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60 Most Popular Mid-Fade Hairstyles

Tapered Mid Fade Haircut

A trendy hairstyle, the taper fade is a minimalistic and smart haircut that is short on the back and sides while keeping the top long. You can style it how you want, cool and stylish or neat and professional.

Taper Mid Fade Haircutmid fade with spiked hair
mid faed
mid feide

Photo @yeganebarber

Medium Fade Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is a timeless, classic look; pairing it with a well-defined mid fade adds character to the style.

Mid Fade Buzz Cutmid fade with short hair
mid fade with short hair on top
mid fade with side part

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Mid Fade Comb Over Hairstyle

If you want a classic style with a modern twist, you can’t go wrong with a neat comb-over combined with a medium fade. Hair creams are subtle but effective in achieving the best style.

Comb Over Medium Fade Haircutmid fade with line on the side
mid fade with messy top
mid fade with mustache

Photo @alan_beak

Bald Mid Fade

The mid bald fade haircut has the hair shaved at the bottom and sides, with longer, styled hair on top to create contrast. The bald fade adds to your rugged, manly look paired with a beard.

Bald Mid Fademid fade with fringe straight hair
mid fade with goatee
mid fade with line

Photo @yeganebarber

Mid Fade Pompadour

If you want to sport a pompadour, you can add a contemporary twist to it by pairing this vintage hairstyle with a mid fade. Check out a guide to buying hair clay before you purchase the best hair clay to style your pomp.

Mid-Fade Pompadourmid fade vs low fade
mid fade with a side quiff
mid fade with curls

Photo @alan_beak

Mid Fade With Textured Top 

One of the popular blowout hairstyles, a haircut with a textured top can help to add volume to your hair and when combined with a mid-skin fade, it will draw attention to the textured hair. Try using hair spray to add more volume to your hair.

Textured Top With Med Fademid fade textured top haircut
mid fade top long
mid fade undercut long hair

Photo @barberhdm3

Brush Up Mid Fade Hairstyle

The brush-up style is excellent for showing off your rugged, manly features. Brush up your mid-fade haircut to add drama to your style for an evening out and you can slick it back for a regular day at work for a neat and formal look.

Brush Up Mid Fademid fade steps
mid fade taper long hair
mid fade textured hair

Photo @alan_beak

Medium Fade Cornrows

If you want to stand apart from the others, then a cornrow top combined with a medium fade is guaranteed to make you a showstopper wherever you are.

Medium Faded Cornrowsmid fade short fringe
mid fade side cut
mid fade spiky haircut

Photo @yeganebarber

Mid-Fade Curly Top

If you’re finding your curly hair challenging to manage, then opting for a curly haircut with a mid fade allows you to control your curls and prevent them from becoming too unruly.

Curly Topmid fade na v
mid fade reddit
mid fade reference

Photo @yeganebarber

Wavy Undercut With Medium Fade Haircut

A wavy undercut looks quite remarkable when paired with a mustache or beard. And, if you decide to have long hair on the top, then go in for a shorter beard. Slick back the top hair or tie it in a topknot for a neater look.

Wavy Mid Faded Undercutmid fade medium top
mid fade men's haircut
mid fade mens cut

Photo @barberhdm3

Mid-Fade And Spiky Top

Spiky hairstyles are bold choices that are hugely trendy and are making a comeback. A short spiky haircut with a medium fade with the application of a bit of product on the spiky top and you’re all set.

Spiky Top With Mid Fademid fade line up
mid fade long haircut
mid fade medium length hair

Photo @enzo_m3

Slick Back Medium Taper Fade

If you’re trying to achieve an elegant and sophisticated look, you can’t go wrong with the slicked-back style sported by the old Hollywood stars. And, a mid fade added to the mix gives your hairstyle a modern and youthful twist.

This style is perfect for men with thinning hair, which you can reduce by taking hair vitamins and using premium hair loss shampoo.

