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The Edgar is a stylish take on the undercut that works well with many hair types. The biggest trick to getting it right is knowing how short you want the undercut. Once you’ve made this decision, the haircut is simple.

This is a clean, hipster-ish undercut with a taper fade. It starts at the hairline and continues straight to the back of the head. 

The undercut is a famous men’s hairstyle. It has been around for a long time and is also one that celebrities love to wear. The undercut is easy to maintain and does not require much styling or maintenance.

20 Most Popular Edgar Hairstyles



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The classic haircut is high and tight, with tapered sides. It can be done in any length on top, but it’s usually short and generally not textured or choppy. This haircut is meant to be neat and understated. It’s great if you want to achieve that classic look without being too flashy about it.

Taper Edgar


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Choosing taper or fade? Taper is a haircut that gradually gets shorter from the sides of the head to the crown. This type of haircut is known as a taper because it starts longer on top and gets shorter as it goes down. It is the most common type of haircut, so if you’re looking to get one, you should know what they look like so you can choose one that will complement your facial features.

Tapers are great for people with a round face shape because they create more contrast between your face and neck area than other haircuts. When choosing this style, you want to ensure enough length at both ends so that your hair doesn’t look too blunt or square when combed back.

Curly Top

Curly Top

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You can have an edgy style by following the curly top haircut. It is also known as a high and tight. The most common types of this haircut are bald fade, side-swept fringe and mullet. This type of hairstyle makes you look very stylish and cool.

The curly top haircut is a good choice if you have thick hair or thin hair because it can be made to suit any hair texture with some changes in styling techniques.

Textured Edgar’s Haircut


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Textured hair is defined as any hairstyle cut in a way that creates a textured effect. This can be done with a razor but is most commonly done with scissors. It is usually used on men with curly or thick hair.

Short Spiky Edgar Hairstyles

Short Spiky

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Here are the characteristics of a short spiky haircut.

  • Short spiky with a fade on top.
  • Short spiky with a high fade on sides and back.
  • Short spiky with a skin fade around the ears and neck.
  • Short spiky with a taper on the nape.

Mid Fade

Mid Fade

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A fade haircut is a haircut that gradually reduces the hair length from longer to shorter over an area. The most popular fades are high, mid, and low.

A mid fade haircut is one of the most popular for men because it’s simple, versatile, and flattering on all face shapes and complexions. You can wear this hairstyle with or without facial hair, so it’s a good option if you like to keep your look low-key while still looking stylish at the same time.

Edgar Cut With High Fade

High Fade

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A high-fade haircut is a popular haircut for men. It’s a high haircut on the sides and fades into the top. A high fade haircut can be done with short or long hair, but it’s most familiar with medium-length hair. When you get this style, your barber will use clippers to cut away some of your hair and then shave off any remaining stubble around the back of your head where there is no longer any hair.

Most men who choose this style like to have their sideburns exposed as well as some lines above their ears; otherwise, they prefer to cover up their sideburns completely by having their bangs grow out long enough so that they can sweep them over those areas instead of having them shaved off completely (which would make things look even more masculine).

Choppy Edgar Haircut


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Choppy haircuts are an excellent option for those who want to add some length to the top of their head but keep it short on the sides. This style can be worn with a fade, a side part, or any other hairstyle you want to try out. Choppy hair can also be styled in different ways: a quiff at the front and a flat top on top (like the style above), or even an undercut if you’re feeling bold!

High and Tight

High and Tight

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The high and tight haircut is a military-style haircut. It is short at the sides and back, but the hair on top is left longer. This style can be worn with or without bangs, depending on your preference.

The high and tight fade has become very popular in recent years because it suits men with curly hair very well since it adds volume to their curls that would otherwise not appear as voluminous if they had straight hair instead.

Bald Fade Edgar’s Haircut

Bald Fade

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A bald fade is a skin fade with no hair on the sides. The hair is cut short on top and gradually gets longer towards the back. This style can be combined with a hard part or faded into the nape of your neck.

Side Swept Fringe

Side Swept Fringe Edgar Haircuts

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A side swept fringe is a famous fashionable, trendy, and stylish haircut. It looks great on both men and women. The side swept fringe can be worn with different hair textures to create many different styles. This haircut usually requires regular trims to maintain the length of your fringe line and softness around your face to make it look natural.

Edgar Mullet


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  • The mullet is a hairstyle that has been popular with men and women.
  • A mullet is short in the front, sides, and back, with long hair on top.
  • The mullet is a hairstyle that has been around for centuries.

Dyed Edgar Haircut

Dyed Edgar Haircuts

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Dyeing your hair is a great way to try a new color. It can also be a fun way to express your personality and make a bold statement, especially if you’re trying out a hue completely different from how your hair usually looks. If you’re looking for something low maintenance but still want the vibrant look of dyed hair, consider an ombre style with highlights or lowlights.

Scruffy Edgar


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The scruffy is a short hairstyle worn with or without facial hair. This style is messy and unkempt, but not intentionally; it’s just how the person’s hair looks. The scruffy typically looks best on men with round faces because of the contrast between their full cheeks and narrow chin.

