Beard Oil Bottle Dropper and Beard Brush

Most men understand the need to maintain a clean and healthy beard.

As such, they know the need for beard oil and conditioner. However, some people are confused about the appropriateness of either.

Here’s a breakdown of the use of each product and their significant differences to help you understand which to pick.


Beard oil and conditioner are used for two distinct purposes. Both keep your beard looking great and healthy, but they contain different ingredients, have different application instructions, and produce different results.

Beard oils make your beard shine better, moisturize the skin underneath it, and hydrate the hair. This reduces the scratchiness of a dry beard and improves the sheen, but it does not affect the hair. On the other hand, beard conditioner is used to soften the beard’s hair.

Leave-in conditioners, such as beard balm, can help while still in the beard, but a beard conditioner combined with a beard shampoo achieves this effect more effectively.



Beard oil is created by combining carrier oil with essential oils. The combinations can produce either scented or unscented beard oils. The carrier oil serves as the oil’s base, and the essential oils give the solution its scent and additional benefits.

Beard oils can be made with various carrier oils and many essential oils. While only a few essential oils are present in each oil, they provide manufacturers with a wide range of production options. Beard conditioner is available in both natural and synthetic varieties.

It is always preferable to use natural products. They may be more expensive, but they are always better for you. Beard conditioners contain an oil base, such as coconut oil, which absorbs into hairs as warm water does.

Natural oils and fats are added to this base to soften the hair and nourish it and the skin around it. While beard conditioner contains some of the same ingredients as beard oil, it always has more ingredients because it serves a greater purpose.


Beard oil is used as needed, but most men apply it to their beards as part of their morning routine. They shower, trim or shave as required, and apply beard oil before washing their hands and heading to work.


Beard oil comes in small, portable bottles you can throw in a bag or pocket and take with you wherever you go. On the other hand, a beard conditioner is typically used in the shower.

To begin with the conditioner, wet your beard with lukewarm water and massage shampoo. Allow this to sit for a minute or two before thoroughly washing it.

Man Holding a Tube of Conditioner

When to Use Oil and When Conditioner

Any man who considers his facial hair an extension of his style should use a beard conditioner. Everything from stubble to a full Garibaldi beard looks great with it. The main advantage of a beard conditioner is that it generally makes your beard look good.

We’ve all seen the guy with the squirrel on his face. It appears unsettling and occasionally stinks. Beard conditioner is the recommended product for squirrel face correction, especially with a curly beard.

If you can’t bring yourself to buy beard balms, oils, lotions, shampoos, and other products, at the very least, use a beard conditioner to keep yourself fresh and healthy. The longer your beard, the more you will appreciate beard oil.

That is not to say that beard oil should not be used on stubble or light growth. You’ll get the same advantages. On the other hand, guys with long, frizzy beards and Arab beards tend to notice the most difference.

Beard oil improves manageability, reducing beard dandruff and the shininess of your hair. Oils also work well for a black man’s goatee. Before making any purchase, understand the beard oils’ side effects and determine if they are appropriate.

Both conditioners and oils are excellent beard gift ideas.

How to Choose Between Oil and Conditioner

With so many beard oils on the market, deciding which one is best for you can be difficult when you’re just starting. Despite having few ingredients, beard oils offer a wide range of options.

While you should never buy too many at once, you should be encouraged to experiment with different brands to find the best one. You might want to consider purchasing a variety pack but stick to those with no more than three oils. After all, they do expire.

There are a lot of great conditioners out there. If you are planning on getting both oil and a conditioner, try one of the value packs available in the market.

Remember to check whether the conditioner is a leave-in or a washout option, depending on what you need.


Is beard oil better than a beard conditioner?

Both beard oil and conditioners are equally essential because they serve different purposes.

What goes first, beard oil or conditioner?

Beard conditioner goes first because you use it when cleaning the beard. You then apply beard oil to lock in the moisture and keep your beard healthy.

Man Washing His Beard

Should I use beard conditioner every day?

No. Only use beard conditioner during deep washing days so it doesn’t mess up your beard’s moisture retention abilities.


If you are growing a beard, you need both beard oil and a beard conditioner. However, you need to understand their purposes so you use them appropriately.