Handsome Man With Skin Fade

 A well-shaven head is one of the most attractive features of a well-groomed man. However, you don’t need to shave bald to look presentable or go for the overly common hairstyles for men. You can choose a unique hairstyle that matches your lifestyle.

One of the trendiest ways of shaving your head is a skin fade. Let’s look at a skin fade and the different styles you can adopt.

What Are They

Skin fade haircuts are shaving styles where your barber shaves off part of your head to almost bald and styles the remaining hair to your liking. Most styles require you to shave the sides and back of your head to achieve a neat skin fade haircut.

There are numerous skin fade haircuts you can copy to give you that sharp relaxed look that boosts your appearance.

13 Most Popular Hairstyles

Your haircut must match your face shape, the occasion you wear it, and your general appearance. Luckily, skin fade haircuts are versatile and will fit any occasion well. Here’s a guide to picking a haircut that suits you.

Crew Cut

Well, the crew cut is a  classic hairstyle that most men would like to drift away from. And would you blame them? The hairstyle is quite traditional. But, you could spice up this hairstyle with a skin fade.

By shaving the sides and back of your head to a skin fade, you give this classic hairstyle a modern, edgy look while retaining the traditionally net look. It’s easy to maintain and style. Crew cuts are a good choice for men who don’t like drawing too much attention.

Slick Back

The slick back hairstyle screams attitude whenever you wear it, so imagine how good it looks with a neat skin fade. Most men wear this haircut with a disconnected undercut, making it look more aggressive and dramatic.

If you want to tone down the aggressiveness, wearing this style with a skin fade will work for you.

Textured Crop

This haircut has hair falling on your forehead to form a slight fringe while keeping the sides and back of your head neatly laid. You can use wax or clay to maintain this look.

However, you can incorporate skin fade to give it a sharper look. You need to visit your barber regularly to maintain this look.

Buzz Cut

If you’re looking for simplicity and class, try the buzz cut. Celebrities like Idris Elba have worn this look and looked so sharp yet straightforward. Adding a skin fade will make this cut more attractive, giving it a sharper and more intentional look.


The pompadour first became famous through celebrities like Elvis Presley and James Dean. However, this does not mean you can’t wear it in the modern world and still look good. Wearing this haircut with a skin fade is one unique way to look sharp and sophisticated.

Side Part

Well-groomed Man

Parting your hair with a fine line on the side appeals to your appearance. Improve that look by getting a skin fade and maintaining it well-trimmed. 

French Crop

If the french crop is your ideal hairstyle, you must be a stylish and well-groomed man. How about topping that looks with a skin fade? The fade draws attention to your well-maintained hair and gives you a sharper and edgier look.

Spiky Top

If you have spiked your hair with a styling sponge, you’re already demanding attention. However, this look can look better with a skin fade. Visit your barber and ask them to give you that fade and hold down the growing hairs with pomade or wax.

Curly Top

This look is ideal for men with naturally curly hair. If you don’t want to sport the curls on your full head, you can ask the barber to shave off the sides and back of your head. Finish this look with a neat skin fade to help you stand out.

Sponge Curls

Well-maintained sponge curs look amazing, but you could make them look even better with a skin fade. The fade will draw more attention to the curls and your face. You only need to visit your barber regularly to maintain the fade.

Hard Part

If you’re already wearing a skin fade, you can make it look better by adding a hard part. This look is ideal for people with short, thick curls that sit upwards.

Faux Hawk

If you want the edgy style of a mohawk without the punk attitude, add a skin fade to your style. Remember to keep things messy on top to achieve a modern, edgy look.

Braided Buns

If you like to braid your hair, you can still improve your appearance with a skin fade. Shave the hair around your bun into a neat fade, and maintain it by visiting your barber regularly.



This fade starts an inch above your ears, making it an impressive yet understated undercut. Your barber will cut down the hair into the skin under the reference line. If you’re trying the skin fade for the first time, you can start with this level.


If you don’t like extremities, you can try the mid-skin fade. The hair is tapered on the back and sides, and half the sides are shaved without a guard. The fade effect is achieved by blending different hair lengths on the sides and the back.

This haircut speaks to a cool stylish look and gives you an allowance for trying out different hairstyles from the top of your head.


This haircut is for the brave, free-spirited man because it creates a disconnected look. The hair on the sides and back of your head is shaved bald. It goes well with hairstyles such as the slicked back, comb-over, or side. High-top fades add volume to your hair.

How to Get

Skin Fade Haircut

Step 1 – Grow to 2-3 inches

You have to give your barber something to work with to get a neat skin fade. A skin fade only looks good with uneven hairs on the sides and back of your head. You need to grow a few inches of hair to shave it accordingly.

Step 2 – Decide on the level

There are three levels of skin fade haircuts. Speak to your barber about the style you hope to achieve, and decide on the level of skin fade you want to apply.

Step 3 – Let your barber work their magic

After explaining what your barber expects, sit back on your chair and let them work their magic. Insist that the barber uses the best balding clippers for this job.

How to Maintain

Step 1 – Keep clean

No matter how good a skin fade haircut looks, it won’t be appealing if your hair is dirty. Use quality hair cleaning products such as shampoos and conditioners, and apply pomade on your hair. You can also use pomade, wax, gel, and clay to lay shaved hairs.

Also, use premium hair spray on your hair. Sea salt spray makes styling easy.

Step 2 – Trim 

Your skin fade will only stay neat if you keep trimming it accordingly. Visit your barer often to help you trim the hair.


How long does skin fade last?

How long your skin fade haircut lasts depends on how fast your hair grows. You should visit a barber at least once a week to have it trimmed. If your barber uses the best fade hair clippers, it should last at least a week.

How should I ask for a skin fade?

Explain the style you want to achieve to your barber before they start cutting your hair. You can engage them in the taper vs fade debate to get insight into the look you want to achieve.

Is the skin fade the same as 0?

A skin fade differs from a 0 shave because the hairs are trimmed in layers, creating a nice contrast with the skin.

Are skin fades high maintenance?

The only high maintenance aspect of skin fade haircuts is the frequent visits to the barber to maintain the look.

Who will skin fade suit best?

The skin fade is ideal for all kinds of men because it can be paired with many different haircuts to suit different lifestyles.

How often do fades need touch-ups?

Visit your barber at least once a week for a touch-up.


If you want to add an edgy and stylishly modern look to your current hairstyle, you can try the skin fade haircuts. There are many shadow fades to choose from. Choose the level you want to apply and talk to your barber about the look you want to achieve.

Remember to touch up your skin fade at least once every week.