Heavy Stubble man

A heavy stubble is one of the most attractive beard styles there is.

It breathes masculinity, sexepil and confidence and drives women wild with lust.

You will often see popular figures in sports or Hollywood sporting heavy stubble and it makes them look even hotter.

It actually makes perfect sense why guys try to copy a heavy stubble look on their own.

However, creating a really hot and sexy stubble takes a lot of work than just letting your beard grow to about four to five millimeters.

There is a whole lot of work and grooming needed to get things particularly right.

To prevent you from making mistakes or giving up on this look we’ve made an article that will act as your guide to creating a perfect heavy stubble.

The only thing that you have to do is follow all the instructions and pieces of advice added here and your beard will look as hot as a celebrity.

Let’s start with the following:

What Is a Heavy Stubble Beard

A heavy stubble beard is the longest stubble beard that you can spot on your face. It is usually 4-5mm (1/8 inch) long and called the 10-day beard. An average man only needs 10 days to don the heavy stubble beard.

The 10-day beard is the longest of the three types of stubbles you can wear on your face. You could also grow a 5 o’clock shadow beard or a designer stubble.

The heavy stubble beard is so attractive because it is not exaggerated in length and is easy to maintain. If you wear a heavy stubble beard be ready to get more smiles and approving looks from people because you will look good!

Types of Heavy Stubble Beard

Classic Heavy Stubble

Classic Heavy Stubble

Photo @barbersukraine

As its name exudes, this is a timeless style of the heavy stubble beard. It requires you to grow a mustache and a beard and maintain it at 4-5 mm and keep it well-groomed. The look has been worn by men for many years and is still very fashionable.

For the beard to have its classic and fashionable touch, you need to groom it properly. The neckline and the cheek line must be well defined and sharp. This look is ideal for men who want to look good without engaging in fancy trims and shaping their beards.

Heavy Stubble Goatee

Heavy Stubble Goatee

Photo @loonyborz

This style allows you to grow a beard and a mustache, but not on your cheeks. The mustache could be connected to the chin beard to give a connected goatee style. It could also be disconnected to create the disconnected goatee style.

Whichever of the two styles you choose to don, you must groom them well to have that sharp look. If you have patchy cheeks this could be the ideal beard style for you.

The heavy stubble goatee adds prominence and length to your chin. It is ideal for men with weak chins or round faces.

Mustache With a Heavy Stubble

Mustache With a Heavy Stubble

Photo @loonyborz

This style is not as common as the other heavy stubble styles, but it exudes deep masculinity on the wearer. It stands out because the mustache is longer than the rest of your beard and is great for men who like to don mustaches.

The rest of your facial hair should be well-trimmed to bring out the contrast on the mustache. If you maintain this, you will have a stylish, sleek and unique look.

Extended Heavy Stubble Goatee

Extended Heavy Stubble Goatee

Photo @zoltan_cutzz

This is also one of the most outstanding beard styles for men with weak chins and round faces. To achieve this, grow hair on your chin and none on the cheeks. You will need to have bottom edges that tail along the first part of the jawline.

This gives you more definition on the jawline and does not draw too much attention to your face. It is a nice way to make a regular goatee more outstanding.

Heavy Stubble Goatee With a Chin Strap

Heavy Stubble Goatee With a Chin Strap

Photo @yeganebarber

This style requires growing a thin strip of facial hair that runs from your chin to each ear. The strap can vary in thickness, but the overall effect is the same. This style is great for adding definition to your jawline by creating nice contours on both sides of your face.

You can achieve a mature look with this style because it gives you a touch of sophistication and a sexy appeal. The style adds structure to your jawline and chin, giving you a more masculine touch. It is also effortless to maintain!

Full Heavy Stubble

Photo @serdar.sharofov

Long Stubble

Photo @jcbarber17

Circle Stubble Beard

Photo @finosmen

Heavy Stubble With Circle

Photo @zoltan_cutzz

Goatee And Heavy Stubble

Photo @kasthebarber

Full And Long Stubble

Photo @kasthebarber

Heavy Stubble Extended Goatee

Photo @legendary.barber

Full Goatee Heavy Stubble

Photo @soxib_barber1

Circle And Heavy Stubble

Photo @barbersukraine

Thicker Heavy Stubble

Photo @barbersukraine

Heavy Stubble Style

Photo @sami_barbershop

Garibaldi Heavy Stubble

Photo @pjabreu

Heavy Stubble And Circle

Photo @ledanieljames

Extended Goatee With Stubble

Photo @yeganebarber

Goatee With Stubble

Photo @yeganebarber

Chin Strap And Stubble

Photo @alan_beak

Long And Full Stubble

Photo @alan_beak

Heavy Stubble Balbo

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Anchor And Heavy Stubble

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Heavy Stubble Long Goatee

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Benefits of Growing One


One reason why the heavy stubble beard should be your facial hair design of choice is the manliness it exudes for you.

