Hairstyle Idea for Men With Big Foreheads

Having a big forehead is nothing to be ashamed of.

However, not being able to pick a suitable hairstyle that compliments your big forehead can be crippling.

Once you get it in your head that you have a massive forehead, there is no way of covering that up.

You will always doubt yourself and won’t be able to let loose no matter the situation.

However, instead of thinking of making the wrong choice, you should start focusing on making the right choice.

One of the ways to avoid problems with a big forehand is a suitable hairstyle.

The good thing is that there are dozens to choose from.

The bad thing is that you can still make a mistake if you are unaware of all the details that go with choosing the right type of hairstyle.

We feel you and are here for you and so is our comprehensive article.

We promise that your forehead is going to shrink while your confidence goes up with an excellent new haircut that you are going to be rocking pretty soon.

40 Most Popular Haircuts for Men With Big Foreheads

Buzz Cut For Big Forehead

buzz cut with big forehead

A buzz cut is best if you want a short, minimalistic, low-maintenance style. The style removes most of your hair, leaving sharp, trimmed hair in the front with a fade on the sides, defining your hairline.

A buzz cut is best for men facing hair loss or growing baldness. Using an anti-aging cream for men can also help to delay problems like balding and hair recession if they are age-related.

Big Forehead Caesar Cut Hair

Caesar Cut

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A short, textured style with a longer top and trimmed sides, the Caesar cut is versatile and works for men with all face shapes and hair types. The Caesar cut is excellent for thin hair and a receding hairline and using a pomade will give your hair a fuller look.

French Crop Haircut For Big Forehead

French Crop

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Also called a crop top, the French crop has become one of the hottest styles for men. Great for guys with large foreheads, the hair is short at the sides and back, with a cropped fringe brushed forward over the forehead.

Crew Cut With Big Forehead

Crew Cut for Big Forehead Guys

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You can’t ever go wrong with the classic crew cut. A bit longer than the buzz cut, this clean, low-maintenance style has buzzed sides and short hair on top that can be styled in any way you want. Hair gel is an excellent option for styling a crew cut.

Big Forehead Brushed Up Hairstyle

Brushed Up for Big Forehead Guys

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If you have thick straight hair, then a brushed-up hairstyle makes your hair look voluminous while giving your face an elongated appearance and making your forehead look smaller. The volumizing qualities of hairspray can help to make your hair look all the more voluminous.

Wide Forehead Short and Messy Haircut

Short and Messy

Photo @anthonythebarber916

A great go-to style for men with large foreheads, a short and messy style uses texture to create a tousled, “just out of bed,” youthful look. And the direction and movement of hair help divert the attention away from your forehead.

Wide Forehead Bowl Cut

Bowl Cut

Also called the mushroom cut, the bowl cut dates way back to when a bowl was used to cut the hair. The bowl cut is when the hair is typically cut in a straight line in a single length all around the head.

Side Part For Big Forehead

Side Part

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Business professionals often prefer a timeless but trendy and classy style, the side part. The hairstyle involves parting the hair to one side, where it is left flat or lifted and is a great style to cover large foreheads.

Big Forehead Spiky Hairstyle

Spiky Hairstyle

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Very stylish, spiky hairstyles are great for guys with big foreheads. When the short-length hair on the top of the head is styled into spikes, it helps to elongate your face and draw attention upwards. A hairdryer and a good styling product will give your spiky hairstyle a clean and perfect look.

Big Forehead Blowout Fade Hair

Blowout Fade for Big Forehead Guys

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A popular hairstyle for men with large foreheads, the blowout fade is similar to a regular blowout. The hair is styled in a pompadour fashion and pushed back and up.

In a blowout fade, the side is shaved in a graduated fade, allowing more focus on the top hair instead of the forehead.

Big Forehead Clean Shave

Clean Shave

Photo @daniel_holmberg

The clean shave is probably the best when considering balding men’s hairstyles. This style is a massive favorite with men with large foreheads as it shaves the hairline and gets rid of it completely.

And the hairline and forehead blend, making your hairline appear smaller. For an extra masculine and rugged look, you can grow a beard. You can ask your barber if you are in doubt about the beard style.

Big Forehead Fringe Hairstyle


Photo @anthonythebarber916

A fringe or bangs is a relaxed style when the top hair is cut and styled over the forehead. The fringe cut works well for medium-to-long hair and is great to hide a large forehead. The fringe cut works quite well with straight, curly or wavy hair.

Comb-Over For Big Forehead

Comb Over

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This classic hairstyle is where the hair at the top of the head is left long and brushed over the forehead, making it seem smaller. You can either combine it with a side part or add a fade for a more modern look.

Short Pompadour For Big Forehead

Short Pompadour

Photo @anthonythebarber916

With short hair at the back and sides and long hair on the top, a short pompadour offers a streamlined, clean, but stylish look and is a good option for large foreheads.

Spikey Quiff And Big Forehead

Spikey Quiff

Photo @midou.hdm3

A cross between a pompadour and mohawk, a spikey quiff is an excellent way to hide a big forehead. And, for your quiff to be spikey, you can use a good styling product to make it stand up in spikes.