This hairstyle is often cut close to the head at one length without any layering or tapering. It may be worn in any length from around 1 inch (2 cm) up to about 5 inches (12 cm). With this haircut, you should avoid using styling products as much as possible so that your hair retains its natural texture.

Widow’s Peak

Widow’s Peak

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A widow’s peak is a central parting that extends from the forehead to the nape of the neck. It looks like an upside-down V and is usually caused by genetics, but it can also be caused by aging. If you have one, your genes are likely strong to begin with, and you’re likely in good health.

Widow’s peaks can appear on people of any age, but they’re most common in young men. These people may find themselves unable to grow full beards because their facial hair grows at different speeds than their head hair — and often only grows downwards instead of upwards as head hair does.



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Jagged is a hairstyle that has a lot of texture. The hair is cut in a way that creates texture and volume to the sides, which gives an edgier look. This style is popular with men because it’s easy to maintain and suits people with all face shapes, including square, round or oval faces.

Bowl Cut Edgar 

Bowl Cut

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The bowl cut is a short haircut that is tapered around the head. It can be buzzed to several lengths depending on how conservative or daring you to feel. A bowl cut can be styled in many ways, but it’s best if you don’t add too much product or heat because the hair around your face will stick up less.

Undercut Edgar Hairstyle

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Sharp Fade

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Curly Hairstyles

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So, you want an Edgar haircut? Excellent! Edgar haircuts are back in style for kids and adults alike. They’re easy to maintain, look fantastic, and complement almost any face shape. The classic Edgar haircut features a bowl-cut top with extra shaggy layers spiking toward the front or sides of the face.

A short fringe may also be included. Over the years, however, this iconic look has been adapted into many different variations. In this post, we’ll go over each of them so that you can find the perfect Edgar haircut for your tastes.

How to Maintain

Step 1 — Brush back the top part of your hair

Brush back the top part of your hair and secure it with a hairband or binder. You can use a comb, brush, or even your fingers.

Step 2 — Clip the rest to 6mm

Now that you know how to measure the length of your hair, it’s time to clip the rest of your hair to 6mm. It’s essential to cut all of your hair at once. If you don’t have a guard, use a comb or ruler instead. Using a trimming knife and scissors, clip off any straggly ends until all of your hair is 6mm long.

Step 3 — Trim the sides 

Now, you’re ready to trim the sides so they will be short enough for the #9 guard length to be near your temples. This step is essential because cutting them too long will take away from the overall shape of your haircut and make it look unbalanced. Like for shaved side haircuts, trimming is necessary for Edgar cut.

If you cut them too short, you won’t have anywhere to go with your sides later (i.e., when you decide to go into a longer fade). You want just enough length so that when we get closer to the temple area, our guard length will come down past where my temples are located now at an angle that works well with my natural facial features.

Work your way up the side with the #9 guard length, then round off towards the back of your head.

  • Use your comb to smooth out the haircut, then clean up stray hairs with a pair of clippers.
  • With a wide-toothed comb, brush out the top and cut it to 2 inches (5 cm).
  • Use a wide-toothed comb to brush out the top of your hair.
  • Cut it to 2 inches (5 cm).

Using a fine-toothed comb, clip off just enough from the front to create even bangs look without making them too long.

Step 4 — Determine undercut length

Knowing how long you want your undercut is essential before heading to the barber. This will help determine how much hair is taken off. You should also use a comb and mirror to make sure you’re happy with the length of it. Don’t forget about the clippers too.

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Who is it named after?

It’s named after the famous baseball player named Edgar Martinez.

Can anyone have an Edgar haircut?

Edgar is a simple and versatile haircut that can be easily adapted to all hair types, lengths, and face shapes. The best thing about it is that anyone can have an Edgar haircut. Whether you have thick or thin hair, curly hair or straight hair, long hair or short hair — the options are endless.

How can I ask for an Edgar haircut?

You can ask for an Edgar haircut at your local barbershop, hairdresser, or salon. If you want to get a bespoke Edgar haircut, then it’s best to go to a high-end salon where they have experienced staff who can do the job perfectly. The staff will give you a consultation before starting the haircut.

How to get a messy Edgar cut?

The look is characterized by messy hair that has a slight wave to it and is cut low on the sides and back with longer hair on top.

It’s important to note that there are different ways to achieve the same results when getting an Edgar haircut, depending on your personal preferences. If you want to get a messy hairstyle but don’t want to pay top dollar for a stylist at your local salon, there are plenty of DIY methods you can use at home (or even if you’re traveling). 

Why is this haircut controversial?

Some people might argue that Edgar is a bad boy haircut, but it’s not technically a “bad boy” cut — it’s just edgy. There are plenty of other hairstyles that are considered much more controversial than Edgar. For example, the undercut — which some might say is a punk rock haircut — and the man bun, which is currently popular among hipsters and pop stars alike.

The reason why many people have an issue with this style of hair is that they think it makes you look like a rebel or bad person (even though most Rocco Siffredi fans would disagree). If you’re worried about what others will think of your new style, just remember: if anyone gives you any grief about looking different from them or their peers, tell them to mind their own business!

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