Curly Hairstyles for Men

Curly hair looks amazingly well on any man.

However, it has to be styled correctly or else it just looks shabby.

Many guys with curly hair struggle to do their hair right, as it can be quite hard to maintain and groom it.

If you have curly hair you know that it can be a nightmare.

Getting out of bed and having to set it all over again is truly time-consuming, particularly if you are in a hurry.

The best way to resolve that is to choose an appropriate curly hairstyle or to cut it really short.

We found a couple of good hairstyles that curly guys can try out.

If you follow all the tricks we gathered, you will be able to create a very good-looking hairstyle.

Getting up in the morning won’t be a drag anymore as with an appropriate hairstyle you won’t have to deal with all those pesky problems that come with messy morning hair.

35 Most Popular Haircuts for Men With Curly Hair

Short Curly Styles

We have 10 different options if you have short and curly hair. By the way, you can also try skin fade with some of these styles if you’re going for a bald and bearded look. Here’s the lowdown.

Curly Quiff

This is a very popular choice because it is a classic look. You can style them by brushing the hair backward, which keeps it away from your face. Typically, you must divide the hair into sections and rearrange them so that the curls don’t get scrunchy or enhanced.

You must avoid using a dryer because it doesn’t go well with curls in general and this style in particular.

Curly Slicked Back

This is a style that is quite the head-turner. You can get a product that makes it look glossy or matte and the texture of your curls gets amplified either way. It is also a healthy choice for your curls.

You just need to make sure that the slick-back look works with the shape of your face. And you can experiment with how the curls will finally sit.

Curly Caesar

If you want something that suits any kind of curls, this is a good choice. It comes with horizontal bangs in the front that are evened out on the side and the back of your head. If you have textured hair, this is an excellent choice and it’s easy to maintain.

Plus, you can style it to look formal or messy, making it a flexible option. If you want to show off your curls, you must work with a professional to get it right.

Tight Curls

Using mousse products or pomade is good for men with small and tight curls. Hair products will enhance the look, but you want to start small to gauge the result.

Curly Taper Fade

Taper fade usually means the right side and the back will be short while the left side is left long. The idea is to give your head a contrasting look on both sides and it’s an excellent fit for curly hair. It has finesse and flaunts your masculinity too.

You can experiment with the extent of fading, which will also tell you how to style the hair. It’s easy to do that and it will also make it look neat because taper fades are all about structure. This could also work with long and thick curls because it seems like a high-top fade men’s hairstyle.

Curly Short Afro

Curly Short Afro

This is for those who have tight ringlets that must be shown off. Typically, ringlets are meant to be left loose, but this style defies those rules. It is chic and makes you look confident.

Curly Side-Swept

Here’s a style that makes you look relaxed and cool. The curls are usually prominent on the top and front of your head. This style lends volume to your hair and draws attention to your face shape.

You will need to readjust your hair a few times and maintain it. But if you are up for it, let the hair product shopping begin.

Curly Mid-Fade

Here’s another way to make room for length while maintaining the curls. The sides are tapered and the grooming becomes easy. You can style your curls in many ways that fit a formal setup quite well. If you want it to be more casual, just wear it loose.

Curly Low Fade

Low fades are haircuts that keep your sides and back short with downwards tapering. In this one, too, the left side is longer and looks great with curls because of the volume.

You also have the advantage of looking sleek without too much of a contrast on the sides. It’s a fantastic casual and formal look, but you will have to talk with your barber about the style you’d like.

Curly High Fade

This is a versatile look and easy to maintain. The high fade keeps your hair above bulky and the sides and the back are slowly trimmed.

Once again, the left side hair is longer, which makes you look masculine and highlights the curls. It’s a good choice for those who want to keep facial hair balanced out. And it goes well with many beard styles for black men.

Medium Length Curly Styles

Curly Man Braids

Man braids are a good choice for those who want an edgy look. They work with any hair texture and length. And with curly hair, the texture is not much of a problem already.

So, you have a fun contrast when you throw braids into the mix. Braids also mean less maintenance and they help you control breakage of hair and contain frizziness.