If you can take care of the heavy stubble beard by cleaning it, keeping it well-trimmed and applying the right products such as oils and balms, then you will pass as one of the best groomed men.

And essentially, the one reason why we take all the efforts we do to have a nice beard is to be well-groomed.

Easy to Maintain

The other reason why you should wear a heavy stubble beard is that it has been voted as one of the easiest to maintain beards for men who care about their looks. It is easy to clean, trim and comb through, giving you a neat look all day long.

Your face is usually the most looked at feature and it would be an added advantage if you wore a nicely maintained heavy stubble beard.

How Does a It Work

The heavy stubble beard stands out as one of those styles that give you a cool, laid-back look coupled with deep masculinity. Not many beards can help you achieve this and the heavy stubble beard has become a favorite for many men for giving them this perfect combo.

However, there is a catch. If you do not groom trim and maintain your heavy stubble beard, you could end up looking like a poorly groomed man. You would end up looking like you grew a beard without knowing how to take care of it.

You do not want to walk around bearing the tag of a careless man. A heavy stubble beard will look great on you if you take the time to understand what it is and how you can groom it. 

Understand what you can and cannot do with your beard and get the best products to take care of it. Do your research and most importantly, commit yourself to take care of your beard.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of a Heavy Stubble


  • For years, the heavy stubble beard has been voted as one of the most attractive beard styles for men.
    And who wouldn’t want to look good? I am sure you would love to walk around with a well-maintained beard.
    The stubble is relatively easy to maintain and with commitment, you will achieve that celebrity look with your facial hair.
  • A heavy stubble is one of the easiest to maintain beards. It is neither too long nor too short and you can comfortably groom it in your bathroom. The stubble can be combed through with a soft beard brush and achieve that well-laid look.
  • You won’t struggle with excess oil on your chin because you will only need to apply a small amount of beard oil on the stubble to give it that shiny look. You also do not need to go to the barber for a nice cleanup on your beard. You can comfortably do it at home and even learn how you can trim your heavy stubble at home!


  • Unfortunately, the heavy stubble beard is not ideal for all face shapes. You may need to understand the different shapes that look good with the heavy stubble beard before settling for it. Ensure that you look great with the beard and do not look confused and careless by trying to achieve a look that does not match your face.
  • If you decide to wear a heavy stubble beard please keep it well-groomed. It is one of the most attractive beard styles, but it can also be a very repelling look if it is not well maintained. Visit your barber as often as necessary and learn how to take care of your beard at home. Although it is a short beard it also requires a lot of work to achieve a well-groomed look.

Heavy Stubble and Different Face Shapes

A heavy stubble beard is one of the safest beards to grow because it does not limit any face shape. However, if you are looking for perfection in terms of beard styles then here is something you need to know.

The heavy stubble beard style is most appropriate for the diamond, square and oblong face shapes. Why, you ask?

These three face shapes have defined and angular features that are complemented by the heavy stubble beard.
The heavy stubble is ideal for the oblong shape because it does not add any extra length to your already long face.

The heavy stubble beard is not necessarily an appropriate style for the round, heart, oval and triangle shapesThese are shorter and softer face shapes and they need a long beard which can be shaped to add extra length to the face.

How to Grow It

Step 1 – Allow the beard to grow

Simple. Stop shaving your beard, chin, cheeks and mustache. For 8-12 days, do not touch a single hair on your face, literally.

After 8-12 days, your face will have an uneven growth of stubble around it. The stubble should be 4-5mm long at this point, and the cheeks and neckline are not groomed. You can choose to keep the natural stubble or trim and shape it to look more groomed.

However, a tapered beard looks clean and well maintained, so you might have to take the latter option.

Step 2 – Trim the beard

If you decide to trim and shape your heavy stubble beard visit a barber to help you do it. The barber will help to trim the beard to an even length and clean the edges with the help of the best hair clippers.

 A good barber will also use one of the world’s best stubble trimmer. The outcome will be a well-maintained 10-day stubble.

How to Trim and Shape a Heavy Stubble

Once you have achieved the heavy stubble beard on your face you need to keep it well-groomed by trimming and shaping it.
It is easy to d
o this because beard shapers are simple to use and trimming won’t take up too much time.

