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Men with curly hair are sexy. It’s just the way it is, as simple as that. It’s not their fault they were born that way, but they make many of us straight-hair people feel really bad.

I can tell you that guys with straight hair are dying to get one of Kit Harington’s haircuts. We feel jealous when we see guys with curls getting all the attention while we don’t have the locks and the follicles to match.

However, even though it can be tough to get curly hair, it is not impossible. There is a secret to it and it can be done quite well; the only thing you have to do is follow the advice from our article and you will be the one to rock curly hairstyles in no time.

So, let’s get to it and teach you how to get your hair curly.

How to Spot Curly Hair

You can’t really miss a person with curly hair on the street. Once you see one, you immediately know what it is. Whether it is long or short, curly hair looks absolutely captivating on a person and does attract a lot of attention.

We are born with curly or straight hair, and the determiner is how our cells behave during hair fiber production. So with people with straight hair, the cells in the follicles are more coordinated, resulting in hair straightening up during growth.

So, in this case, we will get some easy-to-style flow hairstyles. But when it comes to curly hair, the cells divide in an asymmetrical fashion which correlates with the bends in the curved follicles.

The hair fibers will come out in an elliptical shape and cause them to curl. But scientists can’t still really determine how the twists and kinks develop onward and cause the hair to come out the way it does.

Things to Consider

There are a few ways to get your hair curly or to establish Korean perms for men. However, most methods involve using specific chemicals or products that could damage your hair.

So the best way of curling it up is by applying sea salt spray. That way, you get your locks to look as natural as possible and protect the hair.

Here are some more critical things to consider:

  • Short to medium-length hair curls up much better than really long hair.
  • Be sure to use a shampoo or conditioner that will not leave residue behind, adding weight to your hair.
  • You have two choices regarding sea salt spray – Buy or make. The store-bought one can be found in the women’s section. But the one you make on your own can be created with the preferred scent.
  • Be sure to use a diffuser attached to a blow dryer for better results and healthier hair.
  • Long hair can still be curled up; it takes more effort and time.

How to Get It

Man With Curly Hair

If you, like many of us, were not blessed by God or any other divine being with naturally curly hair, don’t despair; there is still a way of curling those bad boys up. Once you get the hair curled, you can start thinking about how to deal with a curly beard, but first things first, so let’s do the hair.

Step 1 – Apply some sea salt spray to wet hair

Be sure to apply it from the roots to the top.

Step 2 – Bring hair forward

Bring all your hair forward and continue scrunching it and lifting it upwards.

Step 3 – Blow dry

Grab a blow dryer and dry it out while continuing to scrunch it as it gets dry.

Step 4 – Add more sea salt spray

Add more sea salt spray as the hair gets dry and continue to blow dry.

Step 5 – Use strong holding texturized spray

Once you are done, finalize everything with a spritz of some strong holding texturized spay to keep it set.

9 Most Popular Curly Hairstyles

If you are looking for perms for confident men, look no further, as we have devised a prime list for all your needs. We feel that you are most likely to be inspired by some of the hairstyles from the list to help you get that hair curly in the way it should.

But if you already have curly hair, watch and learn, and maybe there is a new style waiting in the lurks for you here.

Slicked Back Curls

The wavy slicked-back style is a classic and is often worn by celebrities like Bradley Cooper. The style is not so difficult to pull off if you already have long and wavy hair. You will need some tools for the job and we suggest thinking pomade vs wax vs gel vs clay.

But if your hair is too curly or kinky, you are going to need far more product for your hair to make it wavy. You will also have to get a specific product that works for your hair type.

To create a wavy, slicked back, be sure that your hair is damp. Then squeeze the chosen product into your hand, pomade preferably, and stroke your fingers throughout your hair. As you set the hair you want, let it sit for a minute, and you will be ready to hit the streets.

Beachy Curls

Looking like a surfer dude or a modern rocker does require some sacrifice. Pulling off beach curls is exceptionally hard but not impossible. Once you can do them correctly, you will know it is well worth the time and effort spent. 

You should start by growing the hair to the desired length and applying some of the best sea salt sprays available. The spray will get the curls going, but you must ensure that the hair does not dry out on you.

This legendary style walks a thin line between unkempt and stylish and is why so many men want to get it.

Curly Quiff

The curly quiff comes with a voluminous, upward poof at the front side of the hair, which goes down in volumes as you go towards the back. On the other hand, the flanks are much shorter than the top itself.

If you have some very thick and curly hair, it will be a bit hard to tame and master this look. But again, not impossible. First, make sure to blow dry your hair as you lift it up and swipe it back with a brush.

Some light pomade inclusion should follow this action. However, don’t style with a hair dryer too much. It can damage the natural qualities of curly hair, making it useless.

