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Finding a lot of strands of hair on your brush in the morning for the first time makes every man terrified.

Going bald isn’t all fun and games, especially at the beginning or if it happens at a young age.

If it happened to you you know the feeling.

You try to cling onto a few of the remained strands or desperately camouflage it.

There are, on the other hand, men who take the balding by the horns, shave clean and start growing a glorious beard.

You should join this crew, too.

There’s something about the bald and bearded look that just exudes power and dominance.

So, the first step is to clean shave that scalp.

The second step is to pick one of the top 10 beard styles that look best on bald men.

The third is to rock it with class and style.

In this article, besided the amazing bald men beard styles, we bring you insider tips on how to look good and powerful and feel proud of your new unique look.

Beard Styles for Bald Men

The following beard styles are also perfect for you if you want to bring out your best look with a bald head.

Beard Fade

Beard Fade

Photo @kasthebarber

Despite the limitations of the bald head, there have been some creative approaches to the bald-and-bearded combo in recent years.
One recent popular trend is the bald head with beard fade.

In addition to the fade, there are three classic bald-with-beard styles: bald with a classic goatee, bald with stubble and bald with a full beard.

Bald with a Goatee

Bald with a Goatee

A goatee already adds some sharpness to the wearer’s face with its clean lines and pointed tips.

The bald and goatee look has been sported by John Travolta, Bryan Cranston, and other celebrity men when they need to portray hard men in a hard world.

There are multiple types of goatees, so it helps to look through a guide to find the best one for your face type.
For bald heads and short beard styles especially, it helps to get the right short beard style for your face shape.

Men with weaker chins, for instance, will want a thicker beard to give the impression of a more robust jawline.
A pointed goatee can also help extend the jawline. In addition, the soul patch in a goatee accentuates the jawline and chin.

Bald with Stubble

Bald with Stubble

The bald look with stubble is still just as powerful and intense as the other bald and bearded looks.
The beard and stubble power duo is the kind of style that Jason Statham rocks in basically every action film he’s ever starred in.

In addition, stubble is seductive to a lot of women and coupled with a bald head, you could be the hero of your own action movie.
To keep the fine balance between a bald head and a consistent stubble it helps to have a decent stubble trimmer.

Bald and Fully Bearded

Bald and Fully Bearded

Photo @aly_elbadry1

The most intense look is going to be bald and fully bearded. The contrast between the long beard and bald head allows them to complement each other so that the fullness of the beard makes the fine ridges of the skull stick out.

Jeff Bridges in Iron Man conveyed his powerhouse aura by adopting this look for the film.
A full beard gives you plenty of options to try variations of long beard styles.

Since the bald head looks so clean cut, it’s a good idea to maintain that neat look by regularly trimming and maintaining the long beard.
Beard oil is great to have for long beards because it helps keep the beard from becoming unruly.

Make sure to use a facial hair oil made with entirely natural ingredients only if you wish to experience all the benefits.
The same goes for a beard comb. Combing your beard helps keep it untangled and as sharp looking as the bald dome.

If you have a big beard and just seem that you can never get rid of the tangles, no matter how much you comb it, a beard brush made specifically for huge beards might be your cup of tea.

Bald, Black and Bearded

Bald, Black and Bearded

Photo @odellexec

Different takes on the bald and bearded look have also been popular amongst many black men.
In addition to the beard fade, the bald and bearded look has been popularized, most notably by the rapper Common.

Going bald doesn’t have to be something to resign one’s self to. Some men choose the look even if they aren’t bolding because they understand that the look exudes strength and power. So, grow a beard, shave the head and take control by going bald and bearded.

Make sure to keep your beard clean and conditioned at any time if you want to keep it healthy though.
Use a premium leave-in conditioner in combination with a beard soap and your beard game will be strong for many years to come.

Long Beard

Long Beard

Photo @rinandthebeard

One style that bald men can sport is a long and full beard. While it is not that difficult to grow one, you have to be fully prepared since it usually takes some time. If you want to grow a long beard, then commit to not using your razor for a few months.

Also, expect to grow around half an inch of facial hair every month. Keep the area neat and clean with the help of beard oil, brush or comb, and beard balm. It is also advisable to trim its ends every now and then to avoid dry and brittle split ends.

Long Beard With Handlebar Mustache

Long Beard With Handlebar Mustache

Photo @hair__sam

Another style that you can use is the long beard with a handlebar mustache.
It lets you sport a raw and polished look, which truly looks great for those who are bald

One great thing about growing a handlebar mustache is that it also helps draw attention from others right away.
It also shows amazing curls at the ends.

