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Having naturally fluffy hair can be a very attractive and stylish choice.

Men that don’t have fluffy hair definitely want to have one and they try to fluff it up in all kinds of ways.

Whether you have naturally fluffy hair or simply want to get it, there are good and bad ways of maintaining it.

Fluffy hair is not easy to groom, especially if it is not natural.

In order to help you keep your fluffy hair as crisp and stylish as you want it to be, we added some tips that’ll help you.

Besides that, there are some very beautiful fluffy hairstyles that look really amazing.

We added them to our list for you to check out with the hopes of helping you get the idea about your next hairstyle.

30 Most Popular Fluffy Hairstyles

Textured Crop

Textured Crop

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One of the most timeless haircuts is the textured crop. Keeping your puffy hair choppy, textured, and messy is one of the best ways to style it.

Often known as the French crop, the haircut helps keep everything tidy at the back and sides while leaving a little longer hair at the top that you can complete with a forward lying fringe.

The textured crop has over the years evolved to today’s modern look that features a taper fade or an undercut to keep the haircut clean and contemporary.

To style your hair this way, wash it and then blow-dry it into shape. For added control and texture, consider using a pre-styling product.

Mid-Length Fluffy Hairstyle

Smiling Young Man With Curly Hair Posing

Mid-Length wavy haircuts are timeless and made for the modern man looking for a hairstyle to keep for the long haul.

The haircut works for long puffy hair and will look even better when paired with a well-trimmed or patchy beard. To pull off the look, keep the styling wholly natural and relaxed.

Start with freshly washed hair, and then spritz some leave-in conditioner or salt spray. Allow the hair to dry naturally and fall into place.

Buzz Cut Fluffy Haircut

Buzz Cut

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A buzz cut is a low-maintenance, masculine haircut that you can try if you have difficulty taming your puffy hair. While cutting your hair off may seem like going to the extreme, a buzz cut is one of the best hairstyles you can rock.

The buzz cut looks better when you keep the hair short and sharp, so ensure that you trim regularly. Good hair clippers will allow you to trim your own hair if you don’t want to keep going to the barber.

Slicked Back 

Slicked Back

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Slicked-back hairstyles are always in fashion, so if you are looking for a way to tame your curly hair, a slicked-back style will do.

For a modern look, combine it with a fade or undercut. However, to pull off the look, ensure that you give your hair time to grow long so that you have hair long enough to push backward.

To style your hair, apply a smoothing cream or a moisturizing spray when the hair is still damp. After that, use a vented brush and hair dryer to work the hair backward into place.

Apply a medium to high shine product from the roots to the tips and then comb it back. A grooming cream orhair pomade is a good choice for this step.

In the final step, use your fingers to loosen up the hair such that the natural waves are more noticeable.

Side Part

Side Part

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Also known as the Ivy League haircut, the side part works for all kinds of hair, including fuzzy and curly hair.


The side part features trimmed back and sides and longer hair on top, bringing out the waves. When styling, apply a good amount of styling products like pomade from the roots to tips and use your fingers or comb to work the waves in place.

Disconnected Undercut

Disconnected Undercut

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Med-length hairstyles are probably the last thing you should consider when you have fuzzy hair.


However, there is a way you can reduce the body and your styling time by choosing a hairstyle that lets you enjoy the best of both worlds – the disconnected undercut.

Think the no-nonsense Peaky Blinders – bold and stylish; the disconnected undercut features trimmed sides and back that reduce the overall bulk to make the hair more manageable.

Leaving messy crops on top also reduces the time you spend in front of the mirror styling it.

To style the hair, blow-dry it and then rub in a small amount of matte clay or paste and make sure you trim the sides and back regularly to maintain the look.

High and Tight

Manly High and Tight

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Are you wondering how to style and wear short hairstyles? Keeping frizzy hair short is the best way of making maintenance easy.


The high and tight haircut features very short hair on the back and sides and, in some cases, completely shaved sides and back and fractionally longer length hair on the top.

This traditional military hairdo requires next to no upkeep besides a few trims here and there to maintain the look.

Attractive Man With Pompadour Posing

Fluffy Pompadour

A pompadour isn’t as easy to maintain as a mid-length haircut or a high and tight, but it’s a great way of flaunting your thick puffy hair.

