Short Haircut With Patchy Beard


One of the most interesting styles to combine is a buzz cut with a beard.

It goes together like peanut butter and jelly and makes for an awesome, cool look.

But cutting your hair really short and growing a beard might seem like it is all to it.

The reality is that it requires a lot more effort and it includes some really obvious things that need to be avoided.

We took the time and looked at some of the most popular buzz cut and beard styles and chose the best ones.

We also looked at all the face types and analyzed how they combine with this exquisite hair and beard style.

We actually came up with some pretty good results and included them all within our article.

Here you will also be able to find out which steps to take to buzz cut your hair properly and combine it with a perfect beard style.

It’s an all-in-one article that will lead you to an awesome, rebel look.

Best Buzz Cut With Beard Styles

If you are thinking about spotting a buzz cut, here are the different types that you can choose from:

Induction Buzz Cut With Beard 

Induction Cut

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When it comes to buzz cuts, the induction cut is the shortest and more common in military men. Due to that, the style has gained a lot of popularity, with even celebrities rocking it. To achieve the style, use a clipper with no guard. The goal is to cut the hair to a significantly shorter length while ensuring that you maintain the same length throughout.  

Burr Buzz Cut With Beard

Burr Cut

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The burr cut tends to be longer than the induction cut. The style is achieved using a clipper set to a number 1, 2, or 3 guards. Like the induction cut, hair is cut uniformly on the entire head. It is a neat and smooth style if you are not going for something so short. 

Butch Buzz Cut With Beard

Butch Cut

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The butch cut is longer, even buzz cut is done with clippers set on a number 4 guard. The hair left after trimming with a butch cut is still movable and can be styled using a beard balm to add shape and volume.  

Crew Buzz Cut With Beard

Crew Cut

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Ideally, the crew cut is a longer version of all the other haircuts. The hair length at the top is left uncut and can be styled in a variety of ways. It is achieved by using clippers set at number 6 guard. The hair on the fringe will always be longer than that on the crown area.

There are different variations of the crew cut look and it’s one of the most popular of modern hairstyles. 

Stubble Style

Photo @anthonythebarber916

buzz cut with goatee

Photo @anthonythebarber916


Photo @negoreyart

Skin Fade Haircut

Photo @ashxlauren

Zero Fade Haircut

Photo @ashxlauren

Buzz Cut With Beard Shadow Fade

Photo @chef_barber_jay

What Is a Buzz Cut

A buzz cut is defined by short uniform hair (think of the tennis-ball look you would get when you were a kid). However, the buzz cut is more than that, especially when it’s combined with a beard. 

In an already demanding world, the buzz cut is a straightforward hairstyle that is achieved by clippers. This means finding the right clippers if you are to have a great buzz cut. A buzz cut is neat and easier to maintain mainly because there isn’t a lot of hair you need to train to submission every morning. 

Contrary to popular belief, the buzz cut is versatile and there’s no one size fits all kind of style. Likewise, there are so many factors that determine your suitability for a buzz-cut hairstyle, from scars, bumps, lumps, and the cranium’s general curvature. These factors also determine the best buzz cut style for you. So, before you commit to such a hairstyle, consider the shape of your head. 

What Are The Benefits 

Easy to Maintain

There are so many different types of buzz cut style, but they all have in common that they are effortless to maintain. It’s just like wearing a thin beard since thinner beards are easy to maintain. Since the buzz cut is characterized by short hair, you only need regular trimming from time to time.

Just like a tapered beard looks neat, the style on its own is crisp and clean and gives off the ultimate masculine vibe if that is what you are going for. 


The buzz cut with a beard is the most versatile of hairstyles in that it is ideal for almost all settings. Whether you are going for a date, a job interview, or an event like a wedding, a buzz cut will work for all situations. 

Ideal for Balding Men

One of the lowest points in a man’s life is realizing that they are starting to bald. While a bald head and a full beard look absolutely stunning, not all men can pull it off.

If you’ve started balding, a buzz cut is the best way to hide it. Since the buzz cut involves effective usage of a hair trimmer to trim the hair to a short-even length, it makes the patches look less obvious. The hairstyle also reduces the contrast between the forehead and hair on balding men and makes the receding hairline less noticeable. 