Make sure to commit to this style if you prefer it because it often requires skills and regular maintenance.

Mustache Only

Mustache Only

You will also look great with a bald head if you also grow a mustache. It is the perfect style for you if you do not want to spend a lot of time and effort growing and taking care of a beard.

You can go for a simple mustache or your choice from a couple of its different variations, such as the handlebar mustache and horseshoe mustache.

Van Dyke Beard

Van Dyke Beard

Another great beard style that will match your baldness is the Van Dyke Beard.
This beard style takes pride in its bold, tough, and masculine look, provided you do it correctly.

Just to give you an idea, this style often comes in the form of your beard and mustache being somewhat disconnected.

Hipster Beard

Hipster Beard

Photo @dynasty_barbers

The last style that we will touch here is the hipster beard, which is more like a bushy yet masculine and tough beard.
One reason why a lot of bald men choose to grow a hipster beard is that it looks solid.

It also perfectly complements the look of those who decided to go bald.

Stubble Circle Beard

Neck Beard

Beardstache Woodsman

Photo @dladybarberr

White Long Beard

Photo @estilobarbabranca

Circle Extended Beard

Photo @e_lybra

The Lumberjack

Photo @daniel_holmberg

Bald With Long Stubble

Photo @jcbarber17

The Longer Chin Curtain

Photo @soxib_barber1

Bald And Full Beard

Photo @barbersukraine

Full And Balbo Beard


Bald And Extended Goatee

Photo @ao_the_ace_of_fades

Bald And Stubble

Photo @ledanieljames

Extended Circle Beard

Photo @ledanieljames

Full Circle Beard

Photo @khaledgazawi

Bald And Long Goatee


Long Garibaldi Beard


Bald And Stylish

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Tapered Full Beard

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Bald And Ducktail Beard

Photo @i_javatov

The Chin Dimple


Why Do Some Men Go Bald

There are several reasons why some men go bald. One reason is androgenic alopecia, also called male pattern baldness, which is a hereditary condition. Aside from genetics, it is also possible for stress to cause baldness in some men.

Note that stress is a serious issue, which affects not only your immune system but also your hair’s thickness.

Men who work long hours, are often exposed to stressful situations and work environments or rush to meet deadlines all the time, might experience stress that can negatively affect their hairline.

Nutritional deficiency and certain diet plans might also be viable reasons for some men going bald.
Note that some diets, especially those that have low levels of essential vitamins and minerals, can lead to the premature shedding of the hair.

If you want to avoid baldness or thinning hair as much as possible, then consider following a diet plan rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, iron, selenium, zinc and protein. These nutrients contribute to growing a healthy set of hair.

Other possible reasons why some men deal with baldness and thinning hair are unhealthy lifestyle and certain medications, like chemotherapy drugs. If your hair is shedding or you notice that you are going bald, then avoid feeling so down.

Rest assured that it will not damage the look that much provided you know how to style it to suit your facial shape and personality.
You can even choose to be bald and pair it up with a beard.

The combination has numerous benefits, such as improving your look and making you appear more attractive.

What Are The Benefits

If you are dealing with male pattern baldness, then you should not feel extremely disappointed with your look.
It is because you can turn this condition around and pair it up with a beard to enjoy a few benefits.

Some of the best benefits that you will surely enjoy from being a bald man with a beard are:

Makes You Look More Masculine

In several cases being a bald man with a beard is the key to showing off your masculinity.
It can even make you look extremely badass, making you more appealing to those who want to be with men with a more masculine look.

Helps Bring Out a More Unique Personality

You don’t have to worry about your look in case you get bald. In fact, it can be the key to showing off a more unique personality.
It makes you stand out wherever you are.

Adds More Character to Your Style

If you are bald, then you can add more character to this style by growing facial hair.
What’s good about having a beard and bald head is that the two tend to look good together.

The good thing about shaving your head is that it can also improve your ability to grow thick facial hair, allowing you to take advantage of the great results of the combined styles.

Reasons to Be Bald With Beard

If you are still not convinced based on a couple of benefits mentioned, here are some more viable and fantastic reasons why you should consider being bald with a beard:

Women Like the Look

You should consider having a bald head and a beard if you want to be attractive to women. Note that a lot of women like this look.

It is because being bald with a beard does not only make a lot of men look more charming and handsome but also stronger and more dominant.

Pairing up your baldness with a firm beard also shows your toughness and manliness, making you even more attractive to the opposite sex.

Gives You Desired Facial Shape

If you start shedding or losing hair, prompting you to shave your head completely, then you are providing the perfect solution for creating your desired facial shape, especially if you pair it up with a beard.