Man With Short Beard and Slicked Back Hair Wearing Glasses
mid fade haircut with short hair
mid fade haircuts for men
mid fade haircuts men

Mid Faded Curly Bangs Hairstyle

A mid fade is a great way to emphasize the texture of your curly hair and adding bangs to the haircut will only help to add to the style. A leave-in conditioner makes a difference and keeps your curls well-hydrated.

Mid Fade Curly Bangsmid fade haircut spiky
mid fade haircut with design
mid fade haircut with long hair

Photo @yeganebarber

Side Part

A mid fade side part haircut is versatile and perfect if you want to go in for a neat, dapper look. To achieve this haircut, you will need longer hair, which you can style and keep in place with a high-quality pomade or gel.

The benefits of castor oil cannot be ignored when achieving healthy, thick hair.

Mid-Fade Side Part Haircutmid fade haircut medium hair
mid fade haircut photos
mid fade haircut picture

Photo @barberhdm3

Medium Fade Quiff Haircut

The quiff paired with a mid fade looks cool and trendy in a low-maintenance style. Use a styling product to give the quiff shape and texture.

Quiffmid fade haircut for boys
mid fade haircut for short hair
mid fade haircut ideas

Photo @alan_beak

Mid Fade Dreads

Adding a mid fade to your dreads can transform your hairstyle and make it more edgy and well-defined. The hairstyle looks great with a clean-shaven look.

Medium Faded Dreads
mid fade for men
mid fade haircut back side
mid fade haircut buzz cut

Mid Fade Caesar Cut Hairstyle

If you feel that the Caesar cut looks a bit old-fashioned, you can give it a modern twist by pairing it with a mid fade, which will completely transform the haircut and make it trendy and bold.

Caesar Cut Mid Fade Hairmid fade brush back
mid fade cut hairstyle
mid fade disconnected

Photo @barberhdm3

Hard Part Medium Fade Haircut

A hard part or a razor part haircut never goes out of style. What’s more? Adding a mid fade to the cut gives you a lean and sophisticated look.

Mid Fade Hard Part Hairmid fade 0mm
mid fade adalah
mid fade back and sides

Photo @enzo_m3

Shadow Fade Hair

The shadow fade is perfect for men looking for a more conservative style for informal and formal occasions.

Shadow Mid Fade Hairmid fade + curly
mid fade + long hair
mid fade 0 to 3

Photo @barberhdm3

High Volume Medium Fade Hair

Combating the problem of thinning hair? You can add extra volume to the hair on top of the head by getting a high-volume style. Pairing it with a mid fade draws attention to the top.

After washing your hair, blow-dry and set it with some hair spray. Using the world’s best hair powder for men can also help to maximize the volume.

High Volume Mid Fade Haircutmid cut fade
mid draw fade
mid drop fade haircut

Photo @yeganebarber

Flowy Top Faded Haircut

A flowy top haircut combined with a mid fade is an excellent choice if you want to draw attention to your long, luxurious locks. But you need to grow your hair a bit to achieve this style.

Flowy Top Mid Fade Haircutmens mid fade buzz cut
mid bald fade men
mid burst fade haircut

Photo @barberhdm3

Mid Fade With Long Top Hair

Irrespective of your hairstyle, be it spiky, curly, straight or anything at all, a mid fade cut helps to highlight the length of your hair. Use a styling product like a pomade or clay to boost the volume and keep your style in place.

Long Top Hairstyle With Medium Fademens medium fade haircuts
mens medium fade hairstyles
mens medium length hairstyles with fade

Photo @barberhdm3

Mid Tapered Undercut Hairstyle

Perfect for men with all hair lengths and textures, a tapered undercut works very well with a mid fade. And, when you combine it with a combover, the result is flawless.

Tapered Undercutmens fade medium on top
mens haircut styles mid fade
mens medium fade haircut

Photo @barberhdm3

Tousled Mid Fade Hair

The best thing about a mid-fade haircut is that you don’t need to try to style the locks at the top. Go in for a tousled, disheveled look paired with a mid fade and look effortlessly stylish.