Quiff Top and Hairtattoo

Photo @midou.hdm3

Crop Cut

Photo @midou.hdm3

Fingers Through Top

Photo @alan_beak

Section To the Middle

Photo @alan_beak

Skin Fade Mohawk

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Photo @alan_beak

Wavy Side Part

Photo @alan_beak

Hollywood Comb Over

Photo @alan_beak

Sleek With Bangs

Photo @alan_beak

Wavy Slick

Photo @alan_beak

Two Block Comb Over

Photo @alan_beak

Blow Dried Top

Photo @alan_beak

Casual Upswept Top With Fade

Photo @shrunknheads

big forehead hairstyles

Photo @shrunknheads

Fade Pompadour

Photo @dladybarberr

wide foreheads

Photo @dladybarberr


Photo @guyfashioned

Blow Up forLarge Forehead Guys


Matted Top And Hair Signature for Big Forehead

Photo @lorran_afro

Two Side Haircut

Photo @ashxlauren

Feathered Hair

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Drop Fade And Slick Back for Big Forehead

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Hockey Flow Hairstyle for Huge Forehead

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Cut With Intention

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Heavy Weight Fade Big Forehead

Photo @alitheebarber

What Are The Hairstyles for Men With Big Foreheads

When you consider haircuts for men with large foreheads, there are plenty of options in styles, cuts and lengths. Your choice of a hairstyle depends on what you’re trying to achieve and with the right style, you can disguise, cover or distract from your big forehead.

For guys with high foreheads, some popular hairstyles are slicked back hair with an undercut on the back and sides, an attractive crew cut fade or a side part, buzz cut, bald head, side-swept fringe, slick back, comb over, blowout and side part.

This section has explored some of the best hairstyles for men with large foreheads.

How to Choose

If you have a large forehead and are very confused about what haircut or style will suit you the best, you must pick a style that covers your large forehead and flatters your face. However, before you pick out a cut or style, here are a few things that you must consider.

Man With a Beard and Brushed Up Hairstyle

While many styles can help to disguise your large forehead, you need to figure out how determined you are to do it. For instance, for an undercut, you must be prepared to shave the back and sides of your head to make your forehead appear smaller.

While concealing your forehead may be your prime concern; however, don’t let it be the only criteria for choosing a hairstyle. Pick a hairstyle you like, which is attractive yet easy to maintain.

Choose any popular hairstyle you like. For example, you could choose some of the 90s hairstyles and a good hairstylist with knowledge and experience can help tweak the hairstyle and make it look good on your face, even if you have a large forehead.

Consider your hair type before choosing the kind of hairstyle, i.e., whether your hair is thin, wavy or curly, which may require special cutting and styling techniques.

How to Style Hair for Large Forehead

Determine your hair type

It is crucial to figure out your hair type, whether straight, wavy or curly. Also, determine the hair type, if it is normal, thin or thick. The haircut or style you choose will depend on your hair type.

Determine the shape of your face

You can determine the shape of your face by looking into the mirror and tracing the outline of your face in the mirror using eyeliner. By looking at the shape, you can determine if your face is square, round, rectangle or oval.

Choose a hairstyle

Depending on the hair type and shape, you must choose a hairstyle that flatters your face and suits your requirements the best.

For instance, if you have extremely curly hair, you can go for longer bangs or a pompadour may look best on a rounded face with a broad forehead, while a spikey quiff or a side-swept undercut may look best if you have a receding hairline.

And, if you’re completely confused, speak with your hairdresser for the style that will suit you the best.

Use the right hair products

Getting a haircut is only the first step. You must also maintain your hair so that it looks its best. And the best way to keep your hairstyle is by using the right styling products such as premium hair oil for men, hair cream for men, pomades, hair gels, etc.

Tattooed Man With Buzz Cut Hairstyle and Leather Jacket


How long is a big forehead (how many fingers is considered a big forehead)?

Typically, the standard size of men’s foreheads is around 2 inches to 2.8 inches long and 4.7 inches to 6.1 inches wide. A measurement of 4 fingers width between your hairline and brows is considered an average size forehead. Anything more than this means that your forehead is large.

How should men with big foreheads style their hair?

Typically, when men with large foreheads style their hair, the objective is to conceal their foreheads, disguise it or divert attention elsewhere.

You can choose a haircut or style that will cover the forehead, such as a fringe or opt for a clean shave or buzz cut that blends the hairline and the forehead, making it difficult to distinguish between the two.

Or, use haircuts and techniques like crew cuts, side parts, texture and long layers that will divert the attention to your face instead of the forehead.

Is a big forehead attractive?

Men with large foreheads may dislike them because their forehead makes them feel self-conscious. However, large foreheads are not unattractive and you should be confident enough to work with what you have.

What is the best hairstyle for a big forehead?

Some of the best hairstyles for a large forehead include a Caesar cut, crew cut, buzz cut, fringes, side part, French crop, long and layered, and more discussed above.

How do men fix a big forehead?

The easiest and quickest way to fix a large forehead is to choose a haircut or hairstyle that hides your forehead, camouflages it, detracts the eye from it or makes your forehead appear smaller.

But if you’re looking for a more permanent solution, you can consider forehead reduction surgery, hair grafting or a brow lift. However, these procedures are quite complex, time-consuming and expensive.


When choosing a haircut or style that’s best to conceal your large forehead, it is important to consider the various aspects discussed in our article.

You can get a haircut or style that you like, but if you don’t, before you get all worked up and start obsessing about it, remember that, after all, it’s only hair and it will grow back and you can always try out a new hairstyle or haircut the next time.