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Are you insecure about the size of your forehead? Are you right in your assessment that you have a big forehead? The average male forehead size is around 2.8 inches, give or take a quarter-inch or two.

If yours is bigger than this measurement, you have a bigger-than-average forehead.

How to Know If You Have a Big Forehead

Instead of using a measuring tape, which can seem quite awkward, you can use your finger to guess or estimate the size of your forehead. The average size of a man’s forehead is 4 fingers from the brow to the edge of the hairline.

Of course, if you exceed that, it immediately indicates that your forehead is bigger than usual.

Face Shape and Foreheads

Another factor that contributes to the size or perceived size of your forehead is the shape of your face. Here are some of the most common face shapes and how they affect the size of the forehead:

  • M-shaped – The middle of the forehead forms an inverted triangle-shaped haircut line. If this is the shape of your face, your hairline looks like an “M.” Your widow’s shape peak may also be more pronounced than others.
  • Triangular – The sides of your forehead slope inward toward the middle of the forehead. This is similar to the M-shape, but the point is more pronounced.
  • Round – The edge of your hairline has a rounded shape and follows the shape of your oval face shape.
  • Rectangular – If you have a narrow face, the edges of your hairline look like the top edges of a rectangle.

Best Hairstyles For Larger Foreheads

Big Forehead Caesar Cut

Caesar Cut is big forehead attractive male
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Photo @erickgomezz1

One of the best hairstyles for men with big foreheads is Caesar. The short fringes give the illusion of having a lower hairline. Keeping the hair slightly shorter than the fringe up front makes it look like your forehead is smaller than it is.

Clean Shaven Big Forehead 

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how do i know if i have a big forehead
how to know if my forehead is big
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Why waste your time and energy worrying about your receding hairline when you can shave everything off and carry on with your life? This means you no longer have to waste more time with your old hairdryer and hair cream.

Large Forehead Buzz Cut

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Photo @officiall.leobarber

Instead of hiding your forehead, you should embrace it. Lop off your locks and get a clean buzz cut, one of the best 90s hairstyles. The short-cropped hair will take the focus off your hairline since it is no longer visible.

A crew or buzz cut will look great on you if you have a nice-shaped head.

Big Forehead Crew Cut

Crew Cut what is a big forehead
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Photo @barbersukraine

Just like the buzz cut, the crew cut is another timeless haircut that goes well with a big forehead. This hairstyle is minimalist and neat. Also, because the top and fringes are shorter than the sides, it shifts the focus upward and away from your hairline.

Best Beard Styles

Two-Day Stubble

Two-Day Stubble are big foreheads attractive on guys
how to know if your forehead is big
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Photo @alan_beak

This is probably the most popular facial hair style for men with big foreheads or receding hairlines. The two-day stubble works excellently if you choose to get a buzz cut because your beard will blend effortlessly.

Classic Goatee With Big Forehead

Classic Goatee 
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This is also one of the most iconic facial hairs that work great on men with big foreheads. Some also consider it a fantastic option for the best beards for a triangle face. Keep the facial hair confined to the chin and mustache. Also, ensure that it is medium-length.

Even unprofessional haircuts can work well with this facial hair.


You should not be ashamed or overly conscious about your forehead size.
Even if you have a big forehead, that does not mean you are unattractive. A lot of people find it quite attractive.

Also, you can make yourself look better by choosing the right hair and facial hair styles.


Is a large forehead attractive?

People seem to connect large foreheads with intelligence. As Sherlock Holmes said, a larger cranial capacity signifies greater intelligence. Regardless if you are a man or a woman, intelligence is sexy.

Can you change the size of your forehead?

Aside from getting hair implants, you cannot change the size of your forehead. In addition, the forehead size is not just measured by your hairline. The shape of your skull also plays a role in it.

Is long hair or short hair better for a big forehead?

Shorter and medium-length hair is better for men with large foreheads. Long hippie hairstyles for men would make your head look wider. These hairstyles can also make your forehead look even bigger.

What is considered a big forehead?

A big forehead is typically considered larger than average compared to the rest of an individual’s facial features.

This phrase is commonly used in discussions about physical appearance and is often subjective, as beauty standards vary across cultures and societies.

Additionally, the perception of a big forehead can be influenced by factors such as hairline placement, facial proportions, and personal preferences.

How do you tell if you have a big forehead?

One can measure the distance from the hairline to the eyebrows to determine if someone has a big forehead.

Typically, a person with a larger forehead will have more space between their hairline and eyebrows than someone with a smaller forehead.

Other factors, such as the shape of the face and hairline, can also play a role in the appearance of forehead size. 

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