Tousled Fademen's mid fade hairstyle
men's mid fade hairstyles
mens fade medium hair

Photo @barberhdm3

Brushed Topmen midfade
men's haircut fade sides medium top
men's haircut

Photo @barberhdm3

Wavy Topmen haircut medium fade
men haircut mid fade
men mid fade hairstyle

Photo @barberhdm3

Mid Fade And Fringemedium skin fade with hard part
medium top fade
meduim fade

Photo @barberhdm3

Spiky Mohawkmedium skin fade 3 on top
medium skin fade long on top
medium skin fade short on top

Photo @barberhdm3

Spikey Quiff Hairstyle With Medium Fademedium length hair fade
medium length hair fade men
medium length mid fade

Photo @barberhdm3

Mid Quiffmedium hair side fade
medium hair with fade
medium length fade haircut

Photo @barberhdm3

Lots Of Volume And Spikesmedium fades haircuts
medium hair fade haircut
medium hair mid fade

Photo @alan_beak

Blow Up Hairstyle With Medium Fademedium fade short hair
medium fade short hairstyles for men
medium fade short top

Photo @alan_beak

Brow Flow With Wavy hairmedium fade hairstyles men
medium fade men haircut
medium fade pompadour

Photo @alan_beak

Textured Crop Hairstyle With Mid Fademedium fade haircut man
medium fade haircut styles
medium fade hairstyle

Photo @alan_beak

Burst Fade Faux Hawkman haircut mid fade
medium fade en v
medium fade for men

Photo @alan_beak

Sideline Undercutlow fade mm
low taper fade
low vs mid fade

Photo @alan_beak

Textured Top And Sidelinelaw taper fade
long curly hair taper fade
long hair mid fade haircut

Photo @alan_beak

Boomerang Haircuthaircut styles short mid fade with beard
how to mid fade haircut
law fade haircut

Photo @alan_beak

Side Part And Slick Hairhair cut style mid fade
hair style boy mid fade
haircut for men 2023 mid fade

Photo @alan_beak

High Fade And Spiky Haircutfades for medium hair
foto mid fade
fade haircut

Photo @enzo_m3

Hard Fade Mohawkfade haircut with medium top
fade with medium top
faded medium hair

Photo @enzo_m3

Disconnected Undercutdesigns for mid fade
fade bangs
fade haircut men medium hair

Photo @enzo_m3

Low Fade Wavy Haircool mid fade designs
corte mid fade
curly top mid fade

Photo @enzo_m3

Curly Mohawkbest mid fade hairstyle
boomerang haircut
comb over mid fade

Photo @barbeariachoice

Thick Top With Shaped Sides6mm fade haircut
back taper design
best mid fade designs

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Unswept Top With Fadespiky mid fade
1 mid fade haircut
4 mid fade

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Shadow Fade Mohawkmid high fade haircut
middle part mid fade

Photo @anthonythebarber916

Guys mid fade classic Pompadourmid fade style
mid fade trim on top
mid fade with pompadour

Photo @ashxlauren

Classic Fringemid fade haircut straight hair
mid fade medium hair
mid fade messy top

Photo @ashxlauren

Men's Slick Back Hair Fademid fade haircut photo
mid fade haircut pictures
mid fade haircut short hair on top

Photo @ashxlauren

Fingered Pompadourmid fade fringe hairstyle
mid fade haircut design
mid fade haircut images

Photo @ashxlauren

Pompadour Side mens hair cut mid fade
mens haircuts mid fade
mid fade for long hair

Photo @ashxlauren

Volumed Slick Back Without Goateemedium skin fade haircut
medium top fade haircut
men's haircut mid fade long top

Photo @barbershopestudiollc

Short Back And Side

Photo @barbershopestudiollc

Short Pompadour With Beard And Moustachemedium fade haircut back
medium fade long on top
medium fade side part

Photo @barbershopestudiollc

Fade Haircut With Messy Tophair cutting mid fade
high fade medium top
high mid fade haircut

Photo @shrunknheads

Curly Quiffpotongan mid fade
1mm fade haircut
buzz cut mid fade straight hair

Photo @shrunknheads

Fade Designmid fade hair style
one side mid fade haircut
potong rambut mid fade

Photo @jayblendedit

Top Crop And Hair Signaturebest medium fade haircut
haircut for men mid fade
medium fade mens haircut

Photo @jayblendedit

Bleched Ends Mohawkmid fade back of head
hair style mid fade
medium high fade haircut

Photo @jayblendedit

What Is A Medium Fade Haircut

Falling between a high fade and a low fade, the mid fade or medium fade haircut offers the best of both worlds. Starting halfway up the back and sides, with the mid-fade haircut, the hair blends gradually.

