What Is and How To Grow a Perfect Handlebar Mustache

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Make no mistake about it, the handlebar mustache is simply the epitome of refined manliness.

There are numerous other facial hair and mustache styles that scream manliness, but none of them has that unique twist of gentleman refinement.

Once you decide you want to grow this mustache style, you need to understand this is going to take a commitment from your part.

If the idea of growing your mustache in this particular style appeals to you, then the following fun facts, growing techniques, and history will certainly speak to you.

What is the Handlebar Mustache

This mustache type is one of the most easily recognized facial hair styles on the planet.

The ends of the mustache are twisted and styled far past the outer edges of the lips, resembling the handlebars of a motorcycle or a bicycle.

If the ends of the mustache are not styled and groomed properly, they tend to drop down and give the appearance of the Fu Manchu style.

What is the Handlebar Mustache

By stiffening the mustache with a variety of grooming products and accessories like mustache combs, you can sculpt, twist, and curl your mustache in the desired way.

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Depending on your genes and commitment to growing the mustache, you can even grow them several inches past the edges of the mouth.

The longer the hair is allowed to grow, the more robust and curvy the end of the handlebar will appear.

The History of the Handlebar Mustache and Beard

This particular mustache style has in fact been very popular for many centuries.

It was during the late 19th and the early 20th centuries that the handlebar mustache drew the widest public acceptance.

During Edwardian and Victorian eras, many men would ask the local barbers to use a stiffening agent to help them make their mustache look like a handlebar.

The History of the Handlebar Mustache and Beard

Fast-forward to modern times, the handlebar ‘stache is often associated with the barbershop quartet or barkers at a traveling circus.

This facial hair style has seemed many resurgences in popularity, especially in the 1970s when several well-known athletes sported it.

Rollie Fingers was notably the most widely recognized baseball pitcher of that decade who wore his mustache in the handlebar style.

Handlebar Mustache Fun Facts

Wearing your mustache in this style will provide you with many unique benefits that other mustache styles simply can not compete with.

Here are just a few fun facts that will make you want to change your facial hair style and join the league of the manliest of all men.

Fun Fact 1

If you are ever involved in mischief and want to disguise your part in the shenanigans, you simply act as the villains in those Old West melodramas and twist your fingers through the ends of the mustache.

This way you can openly discuss your evil plans without raising too much suspicion.

Fun Fact 2

When you have some serious blemishes or imperfections on your face, you can sculpt the mustache to hide them easily.

The right wax will hold the mustache in the position to distract people from looking at any deformities that you have and would still make you come off looking like a real stud.

Fun Fact 3

A handlebar mustache makes you more distinctive.

When you walk into the room, every man will be jealous and slightly envious, while women will be falling over themselves to get closer to you and ask how long it took you to grow it or what you do for a living.

It simply is an awesome conversation starter.

How to Effectively Grow a Handlebar Mustache

If you have decided that this type of the mustache is something you want to do, be warned that this journey is not for the weak of heart.

There is a level of commitment involved until you elevate your status in the community from mere mortal to God overnight.

How to Effectively Grow a Handlebar Mustache

Now that you are ready to take on the challenge, here are tips to effectively grow and groom your new handlebar ‘stache.

Step 1 – Patience is the Key

Growing your new mustache in the handlebar style is going to take a long-term commitment.

It will take minimum three months before anything even remotely respectable begins to take shape on your face, and those few months are going to be a living hell.

The level of testicular fortitude needed will be epic, pushing you to the six-month mark before the mustache has formed completely.

Step 2 – Purchasing the Right Mustache Wax

The only way to get the mustache to cooperate, you need to use a strong mustache wax.

With several to choose from on the market, choose organic ‘stache wax to avoid any complications with skin irritation.

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Place some wax between the thumb and forefinger and work it into the mustache evenly.

As you reach the end of the mustache, curling the ends and holding with the wax will give the desired results.

Each day you apply the wax you train the hairs to grow in the shape of the handlebars.

Can You Handlebar Moustache Wax


Step 3 – Washing Your Mustache

Before bed each night you will have to wash out the mustache wax. Basically, any beard shampoo or conditioner will do a great job.

By any, we mean any quality facial hair shampoo or beard conditioner. These are usually made of completely natural and organic ingredients.

These products remove the wax easily and condition the hair to be softer as it grows.

Start with a beard wash and conditioner as you get accustomed to the process, then make a switch to a mustache only wash and conditioner as the handlebars fully take shape.

Step 4 – Trimming the Handlebars

As you get along in the process, some facial hairs are not going to cooperate with the styling.

Trim away any wild hairs that are not falling in line and those that begin to form near the crease in the lip.

Once the mustache grows to the right length and some hairs can enter your mouth.

Rather than trimming them, just use some wax to move them to the side and complement your already full handlebar ‘stache.

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Be sure to never start trimming hairs above the crease in the lips or the result will be stunted and clipped.

Mustache Styles and Types

Mustache Styles and Types

Now that you have all the information you need to begin your journey to epic mustache mastery, there is something you need to understand.

Men who come in contact with you now will find your mustache awe-inducing. Not only will these guys comment on your mustache, they will also stand back in amazement.

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Women over sixty will reminisce about how you remind them of their old boyfriends.

Teen girls will treat you like a celebrity and will want to post pictures of your mustache on their Snapchat, Twitter, or Instagram pages.

Enjoy all the attention guys, but don’t forget to oil your facial hair regularly with some premium quality beard oil or trim it occasionally with a high-end trimmer to keep it look neat and tidy at all times.

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