To make maintenance easy, you can trim the back and sides short so the hairstyle doesn’t look too wide after styling.

Here’s the thing, though, if you have dry hair already, a pompadour might appear frizzier and wider.

Shadow Fade

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Zero Fade

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Haircut Surgical Line

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Blow Back Bangs Fluffy Hairstyle

Photo @ashxlauren

Men's fluffy Curly High Top

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Casual Longer Bangs

Photo @lululucas

Classic fluffy male hair

Photo @lululucas

Casual Longer Hairstyle

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Long Curly Hair Fluffy Hairstyle

Photo @lululucas

Blow Dried Top

Photo @lululucas

Bangs Pompadour

Photo @alan_beak

Quiff On Side Fluffy Hairstyle

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Spiky Top

Photo @alan_beak

White Color Highlights

Photo @alan_beak

Blow Dried Fluffy Hairstyle

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Retro Quiff

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Retro Curly Fluffy Haircut

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Brow Flow With Curly Hair Fluffy Hairstyle

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Black White Curly

Photo @negoreyart

Sharp Line Haircut

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handsome fluffy hair male

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Bleached Bun Signature Cutz

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shaggy hairstyle

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What Is Puffy Hair

Puffy hair has a frizzy and often undesirable unkempt appearance. Because of that, puffy hair can be difficult to style. There are a lot of factors that can lead to puffy hair.

For instance, curly or dry hair tends to be puffy. To tame puffy hair, one of the most important things in determining your hair type.

There are several styling methods and products that you can use. For instance, if your hair is puffy because it is excessively dry, you might want to consider using moisturizing shampoo and conditioner when cleaning it.

In such a case, using a leave-in conditioner or quality hair oil for men will relieve your hair and eliminate the dryness.

You can also use a few styling methods to tame puffy hair, like do-it-yourself and professional straighteners.

Another option that might work is flat iron if you have naturally curly hair. One thing to remember is that regular heat application can damage your hair.


So many things can cause puffy hair, and it helps if you know the reason for your puffy hair before finding a solution. Here are some factors that might contribute to puffy hair in the end.


The most prevalent cause of hair puffiness is dryness. When hair is dry, it becomes frizzy and brittle and might develop split ends.

That damage is usually visible and apparent regardless of how you try to style it.

Hair Damage

Hair damage can be caused by many things, including regular heat styling and chemical processing. When it comes to chemical processing, getting your hair permed, relaxed, or colored inflicts damage to the hair cuticles, curl pattern, and inner structure, resulting in unwanted puffiness.

Relaxers and perms especially destroy the inner hair structure altering its natural texture. Your hair will likely get poofy due to the resulting damage, including dryness, split ends, and brittleness.

Hair dyeing and bleaching, on the other hand, opens up your hair cuticles which in turn removes the hair’s natural pigment to deposit new color.

When the hair cuticles are chemically opened, they usually don’t go back to normal, which leaves your hair prone to puffiness.


Weather is another cause of hair puffiness for men. When the weather is humid, hair doesn’t get adequately moisturized.

As a result, the hair cuticles swell up and change shape leading to puffiness. Likewise, on a windy day, the wind can end up separating the hair curls creating a puffy look.

The same happens during hot days when your scalp sweats, causing hair to frizz.

Harsh Shampoo

Few men know what hair products to use, especially shampoos and conditioners. As a result, most find themselves buying the wrong products, damaging their hair.

Using the wrong shampoo could be what is causing your hair to be overly fuzzy. Sulfate or clarifying shampoo can dry your hair, leading to puffiness.

You should always use moisturizing shampoos and conditioners within your hair’s natural regimen.

Improper Styling

Improper styling is another cause of hair puffiness. When it comes to improper styling, we are talking about things like heat styling. Heat styling, when overdone, leads to hair damage like brittleness and split ends, which are recipes for hair puffiness.

Quick Styling Tips 

Let Hair Dry Naturally

When you have to style your hair, allow it to dry naturally instead of blow-drying it. Doing this will help you keep the volume under control.

Lock in Hair’s Moisture

Close-up of a Happy Guy With Curly Hair

To avoid hair puffiness, supply your hair with adequate moisture from hydrating, sulfate-free styling products, shampoo, and premium hair conditioners for men.

