Blowout Haircuts

A blowout haircut can be an excellent way for you to achieve a breezy and stylish look. There are several kinds of blowout haircuts that you can pick from depending on a range of factors, as well as different ways in which you can style them. You can look into these aspects in further detail below.

What Is a Blowout Haircut

A blowout haircut is often also referred to as a temple fade. In this haircut, the hair at the temples or sides is trimmed short while the rest of the hair at the top is left long and styled in a way that gives it a messy look as if the wind has messed up your hair.

Even within this kind of haircut, there is a range of styles that you can choose from based on your preferences and how they would look on you.

How to Choose the Best One

You should choose the best blowout haircut using the same care as you would while selecting the world’s best hair cream or premium beard brush or even your favorite grooming kit. Keep the following considerations in mind.

Face Shape

Ideally, this kind of haircut can work best with a round face shape. You can also make it work with other shapes after consulting your barber. If you think this haircut will expose too much of your face and you do not want this, then you can opt for another style within the same cut.

Hair Type

You should consider the stiffness of your hair, its color, and its overall health, such as hair fall levels, to see which style would work best for you. You can consider taking some hair vitamins for men to improve hair health.

Hair Length

If you have short hair already, then some classic or understated blowout styles might work better for you. If you have long hair, you can have more options to work with.

How to Get It

Step 1 – Use clippers

Use clippers to hold your hair in place and create rough fades so that you know where to cut. Make sure you clip the inches of hair that you want to cut off.

Step 2 – Trim

You can then trim the parts by removing the clips one after the other. Make sure you have an even cut throughout the temple or sides and the back. Usually, two inches as the fade can work well. You can also consider using a razor for head shaving for the fade.

Step 3 – Wash and dry

Wash your hair correctly and dry it out well using a towel so that you can get it ready for styling.

Step 4 – Ask a stylist

If you want professional help, go to a stylist and ask them to give you a temple fade. Make sure you clearly state the style you want and how short you want the fade to be.

How to Style One

How to Style Blowout Haircuts

Go through the following steps to style blowout haircuts. Use a good mirror, such as a proper shaving mirror, to help you out.

Step 1 – Comb and dry

Comb your hair correctly upward and dry it as you go along using a hairdryer. If you have curls, you can also apply a hair relaxer for men.

Step 2 – Apply hair gel

A good hair gel with the right dose of hairspray or even some essential hair oil for men can allow you to keep your hair in place to achieve the style you want. You can also use a toner for men according to your needs, especially if you are using hair dye as well.

Step 3 – Style it up

You can style it up in your way by either slicking your hair back, going for an afro, spiking it up and lots more. You can go through some popular styles in the next section if you can’t decide.

30 Most Popular Blowout Haircuts for Men

Messy Blowout

The sides and back are kept short, while the top is deliberately messed up for a windswept and natural look.

Textured Rollover

The top is rolled to slant in a particular direction to add some height and evenness to the cut.

Classy Wave

The entire top is brushed over in one direction to form a wave-like surface.

Spikes Blowout Haircut

The top is spiked up using gel and your fingers or a comb.

Afro Blowout

This can work well for African American men since they can cut the sides down.

Hard Part Line

This involves slicking the top to one side using gel and creating a distinct part line for a clean but stylish appearance.

Lazy Blowout

Use some hair gel and style the top up slightly to create this look.

Short Blowout

This involves cutting your top short and your sides and back even shorter. This is best for easy maintenance.

Slick Back Blowout

You can use some wax or gel to slick your top entirely backward.

Straight Blowout

Use hair spray to hold the top of your blowout upright.

Pushback Waves

Push the top back and use gel and your fingers to give it waviness.

Classical African American Blowout

Cut the hair around the top to highlight your curls.

Long Buzz Cut

This includes cutting the top shorter than usual (yet longer than a buzz cut) and styling it up.

Artistic Blowout

Add some lines and shapes to your blowout for a unique look.

Half Disconnect

Make a side part, slick your hair on one side and keep the fade low.

Cowlick Blowout

Create bangs at the front using the top hair.

Wild Style

You can style your long top wildly while also adding shapes and lines.

Rolled Up Faux Blowout

Roll up your hair on one side to give it some volume.

Most Popular Blowout Haircuts for Men

Curly With Part

If you have curly hair, leave the top and add a part.

Comb Over

This can add depth to thin hair by slicking up the front of the top.

Messy Spikes

Long hair, gel and a comb can give your top some messy spikes.

High Blowout

You can brush your hair up while leaving the sides short.

Long Bangs

Keep your long bangs and style them up to create volume and layering.

Disconnected Blowout

Shave the sides high up and roll the top over to one side.

Forward Spike Blowout

Use gel to spike the top forwards.

Disconnected Pompadour Blowout

Style the top back and to one side while shaving the sides.

Front Curls With Fade

Style your curls a bit and keep them in the front while cutting the sides and back short.

Rolling Locks

Use a big brush and roll your hair over to one side.

Extended Fringe

The top hair is brought forward to create a fringe while the sides and back are cut short.

Spikes with Tramlines

Keep the top short, create spikes and make three parallel but short lines on the faded sides.


Are blowout haircuts bad for hair?

Blowout haircuts can be bad for hair if you happen to style them up too often using a hairdryer and products. Your hair might become dry and brittle, so make sure you are cautious while styling.

What is the difference between a blowout and a taper?

A blowout involves fading out the sides and back of your hair much higher up than a taper. The latter is more gradual.

FAQ About Blowout Haircuts for Men

How long does a blowout last?

A blowout, after styling, can last for up to five days, depending on how thick your hair is and what its texture is like. It will gradually lose the style and go away once you wash it. The cut itself can last for several months, depending on how long your hair takes to grow back.

How often should you get a blowout?

This depends on your requirements, but if the frequent hair drying is damaging your hair, you should restrict how often you get this haircut. You can take a break from it and cut it regularly for a while.

Can you brush your hair after a blowout?

You can brush your hair after a blowout, as this can be an excellent way to maintain the shape of the blowout. Make sure you brush it in the way you want to style it.

How much is a blowout haircut?

This depends on the style you want and how long and thick your hair is. The stylist you go to can also make a difference. A standard rate is around $50, although premium stylists and salons may also charge more than $100.

What is a blowout fade?

A blowout fade is essentially a Brooklyn fade that keeps the sides extremely short or even bald while the top is left longer and styled in various ways based on your preferences.

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