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Men that have a hot hippie hairstyle are usually free-spirited and as laid back as they can get.

They look and act cool and it is their hair that gives them confidence.

However, if you don’t treat this advantage right, it might turn out to be a disadvantage.

Hippie hair is great and easy to maintain, but you can’t sit back and simply forget to take care of it.

There is still a lot that you need to do not to go all out Manson family hippie style.

We have the best solutions and probably the best hippie hairstyles for men ever right here.

30 Most Popular Hippie Hairstyles

Medium Length Hairstyle

If you have medium-length hair you can leave it loose and layer it in different directions or mess it up.

Medium Length Hairstyle

Longest Hippie Hairdo

Go for the classic hippie look by leaving your hair long and loose and adding a middle part.

Longest Hippie Hairdo

Photo @lululucas

Long Hair and Beard Hippie Look

Keep your hair long, add a medium-sized beard and maintain it using beard moisturizer.

Long Hair and Beard Hippie Look

Photo @pier.vietto

Hippie Bun Style

Tie your long hair into a casual bun for the iconic hippie look.

Hippie Bun Style

Photo @martin.risteskii

French Hippie Style for Men

Tie your hair into a bun, sport a nice beard and add finishing touches with accessories.

French Hippie Style for Men

Photo @alan_beak

Typical Hippie Ponytail Style

Tie your hair into a ponytail and let it hang loose. Sport it with a beard.

Typical Hippie Ponytail Style

Photo @midou.hdm3

Modern Hippie Style

Leave your medium-length hair open and add some waves and gel.

Modern Hippie Style

90s Hippie Hairstye

Leave your hair open, part it on one side and sport a short beard.

90s Hippie Style

Hippie Look With Side Bangs

Add some side bangs to your long hair for a stylish look.

Hippie Look With Side Bangs

Photo @alan_beak

Vintage Hippie Fashion

You can braid your hair and add dreadlocks and complete the look with vintage accessories and clothes.

Vintage Hippie Fashion

African Hippie Hairstyle

For naturally textured and curly hair tie it up with a colorful band and wear some African-style beaded accessories.

African Hippie Style

Gypsy-Inspired Hippie Look

Long, messy, wavy hair with a casual beard gives a gypsy-inspired look.

Gypsy-Inspired Hippie Look

Layered Hippie Hairstyle

Cut your hair into layers and leave it open.

Layered Hippie Style

Photo @beardoboss

Bohemian Hippie Hairstyle

Leave your long hair open and wear a bohemian scarf with accessories.

Bohemian Hippie Style

Messy Hippie Look

Long hair deliberately messed up with loose clothing can create this look.

Messy Hippie Look

Photo @ffalfoul

Classic Gypsy

Long Wavy Hippie

Long Curly

Long Wavy

Messy Look


Photo @alan_beak

Long Bangs

Photo @alan_beak

Free Style Run Your Fingers

Photo @alan_beak

Bun And Hair Signature

Photo @midou.hdm3

Bun And Fade Design

Photo @shrunknheads

Brow Flow And Half Bun

Photo @shrunknheads

Pushback And Blowout Top

Photo @lululucas

Long Natural Hair

Photo @martin.risteskii

Cassual On The Side

Photo @mittsky

Long Hippie

Photo @anthonythebarber916

What Are Hippie Hairstyles

70s hairstyles for men often included hippie hairstyles due to the hippie movement, which was part of the counterculture.

The word ‘hip’ was part of the jive used by African American communities but was later popularized by the Beat Generation writers who led a hedonistic and countercultural lifestyle.

This led to the hippie movement that focused on sexual freedom, drugs, psychedelic music, light but constant traveling and bright, loose and messy fashion including long and messy hair. The purpose was to stay away from consumerism.

These hairstyles became popular and spread and are now referred to as hippie hairstyles. With more modern touches you can now opt for your favorite crew cut hairstyle or experiment with longer hair.

How to Make and Style Hippie Haircut

Using a nose hair trimmer requires care and caution, so does making and styling your hippie hairstyle. Take a look at the process below.

Step 1 – Pick a style

Decide what style you want based on the length and texture of your hair, the shape of your face and your personal and professional requirements.

Step 2 – Choose a stylist

Man in Barbershop

You can ask your barber for advice about which style to choose and how to maintain it. You can also ask them to give you the cut and style considering their expertise and professional tools at their disposal such as the world’s best hairspray for men and scissors and razors.

You can also opt for hair clippers as an alternative to cut your hair if you feel comfortable.

Step 3 – Prepare your hair

Wash and condition your hair regularly but not daily to maintain the health of your hair. Do this the day you want to style your hair, then using a hairdryer (not too frequently) you can get the hair ready for styling.

Step 4 – Use hair product

Hair products like premium beard balm, hair gel with a strong hold effect, pomade or mousse can all work to keep your hair in place, but make sure you use reliable brands.

Step 5 – Comb and style

Comb your hair and use the comb and your fingers to style it in the way you want. Make a part, leave the hair loose or tie a bun based on your preferences.

Step 6 – Choose an outfit

Add some scarf or band to your hair and opt for a flowy shirt to wear to match your hairstyle.


What is the most popular hippie hairstyle for men?

Simply keeping your hair long and then styling it as you want is men’s most popular hippie hairstyle. The emphasis is on the length and the casual or messy look.

How do I style my hair like a hippie?

Pick a style and grow your hair out a bit. Take a comb, make a part, add some product and regularly maintain your hair.
You can also ask your stylist for help.

How did hippies style their hair?

Hippies grew out their hair and focused on a messy look. Many often wore beards too.

Why do hippies have long hair?

Long hair was a sign among the hippies of anti-establishment and countercultural beliefs and a way of rebelling against societal norms.

Why do hippies grow beards?

Hippies tend to grow beards to go against the societal expectations of well-groomed and professional looks.
This also usually goes with their long hair.


Those were some popular hippie hairstyles for men that you can choose from and try out along with some context and maintenance tips.
Go ahead and make your pick so that you can sport your hairstyle with confidence.

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