How Does Buzz Cut Work

Final Touch Hairstyle

Photo @alan_beak

The buzz cut is achieved when all the hair on the head is cut to a short length using a hair clipper. The buzz cut inspired other short hairstyles like the flat top, crew cut, and butch cut. 

Originally, the buzz cut used to be uniform and very short, but the hairstyles’ diversity changed a lot. A buzz cut is versatile and it works for any hair color, most face shapes, and hair types. However, if you are to look good at the end of the day, it’s best if you go for a version that suits your physical attributes. 

As mentioned earlier, a buzz cut is affected by so many things, including the shape of the head, bumps, and scars. Ideally, a buzz cut will not look the same on two different people. 

Pros and Cons

A buzz cut is one of the trendy hairstyles that you need to try at some point in your life. However, before you do that, here are some pros and cons of spotting this hairstyle that you need to be aware of:


  • A buzz cut is clean, crisp, and neat and it’s the reason it’s associated with military men.
  • It is a very versatile hairstyle that blends into all settings, from business to casual events. 
  • It is a great choice if you have started balding because it makes the patches less noticeable.
  • The hairstyle works for almost all face shapes and all hair types and colors. 


  • Whether to rock a buzz cut is determined by the shape of your head, scars, bumps, and lumps in general.
  • Since hair is cut so short, it means maintaining the same hairstyle for a while. 

Things to Consider Before Getting One

Things to Consider Before Getting a Buzz Cut

While the buzz cut is a versatile hairstyle, there are still considerations that you need to make before you commit to it. 

Face Shape

Like all hairstyles, you need to consider your face’s shape before you trim all your hair off. The buzz cut may seem ideal for all face shapes, but that’s a grey area when you think about it.

A buzz cut will look better on people with oval and rectangular faces than those with triangular faces. 

Buzz Cut Length

A buzz cut is versatile in that there are different variations based on the length of the hair left. If you think about a buzz cut, besides ensuring that your barber knows what they are doing, go for a length that will suit you best. 


Once you have settled on a buzz cut style, if you are fortunate to grow facial hair, you need to choose a beard style that will go with the haircut. The beard style you choose should blend well with the haircut, so pick a beard style that not only works for your face shape but the cut as well. 

Reasons to Get It

A buzz cut is one of the most popular hairstyles and not just because it’s common with the military but because it is versatile. A buzz cut with a beard is quite masculine and here is why:

Allows You to Reinvent Yourself

Just like a beard relaxer will straighten your beard, a buzz cut is the best way to reinvent yourself.

A buzz cut involves trimming the hair to a considerably short length like what you will find in military men and if that’s not a great way to reinvent yourself, I don’t know what is. 

Can Change People’s Perception of You

A buzz cut is short, neat, clean, and crisp and it’s the best hairstyle when you want to bring out your masculinity. Ideally, in the end, it can change how people see you. 

Low Maintenance

Generally, a buzz cut is easy to maintain since you have less hair to style and comb every morning. 

Saves Your Money 

With a buzz cut, you only need regular trimming, which you can do at home if you know how to. With such a haircut, you save so much because you don’t need to use so many hair products to maintain the look.

The only thing you need to remember is that beard trimming is vital with a buzz cut because you want everything to blend smoothly. 

Can Hide Grey Hairs

Just like a buzz cut can hide thinning patches on the head, it can also help hide grey hairs. This is because grey hairs are less likely to be noticeable with a shorter hairstyle. 

Buzz Cuts and Different Face Shapes

Buzz Cuts and Different Beard Styles

As mentioned earlier, a buzz cut is not ideal for all face shapes. So, how does this hairstyle work for different face shapes?


If you have an oval face shape, consider yourself lucky. Why? Any style and length of buzz cut can fit you perfectly, from butch, burr to the crew cut. 


Buzz, butch as well as burr cuts all work well for those who have round faces. If you are going for the crew cut, try and fade the hair slightly higher for a more oval appearance. 