Curly Fringe

Fringes are about having thick hair. And this style makes room for a lot of styling with a pomade or a hair spray. And if you have the thick curls that are meant for this style, you will be able to make it sit however you want with the right product.

Curly Faux Hawk

Curly hair is great for this hairstyle. It’s not too dramatic and you can keep a bulk of hair in the middle section with shorter sides. It makes you look young and helps you manage your curls too. There are different styles within faux hawks which makes this an exciting choice.

Curly Curtains

This style entails having a long fringe and it suits all textures and lengths of hair. It’s a great look and is becoming quite popular. When you have curls, you can enhance them with a fade to make them look cooler.

You will need to style it a bit and you can’t wash your hair too often. You will have to use a product to style it when you do.

Curly Undercut

The undercut is an exciting look, but it looks completely different with curls because there is more volume. It’s also a great way to manage curls if yours don’t listen to you often. That’s because the sides are shorter and you only have to manage the top.

Curly Pompadour

Pompadour is a good look that has been around for a while, but you once again have the chance to add volume to the look with curls. You must be able to manage your curls for this.

So, if you have unruly curls, this becomes a bit tough. And you will need to find a way to do that depending on your hair’s natural texture.

Curly Hair Design

If you care about having a haircut to suit your personality, hair design is an excellent way to do it. It is risky and shows you are edgy. This is versatile because you can go for a minimalist look with angles or straight lines.

If you want to draw attention, you can add patterns to the side like zigzags, geometric shapes or stars, which are the popular choices.

Curly Bowl Cut

Many people look down on bowl cuts, but with curly hair, you have the advantage of making your head look trendy. Today, we are into messy bowl cuts and if you pair it with another style like the undercut, you can pull it off easily.

The bangs and the length at the back are even with the design, making it easy to manage the curls. It’s a laid-back look for the relaxed gentleman.

Curly Bowl Cut

Curly Hard Part

Hard partitions are a good way to make curls look cool. This means shaving the line so that the distinction is made. It can be tougher with curls than straight hair, but that’s what makes it attractive. It is sharp and shows how much in control you are. The partition should ideally be on the side to manage the volume.

Curly Burst Fade

Burst fade means tapering the back and sides. So, it gives a contrast of both sides. It works well with different textures of hair and can highlight your curls. It’s polished and considered a masculine look. In terms of styling, it is a good look too.

Curly Side Part

Side partitions were quite popular in the 50s and then became obsolete. But with curls, you don’t have to worry about being outdated because it’s pretty timeless for this hair texture. This is a great way to give your hair some thickness or appearance.

It makes you look retro and cool. Style it with a matte product or go for a glossy look. It works either way.

Curly Mullet

This is another popular style back in the 80s, but it’s somehow stayed relevant. Mullets usually keep the sides and top short and the back long. It is effortless and grabs eyeballs. So, if you are looking to show off, this is a good choice.

But you must also have the confidence to make it work. The good news is, it’s pretty versatile, which means it works on any kind of texture and curls don’t make it look very dramatic.

Curly Blowout

And finally, we have the blowout, which is a messy look. It’s like you stuck your head out the window of a fast-moving car. You will have to put some effort into making it look like that.

With curls, you have to dry your hair with some heat to keep the volume. This is for those who don’t mind putting some work into their hairstyle to look like they don’t put any work in.

Long Curly Hairstyles

If you have long curls, you have about a dozen options. We will prove that point by giving you 12 different options. And if you’re not sure how to describe faded sides to your barber, refer them to the crew cut style. Here we go.

Curly Lob

This used to be a popular style among women, but it works pretty well for men. It will make you look like a rockstar who doesn’t put a lot of effort into their hairstyle. It’s the ‘I don’t care about my hair’ look.

But for that, you must allow it to look a bit messy and style it so that you can give your hair some texture. Your favorite grunge artist might have a visual clue about this. Make sure you pick the right product, though.

Curly Glossy Curls

A little bit of gloss is a great way to style long curls. It doesn’t add texture but certainly looks smooth and cool. You can even try tying it in a ponytail on the back for fancy occasions if you have enough length.

Curly Man Bun

Men with long hair aren’t new to man buns. If you are still trying to grow your curls for a bun, it might be frustrating, but it is so worth the wait because it looks wavy and beautiful in a very understated way. For this style, you must not go for a messy look.