Go for products rich in ingredients like glycerin, butter, natural oils, and natural fruit.

Don’t Leave the House With Wet Hair

Never go out with wet hair, no matter your hair type. Instead, allow your hair to dry naturally before leaving the house. Doing so helps seal in the hair cuticles and cuts down on frizz forming when outdoors.

Use the Correct Brush

To help tame frizzy hair, you must brush your hair correctly and with the right brush or comb. If you have puffy hair, go for a natural bristle brush like a boar’s brush.

Natural bristle brushes help distribute oils from the hair roots to the tips, which is one of the best ways of dealing with dryness that causes frizzy hair.

Invest in the Right Products

The best way to beat hair puffiness is to ensure that you use the right hair products. Opt for natural hair products from shampoos and conditioners to styling products.

How to Prevent 

Reduce Bulk in Your Hair

Puffiness is a problem that men with naturally thick and dense hair often have to deal with. Why? Thick hair strands tend to prop themselves up and are particularly stubborn when you want them to lay flat.

Instead, they layer on top of each other, forming clusters that increase the volume of your thick hair.

While the high-volume look is appealing, sometimes, it can get too big and too frizzy. So, an effective way to help reduce the puffiness is by reducing the bulk and layering in the first place.

And how do you achieve that? Get the right haircut. Some haircuts like an undercut or taper fade help reduce the bulkiness.

Talk to your barber or hairstylist; they always have ways of reducing the bulk, such as using thinning shears and feathering the hair with a razor.

Your barber will always ensure they don’t put too many layers into your haircut. While you can use thinning shears at home, you should leave it to a professional.

Avoid Too Many Layers

Adding too many layers to your hair during styling can increase the volume, which only adds to the puffiness.

Instead, choose haircuts that don’t require too much layering. If you want to layer your hair, reduce the bulk on the sides or back by selecting haircuts like the undercut.

Avoid Hot Water

Washing your already puffy hair in hot water does more harm than good. So, always wash your hair using cold water. If you have to, you can clean your hair in the shower but when rinsing, make sure to use cold water instead.

Sulfate-Free Shampoo and Conditioner

Confused Young Curly Man

The kind of shampoo and conditioner you use can make a lot of difference when dealing with puffiness. Most shampoos and conditions sold on the market contain sulfate.

To reduce puffiness, go for moisturizing shampoos and conditioners. Read the labels before purchasing and go for a product labeled “moisturizing” or “smoothing.”

At the same time, avoid sulfates since they dry out hair leading to puffiness. Also, avoid products that claim increased hair volume as these only exacerbate frizz.

Finally, condition your hair from the mid-lengths to the end with a leave-in conditioner for about two minutes before rinsing.

Wash Less Often

Washing your hair too often only exacerbates frizz. Your scalp already produces natural oils which keep hair moisturized.

When you shampoo your hair, you wash away these natural oils leaving your scalp and hair dry – doing so every day will worsen the dryness, which will only worsen the puffiness.

Instead, rather than washing your hair daily, rinse it in the shower and shampoo it every three to five days. If your hair looks too greasy, use a dry shampoo to soak up the oils and add texture.

Microfiber Towel

If you already have puffy hair, you need to be extra careful about how you dry it. Don’t just use any towel. For puffy hair, a microfiber towel is ideal.

Drying your hair with any towel, you find lying around is a recipe for puffiness. At the same time, rubbing your hair back and forth until it’s dry, as most of us do, may seem harmless but creates static, which creates frizz.

If you don’t have a microfiber towel, gently wrap your hair with the towel and wait for it to dry naturally. But the best solution is investing in a microfiber towel. Microfiber towels are gentler on hair strands and cause less static and frizz.

Such towels are also more absorbent, thus helping dry your hair without necessarily vigorously rubbing it as you would with a standard towel.

Leave-In Conditioner

Most men skip hair conditioners because they don’t deem them necessary. If you are prone to fuzzy hair, however, you might want to think twice about skipping conditioner.

Hair conditioners produce a silkier and softer finish which helps reduce frizz. On top of that, conditioners are heavy and therefore weigh down hair, reducing volume and puffiness.

Oil Masks Before Washing

One of the causes of puffiness is dry hair. When you have dry hair, your body’s natural oils are not enough to moisten your hair and scalp.

