Flow Hairstyles for Men

A flow or a bro flow hairstyle is as hipster as it gets.

However, it’s also a very versatile style.

Nevertheless, a lot of guys make the mistake of wearing it on the most inappropriate occasions.

The flow style is good, but it has its limitations.

It needs to be created in a specific way and worn in certain circumstances.

In this guide, we will not only tell you when it is the most appropriate to wear a flow, but we will also include the main steps you need to take when choosing among the many flow haircut variations and how to get each.

22 Most Popular Flow Hairstyles for Men

Flow With Wavy Hair

Flow With Wavy Hair

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This is when the hair flows in the backward direction and it’s great for wavy hair because it’s simple and all you need to do is comb it back after taking a shower.

Flow And Straight Hair

Flow With Straight Hair

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This one’s for those who have straight hair. And it is great for a sophisticated look because the hair is smooth and sleek. But you must grow it long before you can style it.

Flow And Professional Hairstyle

Brow flow is not one of the many unprofessional hairstyles people tend to think of. But you must polish it and add layers that look tidy. If you have naturally messy hair, use some product. There are a lot of hairsprays for men who love styled hair to help you keep it back.

Flow With Curly Hair

Flow With Curly Hair

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It works even with curly hair because they are organically relaxed. You don’t have to grow it too long because you want to control the length.

Long Flow Hair

Brow Flow Long Hair

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This is an excellent pick for those who want long hair but don’t want it to bother them on the sides. Trim the sides just enough so that the length gets highlighted. But not too much because that becomes a fade then.

Medium Length Flow Hairstyle

Flow Medium Legth

Photo @ffalfoul

It works just as well for medium-length hair because it has the signature brow flow look and is excellent for professional and casual outings.

Gray Hair Flow Hairstyle

Flow Gray Hair

Photo @alitheebarber

Those of you who have a few years on them can make it look fabulous with those silver strands breaking the monotony and it won’t look like you’re desperately clinging to your youth.

Flow Haircut With Beard

Flow With Beard

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If you are going for a serious look, pair this style with a beard and it looks so rugged and maintains the symmetry of the face.

Flow With a Beanie

Flow With a Beanie

Photo @sugarskulls

This hairstyle makes you look pretty cool, but if you’re going for a hipster look, all you need is a beanie and you’re sorted. It’s also great for days when your hair is messy or matty.

Flow and Half Bun Hair

Brow Flow And Half Bun

Photo @shrunknheads

Thanks to its length, you can try many things with brow flow, including a half bun that makes you look like hipster Jesus. 

Flow Haircut With Locks

Flow Hair With Locks

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If you want to keep locks, keep them long with flow hair, but it takes more work than the other options.

Ruffled Wings Flow Hairstyle

Ruffled Wings Flow Hairstyle

Photo @ffalfoul

This will also keep your hair long and brushed back or to the side, but some of it will flow outwards like your head has wings.

Cool Flow Hairstyle

Cool Flow Hairstyle

Photo @alitheebarber

This is when the wings are brushed back or sideways to make it look like one of the side part hairstyles you’re going to love. But the hair has to end precisely on the nape of your neck, which gives it a natural look.

Hockey Flow Hairstyle

Hockey Flow Hairstyle

Photo @anthonythebarber916

This is for medium-length hair that looks smart and cool. You’ll need curly hair on the sides and wavy hair on the top.

Comb Down Flow Haircut

Comb Down Flow

Photo @ffalfoul

Here’s another hockey look with the wings flowing down from the back or sides.

Fade Casual Top Flow Hairstyle

Photo @shrunknheads

Free Style Run Your Fingers

Photo @shrunknheads

Side Swept Hair Flow Hairstyle

Photo @shrunknheads

Long Black Wavy Hair One Side Fade

Photo @shrunknheads

Long Red Hair 80s Style

Photo @alitheebarber

Heavy Weight Fade

Photo @alitheebarber

Retro Hairstyle

Photo @alitheebarber

All Hair To The Front

Photo @alitheebarber

What Is a Flow Hairstyle for Men

This was a popular one in Victorian times and like all things, awesome has come back in style. It’s a rugged look that needs some effort but makes you look like you don’t care about looks.

For this, you need to start with a medium or long hair and then comb it or to one side, which makes it look like it’s flowing in that direction. It’s that simple.

How to Get a Flow Haircut

Growing your hair

You want it to be long on the top till it reaches your ears, which may take some time. So, be patient.


You need to keep the back and sides trimmed to about three inches. Then the top gets highlighted. That’s why you must wait till the top hair is long. The sides can be faded or tapered depending on the result you want.


You must trim your hair once every two or three months to stay healthy and avoid split ends. You might also want to consult an expert and see if you’re using some natural DHT blockers to stop hair loss.

How to Style Flow Hairstyle


You don’t want to shampoo your hair too often because it removes natural oils. Make it 1-2 times a week.

Style it when your hair is still damp, right after a shower. Get the wetness out with a towel but don’t rub it. Avoid hair dryers for men because the heat isn’t good for long hair.


You must brush the hair gently to one side with a comb or your hands. Since it is an easy look, you don’t need any product, but conditioners for healthy hair or a premium hair tonic or creams aren’t too much if you want to push it back.


Conditioning keeps the hair moisturized and hydrated. You can use this even without shampoo to keep it flowing if you pick leave-in conditioners.


FAQ About Hairstyles for Men

How long does it take to grow a flow hairstyle?

Depends on how long your hair is now. You will need the top to be three inches long.

Why is the flow hairstyle called the hockey hairstyle?

Because that’s how it started and eventually, styles were developed to make it a hairstyle trend.

Can I do a flow hairstyle with a bad hairline?

It can be tricky if you are going for a side part and have an adequate length.

How do men get their hair to flow?

You can either use the product or get your hair straightened or curled. The flow depends on thickness sometimes and that comes from taking good care of the hair and letting it dry naturally after a shower.

How do you cut a flow haircut?

Let the top hair grow three inches long. Get a good pair of hair-cutting shears and cut the sides short. Taper vs fade is a debate you’ll have to go through before you get started. Make sure there is a good contrast between the top and sides and you’re done.


There are many ways to style your hair once you have the length. Now you also know the easiest way to look fantastic and classy simultaneously.

Anthony Giannotti

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