Side Part

A curly side part is one hairstyle that doesn’t go out of style. But the centuries-old hairstyle does have a radical property to it. The contemporary approach requires you to keep the sides short and the top long, which is a characteristic of most modern types of haircuts.

The longer part left on your head should now be parted. A great piece of advice is to figure out in which direction your hair naturally parts and swipe it to that side. It will make creating the hairstyle much easier and put your natural hair locks into full perspective.


Curly Hair With Undercut

An undercut on curly locks is a super sexy, modern style that brings out your hotness. The killer locks on the top of your head and shorter sides are an exquisite take on this modern men’s style.

You first need to create a quiff or a pompadour on the top of your head. Apply some grease for curls and allow the hair to go its natural flow. It will accentuate the laid-back nature of the style and make you feel and look relaxed all the time.

Curly Bangs

The curly bangs look brings out the volume and the texture of your naturally wavy hair. You will be required to cultivate some medium-length bangs for this one, but the best way is to visit a professional barber.

The thing is that the bangs need to be cut in layers to lower the weight and, that way, keep the texture and the volume of the hair intact. After washing it, scrunch your hair as it dries and applies a textured product to keep everything in place.

It takes a lot of investment and dedication to create this one correctly. So know what you are walking into.

Side Swept Bangs

The sides swept bangs look just as it sounds. Although the name does not bring anything spectacular, it is much better in practice than on paper. You must retain most of your hair length on the top of your head and combine it with either a high or low fade on the sides.

The look is supposed to hit somewhere between bohemian and casual. Once your hair is damp, use some of the curly hair pomades to scrunch it and swipe it to the preferred side.

A light hair spray will keep the hair set the way you styled it and will keep it that way for the better part of the day.

Long Curls

If you have curly hair or you managed to acquire the waves, you have to let the world see them. The best way to do so is to wear your hair long. Let the corkscrew nature of the curls lose and allow it to fall down the sides of your face.

You must be patient for this one as you need to grow the hair long. It depends on how long this will take and the length will depend on personal preference. Once the length is set, fluff it up and you are good to go.

Crimped Curls

The crimped curls look has the 90s written all over it. If you have long curly hair with enough volume, crimped curls are something that will look good on you.

After washing your hair, dry it off with a blow dryer but only to the extent that it’s slightly damp. Brush the hair and detangle it and remove the knots. Divide the hair into three separate sections and braid them. Leave the braids overnight.

As you wake up in the morning, untie the bands holding it together and experience the glory of the crimped curls. Add some hairspray to get the effect to last longer.

Best Products For a Perfect Hairstyle

To get the hair as curly as it needs to be, you need to have a few of the main tools up your sleeve. Getting into a gunfight with a knife is not a good idea, the same as getting into a curly situation without the right tools for the job.

Also, it is important to be mindful of the products one uses, as the ones that include very strong chemicals will only damage the hair.

  • Sea salt spray: The best and safest way to curl your straight hair is with sea salt spray. It keeps the hair moisturized without damaging it, as some other chemical products do.
  • Hairspray: Once you get the locks the way you want them to be, applying some hairspray will help to get it to stand still for a longer period.
  • Blowdryer with a diffuser: You will need the right kind of blowdryer for the job and the best results come with the one with a diffuser.
  • Hair gel: Hair gel or other water-based products are much more appropriate than dry matte products like clay or wax.
  • Conditioner: The right conditioner will keep the hair healthy and give it all the moisture it needs.

Quick Styling Tips

  • Be sure to routinely apply products like sea salt spray or conditioners to prevent it from drying out and allow it to be rich in volume.
  • Best not to overuse shampoo. It works best when you shampoo it twice or three times a week.
  • Dry matte products like clay, pomades, wax, creams, and pastes should not be overused. Adding too much will poof out wavy hair.
  • Using a matte-finish product at the roots of your hair is very suitable for shorter hair.
  • The barber should point cut the ends instead of cutting them in a straight line, making for softer results.


Which product works best to curl straight hair?

Sea salt spray is the best and safest product to use to curl up your straight hair.

How can I curl my hair overnight?

You can make some braids and tie them tight and leave them overnight. Unbraid them tomorrow and see how things look.

Is it possible to curl short hair?

Yes, it is. But not relay short hair. It still needs to have enough length and volume for you to get curls.

How long does a perm last?

Curly Hair

Usually, a perm can last anywhere between three to six months.

Which products are best for curly hair?

Products that, at the same time, provide moisture to the hair are the best ones to use. Dry matte products are the ones that need to be avoided.


Getting curly hair is an awesome idea, especially when the look is in style. Many men who don’t have curly hair yearn to curl it up and with the right method and the tools for the job, the results can be pretty astounding.

If you are eager to try it out, nothing stops you except your self-doubt. Overcome it and create a sexy new style.

Vinnie - Barber

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