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We all know a sexy beard starts with the perfect neckline. And that nothing good comes from the neckbeard when your “beard” is racing down your neck to warmly greet your chest hairs.

It’s not likely to turn any heads (at least not in a positive way). It’s definitely not a professional look, it’s downright uncomfortable, and seriously – it makes you look like the ape-man.

Yet, there are still men unsure of how to find a good beard neckline and not to mention how to trim and shape it properly.

If you’re one of those men, there were probably times (more than you can count) when you felt uncomfortable and intimidated in the presence of a bearded bro with a professional, sharp, tidy neckline.

Well, after this in-depth article, you’ll be that guy. We cover how to find your beard neckline, how to trim it properly and even how to fix a bad neckline if you’ve already messed it up.

How to Identify Your Beard Neckline

There are two ways to identify your beard neckline – finding or locating your Adam’s apple first and then putting two of your fingers over it. Note that the topmost part of your fingers is the approximate spot where your neckline’s bottom point must be.

Another method of finding your beard neckline is to tilt your head downward. When doing so, you will most likely notice a crease forming in the specific spot where your jaw’s underside meets the topmost part of your neck.

You should then put the finger on the formed crease then keep your head straight.

Proper Beard Necklines

Tools You Will Need for Trimming

There are a couple of tools you will need to trim your beard neckline, including the following:

Electric Trimmer

Some recommend using an electric trimmer instead of a razor when trimming the neckline, jawline or neckline beard. It provides extra control while keeping the stress and pressure on your skin minimal, even if you use the trimmer often.

Just make sure to go for a powerful trimmer that is also adequately detailed so that you will know how to use it to reach even those close spaces while ensuring that you form sharp and necessarily tight lines.


Your mustache or beard trimming kit should also contain a pair of tweezers. You will find this helpful even if you don’t have a mustache, as it also works even for heavy stubble or a patchy beard.

With your tweezers, you will have an easier time spotting and reaching ingrown hairs. It also promotes ease in getting rid of those hair fragments.

You need to find the correct location or spot for your beard neckline, after which you have to prepare the tools to trim the area.

Apart from the electric trimmer or tweezers, you may also need the following:

Wooden Brush and Comb

This aids in getting rid of the tangles of your facial hair and making it look tidy and organized.

Beard Trimmer

This tool features sharp cutting blades and a few guards that you can use for various hair lengths. You can use it for proper mustache trimming and shaving, even those bushy beard styles.


You need a pair of beard scissors that you can also use for trimming.

Razor and Shaving Cream

You need both if you want to get a clean shave. This is intended for you if you have a pair of steady hands. Just ensure you clean your razors often so they won’t accumulate dirt.

Beard Bib

With the aid of this bib, you can catch even the surplus or excess hair before they get the chance to escape over your tiles and into the wash bin.


Go for a multi-angled one, as this helps get a clear view of your actions, thereby preventing mistakes.

Three Beard Trimmers

How to Shape and Trim Beard Necklines

Step 1 – Wash and clean both your neck and face

Wash it with warm water and your usual cleanser. You need to do this so the hair in the area will soften and you can open your pores, resulting in a close shave.

This can also prevent razor burn and irritation and the uncomfortable beard itch. After cleaning and washing, towel dry the area gently.

Step 2 – Give it your desired shape

Suppose you prefer a rounder shape surrounding your earlobe and gently round each corner of your beard. You can also get a square shape.
All it takes is to try forming a sharp edge by inching toward your earlobe.

Step 3 – Start trimming

Start trimming using an electric trimmer, razor, tweezer or scissors. Start to form the neckline while following your preferred shape.
Pull down your trimmer along the line to form the initial line.

After that, clear the remaining hair beneath the formed line by going upwards.

Step 4 – Rinse and clean

Rinse and clean with water to remove all stray hair after the procedure. Make it a point to apply a beard balm once you are done trimming to keep your skin moisturized and prevent ingrown hair.

End the beard trimming and shaping process with a beard oil or conditioner for beards, which aids in maintaining the excellent condition of your facial hair or beard and prevent breakage or split ends.

How to Maintain a Beard Neckline

Step 1 – Shave and trim your beard neckline regularly

You must learn to shave with a safety razor or any other tool to ensure your beard neckline looks neat. Commit to maintaining a clean neckline at the very least twice a month.

Step 2 – Commit to shaving with the grain instead of against it

Ensure you also use a sharp blade during shaving to lessen the risk of ingrown hairs and irritation.

Step 3 – Apply quality and safe products

Apply safe products designed to pamper the sensitive skin around the area. It could be a shaving cream, oil or gel.

Make it a point to use products containing ingredients that are good for your skin and beard – one example is shea butter which aids in conditioning your skin as you shave, and glycolic acid, which is often found in a beard wash that can help avoid razor burns.

Step 4 – Clean and replace your blades

Ensure they are in tip-top shape before using them on your neckline.

Beard Styles and Your Neckline

Aside from learning how to trim, shape and maintain your beard neckline, it also helps to learn and understand how to make it compatible with your chosen beard style, whether you have a curly beard, stubble, or bushy, full and long beard.

