Handsome stud hairstyle

Hey, all of you studs out there, are you wearing the right hairstyle?

You may think you do, but chances are you have gone with something popular or seen your favorite celebrity wear on TV.

That is not the proper way to go about your hair.

If you want to be a stud and be called a stud, you have to look the part as well, and it all starts with a perfect stud hairstyle.

We’ve done so much research on this topic and came out with very interesting results which will dazzle you and make you change your hairstyle immediately.

To turn your stud look into a real one, start with the hair and we have the key for you to do so.

9 Most Popular Stud Hairstyles

You need not look further than our list right here. This is your chance if you don’t know which one of the many stud hairstyles to pick from. We propose you look at them and then make your pick.

Breezy Cut

Breezy Cut

Photo @alan_beak

A breezy cut hairstyle is best suited for guys with short hair. It works perfectly well during summer and winter time. The style aims to keep you cool during hot days but also to make you cool in the eyes of the public.

It is viewed as a bad boy look and maybe a bit on the edgier side. You need to cut your hair short, leaving just an inch, but without the balding appearance.

Stud Braids

Stud Braids

Photo @allanbraids_

Braid hairstyles are a quintessential part of a studded look. There are more variations of them and each one comes with its advantages. Something that is popular right now is the heart-shaped feed-ins.

You will probably have to visit a professional stylist to create cornrows for men. The design may also include a variety of shapes, like stars and boxes. You will get the desired appearance once done.

Black Stud’s Hairstyles

Black Stud’s Hairstyle

Photo @allanbraids_

Some of the more famous stud hairstyles include the ones with weaves. Men usually create cornrows, which is a typical braiding technique seen in the Caribbean.

The hair needs to be braided very close to the scalp and the most typical way to wear it is by getting it in a thin and straight line.

This type of hairstyle is very popular among African American men but has also crossed over to females as many girls of African origin are wearing them. More so, many stud athletes wear this style as it is practical and looks cool simultaneously.

Stud Comb-Over Hairstyle

Stud Comb-Over Hairstyle

Photo @kalin_barber

A sophisticated comb-over style will fit you perfectly if you are a stud. It is a contemporary style that is seen a lot these days and you can even combine it with other styles to make it look even better and unique.

The most important part has enough length on top to comb it to the side. One of the easiest ones to make is the contemporary textured style.

It does require some wax or pomade to get it to stay still, but it gives you an extreme sense of elegance and provides a striking look.

Stud Haircut With an Undercut

Stud Haircut with an Undercut

Photo @barbersukraine

When it comes to sharp, undercut hairstyles, they are very much aimed at studs. Getting an undercut is one of the best ways to start shaping your new look.

In this case, we think that creating a minor separation between the top and the sides, without fading it, will look immensely well. The sexiest undercut style is the one that involves slicking the hair back.

You will need a lot of product to get it to stay still, but it pays off dividends once you make it sit correctly.

Faded Stud Undercut

Faded Stud Undercut

Photo @arbershopindonesia.id

If you don’t want to experiment so much, we propose adding a fade to your undercut. Compared to the previous style, the longer top and shorter sides should be separated with a fade. High-fade haircuts can help anybody look good, as well as yourself.

The back and the sides should be almost shaven. The top needs to be left untamed and works better if there are many volumes. It allows you to get a striking appearance with little effort involved.

Stud Curly Hair With Quiff

Stud Curly Hair With Quiff

Photo @pjabreu

A quiff is a classic hairdo. A quiff haircut can become unique if you have curly hair. It is a bit hard to tame it, but the idea is to work off your hair’s natural properties.

You might need some pomades for curly hair to work it into a quiff, but the unique curly hair styled into a quiff is genuinely distinctive. If done correctly, you will create a real head-turner, which is the primary purpose of stud hairstyles.

You also get to take advantage of your curly hair, which girls genuinely like.

Short Side and Long Top

Short Side Long Top

Photo @pjabreu

A haircut that includes short sides and a long top is one of the popular haircuts that studs for these days. It is a foundation for most of the modern hairstyles for guys. You can expand and build your hair in whatever way you see fit.

You can think of including a taper, a fringe, a pompadour, or a faux hawk on top. On the sides, you can go for a fade; any fade will do as long as it complements the top.

Curly Stud Hairstyle

Curly Stud Hairstyle

Photo @kalin_barber

Curly hair is sexy, and if you are a true stud, you will know how to take advantage of it. Curly hairstyles can help you stand apart from others, and it becomes even more impactful if you grow the curls long. 

However, don’t think you can easily control your hair in this state. Rebel long curly hair is what you should be going for. Some products will help you get more defined locks and, in some ways, help them stand still.

It works best when you let the curls flow naturally wherever they want.

How to Style and Maintain Stud Haircuts

Curly stud hair for men

You might need help creating a stud haircut and pointers for maintaining it.

Here are a few things that you have to watch out for to make it look terrific:

Step 1 – Pick the style

With a variety of good ones out there, we propose you start with our list, which contains all the most popular ones. Go with the one that matches your hair and face type to get the best out of it.

Step 2 – Explain it to your hairdresser

The easiest way is to show them a picture of the stud haircut you want. It also works better if you tell them precisely what you are aiming for and what you expect from your haircut.

Step 3 – Maintain

Getting your hairstyle to stay excellent long-term will require doing some regular maintenance. Going to the barber regularly is one thing, but you will also want to apply some styling chops yourself, especially in the morning when you brush your teeth or before going out.

Step 4 – Use some hair products

Be sure to stock up on all the necessary products. Stud hairstyles will likely require you to use gel, pomades or wax. It all depends on your style, but since you regularly use some, you should get quality ones and avoid cheap knockoffs.


What is the best way to achieve a stud hairstyle?

It is best when you work off of your natural looks. Choose a stud hairstyle that will complement your features, face, and body type.

What are some common problems people have with stud hairstyles?

First of all, many of them can be hard to choose. Many people make a mistake by going with what is popular and do not stop to look at their own features and choose one that way.

How can I make my stud hairstyle last longer?

The more you can maintain it the longer it will last. You should style it regularly and plan regular trips to the barber’s salon for some trims.

Who should avoid stud hairstyles?

People that don’t have the required type of hair or face structure are better off with more suitable hairstyles. You should not have to force a haircut on yourself. You should go with the one that will improve your look and not just be a popular haircut that everyone wears.

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