Barber Styling Bearded Man With Blonde Hair

What Are They

The French Crop is the ideal haircut for males. A short hairstyle for men known as the French crop has a long top with a harsh fringe and short backs and sides. Your selected style will determine the length of the top and the sides, and the blunt fringe makes it simple to smooth the back or style the top in either direction.

It is super attractive and ideal for those with receding hairlines and thin hair. The versatility of the French crop is one of its main benefits. The majority of face shapes and hair types complement it well. This haircut is sometimes mistaken for the Caesar cut. Although they are similar, the French crop has a longer fringe than the Caesar cut, which has a shorter fringe.

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You probably already wore the classic French crop; you weren’t aware of it at the time. The classic French crop, aside from the buzz cut, is one of the least maintenance haircuts available because it just slightly contrasts the hair on top of the head with the hair on the sides and back. The hair can be dressed with either a point-cut fringe or a blunt-cut fringe, and the length is entirely up to you.


For anyone searching for a stylish style that takes little to no styling, the short French Crop is perfect. Any businessman or someone constantly on the go would look great with this tidy, elegant hairstyle. You might even get away with not styling your hair, depending on how short and thick it is.


You can change your appearance more if you leave some length at the top of your mane. You can create various styles with a long-cropped cut, including quiffs and side parts. The only disadvantage of maintaining some length would be frequent trips to the barbershop to maintain the sides and top balance.


A manly fade is an ideal approach to give the conventional French Crop a modern twist. Fades are among the most popular haircuts for guys, so incorporating them into your crop will provide it with a more contemporary yet timeless feel. A fade also makes styling your look simpler.


Keep the top hair long to medium if you’re going for a French Crop but still want to seem rough. Apply a little quantity of pomade through your locks, mucking them up as you go, starting at the roots. Avoid using too much product; you want your hair to be light and feathery.


The disconnected French crop divides the top of the head and the sides. Straight cut, no fading or mixing of the hair; the undercut might introduce a subtle fade here to distinguish them rather than a stark contrast.


One of the simplest styles to maintain is a straight French Crop. This assumes that your hair is naturally straight. After getting your hair cut, you must smooth it out with a comb and spritz a little hairspray to keep flyaways at bay. You can always use a flat iron to straighten the top if your hair is not naturally straight.


Hair that can be shaped looks excellent with an undercut, especially if it can look unkempt. In this instance, you should ensure that the long hair on top of the head has plenty of texture and is styled with a matte effect product.

French Crop

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The advantages of the French Crop are still available to people with curly hair. If you have curly hair, you shouldn’t have a blunt-cut fringe because it won’t look decent. So that the curly hair may be styled in an effortless fashion that will leave you appearing sleek and sophisticated, ask your barber to keep it neat. This may require some point cutting to eliminate some of the ends.


Keep your top hair messy and disheveled for a modern twist on the traditional French Crop. For younger males or those that prefer a somewhat more fascinating or youthful look, this is a fantastic look. Depending on how you wear your messy style, this can appear as rough or playful as you wish.

Comb Over

One of the few options that can benefit from using a hairdryer is the combination of a comb-over and a French crop since it will make it much easier to style your hair to one side of your head and keep it in place.

Skin Fade

It is the most intense faded style you can have, yet it’s one of the easiest haircuts to maintain. A skin fade occurs when the side hairs meld with the skin. Keep your hair trimmed short at the top to create a striking contrast with your fading skin.

Dyed Crop

French Crops can be intriguing, but they demand some meticulousness. Bleach is an effective way to make a statement. The top is a frizz-dyed, cheeky, low-key blonde color that gives everything a trendy ten-fold boost.

High Bald Fade

When employing the balding men’s hairstyles, men can choose to wear their textured French crop with a medium, low, or high skin fade haircut.

Temple Fade

By incorporating your specific temple shape into the final appearance of this haircut, the temple fade is far more than a throwback to the early 1990s.

Sharp Crop

You might achieve a sharp crop if your hair has a lot of quality structure. Although not overly messy, the hair is nicely brushed into place and styled to generate a lot of micro-texture.

French Crop on a Receding Hairline

Unfortunate as it may be, some men will experience a receding hairline. The French crop is the ideal solution for guys who feel they have few to no options while looking for a fashionable hairdo to draw attention away from it. The French crop can frequently conceal a receding hairline to the point that you wouldn’t even notice it because it is styled forward.

How to Get

Step 1 – Create side fades

You must operate the clippers for subtle fades on the sides of the head and the nape of the neck to achieve a French Crop haircut. Wetting the client’s hair and dividing it into the portions you will be cutting with cutting shears for hair is the first thing you need to do.

Step 2 – Split the crown

To split the crown from the top of the parting head, draw a line from ear to ear. In this method, you’ll be able to tell that the top of the head will be left long and the lower portion of the head will be shaved.

Step 3 – Smooth the bangs

Pull all the hair from the top forward to smooth the bangs around the hairline and ensure that you can hide the pulling hairline. Just balance the fringe, then go on to the other sections.

Step 4 – Separate the lower part

You will then draw another line from the outline of the forehead to the top of the head to separate the lower part of the outline, which you will also shave. Once the lower outline has been established, use a comb to shape the remaining hair on top of the head.

French Crop

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How to Style

Whether styling a short hairstyle difficult? Even the textured French crop is regarded as a low-maintenance haircut because there isn’t much hair to style. Have your hair trimmed in a way that best complements your facial shape and hair type if you want to style a French Crop.

The front of the face is generally dressed in a French Crop, but you can experiment with this to get the most aesthetically pleasing look for you. Blow-dry your hair after washing or wetting it. Blow-dry your hair in the direction you want it to sit in using a round-bristle brush. Use a tiny bit of sea salt spray for styling or hair clay for textured hair to hold your hair in place.

How to Maintain

A significant advantage of these short-crop haircuts is that you won’t need to visit the barbershop as frequently as you would with more demanding hairstyles. To keep the sides short while the hair on top grows, you might need to see your barber. How frequently you do so will vary depending on how short you wish your side to fade and how quickly your hair grows.


Should I get a French crop?

It’s simple to perform a French Crop at home. Ensure you get all the necessary tools before you do anything else. You’ll require, for instance: bands, clips, or pins, premium cordless hair clippers, one set of scissors, and a comb or brush.

How do I ask for a French crop?

If you ask any competent barber, they should be able to cut a French crop. The best course of action, however, is to bring a photo with you to show them if you have a different style or appearance in mind. First, you should request a short back and sides. If you’d like, you can add a fade, like a taper fade or a low fade, or go even more extreme and request an undercut. It’s pretty easy and you should try it.

Is the French crop hard to maintain?

The French crop is fantastic for men who prefer a low-maintenance hairdo. This hairstyle has a lot to offer, is quite simple to maintain, and suits almost any face type.

How to add texture to my French crop?

Dry your hair with a hair dryer over medium heat and low speed, using only your fingers to add texture.

How long does your hair have to be if you want to get a French crop?

You won’t need a lot of hair for the French crop because it is a shorter style. The hair should be shorter overall and have one to two inches of length in the front.