Serious Beard Man in a White T-Shirt and Tattoos

A wise piece of advice if you want to get a well-shaped beard and a straight line like the short-boxed beard is to make the lowest point of your beard clearly defined on your jawline.

If you prefer your beard neckline to have a longer style, like the hipster beard, go for one with a more natural-looking line and one with a less sharp definition.

It also helps to experiment using a beard style with minimal definition initially. The reason is that in most cases, the beard neckline is not that visible if you have a long beard. You also can keep the lines sharp anytime if you do not like the result.

Make sure that your chosen beard style is compatible with the shape of your face too. For instance, if your jawline has a sharp edge, a softer and rounder neckline may suit you better.

Common Mistakes to Avoid

Carving Into Your Beard Area When Trimming the Neckline

This could be where your beard is on your jaw or chin. It could be that you set your neckline too high or get an awkward and unnatural intrusion because of an accidental slip as you use your razor.

If you make such a mistake, you can just let your beard or facial hair grow without doing anything to it for one to two weeks.
You can then fix it using the new growth by trimming based on your preferred style and length and redefining your neckline.

Creating a Neckline Too Early

This is another mistake you must avoid, especially if you are still a beginner in growing a beard and trimming your neckline.
It would be much better to allow your beard to grow decently first before you try to make a discerning point between your neck and beard.

Not Shaving In the Right Direction

Make sure that you learn about the exact direction of your shave every time you need to do it on your neck. The best recommendation is to shave following the precise direction of hair growth instead of against it. By doing that, you can prevent ingrown hair and unwanted irritation.

Not Preparing the Skin Well Enough

Ensure you prepare your skin for trimming and shaving before doing it. One tip is to trim after a warm shower or after you dampen the area using a warm towel. This should help open up your pores and create a shaving surface that guarantees the best result.

Also, make it a point to keep the skin on your neck taut. This should help lower the risk of cuts, scraps and snags when using a razor or trimmer. Once done, use an aftershave without any alcohol or some cold water to close your pores.

Stylish Man With a Thick Trimmed Beard


How often should you trim your beard neckline?

This depends on the speed of your facial hair growth. On average, though, a minimum of two monthly trimmings every month is the norm.

Should my beard neckline be straight or curved?

In most cases the beard neckline has to extend in a curve, starting from one ear to another and then going past your Adam’s apple, specifically in the middle.

How far down the neck should a beard neckline be?

Generally, the beard neckline should be kept around one and a half inches over your Adam’s apple.
Note, though, that the exact spot for your beard neckline will still depend on your beard’s length and overall look.

How to know if your beard neckline is too high or too low?

One way to determine if your beard neckline is already too high or too low is by checking how far it is to or from your Adam’s apple.

The Adam’s apple, which refers to the bump you can find in your throat that is often halfway between your chin and your neck’s base, gives you an ultimate landmark when crafting your neckline.

Observe the spot where your Adam’s apple is, then start grooming your beard so that it ends within its vicinity.
In most cases, the beards should be kept around one-half to one inch and one-half over your Adam’s apple.

If the beard line goes below that mark, it is too low, causing it to look unkempt and messy.
On the other hand, the beard line is too high if it goes above that mark in your Adam’s apple.

If that happens, there is a chance for the neckline to appear out of style and awkward.

How can you avoid razor burns when shaving your neckline?

One way to prevent razor burns every time you shave your neckline is to prepare your skin first.
You can do that by wetting your face using hot water or taking a hot or warm shower first.

This should help in making your skin soft. You must also apply a beard conditioner to soften your facial hair.
 Before putting your shaver against your skin, you also have to use a gentle cleanser.

This should help lift and reveal ingrown hairs, lowering your risk of having a shaving rash or razor burn on your neck.
It is also highly recommended to use a trimmer and pair it up with a precision blade if you are prone to razor burns.

By doing that, your skin will get a close trim, like what you will get from shaving. This also helps in keeping your neckline more defined.

How to prevent irritated skin when making a neckline?

Short answer: shave with the grain. Do the opposite, and you’ll experience ingrown hairs.
Easier said than done if you don’t know which way is with the grain. Fortunately, a simple tactic can help you figure that out.

Run the fingers around your neck, and when you run into the most resistance, you’ve found yours against the grain.
The smoothest path is with the grain, and there is where you should shave the neckline.

Do you need shaving cream for neckline trimming?

Yes, but only a dime size. Shaving cream is essential if you’re using single-blade razors.
Shaving cream should be mixed with a bit of water in the bowl.

You’ll know you’ve gotten the perfect texture when the consistency is like whipped cream.

Is it better to trim the neckline after the shower?

The pores are more open after the warm shower. Trimming the neckline after you shower makes the whole process a lot easier. 
Another way is to press a towel with warm water on the face for a few minutes to loosen up the skin.

After you trim your neckline you should close the pores with cold water or an aftershave without alcohol to keep your skin cleaner and healthier.

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