With a rectangular face shape, a burr or butch cut will do. You can also add a low taper to avoid that “egg” look. You need to stay away from the high and tight buzz cut since this one tends to draw attention to the narrowness of the crown. 

If you have a narrower jaw than the forehead, a buzz cut will give you an alien appearance, but that can be corrected by adding a beard. 


For those with square face shapes, consider keeping the beard round and shorter at the bottom. You could also fade the cheeks so that the beard doesn’t add too much width to the sides.


If you have a triangle face, the sides need to remain longer, which doesn’t really work with a buzz cut. If you really must cut the hair short, go for a butch cut length and try to add a low taper. 


If you have a diamond face shape, the crew cut will look great on you. 

How to Grow Buzz Cut With Beard 

Step 1 – Allow the hair to grow and beard to grow

The first step to growing a buzz cut is to allow the hair to grow. You need a certain length to buzz cut. If you have patches on the beard or the head, you can use the best beard growth oil. Also, castor oil has an effect on hair growth and can fill up those patches after some time. 

Step 2 – Clean and dry your hair and beard

The next step is cleaning your beard and hair using good hair and beard shampoo before conditioning. Dry your hair and beard but be sure to avoid damaging your hair by controlling your hairdryer’s temperature.

Step 3 – Choose a length

The standard cut is a 3-2-1 buzz cut, which means using the number 3 guard on top, number 2 on the sides, and number 1 on the edges. This will ensure that you leave at least 3/8 inch on the top, ½ inch on the sides before finishing tighter at the hairline. 

Just like when cutting your hair using shears, the shorter you trim the hair, the harder it will be to have an uneven length. 

Step 4 – Buzz cut the hair and trim the beard

The next step is trimming the hair to a buzz cut length that you desire. Also, remember to trim the beard to fit the buzz cut style you have chosen.

How to Style and Maintain Buzz Cut With Beard

Step 1 – Trim the hair regularly

The first step to maintaining a buzz cut is to maintain the length and you can only do this if you don’t allow the hair to grow past the length you have chosen.

Therefore, regular trims at home or the barber’s shop will go a long way in maintaining the look. 

Step 2 – Use beard and hair products

Although the buzz cut is easy to maintain, you still need to use hair styling products, especially if you have longer versions of the buzz cut like the crew cut. 

You also need to use beard products like beard oil, wax and balm to condition and style the beard to maintain the look. 

Do’s and Don’ts  


  • Do ensure that you use the right clipper attachment when trimming your buzz cut.
  • Do go for a buzz cut style that suits your face shape.
  • Do consider things like the shape of your cranium, scars, and bumps you may have on the head to determine the right buzz cut length.
  • Do combine your buzz cut with an appropriate beard style. 
  • Do always keep your buzz cut clean and well maintained; after all, that’s the whole point of having a buzz cut.


  • Don’t give yourself a buzz cut if you don’t know how to do it or have never done it before. 


Does a buzz cut look good with a beard?

Yes, a buzz cut looks perfect when combined with a beard. The only thing you need to ensure is that you go for a beard that suits your buzz cut style. 

Can I give myself a buzz cut with a beard trimmer?

Yes, you can use a beard trimmer to give yourself a buzz cut at home. It may be a little messy, though, especially if you’ve never done it before. 

How long will a buzz cut last?

It depends on how long your hair was initially, but generally, you should expect the hair to grow back to that length in 3 to 4 months. 

How often should I wash my buzz cut?

Wash your buzz cut every day using an appropriate hair shampoo before conditioning it. 

Is a buzz cut unprofessional?

Absolutely not! In fact, buzz cuts are universally considered professional hairstyles. 

Does a buzz cut make your hair thicker?

No, just like shaving doesn’t affect your hair’s thickness, a buzz cut will not either. A buzz cut will, however, make patchy spots less noticeable. 


A buzz cut is the most versatile of hairstyles, especially when you add an appropriate beard style. The buzz cut is inspired by military men and happens to have been the father of other short hairstyles like the crew cut.

It is a clean look that is considered professional and one that you should try at some point. Before you cut off your hair, though, make sure you choose a buzz cut style that suits the shape of your face.

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