Man With Cowlick

Dealing with cowlicks at the back or front of your head can be aggravating, particularly while trying to style your hair. But there’s no need to panic; here are 22 popular cowlick hairstyles for you.

What Is It

A tuft of hair growing in the opposite direction of the rest of the hair and is resistant to being brushed down is known as a cowlick.

Typically, people have cowlicks at the crown of the head and some may even have one in the hairline near the parting or on the forehead. Both men and women have cowlicks; however, it is more visible in men because of their short hair.

22 Most Popular Cowlick Hairstyles

Off-Center Short Hair Part

Off-center parting is not only a low-maintenance style but also a great way to hide a cowlick.

Textured Hair Combed Up

If you’re blessed with thick hair, then combing your textured hair and applying hair wax to work the hair up and to the side of your hairline is a beautiful way to conceal a cowlick.

Thick Hair With Highlights

Blonde highlights help to warm up the complexion, but they can also help to take the attention away from a cowlick.

Short Messy Hair With Fade

A short, messy style can help to conceal a cowlick. Perfect for youngsters, you can get the ideal messy texture by using pomade for men or premium hair clay. Adding a fade can help to tone down the messy look.

Dark Long Hair With Fade

If you have long hair, then a textured style with a parting helps perfectly cover up a cowlick.

Long Top Short Sides

A hairstyle with long hair at the top with short sides or long hair in the center section with buzzed sides are great low-maintenance styles and help hide a cowlick.

Blonde Surfer Hairstyle

If you have thick, dirty blonde hair, use some product and finger comb it into a tousled style that not only looks sexy but also helps to disguise a cowlick well.

Attractive Blonde Man

Wavy Hair for Older Men

Dealing with a cowlick can be extremely difficult for older men with a receding hairline. Try adding some texture to your hairstyle to draw attention away from both problem areas.

Long Hair Ponytail

If you have long hair and don’t have too much time on your hands to try out an elaborate hairstyle, then brush up all the hair and tie it into a smart ponytail. Using some of the world’s best hair oil for men and consuming hair vitamins for men can help to maintain your long hair, making it healthy and damage-free.

Blowout With Fade

Use a blowout with the top hair combed up. This adds thickness to your hair and helps to hide a cowlick very well. Pair the style with faded high sides.

Very Short Hair

If you have a cowlick in the front, the best way to control it is by cutting your hair extremely short. Use a medium to strong hold product to force the cowlick to lay flat.

Short Spiky Hair

Spiky hair is a trendy and cool look, especially with a classic cowlick. Use a high-quality styling gel to get the spiky look you want.

Short Quiff

If you have thick hair, then a quiff looks trendy and cool, but it also helps to hide a cowlick in the front.

Longer Top Shorter Sides

An undercut looks sleek and professional, and it is a perfect way to get rid of a cowlick at the back of the head.

Slick Back Hair

If you’re looking for a neat and well-groomed look, then a slick-back hairstyle works the best. Use a styling product to keep the longer top hair controlled and hide the cowlick.

Man With Slick Back Hair

Short Feathered Hair

A short feathered hairstyle with the hair pushed up from the nape and the face is a unique, trendy style and helps to hide a cowlick very well.

Lots of Volume and Spikes

Use spikes and volume to create movement in your hair and this will also help hide the cowlick on the crown.

Voluminous Curls + High Bald Fade

If you have curly hair, allow your curls to grow longer for plenty of volume and movement. Longer curls can hide a cowlick and pairing the style with a skin fade and a full beard gives the perfect, balanced look. Use cordless hair clippers to keep your bread well-groomed.

Shorter and Incredibly Thick

If you have thick, full hair, then thicker hair on the top with a fade on the sides is a great hairstyle that does a great job concealing a cowlick.

Short Wavy Hair

Multiple cowlicks can be rather difficult to tame and conceal. But if you have wavy or curly hair, you can easily do it by using some styling product to add natural movement and hide the cowlicks.


Pompadour hairstyles are trendy, mainly if you use styling products to keep them sleek. This also helps to control the cowlick well.

Short Undercut

A tapered undercut on the sides with the volume on the top allows you to include the movement of the cowlicks naturally, offering a nice, relaxed and chic look.

What Causes Cowlicks

When hair grows in a cluster or whirls in the opposite direction compared to the rest of the hair on the head, cowlicks are caused. Cowlicks may be formed in your mother’s womb and are often caused by genetics.

How to Style 

Step 1 – Talk to your barber

Once you identify where the cowlick is in your hair, ask your barber to give you a style so that the cowlicks don’t stand up as your hair grows.

Grooming mistakes that you must stop making are choosing the wrong haircut can end up making the cowlick more noticeable and cutting the hair very close to the pivot area.

Step 2 – Flatten the cowlicks

Flatten the Cowlicks

If you have a front cowlick, then flatten it by blow-drying your hair and applying pressure to the cowlick to prevent it from expanding and becoming obvious.

Flatten the cowlicks against the rest of the hair to prevent it from standing up and apply hairspray to set it that way. Cover the cowlick by using the hair in the front.

Step 3 – Style your hair

If the cowlick is at the back, then to style it, spray some water on the hair, style and then blow-dry the hair as you want it. Set your hair by using gel or hairspray.

Best Products for This Hairstyle

Styling products can help to maintain your cowlick hairstyle for longer. For example, hair gel or pomade can keep the spiky styles, quiffs, pompadours, etc., and look good.

Volumizing sprays and styling mousse are great options for natural hold. Use a professional hairdryer after applying the styling product to maximize its strength.

How to Get Rid of Cowlicks

Some ways to get rid of cowlicks include growing your hair, styling hold products like wax, pomade, clay, or gel, and choosing a hairstyle to cover or hide the cowlick.


How do men flatten cowlicks?

Apply pressure and flatten the cowlick and the hair for a couple of hours so that it does not stand up. Set the cowlicks against the rest of the hair and apply hairspray to keep the cowlick flat.

How do you cut men’s hair with a front cowlick?

If you have a front cowlick, you can hide it by getting a spiky, pompadour, side-swept, cropped top, fringe, or quiff hairstyle.

Are cowlicks genetic?

Yes, cowlicks are caused by genetics, so you can’t remove them permanently.

Is a cowlick attractive?

Yes, a cowlick can be cool and sexy and it depends on how you style your hair.


Cowlicks may be annoying, but there’s no cause to worry. There are plenty of easy ways by which you can tame a cowlick or hide it. All you need to do is experiment and find the right hairstyle for you.