Jack Sparrow Beard – Wear It Like a Badass Pirate

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Johnny Depp is one of the most polarizing and popular figures in Hollywood.

He has managed to achieve that with his captivating good looks, charm, and acting style.

But a lot of that goes to his legendary beard style.

Johnny Depp has had some very interesting beard style choices over the years, with the Jack Sparrow look being a standout.

He did not only reinvent the pirate look with it but also revolutionized the facial hair industry for men.

Many guys have tried to copy the Johnny Depp beard style.

Many have failed and given up.

You don’t have to give up when you have a definitive guide at your disposal.

What you have here in front of you is a help book that will get you that Jack Sparrow beard (or some other Johny style) you’ve been yearning for and you only need to follow a few steps to do so.

Here is where you need to start.

Johnny Depp Beard Styles

The most famous person that rocked the Jack Sparrow beard is certainly Johnny Depp.

Besides the Sparrow beard, Johnny Depp has been known for various goatee styles, which can look very similar to the Van Dyke beard style.

Johnny Depp and His Different Goatee Beard Styles

Anthony Van Dyke was known for bringing his chin beard to a sharp and long point. Depp’s beard differs from Van Dyke’s because it is messier than the typical Van Dyke style.

Depp usually wears a goatee, while leaving the hairs on his cheeks patchy. His mustache is mostly very thin and it appears that Depp likes to employ the beard fade from the jawline to the sideburns.

The History of the Jack Sparrow Braids

The Sparrow beard is based on several different themes. While the braided beard and beads were seen on pirates of the 18th century, the style was also common among many freelance merchants.

The braided beard style actually stems from much earlier times in Scandinavia. Vikings would braid their facial hair in a similar fashion to that of the Sparrow.

In fact, it was from these great Norse seafarers that pirates of the 18th century ultimately derived their braided fury.

The History of the Jack Sparrow Braids

The Sparrow and Other Pirate Beard Styles

The pirate beard is the general term to describe many different styles. Some pirates would have braided beards like that of the Sparrow, while others would simply have very thick and full beards.

In reality, it depended greatly on the period of time and even which country they were from. While some pirates had epic beards, other badass pirates, like Henry Avery, had a small pointed mustache and small pointed chin beard.

How to Achieve the Perfect Jack Sparrow Beard

The Sparrow beard requires much more devotion, time and skills than most other beard styles.

The Sparrow combines both short and long facial hair styles, and because of that, it will require long growth (to achieve the braids), as well as careful trimming, in order to shorten the parts around the braids.

Those who are not as experienced in how to trim a beard should practice before attempting to grow this style.

For a few brave ones out there, here is what needs to be done in order to achieve the perfect Jack Sparrow beard. First off, you should shave the neckline and the cheeks.

Leave the mustache and a soul patch alone, and don’t trim the chin. In fact, mustache should be allowed to grow just over the edges of the mouth.

With the help of a proper beard shaper, shape the soul patch into a triangle. The hair at the bottom of your chin should be left to grow 4” to 5” long.

The last step is to separate the hairs on your chin into two braids and then use beads to tie both of them.

The Jack Sparrow Beard Styling Tips

The best tip to achieve and style the perfect Sparrow is that you should wait for the hairs to grow and then cut them all off.

Well, not quite all of it. You have to grow out the hairs on the chin, especially for the braiding purposes.

Men who can grow a beard faster will not have to wait too long to become a symbol of piracy. Next, use beads or hair bands for your braids.

Like any braid, your facial hair will only hold together if tied with beads or something similar. If you do not have beads lying around, you can use hair ties or even rubber bands in order to hold the braids together.

However, those who are looking to make an impact and are truly devoted to the Sparrow persona will invest in some nice beads for their epic braids.
Last but not least, you should invest in a high-quality trimmer. The best beard trimmers will have adjustments between 1/8” and 1/16” for close shaves.

While the Sparrow look is, in part, supposed to represent the messy carefree life of a pirate, you are not necessarily a pirate and can choose to make your Sparrow much more well defined.

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