Your facial hair style will let you adjust your head’s contours and shape, making it possible for you to display the bald look that you prefer. Skinny men, for instance, can grow sideburns to make them look bolder.

Just make sure to choose a beard style or shape that perfectly complements the natural shape of your face.

More Attractive

Growing and maintaining a beard after shaving your head can also enhance your look. This style can make you look more attractive.
It can even show your unique character and confident personality.

It allows you to attract attention because of the creative and extraordinary mix of a well-shaved head and properly maintained and styled facial hair. Aside from making you look extremely attractive, it also shows everyone your fresh and trendy look.

Makes You Look Younger

Another reason for shaving your head and combining it with a beard is that it makes you look younger.
It is definitely a big advantage if you are already in your forties but you still want to show your youth through the way you look.

You will look even younger if you dye your beard then hide your white hair.
Just make sure to care for your scalp too, so you can achieve your preferred young look.

Combination of Style and Masculinity

Being bald with a beard is also one great solution if you want to show everyone that you have a good sense of style combined with impressive masculinity. It lets you show your tough-guy look while demonstrating your ability to go with the trend.

All it takes is shaving your head, growing facial hair and making it a regular habit to groom it.

Gives You a More Balanced Look

A more balanced look is also what you can anticipate from shaving your head bald and pairing it up with a beard.

The fact that you no longer have a head filled with hair strands will most likely cause you to grow them in other parts of your body or face, specifically forming a mustache or beard.

The good news is that this combination will help balance your entire look even if you exert the least effort.
You will also love the fact that it is possible for you to display a well-groomed beard even if some of your hair is already lost.

No More Irritated, Red Skin and Ingrown Hairs

Are you dealing with skin irritation and redness? Do you deal with the negative effects of ingrown hairs?
Then shaving your head bald and growing a beard along the process can help you prevent such issues.

Your decision to grow a beard can also lessen the number of times you need to shave, thereby making it possible for you to avoid skin problems and irritation.

Remember that your facial skin is at risk of getting damaged because of constant shaving considering how delicate it is.
By having a beard you won’t have to shave it too often, which can drastically affect it.

This style is, therefore, a great way to take care of your facial skin while improving your attractiveness.

Makes You Look Even More Intelligent

Combining a beard with a bald look is also a great way to display your intelligence. It lets you show everyone an intelligent and powerful look. One thing you have to know about people is that they tend to be psychologically biased when seeing men who have a beard and are bald.

They perceive them as dominant, having a higher chance of attaining success.

By displaying your intelligence and dominance through this look, you can surely score big or win when having negotiations, business meetings or interviews.

Hides a Long Chin

Do you feel like hiding your long chin because you find it unattractive?
Then growing a beard together with your bald head is the best solution.

With a thick beard layer you can conceal your long chin and feel confident with the way you look.
The best beard styles for you, in such a case, are the pointed beard and full beard.

Hides a Double Chin

A beard is also the best way to hide a double chin. Once concealed with your beard you can expect your face to look more defined.
It also helps create an illusion that you only have less body fat.

No Need to Shave Every Day

If you are one of those who find shaving time-consuming and a big hassle, then growing a beard is a wise decision.
With a beard you no longer have to use your razor within just a few days.

The good thing about lessening the number of times you shave every day is that it also gives your facial skin a breather.
It can, therefore, prevent skin burns and irritation.

Face Shape


If your facial shape is oblong, then it is most likely characterized by a narrow and long bone structure.
In that case, you have to stay away from narrow and long beard styles as such tend to prevent you from having a symmetrical look.

It would be best to go for a beard that helps in making your face appear wider.
One perfect style is that which is short at the bottom while being full on both sides.

An example is the Imperial beard, which can truly widen your face even if your head is bald.
If you want your look to be tougher, then go for a boxed beard.


Somewhat similar to the oblong facial shape, the rectangular facial shape can be distinguished through its angular jawline.
If you are bald but want to grow a beard, then one of the best styles for you is a full beard, which can make you look tough.

You may also want to go for the neat and clean chin curtain style. It can give you a more youthful and modern look.
Another choice is the extended goatee, which can make you appear intellectual and flirty.


One distinguishable mark of a round facial shape is a wide hairline. It also tends to be full beneath your cheekbones.
If you have a round face, then consider growing a lengthy beard since it aids in prolonging the shape of your face as widely as possible.

The sides should also be short. Allow all facial hair to grow completely beneath the chin too.

With that in mind, the best beard styles for you are the various versions of a goatee styles, like the one with a mustache, the half-goatee and extended goatee. Fortunately, bald heads plus a goatee and round faces can emphasize your masculinity.

