diamond face shape haircuts for men

Having a diamond face shape also means being able to get very interesting hairstyles.

At least that’s what everyone thinks.

In reality, a diamond-shaped face is as demanding as any face shape type.

You can’t just simply go for any sort of hairstyle.

There are things that you have to consider and definitely certain bits of good practices you have to follow.

Luckily, we went through all of them and devised an article that is going to help you pick a hairstyle that is perfect for your diamond face.

15 Top Haircuts for Men with Diamond Face Shape

Diamond Face Shape Shaved Head

diamond shape face Shaved Head

Photo @meeshtheladybarber

Diamond-shaped faces have the excellent bone structure to pull off a shaved head quite nicely. There’s nothing better than a shaved head if you like a fuss-free, easy hairstyle. It also keeps you nice and cool in the summer.

Buzz Cut For Diamond Shaped Face

Buzz Cut

Photo @anthonythebarber916

A buzz cut is even over your head and is a very low-maintenance hairstyle. The hair is cut very close to the scalp in a buzz cut and your bone structure will be emphasized with this cut.

Diamond Face Shape Caesar Haircut

diamond shape face Caesar

Photo @meeshtheladybarber

A Caesar haircut is a classic look that never goes out of style. The hair is short and messy in the front and is kept nice, even on the sides and back. It helps cover up the narrow forehead.

If you know how to shape your beard like a pro, you should pair it with a beard for a balanced look.

Diamond Face Shape Crew Cut With a Fade

diamond shaped face Crew Cut With a Fade

Photo @jayblendedit

A crew cut might not look good on its own, but it accentuates the face’s natural features when paired with a fade. If you want to customize the look a little, think about taper vs. fade.

Diamond Face Shape Side Part Hair

diamond shaped face Side Part

Photo @alan_beak

A side part hairstyle takes away the attention from the severity of the bone structure. If you want to add a modern touch to the style, ask your barber to go over the parting with a razor.

You can also style your side part with a slicked-back look. All you need is some hair wax and you’re good to go.

Diamond Face Shape Comb Over

Comb Over Diamond Face Shape Hairstyle

Photo @alan_beak

A comb-over hairstyle keeps the sides and back short and leaves a lot of volume on top, perfect for a diamond-shaped face. You can style it with the best hair gel or pomade to hold it in place. Comb over hairstyles looks excellent with a boxed beard.

Faux Hawk For Diamond Face Shape

Faux Hawk

Photo @alan_beak

A faux hawk gives you a lot of volume on top and evens out the shape of your face so well that it starts looking oval-shaped instead of diamond-shaped. There is a lot of volume on top and the sides make your face appear wider.

Diamond Face Shape Fringe

Fringe Diamond Face Shape Hairstyle

Photo @alan_beak

A fringe is excellent for diamond-shaped faces and it gives you soft layers in the front and takes the attention from the narrow forehead and jaw. You can go for a messy fringe or a side-swept fringe.

Pompadour For Diamond Face Shape

diamond shaped face Pompadour hairstyle

Photo @alan_beak

A pompadour looks excellent on diamond-shaped faces. There is a lot of volume on top and the sides are also prominent.

It will balance out the shape of your face quite well. Make sure you style it well; a messy pompadour is one of those grooming mistakes you want to avoid.

Diamond Face Shape Swept Back Hairstyle

Swept Back

Photo @alan_beak

Keeping your hair slightly longer than usual and going for a swept-back look is a good idea if you have a diamond-shaped face.

You have the volume on every side and keeping it swept back will ensure that it doesn’t overpower your features. Keep a pair of powerful hair clippers on hand to maintain the look.

Man Bun Hairstyle For Diamond Face Shape

Man Bun Diamond Face Shape Haircut

Photo @jayblendedit

Man buns are all the rage right now and they suit diamond-shaped faces very well. Pair it with a Garibaldi beard and it will become one of the most masculine looks you have ever sported.

Textured Crop For Diamond Face Shape

Textured Crop

Photo @alan_beak

A textured crop has a lot going on top, making your face appear less narrow. It is usually paired with a fade on the sides and back, making your ears stick out like Dumbo.

Quiff Haircut For Diamond Shaped Face

Quiff Diamond Face Shape Haircut

Photo @alan_beak

A quiff is a toned-down version of a pompadour, so you should consider a quiff if you want a less dramatic version of the pompadour. You need some premium hair pomade or hair wax to style it and it does require some maintenance every day.

Diamond Face Shape Wavy Side Part

Wavy Side Part

Photo @alan_beak

If you have wavy or curly hair, this look will work for you. The hair is kept a lot longer and parted on the side. The natural waviness of the hair is left as it is and it is a very messy yet chic look.

Diamond Face Shape And Long Curly Hair

Long Curly

Photo @meeshtheladybarber

If you have curly hair, just let it grow out. Long, curly hair suits diamond-shaped faces very well.

What Is a Diamond Face Shape

A diamond face shape is very common. Just picture a diamond shape in your head. In a face, the face is long, the cheekbones are high and prominent and the jaw is the narrowest part of the face. Diamond-shaped faces have defined bone structures.

How to Choose Diamond Face Shape Haircut

Diamond-shaped faces have very prominent cheekbones, so choosing a haircut that will balance out the face is important.

Quiff Diamond Face Shape Haircut

Having a greater volume of hair on top and keeping the hair in the front short and classy will create an even and balanced look. Keep the volume on the sides to make up for the narrow forehead.

Scissor cuts will ensure that any layers in the hair are soft and not overly defined or geometric. Don’t get any sharp cuts that make your features look severe or make your hairstyle unprofessional.


Which male celebrities have a diamond face shape?

Johnny Depp, Hugh Laurie, Cillian Murphy, and Timothee Chalamet have diamond-shaped faces.

Is diamond face shape rare?

It is not very common to have a diamond-shaped face.

What haircut suits a diamond face shape?

Quiffs, pompadours, fringes, Caesar cuts, and buzz cuts suit diamond-shaped faces.

Does long hair suit a diamond face shape?

Long hair can suit a diamond face shape if it is curly or cut in layers to frame the face.


It can be tricky choosing a haircut if you have a diamond face shape as not everything will look good on you. Go through our list of the best haircuts for diamond face shapes to find a perfect look for you.

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