Consider your hair type as it will guide you in choosing the perfect Italian mustache style you should wear and the specific products you can use. It would be helpful to apply your beard balm for styling hair that’s thick and dry.

Thickness of the Mustache

Factors to Consider When Grooming Italian Mustache

Determine how thick your mustache is, too. That way, you will know exactly how you can groom it. In most cases, you may have to use an attractive stubble trimmer to trim and groom an extremely thick mustache.

Desired Style

Learn about the different styles of Italian mustache. Note that while the handlebar is a standard among many Italians, you can still find other variations, like the Chevron and the pencil. Find out which one perfectly fits you and the shape of your face.

Personal Preference

When choosing a style, do not forget to think about your personal preferences. Know exactly how you want your Italian mustache to appear, as it is what will guide you in reaching your desired look.

How to Grow It

Step 1 – Start with a goatee or full beard

Note that it takes quite a long for you to grow your desired Italian handlebar mustache. In that case, you can start with the goatee or full beard to make the first stages of the growing process more aesthetically pleasing.

Step 2 – Wait for around four weeks

You will notice the mustache hair strands growing long enough that they can tickle your lip.

Resist the urge to trim your mustache during the initial waiting period. If you find long hairs uncomfortable, you can implement a beard oil in your grooming routine. It also helps to apply a mustache wax to relieve the discomfort.

Step 3 – Train your hair

The goal here is to train your mustache hair in such a way that it grows in a particular direction without curving inside your mouth and over your lip. You can do that by applying the world’s best beard wax. You may also want to regularly brush your beard or mustache with a premium comb.

Step 4 – Look for the center, then part your hair

After that, you may want to arrange the remaining hair right and left so you can create the halves of your preferred handlebar.

How to Style It

Step 1 – Check whether the tips are long enough

This is important because you will need to curl them. If they are, then it is time for you to think about the specific style you should go for.

Step 2 – Determine your desired length

If you prefer a longer mustache or larger curls, it is highly recommended to wait a bit more for the hair to grow even further. If you prefer a shorter mustache, then trim the ends once you notice them becoming too long. Do not trim the bottom, though, specifically the one close to the lip.

Step 3 – Shape your mustache using a blow dryer

This device can help in training your mustache into your preferred style and shape. Once you have taken your shower, towel-dry your mustache, part your mustache down in the middle with the aid of your comb.

Step 4 – Mold it based on your preferred shape

To do that, curl the ends of the mustache around your fingers. Dry the curled edges carefully as a means of setting the curls.

Step 5 – Put on  a mustache wax

For wax in stick form, put it on directly to your mustache, then use a fine-tooth comb to brush it. Let the wax warm in between your fingers first before applying it if it is in tube form. Spread this to your mustache, ensuring that you coat your hair, then comb it into place.

Step 6 – Shape your mustache

After combing, you can twist the edges to reshape the curls. This will give you the curl that you prefer.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts With Italian Mustache


  • Follow a daily mustache cleaning ritual. Note that part of caring for, grooming, and maintaining your Italian mustache is to clean it every day. This is especially true if you choose the handlebar. Use a beard shampoo to wash your mustache and follow it up with hydrating beard oil.
  • Use a dedicated comb. Use this comb to brush your mustache as it helps in distributing oil naturally while preventing the wax from getting clumped into your hair.
  • Hydrate facial hair. Make it a habit to put on mustache wax after you wash your facial hair. Follow it up with a beard balm or oil for proper hydration, thereby ensuring that your mustache does not lose moisture.


  • Do not trim when your facial hair is still beginning to grow. Be patient and wait for the right time for your mustache to grow. It takes quite a long, but it is worth it.
  • Do not lose hope when you notice some falling hair during the initial growth stages. Note that this phase is normal and just a minor setback.


Do Italian people have a mustache?

Many men in Italy have a mustache – the most common of which is the handlebar, which some people even strongly associate with the Italians.

Who are the celebrities and personalities that grow an Italian mustache?

With the popularity of the Italian mustache, it is no longer surprising to find a lot of celebrities who are also growing and wearing this style. Among these famous personalities and celebrities are Rollie Fingers, Daniel Day-Lewis, William Howard Taft, and Greg Berzinsky.


An Italian mustache is definitely one of the most fun and trendy facial hair styles any man can wear. The good news is that it also comes in multiple variations, allowing you to pick one that truly suits you and looks good on you.

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