Try to make it more textured because that works best. And it doesn’t matter if you add the product to make it look glossy or matte.

Messy Curls

This is not as simple as getting out of bed and letting the curls be. You have to make it look messy but not organically so. This means you must use some product and dampen the hair.

You must let it scrunch and the curls must be directed the way you want. Since you have long curls, you can angle them and make them look edgier.

Curly Middle Part

Here’s another popular way of styling curls. Keep the partition in the middle and let the rest fly. It will give your hair flexibility and make you look like you have a full head of hair. This is preferred because it is easy to maintain and looks cool.

You don’t need the product to keep the curls where they are and the partition will add symmetry to your face. You will, however, need products to keep them free of frizz.

Curly Dreadlocks

This is for curls that are hard to tame. But if you pick the right hairstyle like curly dreadlocks, you might be able to do it after all. The hair will look thick and stay tight enough for you to reign them in. It is not for those who want to let their hair look wild.

So, it needs some work to make sure the styling stays in place. But on the bright side, thanks to the length, you can wear them in a bun or leave them loose.

Curly Shag

Curly Shag

The shag is a very 70s hairstyle and was popular among rockstars. But it is now coming back with an upgrade like many vintage looks. You can try this for any hair type and it will look very cool and relaxed. You can also make your hair look voluminous and add some texture to it.

Curly Disheveled Hair

This look is for those who want to look ruggedly handsome. If you are looking for a carefree appearance, then this is it. It is best suited for casual appearances, but a little bit of styling can fit you right into formal situations too.

You might have to tie it up or part your hair to the side, but it still works. It requires minimal effort, which is an advantage.

Curly Beach Hair

Here’s another casual look, as the name might’ve hinted at. Also meant for those who want a casual approach to hairstyling, this is defined by making your hair look messy but doing some work on it. That means you will have to find the right hair spray to manage your curls.

Curly Long Afro

This is for those who have thick curls and struggle to manage them. If that’s your natural hair texture, you might have to get your haircut strategically so that you can control the locks. But it does draw attention to your beautiful curls when done right.

Curly Bob

Bob cuts were also reasonably popular back in the 90s, but you can make this haircut look just as trendy as the others on this list with long curls. If your hair isn’t reaching your chin yet, this is an excellent choice. Well, if it does, you can still style it to look cool.

And it does draw attention to your jawline. If that’s your best feature, you must try this at least once.

Curly Shoulder-Length Hair

Finally, we have curly hair that reaches your shoulder. It works well whether you have wavy hair or curly hair. For those who have curls, this is a great way to draw attention to the texture of the hair without looking unfit for a formal scene.

You can wear it in a man bun or sweep it back. The options are endless and only limited by your imagination.

Types of Curly Hair

Thick and Coarse

This type of hair has volume. So, you can try different hairstyles because they can handle products, have more heat and don’t break as much as the others. But it takes more time to dry and gets frizzy when humid.

Thin and Fine

This type of hair is fragile and contains both wavy and curly hair. It can be challenging to handle the curls because the hair is thin and each strand is narrow and small. It’s not great with products and they can weigh it down depending on the product’s formula.

So, look at the ingredients carefully. On the bright side, it doesn’t take time to dry.


This type of hair doesn’t have a lot of moisture. So, styling is essential. But since it’s curly, you need to treat it carefully, depending on your hairstyle.

Tight and Kinky

This hair looks like a corkscrew and the ringlets are tight, light and fine. It needs the right amount of moisture; otherwise, it loses shape quickly, making it hard to manage the curls. If you want it soft and firm, you must moisturize it regularly.

How to Grow Out Curly Hair

Step 1 – Pre-shampooing

You need to decide how long you want your hair to be and that depends on your face shape and the texture of your hair. The first is out of your hands, but the second one can be achieved with some care.

That means treating your hair before you wash it. And with curls, you need to do some pre-shampoo treatment to see how your hair responds to it.

For those who have coarse curls, this is all the more critical. Adding a conditioner is for after the shower only if you have straight hair. If you have curls, you must consider doing pre-shampoo conditioning too.

