Ivy League Haircuts

With an Ivy league haircut, men feel a dose of prestige and excellence that no other haircut is able to provide.

It is a type of hairstyle that can turn things around in an instant, making you feel and look upper class.

In the same manner in which things can go up, they can also plummet down.

This happens if you don’t get the Ivy league haircut right.

Tampering with some ideas or setting it in an unsuitable way is what you should definitely not do.

In order to prevent you from going rogue, we have created an article that will show you how exactly to wear an Ivy league haircut with class and style.

Also, we’ve included only the best options and looks.

35 Most Popular Ivy League Haircuts

Classic Ivy League Haircut


Photo @pier.vietto

This style is probably the oldest version of the Ivy League and is the most common variation. It involves equally trimmed hair that is the same length throughout the head. The hair is short but long enough to be swept to the side or styled in short curls. Classic Ivy League haircut is perfect for men who have round face shapes.

Modern Ivy League Hairstyle


Photo from: Featureflash/depositphotos.com

Modern cuts involve messy styles. The Modern Ivy League haircut is very similar to the Medium/Long styles, except that the sides and the back are not cut laser-like but left a bit messy. The top is parted one way, and the use of foams and gels is recommended to contain the volume of the hair stylistically.

Side Part

Side Part

Photo from: Jean_Nelson/depositphotos.com

This style is quite similar to the Classic Ivy League haircut. The difference is that this style requires a bit longer hair than the classic style and almost no maintenance. Part your hair one way after a shower and comb it backward while blowing the hair with a hairdryer. There’s plenty of hair on your head, and it’s neat and clean; no effort is needed. A dream come true.



Photo @alan_beak

It’s called a smart cut as it’s preferred by intelligent guys who steal the show with their looks. Most guys don’t know that an essential thing that gives them a stylish look is the right hairstyle. In this haircut, the top is extended while the sides and back are shaved short. In this case, we can say that the classic Ivy League hairstyle is spiced up with modern touches to make the men stand out.

Short Ivy League Haircut


Photo @alan_beak

Here is what you have to do for those who don’t like long hair but still like the style. The Short Ivy League haircut perfectly balances the Crew Cut and Ivy League. The sides and the back are pretty short, while the upper front is longer. Of course, an Ivy League haircut demands parting hair onto the side, and therefore the upper top part will be either from left to right or the other way around. It’s short; it’s neat; it’s stylish.

Medium Length

Medium Length

Photo @alan_beak

This variation is a combination of the previous three. The sides and back are short (like with short style), at least 1-1.5 inches is left for the top (like with classic style), the hair is parted one way (like with all styles), but the main difference between this and the Textured style is that the top is a bit shorter and “more natural.” In other words, without any products involved. Always a great choice among men with lots of hair.

Long Ivy League Hairstyle


Photo @ashxlauren

Some people like their hair and it suits them best if it’s not too short. For those, the Long Ivy League haircut is a perfect fit. It doesn’t involve any styling (no foams or creams), simply parting hair one way while the sides and the back are a bit shorter than the top. This hairstyle has been ever-present due to low maintenance and excellent looks.

Ivy League Haircut With Fade

Ivy League Haircut With Fade

Photo @ashxlauren

Fade style is becoming ever so popular these days. The fade is done by gradually cutting the hair from the top towards the back and the sides. Therefore, the area around the ears will have no hair at all while going towards the top, and the hair will gradually “show up.” The top remains full of hair parted one way. This style is incredibly modern but takes a lot of maintenance.

Undercut Hairstyle

Undercut Hairstyle

The Undercut style is not for everyone – only those with confidence to pull it off. Take the Long style to the next level and make an undercut on the sides. After parting hair to one side, leave some hair between the top and side, and back cuts. Sleek the hair backward. You got yourself highly styled hair.

Curly Ivy League Haircut

Curly Ivy League Hairstyle

Guys with wavy hairdos have a lot of advantages when it comes to hairstyles, as this type of hair is easier to work with than other types. The top hair is given a weaker parting line in this cut, while the sides and the back are not very in contrast. All hair is pushed back to finish off an everyday look.

With Hard Part

With Hard Part

Photo @ashxlauren

Want the most distinctive Ivy League cut there is? The Hard Part variation is for you. Here, the back and side hair is cut to a whole level while the top is parted sideways, as usual. The line where the hair is parted is emphasized by completely removing hair in a line (shaved). This style is elegant and modern, and many young gentlemen will appreciate its uniqueness.

Messy Ivy League Haircut


Those who have crazy messy hair but want to pull off an Ivy League haircut will not need to worry, as you can make this cut as well. Do an Ivy League haircut even though your hair is messy. It will look nice, much nicer than without any cut, but modern as well. Messy is modern; lack of style is not.

Asian Ivy League Haircut


Asian hair textures have always been smooth and straight. Therefore, Asian gentlemen have had pretty much similar haircuts for generations. Luckily, you can pull out an Ivy League haircut, but you’ll probably need hair products to make it so. Cut the sides and back a bit shorter than the top, use hair products to part the hair sideways and keep it so.

