Man With Buzz Haircut

One of the primary reasons why the buzz cut is one of the trendiest and most popular haircut names right now is convenience. It is very convenient, plus it only requires minimal maintenance.

The buzz cut with beard style is also one of those styles that’s easy and quick to keep up with while leaving a good impression because of its simple yet rugged and masculine look.

Hair Clipper Sizes

When planning to get a buzz cut, the essential tool would be the suitable clipper, which is also helpful for other styles like military haircuts and high-fade hairstyles.

Once you have the clipper, you can start getting the buzz-cut style in the comforts of your own home. In this case, you should familiarize yourself with the haircut numbers that also refer to the clipper’s size. You can quickly and easily locate these numbers on each clipper.

You must keep these numbers in mind as they indicate the amount of hair left on you once the haircut is done. For instance, if you prefer longer and puffy hair, it is highly recommended to pick the higher number.


Number 1

If you go for a buzz cut using the number 1 length, expect the style to be slightly longer than 0. It is also different in the sense that it still makes your scalp a bit exposed, thereby contributing to bringing out your rugged and masculine look.

What’s great about this length is that it also looks fantastic for all hair types, including afro and straight. Forming a wave in your hairline in front and keeping a low-fade haircut on the sides is possible. This can make the style neat and well-kept.

Number 2

This length is only a bit longer than number 1. Get this style by attaching the guard with the number 2 on your hair clipper. It can give you a hair length of around 6 mm or one-fourth inch.

Number 3

The number 3 buzz cut can leave you with a hair length that is 3/8 of an inch. This is the correct length if you want your hair to obtain a serious body and volume. Go for this number if you have no plans to choose a super short style.

Barber Styling Man's Buzz Haircut

Number 4

This number can leave you with a hair length of around half an inch. This is why it is classified as the clipper guard’s medium length. With this length, you can attain a crew or brush cut, which resembles a dyed buzz cut.

The only difference is that you will also notice a skin fade on both sides while the hair on top is made longer. You can expect the number 4 size to be compatible with both thin and thick hair.

Number 5

The buzz cut style using the number five length is longer than the others. It can give you a hair length of around 5/8 of an inch. With this length, you will notice your hair perfectly spread over your entire head.

This can give you a polished and fashionable look. It also gives you that mature and masculine aura while retaining your class and elegance. This length is also suitable for those searching for haircuts for men with diamond faces.

Number 6

Use this length for your buzz cut if you wish to retain hair that is around a quarter-inch long. Have a taper cut for both sides, too, so you will obtain a tighter hairline and showcase a more casual vibe.

It is a longer hairstyle, which is why it also has that slightly messy look. This cut also has some texture, making you look even cooler no matter the occasion.

Number 7

This length can give you almost an inch of hair. It also allows you to combine your style with lower numbers, like 1 to 3. Use these numbers on your sides.

If you want a more defined look, keep your sides shorter. This has a more casual and relaxed vibe. Adding some colors can also make this style look more appealing and vibrant.

Man With Silver Buzz Haircut

Photo @enzo_m3

Number 8

This number can leave you with the longest hair length – around one inch. It is even the longest size you can use if you are interested in the buzz cut.

With that, you can pair it up with a taper fade or undercut on the sides using guard sizes 1, 2, and 3. It looks good on everyone, provided you style it correctly. You can choose to wear this length either up or down, depending on what your outfit is.


What length should I get for a buzz cut?

This depends on you, as choosing the most appropriate buzz cut length does not have to follow strict rules. You can select a length depending on the specific look you intend to achieve and which one makes you feel extremely comfortable.

Should a buzz cut be the same length all over?

Generally, buzz cuts have a similar length all over. This is except for the classic low and high tapers. However, you can also choose to style your buzz cut based on your preference, which means you do not have to follow a similar length.

Is it hard to give yourself a buzz cut?

Not at all. It even only takes you less than ten minutes to get the style. You only have to use your clipper and preferred guard size, then trim your hair carefully. You may also want to apply some hair cream or tonic to hold your chosen style and length.

Can you mess up a buzz cut?

A buzz cut that is on the shorter side has a low risk of getting messed up. Just make sure to use the correct guard. However, for longer buzz-cut styles, you need to be more precise, as this can increase the risk of getting unwanted results.


The buzz cut is indeed one of the trendiest haircuts you can have right now. What’s even better about it is that it does not require much attention and maintenance, so making it a part of your go-to hairstyle choices is worthwhile.