That is also because coarse hair tends to lose more moisture than the others when you wash it. So, adding a little conditioner beforehand will give it some extra protection. This will keep the shampoo from removing all the natural oils that must stay in there.

Step 2 – Washing the hair

Then you must know how to wash your curly hair. This is also a part of maintaining the texture and thickness of the hair. If you use hot water, you are likely to lose the hair’s strength and moisture. So, cold water is a good choice for any kind of curls. Cold water will keep the cuticle safe and stop your hair from getting too dry.

You must also pay attention to the amount of shampoo exposed to your hair. Curly hair doesn’t do very well with a lot of shampoos. This will determine how often you can wash your hair and the number of natural oils it can keep.

There is no hard and fast rule here which means you will have to figure out a schedule based on your hair type and the shampoo you are using. Trial and error is the best way to do this. Once every three days is a good rule of thumb, though.

Step 3 – Brush your hair right

Then there is the matter of brushing it properly. If you have brittle hair, you will have to be careful to avoid breakage or split ends. That means you need a good comb and you must be gentle with your hair.

Otherwise, you can give it as much time as you want, but it won’t grow the way you want. Remember not to brush your hair while in the shower but maybe right after one.

And you must get a comb with wide teeth so that if the hair is knotted, you have the chance to untangle them gently. You must also do this while you still have the conditioner on. This makes it easy to help the conditioner reach all of your curls too.

Then you must get a hairbrush with good bristles made of natural materials and not plastic. Boar bristles are popular because they do an excellent job of spreading the natural oils from your scalp to the tips of your hair.

If you are unsure, you can always choose not to brush your hair. And that means you will keep the conditioner on. The best choice for this is to get a leave-in conditioner and just brush your hair with your fingers.

How to Style Curly Hair

How to Style Curly Hair

Step 1 – Form curls/waves

You need to let the curls form naturally after the shower. This means with your palms facing upwards; you must push the tips of your hair towards the scalp. Keep your palms wide open so that you can let go of the water in the hair, but it should not be dry because there’s more to do in the next step.

But you do this to help you know where the curls are attached. After doing this a couple of times, you must move on to the next step. 

Step 2 – Apply product

With the water still dripping off your hair, you must pick up the product of your choice to style your hair. Whether you are going for a sleek or messy look, you must do this step without missing a beat.

That process starts by getting some product on your palm. Rub your hands together to distribute the styling gel (or whatever else you want to use) evenly on your palms.

You must gauge the quantity based on the length and texture of your hair and the type of styling you want to do. You must also consider the product’s strength or it can all go wrong.

The idea is to coat your hair thoroughly so that it looks even. You must apply it evenly to the sides and the back of your head. It is also essential to apply it down the entire length of the strand to maintain uniformity.

But do it gently and slowly so that you don’t accidentally mess up the curl pattern you managed to maintain with the light brushing and the finger teasing after the shower.

For this, too, you must run your hands down your hair with your palms upwards. But when you are closer to the roots, you must start clenching them into a fist. That’s because you will need to squeeze the hair a bit to get the product in.

Make sure you do this evenly throughout the head, which means the same has to be done for the back and the sides.

When you clench your fists, the curls will get clumped. But don’t worry, they will get separated once the head is dry. Don’t try to interrupt this process by undoing them with your hands. Now you must wait till your hair is dry.

Step 3 – Scrunching it out

The final step is to make sure your hair is completely dry. You will notice that the product will keep the curls in place while making it a little hard. But it’s a good thing because it is meant to protect your hair from external factors.

And if you buy a good product, the curls will stay where you want them to. That means they won’t be frizzy or flat. Your hair will look bouncy without getting unruly, which is usually the goal. But if you don’t want it to stay hard, you can get rid of it once the hair is completely dry.

If that’s what you want, you must allow your hair to hang upside down. Then hold the hair up, starting on the outside and moving towards the scalp. At this point, you must squeeze your curls gently till the crunches are gone.

This means you will have to move your hands like massaging your scalp. It’s the same method you used to get the product in the first place. This little motion will also make your hair look voluminous.