You can also grow just a light stubble.


Those with square faces often display a wide jawline and hairline. If your face is square, too, then stay away from straight lines.
You should be able to use your beard or facial hair to make the shape of your face smoother

Your goal will most likely be to make your face look narrow and long.
Once your beard becomes fuller, sculpt it to create a more oval and rounded shape.

Among the beard styles that also work for square-shaped faces with a bald head are Balbo, extended goatee and chinstrap.


Those with inverted facial shapes have a narrow chin and wide forehead.
If you have this shape, then make it a point to make your beard fuller around the jaw. It should help in adding weight to your narrow chin.

In this case, go for the Garibaldi beard style, which can improve the shape of your face.
This is a low-maintenance style, but you have to make sure that the bottom part remains symmetrical and rounded.


This facial shape can be distinguished with a larger jawline and narrow and small forehead.
If your facial shape is triangular, then avoid full beards as much as possible. Keep it neat and short.

Another option is to wear a long beard but the sides should be short.
You should then sculpt the beard inwards, creating an illusion of an oval face, especially if you have a bald head.

Beard Styles for Bald Men With Double Chin

Do you have a double chin that you find unappealing when combined with your bald head?
Then consider growing a beard because it would be impossible to conceal it if you shave your face.

By deciding to grow a beard, you will have something to cover your double chin. It also lets you display a more defined appearance.
When trying to cover up your double chin by growing a beard, remember that the secret to it is to grow it at the right length.

For instance, if the beard is too short, then it is greatly possible for the skin beneath to be visible.
The result will be a less prominent and defined jaw.

Allow your beard to grow a bit more as much as possible. That way, you can conceal your neck’s upper part.
This can lead to a slimmer look on your face.

It is also highly recommended to grow either a pointed or full beard if you prefer looking tough and badass.
If you are one of those who want to show how stylish you are, then choose the chin curtain or the extended goatee beard.

How to Maintain Your Bald and Bearded Look

Step 1 – Trim it

When it comes to maintaining your bald and bearded look, remember that nothing beats the importance of regular trimming.
It is important even if your beard is short. Not trimming and cleaning your beard, stubble and lines might affect the growth and overall look.

The negative effects of an untrimmed beard will even be more recognizable if your beard is short.

Step 2 – Shape it

The next step is to shape your beard and make sure to clean up the neckline.It is important for your beard to be around three-fourth-inch wide or the width of one finger. It could also be two fingers wide if that’s what you prefer.

Avoid going over that width, though, as it might only cause your beard to look bad.
Make it a point to shape it by cleaning the lines and making them look even.

Step 3 – Moisturize

This step is especially important if you encounter the dreaded and annoying problem often experienced by some men – the beard itch.
You can use a beard balm or oil for this.

Aside from avoiding the beard itch and flakes, both the oil and balm can also moisturize your facial skin.
It keeps your hair and skin moisturized, which also contributes to preventing brittle facial hairs and split ends.

Step 4 – Groom it

If you plan to grow a full beard then it would be best to learn a thing or two about how you can groom it.
In such a case, it is necessary to invest in a high-quality beard brush or comb. It is useful in removing unnecessary and unwanted tangles.

Apply beard oil every after you take your shower. You should also comb it regularly to make it look well-groomed.


Why do bald guys grow beards?

Most bald guys decide to grow beards because the two, baldness and beard, usually go well together.

A lot of them commit to growing and maintaining a beard for the reason that their facial hair tends to grow thicker and fuller now that they have become bald or their hair starts to thin.

Another reason is that a beard prevents them from dealing with the hassle of having to shave their face every time.
The combination also looks great and allows them to display their masculinity.

Is a shaved head and beard a good look?

Yes, it is. Just make sure that you pick a beard style that perfectly suits the shape of your face.
The combination looks so good that it tend
s to make bald men more confident about themselves.

It even makes them more attractive and tougher than when they only have baldness or thinning hair.

How do I shave my beard with a bald head?

It all depends on the beard style you have chosen. When choosing a beard style, though, make sure to identify the shape of your face first.
It is a big help in determining what beard style and shape perfectly suits it.

You can also use this info in identifying which style matches your bald head.
Once you have made your choice of beard style, you can start shaving your head depending on it.


If you notice your hair thinning or if you are dealing with baldness, then you do not have to worry because shaving your head bald is also one of the trends that will never go away.

You can even decide to shave the hair on your head completely and pair it up with a beard even if you have no problems with hair loss or male pattern baldness. Just make sure to study the different beard styles and shapes that fit your head and facial shape the most.

Also, commit to grooming, trimming and maintaining your beard to ensure that it will always look good.

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