For Round Face

For Round Face

Photo @ashxlauren

While Gentlemen primarily wear ivy League haircuts with squared and sharp face lines, people with round faces can pull it off too! The side and back cuts will be less distinctive in this variation, and the top hair can be longer. Part the hair sideways, make it sleek, don’t make drastic cuts that will not suit the face, and that’s it.

For Receding Hairline

For Receding Hairline

Photo @silverbeard013

As people with receding hairlines are having lots of trouble in choosing the best haircut, the Ivy League haircut can be a bingo. Use the receding hairline from one side to part the hair, and use sideways combing to cover the other end of the receding hairline. The top can be as long as you wish, but the sides should have shorter cuts to make the transition noticeable. Apart from hair products, people with receding hairlines could also use effective natural DHT blockers to keep it available for stylization.

Classy On Side

On Side Haircut

Red Hair Short Ivy League


Silver Blow Dried Ivy League

Short And Sharp

Photo @midou.hdm3

Longer Top

Photo @ashxlauren

Blow Back Bangs

Photo @ashxlauren

Zero Fade

Photo @ashxlauren

High Fade

Photo @ashxlauren

Sideline Ivy League Hairstyle

Photo @ashxlauren

Blow Up

Photo @ashxlauren

Textured Top

Photo @ashxlauren

Clean Side Part

Photo @ashxlauren

Faux Hawk

Photo @ashxlauren

Short Cut Profile

Photo @alan_beak

Ivy League Blow Slick

Photo @patrick.prunetti

Low Zero Fade And Afro Pick Blow Dried

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Certain Hair Cut

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Drop Fade And Slick Back

Photo @anthonythebarber916

High And Tight

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Different Face Shapes For The Style

Many Ivy League haircut variations are primarily used among men with “square-shaped” faces and strong face lines.

Sharp lines characterize the square shape of the head. People with such faces shouldn’t wear short hairstyles unless they want a slightly more dramatic military look.

Long hairstyles are in your favor, and you try to get more volume with styling products such as hair cream, sprays, hair wax, gentle hair tonic, any hair relaxer for men, and the like.

Ivy League haircut – completely short or shaved hair on the side, and longer, sharper, upper part full of volume – is a slightly more modern look, and it can also be an excellent option for you. The controlled chaos of hair on the head does not suit anyone as well as you. So take advantage of this and go with longer variations of the Ivy League haircuts!

Don’t be afraid to look messy with a hairstyle like this. On the contrary, you will look like someone with an attitude and self-confidence. In addition, women love freelancers to whom this hairstyle alludes.

The Ivy League-style hair parted to one side will also help soften the sharpness of the square-shaped head. It can be said for round-shaped faces, but the Ivy League haircut is limited to just a few variations here.

What Is an Ivy League Haircut

The Ivy League haircut is also known as the Harvard or Princeton haircut. Although it was given many names, Ivy League is simply a longer variation of the crew cut. Although everyone can wear it today, this cut is not new but was always associated with “gentlemen.”

This haircut can be styled in countless ways, giving different variations. This is due to the ever-rising popularity of beards as well. If you have decided to go for a new haircut, the Ivy League haircut is the best option. Read on to find out more about Ivy League haircuts.

What Do You Need To Get Ivy League Haircut

Ivy League haircut features short sides and back, while the upper part is slightly longer. To pull this haircut off, you will need a minimum of 1-1.5 inches of hair on top, while the rest could be as short as you wish. We recommend 1.5 inches as a minimum because everything less is on the borderline with the Crew cut.

Whether your hair is straight, messy, or curly, it doesn’t matter – all types can pull off the Ivy League haircut. Those with longer and messier hair will probably need hair gels to style it off. Otherwise, just a trimmer and a hair comb will do.

Due to its simplicity, you can do it at home by yourself, and maintenance won’t take long. If, by chance, you are not able to pull it off, a quick trip to a barber will do. Rest assured that all barbers know how to do this hairstyle – it’s that popular.

How to Do Ivy League Haircut at Home

As the Ivy League haircut is generally short, it’s easy to pull it off yourself. Firstly, have at least 1.5 or 2 inches of hair to start with. You can make it as short as you want in the process. All you need is:

  • Hair length of at least 1.5 inches
  • Clipper
  • Comb
  • Scissors
  • Mirror

Sit or stand in front of the mirror

You can place a reference photo next to the mirror if this is your first time doing the Ivy League haircut yourself.

Part the hair where you want it to be parted

Make it stay that way for the further process. Use the comb to part the hair. You can either use water or clips to make the hair stay parted.

Take the clipper 

Start cutting the hair on the sides and the back. Simple front-to-the-back swipes will do the trick. Don’t go too much as you might like your hair a bit longer than expected. Use clipper settings from the highest to the lowest and see what side and back length suits you the best.

