Young Man With a Guitar Wearing Greaser Hairstyle

The greaser hairstyle is not dead yet.

John Travolta pulled off the look magnificently in the Grease and the style was copied a hundred times after that.

Now, the Greaser look is making a comeback.

But, how much grease is really enough?

What a lot of men tend to do is simply splash loads of grease on their heads and slick everything back.

That is the equivalent of playing Wonderwall in a pub.

It simply won’t do and requires more style and finesse to it.

In order to stop you from making this same mistake, we created an article which is going to help you achieve the perfect greaser look, along with the best greaser hairstyles that are all the rage now.

What Is It and Short History

Greaser subcultures came about in the 1950s and 1960s, mainly due to the lifestyles, thoughts and beliefs of the lower class and working-class populations in the United States. Many motorbike gangs were also a part of this subculture.

An essential aspect of this kind of subculture participation (a bit disorganized at the time) was the popularity of certain types of fashion styles, including leather jackets, dark and loose trousers, large boots, shirts and t-shirts.

The hair included mainly slicked back hairstyles greased using pomade and petroleum jelly, with some deciding on the side part haircut and others opting for no-part hairstyles.

Many celebrities like Elvis Presley, Marlon Brando, James Dean, Eddie Cochran and others sported such hairstyles as well, which is how they began to spread among other people and populations, many choosing their styles just as they would choose the world’s best shaving kit.

20 Modern Greaser-Inspired Hairstyles

Classic Pompadour

A classic pompadour is a look for greaser hairstyles. You can slightly shorten the sides and then slick back and puff up the top portion for a fun look.

Greaser Pompadour

A greaser pompadour is similar to a pompadour but involves a bit more grease and length. You can then heighten up the top portion based on your preferences.

Mohawk With Pompadour

A mohawk with pompadour can be an exciting choice since you can taper or remove the sides altogether and keep the central mohawk while also slightly pulling up the front section.

Faux Hawk

A faux hawk does not feature just the central mohawk but involves leaving the sides in place and achieving the look of a mohawk. You can slick it back.

Round Crest

Apply some hair product and slick your hair to the back or the side to achieve a round shape. You can also cut the sides short.

Classic Quiff

A classic quiff involves applying the hair product and slicking all your hair back while leaving the front portion a bit long and puffed up.

Vintage Gentleman In a Suit and a Classic Quiff Greaser Hairstyle

Thick Textured Quiff

Ideal for naturally thick hair, you can turn your hair into a quiff. With the rest of the hair, you can add some textures and layers with the support of pomade or wax.


After slicking your hair back from the front, you can apply some hair product to the back and part it from the center at the back to achieve the ‘ducktail.’

Jelly Roll Hairstyle

This hairstyle involves completely shaving off your sides and back or fading it out. The top is left long and parted from the center, with the sides rolling out to the front.

Natural Volume

Use a blow dryer and give some volume to your thick hair. Use some product to push it up, slick it slightly towards the back, and leave it a bit tousled to achieve a natural look.

Combover With Fade

Get a fade on the sides and the back and leave the top long. You can then use pomade or gel and a comb to comb your hair over to slick it to one side.

Pointed Top

In this hairstyle, you can style your hair using products in a way that you make the top pointy. You can do this for the entire top while keeping the sides short.


Grease your hair and style the sides back. You can also style the back portion of your top back while bringing the front forward, with one strand standing out on the forehead.

Brush Back

Brush your hair with a simple brush to achieve a casual yet clean look. You can use some hair product to hold it in its place.

Slicked Back

A slicked-back hairstyle is as greasy as it gets while maintaining a clean look. You can use a fine-toothed comb and some product to slick the hair back wholly.

Side Part With Slick Sides

Part your hair to one side and grease the rest of your hair. You can then use your fingers or a comb to slick the hair to the side.

Slick Hard Part Comb Over

Make a hard part on one side, apply some hair product and comb the rest of your hair over to one side to achieve a neat yet exciting look.

Gentleman Combing His Slick Back Greaser Hair

Messy Comb Over

You can add a part or comb your hair to one side. Apply a bit of product to maintain the greasy look for longer.

Comb Over With Undercut

Get an undercut on the sides and back and comb the top to one side. Use some pomade, wax or gel to add a greaser look.

Slicked Combover With Hard Part

Make a hard part on one side and slick your hair well. Comb the hair over and sweep it to one side.

How to Do, Style and Maintain 

Step 1 – Shampoo and condition

You should shampoo and condition your hair regularly to keep it nourished and healthy. If you want to improve the condition of your hair, you can try out hair supplements and DHT blockers (naturally or in shampoos). You can also consider using hair relaxers if you want to control your hair a bit.

You should carry this out the day you want to style your hair.

Step 2 – Use the right styling products

It is essential for you to use the right styling products for your hair to keep the greaser hairstyle in place. Premium pomade for men can be the best choice here to achieve a greaser look, although hair gels and hair waxes can work as well.

If you are confused by the pomade vs wax vs gel vs clay debate, start with pomade and experiment with the others to see what seems to work best for your hair.

Make sure you also opt for reliable enough brands.

Step 3 – Choose a style

The next step in the process is to choose a style that you think will suit your hair well. You should take your face shape, hair length and texture into account here to successfully pull off the look.

You can pick a style based on the options included above. Make sure you also account for how professional you want your look to be or if you are okay with it being a bit messy.

Step 4 – Style the hair

You can move on to styling your hair by leaving your hair damp and using a hairdryer to build up a bit of volume. Once this is done, you can use a comb and some of your fingers to style your hair into the hairstyle that you have chosen for yourself.

Apply the hair product at this stage so you can maintain the style for the rest of your day.

Step 5 – Consult your stylist

If you are not too confident or do not want to spend the time and effort styling your hair on your own, you can also consult your stylist and ask them for some recommendations. You can also ask them to give you a trim and style your hair, although this will likely cost a bit of money.

Young Singer With Modern Greaser Hairstyle


What does a greaser’s hairstyle represent?

It represents rebellion, masculinity, attitude and style.

How do you cut greaser’s hair?

If you want to cut your hair to get greaser’s hair, you should first shampoo and condition your hair and then take a good pair of shears to trim your hair in sections. You can then style it with a dryer, a comb and suitable hair products.

Can greasers have beards?

Since greaser hairstyles tend to be quite attention-grabbing by themselves, people do not generally keep full beards with them. However, shorter beards, stubbles and mustaches can still look great.

Which hair products did greasers use?

Greasers mainly relied on products like pomade and petroleum jelly to style and maintain their hair.

Can I use pomade in my greaser’s hair every day?

It is not ideal for you to use pomade in your hair daily as this can cause some damage. However, you can opt for some natural and reliable products that you can use pretty frequently.


You have now seen some striking greaser-inspired hairstyles that you can now choose from for yourself. Make sure you style your hair carefully and take good care of it by washing it regularly and eating well.