In such a case, a pre-shampoo treatment can help add a protective layer before the actual shampoo process.

If you have naturally dry hair especially, shampoo can strip your hair of its little moisture, and applying conditioner isn’t always enough to restore lost moisture.

Style With Blow Dryer

If you have puffy hair, ensure you invest in the best blow dryers to help tame your hair. Blow-drying increases hair fullness and volume, but it can have the opposite effect when done right.

Flat wrapping or blow-drying your hair when bruising can help reduce the volume. Paddle brushes and round brushes will do that.

Brush or comb the hair in the direction it grows and follow that with a blow-dryer. When it comes to blow-drying, using a concentrator nozzle is vital as it helps focus the pressure and heat on specific parts of the hair in a controlled manner.

While at it, don’t hold the blow-dryer too close to the hair as this can damage your hair. Instead, keep the blow-dryer about 7 to 8 inches away from your hair.

Oil-Based Styling Products

The products you use are crucial when it comes to the actual styling. If you are trying to reduce puffiness, a shinier and heavier styling product is way better than lighter, more matte styling products.

So, go for oil-based styling products like oil-based pomades and hair waxes for a slick and defined finish. Such products also weigh down the hair which helps tame the volume and bulkiness.

Hair gels and water-based pomades will also produce a slick and shiny finish. The problem with water-based products, however, is that they create a stiff and crunchy finish that doesn’t appeal to many people.

However, unlike oil-based styling products, they are effortless to wash out. At the end of it all, it comes down to the result you are going for.

On that note, avoid products that are too light and low-shine. In that case, creams, pastes, and putties will not yield the desired result.

Hair clays may work despite their low shine because they are heavy and tend to weigh the hair down. Your best bet is to choose oil-based products like waxes and oil-based pomades.

Styling Should Follow the Growth

When styling thick hair, style with the grain as this helps reduce the volume, fullness, and puffiness. Hair styled with the grain tends to lie flat, is less stubborn, and is likely to stay that way for long periods.

Flat Iron If Necessary

If your hair is too stubborn even after styling with the grain and using oil-based styling products, you might want to try flat iron. A flat iron is a quick and effective way of making hair smoother, straight, and flatter. But ensure you do it the right way.

Excessive heat can damage your hair, so use a heat protectant spray. At the same time, use a low-heat setting and then minimize the hair’s time.


Should you brush wavy hair?

Generally, it’s not advisable to brush wavy hair as doing so can damage the curl structure leading to a frizzy mess. Instead, detangle wavy hair with your fingers or a wide-tooth comb and only use a hairbrush before washing it.

What can I do when my hair is puffy?

Thinking African Man With Puffy Hair

If you have puffy hair, apply a small amount of oil from the roots to the tips to keep the hair moisturized. Dryness is often the number one cause of puffiness. Also, use an anti-frizz spray to lock in the hair in the style you want, and invest in shampoo and conditioner made for curly and dry hair.

How can men flatten puffy hair?

When styling, use a blow-dryer and comb or flat iron to flatten puffy hair. You can also use the right styling products, like oil-based pomades and waxes. At the same time, when styling, follow the hair’s natural growth pattern.

How can I style my puffy hair?

To style puffy hair, brush the hair with the grain to help flatten it and reduce volume, use oil-based styling products and go for haircuts that help reduce the bulk. Such haircuts include the disconnected undercut, high and tight, pompadour, textured crops, buzz cut, slicked-back waves, mid-length waves, and wavy side parting.

How does moisture help puffy hair?

Moisture helps keep your hair in good condition by preventing brittleness and split ends when hair is dry. One of the common causes of puffiness is dryness and hair damage.


In so many ways, your hair defines your personality. Knowing how to fix significant hair issues like puffiness will always help you look presentable. While thick, voluminous hair looks good, sometimes, it can make styling difficult. If you have such hair, it’s essential to know how to style it well and what products to use when washing and styling it. The most important thing is ensuring that your hair is always moisturized.

Anthony Giannotti

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Anthony Giannotti is a senior writer and editor for Beardoholic and a licensed barber for more than 13 years. He owns 3 barbershops and has his own hair care product line that is sold in barbershops worldwide. Known for his impeccable technique and skills, Anthony is an expert in hair and beard care and he knows the best products and tools to get rid of all beard problems and have an amazing beard.

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