Tip: If your clipper doesn’t have length settings, you can use your comb to dictate the cutting length.

How to Do Ivy League Haircut at Home

Make a fade or not

When cutting the hair on the sides, you can choose whether you want to make a fade or not. If you’re going to make a fade, start from top to bottom. This way, you can make a nice fade for several different lengths. Also, make sure you cut the hair around the ears and in a nice line in the back.

Style your hairstyle

After the sides and the back are cut, you can move on to the top. If you like your hairstyle with the current top length, leave it be. But more often than not, you will want to style it out a bit. Here is where scissors come in handy. Use your comb to part your hair sideways and comb it backward constantly. Use the scissors to cut any hair sticking out with your other hand. To cut the hair shorter, use your fingers to pull it up, use the comb to make a line where you want to miss it, and use scissors to cut it. Repeat the process all over the top until you get the desired length.

How to Ask for Ivy League Haircut

Show the pictures

To ask for your desired Ivy League style, you can always show them the picture of the Ivy League hairstyle that you wish to have. That’s usually the only thing you will have to do as barbers have made these cuts for a long time now.

Describe what you want

If for some reason, you don’t have a photo, or if by any chance a barber asks you follow-up questions, you can always describe the hairstyle you want. Use Ivy League style names from this list and explain how you want your hair cut. Also, a barber can style your beard accordingly.

Tell about shading

Make sure to show where you wish the hair to be parted on top and how long you wish it to be. From there, visualize how the sides will be cut and if you want to shade or not. It is crucial to tell about shading before the cutting has started.

Instruct the barber

Tell the barber to start with longer cuts on the side and back and gradually shorten it down if both of you are unsure about the desired length.

Cut the top

Note how long and sleek you want it to be when cutting the top.

Ask for hairstyle product

Ask for recommended products to style your hair after the finish, as they will be most likely to recommend premium hair wax or powerful hair oil for men. They also know the world’s best food for beard growth and maintenance, so if you have a beard, make sure to ask them about that as well.

How to Style It

Dry hair a bit

After exiting the shower, use the towel to dry the hair. Half-dried hair is the best for styling.

Comb your hair

Use the comb to part the hair. You can also use the comb to sleek the hair the way you want it.

Use some hair product

If required, apply some hair products onto the hair to stay the way you want. You can always use your fingers to do so, but you can also use the comb to distribute the product over the top evenly.

Dry your hair with a drier

If products are not required, and your hair is naturally parting and staying that way, dry it off with a hair drier.

Finishing touches could be applied after drying if needed

You can either run your fingers through the hair to make it go a certain way or, if required, use some hair products again to straighten it up.


What length do I need to get the Ivy League haircut?

Have at least 1.5 inches of hair before doing your Ivy League haircut. The more, the merrier, as you can choose the preferred length of both the top and the rest if you start with longer hair. Everything below 1.5 inches will limit the Ivy League styles to short and, at best, medium.

How do I ask for an Ivy League haircut?

The best option is always to show a photo of an Ivy League style that you wish to do. If you don’t have the photo, use words to describe the hairstyle. Make sure to point out you want clippers for the side and back hair and scissors for the top hair. Also, always start with parting hair. Suggest going from longer to shorter lengths.

Who is the Ivy League haircut best for?

People with square-shaped faces and distinctive face lines will benefit from this hairstyle as their faces will be emphasized. Although in limited variations, people with round-shaped faces can also pull this hairstyle off.

Why is it called an Ivy League haircut?

It’s because American college and university students often wore these haircuts (still do). While academic rules asked for trimmed and neat hairstyles, Ivy League haircuts offered just that but more stylization freedom. That way, all the gentlemen had their preferred hairstyles while also following the rules.

How do you cut a modern haircut?

To cut your hair this way, you will need three simple things – a comb, scissors, and a clipper. Use clippers to cut your hair on the sides and the back, and use scissors for the front top. A comb is very helpful not only for parting the hair but also for adjusting the hair length. Modern Ivy League styles often include longer hair on top, shading on the sides and back, and lots of hair products to make it messy buy stylish.

What celebrities wear this haircut?

You have probably noticed that most actors nowadays have Ivy League haircuts. It is so for several reasons, but most notably – it’s modern, neat, and easy to maintain. And most importantly of all – Ivy League goes fantastic with beards and suits.


Why opt for Ivy League haircuts? It gives a gentleman everything he needs – style, modern looks, and it goes with everything. Of course, having just an Ivy League haircut will not be enough to be a gentleman – with a stylish haircut come more responsibilities.

Naturally, taking care of ourselves should be a top priority. Therefore, gentlemen who opt to look fresh and modern should also use skin exfoliation tools, ear hair removal tools, sophisticated Indochino suits, etc. If the beard is combined with Ivy League haircuts, styling a French beard is always a good option (a simple overgrown beard will ruin the cut).

So, choose your favorite Ivy League haircut style, make yourself look modern and cool, and take good care of yourself.

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