Long Curly Hippie Hairstyle 70s Hair Idea

70s hairstyles were all about style, trends, and the disco. With many celebrities sporting different kinds of hairdos, trends caught on quite quickly.

To learn more (and possibly find some inspiration?) about some 70s hairstyles for men, you can go through this article that lists a few styles and influences. Let’s begin!

What Hairstyles Did Men Have in the 70s

Honestly, there was something for every man, no matter what kind of hair they had. This included long and short hair alike, bushy styles, clean cuts, brandishing mustaches, mutton chops, bouffants, afros, etc.

There was, in essence, lots of hair. Grooming was in and styles, resulting in a wide range of hairstyles that men were seen sporting.

Men paid as much attention to their hairstyles as you would now for buying a razor for sensitive skin or choosing the world’s best hairspray or even a high-quality stubble trimmer.

23 Most Popular Hairstyles

A buzzcut that looks great with beards or long hair, the 70s had it all. However, if you want to avoid unprofessional hairstyles, you can find something else for yourself here too. Take a look at some options below.

Afro Hairstyle

The Afro was quite famous in the 70s among black men, with thick and voluminous hair being puffed up into a round shape. Thick and long hair is quite essential for this particular hairstyle.

Medium Shoulder Length Hair

Keeping hair medium in length that went up to their shoulders was popular among the men in the 1970s, particularly those who belonged to the counterculture or the fringes of culture, such as skaters.

Long Natural Hair

Men in the 70s often grew out their hair and left it as it is, sometimes with a part. This long hair differed in length too and could be styled in various ways.

Bearded Man With Long Natural Hair

Long Styled Hair

Many men also choose to grow their hair out and style it in different ways based on the decade’s trends using various hair products. The pageboy hairdo was particularly famous at that point.

Short Hairstyles

Short, bleached hairstyles are a superior choice but were undoubtedly famous in the 70s. While the longer and louder styles are more reminiscent of the 70s, several men also stood out with shorter hairstyles.

Classic Mullet

The classic mullets of the 70s are pretty famous. Big names who wore them successfully include David Bowie and Paul McCartney. The mullet has a short top with long sides, sometimes even beyond the shoulders.


Dreadlocks became popular in the 70s through reggae musicians like Bob Marley and spread among black men. It is important to have long and thick hair, for dreadlocks and are quite culturally significant.

Elvis Presley Hairstyle

Elvis Presley was known for his long sideburns with the top slicked back or sides. This style became quite popular among men of the 70s due to the influence of Elvis Presley.

Feathered Hair

Feathered hair is styled in a way that the strands of hair look like light feathers. This hair was famous in the 70s among men and women, with men sporting shorter versions of it.


Hair left short at the top and slightly longer at the bottom was quite popular in the 70s. The mullet continues to be popular even now, although the lengths are kept relatively short.

Punk Hair

Punk hair rose in popularity through the spread of punk rock. Punk had it all with long hair styled up, shaved sections, and completely shaved hair. Bleaching hair was quite common as well.

Punker Man With a Beard Smoking

Rock Hairstyles

Rock musicians were known for their wacky hairdos that included a mullet, messy tops, long sideburns and, importantly, long hair. Waves and curls were also common.

Disco Hairstyles

Disco hairstyles included slightly long hair and perms, although this definition changed and started referring to voluminous slicked back hair like that of John Travolta.

Greaser Hairstyles

Greaser hairstyles, as the name suggests, included hair that was swept back and textured to look like oil. The top was often kept long while the sides were shorter, although not too short.

Hippie Hair

Hippie hair was quite popular in the 70s, with men growing their hair out and leaving it long and unstyled. An accompanying mustache was often seen alongside this kind of long hair.


The Shag was a popular hairstyle in the 70s that became a trend through Jane Fonda’s hairstyle. It began to be worn by men and women and included a fringe at the top with gradually lengthening layers of hair.


The pompadour is a hairstyle with the top left long and slicked back, with the front section facing up and then back. A fade or taper usually accompanies this to complete the look.

Man Perm

A perm includes a fade on the sides with wavy or curly hair at the top. In the 70s, this perm was mainly short curly hair with shorter sides, although there are now several versions of the perm among men.

Jheri Curl

Jheri Redding popularized Jheri curls and included black men keeping their curls more natural instead of styling them up every time. This was combined with glossy hair products.

Black Bearded Man With Long Straight Hair


The mustache was so famous that it warrants a place in a list of hairstyles. Combined with short or even long hair, the mustache was kept long and well-groomed while removing the remaining facial hair.

Surfer Hairstyles

Surfer hairstyles in the 70s were medium to long with natural waves or curls. Highlights were also often included.

Curly Hair

Curly hair was famous in the 70s since it could work well with a range of styles, hair textures, and various hair lengths.

Bowl Cut

A bowl cut is when the shape of the top section of the hair resembles an overturned bowl. This can be combined with short or regular sides.


Music and Musicians

The 1970s saw a rise in famous and admirable musicians with distinct hairstyles. The Beatles, The Specials, Elvis Presley and many reggae and ska musicians were popular around this time, resulting in a rise in the popularity of their hairstyles.

Film and Television

Film and television actors sported a range of hairstyles as well. Some famous actors, hosts and associated personalities included John Travolta, Clint Eastwood, Al Pacino, Robert de Niro, Jack Nicholson, Paul Newman, Robert Redford and several others.

If you can picture their hair, that sums up what 70s hairstyles looked like.


Several moral and social customs and regulations tried to dictate what men’s hair should look like, with an emphasis on and approval of shorter and cropped cuts. Longer and shabbier hair was deemed to be immoral.

Of course, men still kept the hair they wanted, simply wearing wigs or fake hair when the situation called for it.

Hair Products

Hair products for men were now on the rise, simply with more masculine ways of selling them. What was once considered feminine was now used by men to take better care of their hairstyles.

Curly Afro Hair Young Man


The sportsmen of the 70s also played their parts when it came to sporting different kinds of hairstyles. Baseball players like Reggie Jackson, Olympic athletes and swimmers and footballers contributed to starting trends that soon spread.

Best Hair Products 

Some of the best hair products and their usage for 70s hairstyles for men can include premium hair oil, optimal usage of hair wax, pomades, gel, mousse and more. You can also glean the benefits of using hair loss shampoo in case you want to grow out your hair.

Just as buying hair cutting shears is a perfect decision for cutting hair on your own, buying hair products to maintain your 70s hairstyle can help quite a bit.


What do you call the 70s hairstyle?

70s hairstyles had several different names, with some popular ones being The Shag and the ‘rude boy’ look.

What was the most popular hairstyle in the 1970s?

The Afro was perhaps the most popular hairstyle in the 1970s.

How do men get a 70s hairstyle?

Find some pictures, take them to the barber or your stylist or ask your hairstylist for some advice.

Who inspired men during the 70s?

Musicians, actors and sportsmen mainly inspired men during the 70s.

Are 70s hairstyles coming back?

Yes, 70s hairstyles seem to be making a comeback with many celebrities and the youth sparking trends again.


Now that you have seen some popular 70s hairstyles and how they became famous, you can go ahead and fearlessly experiment with some of them to see what works for you. A modern spin can work well with many of them too.

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