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10 Best Johnny Depp Movie Hairstyles

Public Enemies

There is this classic hairstyle that Johnny Depp wore in the movie Public Enemies. It is one of the most vintage and timeless men’s hairstyles that are now coming back.

It features a long front and a style that graduates using smooth layering while going to the back of your head. You can see the hair tapered to the skin, specifically surrounding the sides and back. Give a bit of length to your temples.


Johnny Depp also has a stylish hairstyle in the film, Blow. The hairstyle he had in the movie primarily features loose bohemian waves. It also looks relaxed, giving it a cool surfer vibe.

Cry Baby

In this film, Depp showed off a classic rock n roll hairstyle. It is a classic and top quiff hairstyle today, also referred to as the rockabilly quiff. You can wear it at present by adding a few modern adjustments.

Choose to give all sides a fade or the top a messy quiff. It also gives you options for unique short haircuts, as it works for those with short hair.

Donnie Brasco

This character made Johnny Depp wear an unforgettable short slicked-back hairstyle. It may not be as stylish and famous as cool men’s punk haircuts nowadays, but you can still sport it confidently.

Let your hair sit right while ensuring that you do not put on too many hair products.


Here, you can see Johnny Depp donning a bohemian hairstyle. He tied his long hair into a low, messy ponytail, which he could pull off nicely.

What’s Eating Gilbert Grape

In this movie, Johnny Depp sported a hairstyle that perfectly complements his overall character and personality and the trend at that time. It is a 90s style consisting of naturally textured waves grown long.

Finding Neverland

Here, you will see Johnny Depp wearing a slicked-back style with a nice parting. It has a vintage and classic look, representing sophistication and being polished.

The Tourist

In “The Tourist,” Johnny Depp had a chin-length bob. You can also sport this messy but stylish hairstyle, especially if you have thick and naturally wavy hair.

Johnny Depp With Long Hair and Van Dyke Beard Wearing a Hat

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21 Jump Street

The style in this movie consists of a parting on the side that is also grown long. There is also a floppy swept-back fringe. This has a modern and polished vibe.


In this science fiction movie, Johnny Depp wore a short, modern, textured hairstyle that perfectly fits him. The top is longer, while the back and sides are shorter. It is a messy haircut filled with layers and texture.

6 Stunning Johnny Depp Haircuts

Wavy Quiff

This is one of the top quiff hairstyles by the famous Johnny Depp. You can also see Johnny Depp’s beard in this style. It is because he paired it up with a thin beard and a soul patch. It gives his overall look a sort of class and sophistication in a subtler manner.

Side-Swept Flow Hair

If you prefer a slightly mature look, you can emulate the side-swept flow hair that Johnny Depp had already rocked. It is a versatile cut that fits almost all facial shapes and occasions.

Dual-Toned Mohawk

You may have also noticed Johnny Depp sporting a stylish mohawk. It is actually in the form of a dual-toned mohawk that also features an undercut. The entire style has black and gold highlights that create a nice contrast of being scary and attractive.

With the sides having a tapered undercut, a mustache, and a beard, the entire look becomes more intense and can showcase one’s masculinity and toughness.

Long Curtain Hair

His long curtain hair seems slightly disheveled or messy but generally appealing. It features long hair with a touch of a soul patch. The reason is an unconventional yet nice-looking hairdo.

Johnny Depp With Long Shaggy Haircut Wearing Glasses

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Short Punk Hairstyle

With this famous Johnny Depp hairstyle, you can integrate an element of punk into your overall hairstyling. It combines a soul patch and short spikes, plus you can wear it with a tattoo – all of which look good together in bringing out a unique look.


Johnny Depp was also already seen wearing dreadlocks for men. It is one of his most famous and recognizable hairstyles. It combines bleached long bangs and long Viking dreadlocks with his soul patch.

It is an unforgettable style because the combination of the mentioned elements looks so good.

How to Style and Maintain

Step 1 – Find out which hairstyle works for you

When choosing a style, you may want to consider your facial features and shapes and the character you would like to showcase.

Step 2 – Grow out your hair

This is important as many famous Johnny Depp hairstyles have additional length, further creating shape and texture.

Step 3 – Shorter or longer hairstyle

For shorter styles, the area surrounding the sides should be styled into a low taper, with the top around 3 to 4 inches. Form a messy texture, so you can also style it into a quiff or slick back.

Step 4 – Apply the right products

Put on a mousse to your damp hair, regardless if it is long or medium-length hair. Other products you may want to use would be a hair pomade to make your hair shinier and smoother and a salt or wave spray in case you are after sporting a wavy look.


What is Johnny Depp’s hairstyle called?

Johnny Depp sports several hairstyles during his entire career. He already wore what we call the undercut and the bro flow.

Other hairstyles that looked good on him are the rockabilly quiff, slicked back, long hair, and additional length on top featuring some messy texture.

How to ask for a Johnny Depp hairstyle?

Johnny Depp is famous, so you can rest assured that almost all barbers you visit will know what to do if you ask for a hairstyle like his.

The best way to ensure you get what you want is to bring a picture of him on your visit to your barber to avoid confusion regarding the cut and styling.

What is Johnny Depp’s 90s hairstyle called?

The curtain hairstyle. It was one of the things about him that made him so endearing to the public. Fortunately, this style is trending, so you can also get it.

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