Now, you must stand up straight and let the hair fall backward. Shake your head, like the ladies do in the movies, and let the curls find their place on your head.

How to Blow Dry Curly Hair

Getting and maintaining a blowout haircut can be a challenge. That’s why a lot of people with curls don’t like dryers. It messes with the texture of their hair. And that’s a valid point. But if you have to do it for some reason, that’s usually a styling thing; you have to know how to do it right. Here’s the guide for that process.

Step 1 – Dryer settings

The first step is to use the right kind of hairdryer, which means getting one that has a diffuser. And if you don’t have a diffuser, you must drop the idea of blow drying your hair and let it air dry. But if you do, the dryer must be set to low so that you have control over the process.

Step 2 – How to move it

Instead of letting the dryer touch your hair, you must just let it hover around the hair that needs to be dried. Keep it at least 6 inches away from your hair so that the heat doesn’t damage your lovely curls.

Step 3 – Protection

Speaking of managing the heat from the dryer, if you use a dryer or a straightening iron, you must make sure that the hair has been treated to be protected from the heat. You can do this by choosing the right kind of spray.

So, look for something that has keratin or silicone.

Step 4 – Avoiding split ends

The final step is to ensure that you do your best to avoid split ends. Now, this is difficult to dodge entirely and once you have them, you really can’t do anything except chop your hair. That can be very frustrating when you are trying to grow your hair.

The best way to do this with curly hair is to be gentle with the locks. You can also get some help from a detangler which will help your case without using a brush. Not tying your hair in a bun is another way of gaining control over this situation.

Avoiding heat tools is highly encouraged if you have had split ends in the past. And get a professional to trim your locks once every two or three months to keep them in check.

How to Care for Your Curly Hair

Step 1 – Pick the right shampoo

You need to pick a shampoo routine. But before that, you must choose a shampoo. That means looking at the ingredients and running far away from those containing chemicals like parabens, alcohol, silicones and sulfates.

These are bad for your scalp because parabens are essentially preservatives and sulfates are added to create lather. You want something that doesn’t have these toxins and is free of fragrance.

How to Care for Your Curly Hair

Step 2 – Don’t overdo it

But just because you have a good shampoo doesn’t mean you overdo it. It’s one of those classic grooming mistakes. The routine specifics depend on your hair texture, but you must remember that shampoos usually remove the natural oils on your head.

This means you must keep the number of washes under control and add a moisturizing conditioner. This is to ensure that your cuticles are protected from environmental elements.

Step 3 – Choose an excellent oil to help you

The final step is to ensure that the moisturizing is well. Not washing your hair is not an option. So, if you want to make sure that your scalp isn’t irritated and your hair isn’t dried up, you want to pick a good oil for it. This is not a replacement for the conditioner but to add to the care it provides.

Adding oil to your hair also keeps your hair growing well and the massaging is suitable for your circulation. You don’t want your hair to get greasy, so you must pick something light.

Contrary to popular belief, coconut oil does a good job. You must apply it before going to bed if you want to wash your hair the morning after. This gives it time to get absorbed and stay in there. But if you forget to do so, you can apply it about an hour before you wash your hair and that will still get the job done.

Alternatively, you can also reach for avocado oil, olive oil, castor oil or sweet almond oil.

FAQ About Haircuts for Men With Curly Hair

Which haircut is the best for men with curly hair?

You have a few choices here. Pompadour, fringe and undercut are popular choices.

What haircut looks best on curly hair?

There is no correct answer here because it depends on the hair texture and length. But if you have tight ringlets, don’t try going overly short. 

Is curly hair in for 2022?

Well, yes. Nothing has changed. We still love their curls.

How do you cut men’s medium-length curly hair?

This depends on the style you choose, but typically, layers are recommended. Section the hair first. Start by timing the sides. You must be careful because the world’s best hair-cutting shears won’t get it done if you don’t have clarity on the style of your choice.

Then do the back. Finally, layer the top with powerful hair clippers for precision.

What haircut is best for curly hair for black men?

Styles that involve tapers and fades are pretty popular. 


The drill is pretty simple if you know what you’re doing and now you do. So, go back to the beginning and pick a style based on what you read in the second half. Good luck.