Which Side Should I Part My Hair

Which Way to Part Your Hair

You need to start doing this depending on the haircut you have. Sometimes you don’t need a part at all if you’re going for a messy look. Ed Sheeran is an excellent example of this. But otherwise, it is best to find where your hair parts naturally and go with the flow. Here’s how you do that.

How to Find Your Natural Hair Part

There is a swirl where your head crowns which is called the cowlick. Place your hand on your head and try to find it. Now, determine the direction in which the swirl is. If it is in the clockwise direction, you should do a left part. And if it’s in the opposite direction, which is anti-clockwise, then the right part is.

How to Form the Hair Part

This should be done right after taking a shower. Towel dry your hair and comb it backward in the opposite direction of your forehead or face. You should do this with a comb that has wide teeth.

Then, using your hands, try to push the hair from the top to the front of your head. At this point, your hair splits on its own in one direction depending on the cowlick unless you have extremely short hair. Once you find the cowlick, the job is done.

You want to get a side part haircut to get it right. You might also want to do some research. 

How to Get the Side Part Hairstyle

How to Get the Side Part Hairstyle

This is best done without using a comb. But it is best if the hair is still damp, especially if you want to change it from its natural direction. The length of your hair and facial shape will help you determine the side part. You want to make sure that the sides and the top of the hair meet near your temples. That’s a side part.

This is an essential step if you are going for hairstyles that need the sides to be trimmed and the side part to be highlighted. You want to make a wise choice because taper vs fade is an argument you don’t want to lose.

And if you are going to do this yourself at home, you might want to get a set of powerful hair clippers and a couple of mirrors to get the job done well.

You don’t want it to be too straight unless that is specific to the hairstyle of your choice. If you make it diagonal, it won’t look as if you’re wearing a wig.

While you’re at it, it’s a good idea to find yourself some products for skincare routine and establish a routine. This is especially true for hairstyles that demand some serious work.

How to Know If You’re Parting Your Hair Wrong

Step 1 – Embrace the natural part

Ideally, you should go with the natural order of things. The same is valid for hair partitions too. You can always try going in the opposite direction and there’s nothing wrong with trial and error. And sometimes it won’t work.

Step 2 – If that doesn’t work, experiment

If the natural part doesn’t work with the hairstyle of your choice, it is pretty easy to undo it. One of how you know it is that your hair keeps coming back to a pattern you didn’t plan for.

This typically happens after the first shower you take after coming back from the salon. But it’s not a problem because you can always try using hair gel or hair clay for men to train it.

How to Know If You’re Parting Your Hair Wrong

Step 3 – Don’t go against face shape

The most important thing about finding the correct part for you is to pick one that works well with the shape of your face. The whole idea is to make sure that your facial features are accentuated and attention is drawn to the flattering ones while covering up what you don’t like.

FAQ About Which Side Should You Part Your Hair

Which hair side part is more attractive?

This is a matter of perspective, but more than that, it depends on the haircut you get. That depends on the facial shape and texture of your hair. That also determines whether or not you want to add a beard to the mix.

Does it matter which side to part hair?

If you go with the natural side part, you don’t have to spend much time styling your hair. For that, you will need the world’s best hair pomade. And if you have two cowlicks, it doesn’t matter at all.

Which side is the most common for men to part their hair?

Neither side is actively avoided, but most of them like to do a left part.

Which is the best for you to part your hair if you have cowlick?

If the cowlick is in the clockwise direction, left is the choice and if it’s anticlockwise, you should do a right parting. 

How to part hair for the asymmetrical face?

Experts say that a deep part works well if your face is asymmetrical. But a center part also works, although that is more for women. You can also try an off-center partition.

If your face is oval, you can try long hairstyles. Look up some slicked-back hairstyles unless you are leaning towards bangs. In that case, you might also want to figure out how to ask your barber for the beard style you want.


A side part is a good look, especially if you have a beard. And if you are going for a long hairstyle, you might want to keep the whole face nicely groomed. That means you must invest in a premium beard comb.

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