The best thing is that you can adjust the mid-fade haircut as per your preference, right from Numbers 0 to 12 and it can be combined with any other hairstyle of your choice.

Offering a formal look perfect for the office or a fun night out with friends, a mid-fade haircut is excellent for all occasions, as well as different types, textures and densities of hair.

How to Trim Mid Fade Haircut

Section your hair

First, dampen your hair and then section the top hair. And secure it with a hair clip to keep it out of the way.

Create a fade using clippers

Use the hair clipper along with the No. 3 guard and trim the hair on the back and sides of your head by moving the clippers upward. At the fade line, move the clippers along the line from one side to another. Use a smaller guard and trim the hair.

Barber Making a Fade Using Electric Clippers and Comb
men's mid fade haircut
mid fade photos
mid fade + long top

Start from the bottom and move upwards in a straight line. Using a Number 1 guard for a smoother transition is a good idea. Then, trim the hair along the hairline. Remove any hair sticking out using the clippers over the comb.

Cut the top and create an outline

Cut the top hair in the style that you prefer. Using a razor or trimmer, create a sharp outline for a defined look.

How to Maintain Medium Faded Hair

Step 1 – Maintain at home

Once you get the mid-fade hairstyle you like, touch it up using your razor at home to keep it looking good and fresh.

Step 2 – Visit your barber

Mid fades need regular maintenance and grow out rather quickly. Visit your barber once every 3-4 weeks to refresh your haircut.

Step 3 – Use the proper products

Generally, a mid-fade haircut is relatively low-maintenance and does not need a lot of upkeep. Nevertheless, to maintain the stylish and structured elements of the style, it is necessary to use hair styling products.

If the top hair has a pompadour, quiff or any other style, you may need to use appropriate styling products like clays, pomades, hair sprays or gels to keep your haircut looking good.


What is the difference between a mid and low fade?

In a low-fade haircut, the tapering of the hair starts near the hairline, whereas in a mid-fade, the hair is tapered from the middle of the head.

How do you ask for a mid-fade?

When asking your hairstylist for a mid fade, specify where you would like the fade to start and how short you want them to cut your hair, i.e., from 0 to 12.

If you’re unsure about which mid-fade you want, tell your barber what features of your face you want to highlight or how much time you would like to spend styling your hair.  The best way to ask for a mid-fade haircut is to show your hairstylist a reference picture of your desired style.

Who is the mid-fade haircut best for?

If you’re looking for a modern yet professional-looking haircut, then mid-fade haircuts are perfect.

This versatile style looks great on men of varying ages, lifestyles, face shapes, hair types, and textures. Mid fades look especially good and masculine when combined with a beard or mustache.

How long does a mid fade last?

The shorter the fade, the more maintenance and care it requires. Typically, mid-fade haircuts last for around three to four weeks on average, after which you will need to go in for a trim.

What number should you choose for a mid fade?

For a mid-fade haircut, the barber usually uses clippers with guards numbered from 0 to 12, where 0 is the shortest length, i.e., 1.5 mm or 1/16 inches. Number 2 (6 mm or ¼ inches) is the most popular choice because it offers a short haircut that is easy to maintain with minimum scalp exposure.

How long does a taper fade last?

Typically a taper fade can last around two to three weeks depending on hair growth and maintenance. 

How long do fades last?

Fades can vary in terms of how long they last.

The duration of a fade haircut largely depends on the individual’s hair type, maintenance routine, and growth rate.

Some fades may only last a few weeks before the hair grows out and loses its desired shape, while others can be maintained for several weeks or even months with regular touch-ups.

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