Step 1 – Clean the beard

Wash and exfoliate your beard before every trimming session. Use lukewarm water for best results. Use a gentle facial scrub to exfoliate or a weekly exfoliating was to remove the excess oils in your beard. It will also help to remove the dead cells on your skin. 

If you do not do this your beard would be tangled, causing you pain when you trim it. Do not exfoliate more than once a week because too much exfoliation could cause you skin irritation.

Step 2 – Adjust the trimmer setting

Adjust your trimmer length setting to help you achieve the desired length on your beard. You can do this by using a separate length guard or turning the dial on your trimmer. Set it between 4-5 mm because this is the ideal length for a heavy stubble beard.

You may want to vary the length of your beard to get a fuller and neater look. Cheek hair is often patchy, so you may consider cutting it at 5mm. A specific stubble trimmer works better than a regular beard trimmer so you can achieve the desired lengths in your beard.

Ensure that the trimmer you get is adjustable to your desired lengths in small increments of 0.5-1mm.

Step 3 – Start trimming

Once you have adjusted your trimmer it’s time to get down to business. First, trim all your beard to 5mm and decide the areas that you want to be thicker than others. If you notice that even at 4mm your stubble cannot be trimmed, you may need to give it a few more days of growth.

Shave against the grain for the best results. This means shaving against the direction of hair growth. Pull-on the skin gently as you trim to avoid accidents and help you trim the trickier areas. Pull the cheeks gently upward to make the chin area more visible and easier to trim.

Work on your beard until you are satisfied that you have achieved the ideal length. If you want you can achieve a straighter beard using a beard relaxer. There are many brands in the market for you to choose from.

Now, let’s shape it.

Step 4 – Sharpen the cheek lines

First, work on sharpening the cheek lines for a sleek and neat look. Visualize the outline of your natural cheek, then shave any stray hairs that grow above them.

Step 5 – Define the neckline

Define your stubble neckline to achieve that perfect well-groomed look. If you have a high neckline you will get a double-chinned appearance and if it is too low, you will look untidy.

Here is how to achieve that perfect neckline:

  • Visualize a curved line from ear to ear, and mark the lowest point to be two finger widths under Adam’s apple.
  • Follow the angle of the jawline and ensure that the line slants up in either direction.
  • Trim along this line using the naked blade on your trimmer, trim all the neck stubble below it.
  • Shave under the neckline with a manual razor to get the neatest and sharpest outcome. Use shaving gel or oil for best results.

Step 6 – Clean the mustache

Define the mustache by trimming all the hairs that creep over the border of the upper lip. Be careful not to hurt your upper lip by using the naked blade of your trimmer. You can also use a small pair of mustache scissors.

How to Maintain a Heavy Stubble

A heavy stubble beard can grow would and untidy even after you have trimmed and shaped it. Most people think that people won’t notice if they do not tend to their short beards. But they do!

Follow the following steps to achieve properly maintained facial hair:

Step 1 – Trim and shape regularly

Trim and shape your beard regularly. Try and do it every few days to ensure that you maintain a constant length for your beard.

Step 2 – Clean the neckline daily

Try to shave under the neckline every day because this area can look untidy if not tended to. This should take up just a few minutes of your time. In return you maintain that sharp beard look that accentuates your fine look.

Step 3 – Use beard products

Maintain your beard’s healthy look by applying beard growth oil regularly. Castor oil improves hair growth, so you might consider buying some for your beard. You are likely to have a fuller beard if you do this.

 Your beard will also have a nice and healthy sheen and will be easier to maintain. If your beard oil has biotin as an ingredient you will enjoy the effects of a good biotin supplement on your beard.

Light Stubble vs Heavy Stubble

If you are looking for a subtle look, then the light stubble would be more ideal for you. It is less obvious than heavy stubble.
On the other hand, a heavy stubble is great if you are looking to define your facial contours.

A light stubble is harder to maintain than heavy stubble. You might have to shave more frequently because even the slightest growth is noticeable. On the other hand, a little growth on a heavy stubble is not obvious and you’ll only need to shape it every few days.

The heavy stubble gives you a more masculine edge as opposed to a light stubble. This is probably the one feature you must remember when you decide to grow a heavy light stubble.

Heavy Stubble vs Full Beard

A heavy stubble is ideal for men who do not want to incur a full beard’s full maintenance cost, whether it is short or long.

A full beard is shaped by brushing using a boar bristle or combing if it is long enough.

On the other hand, a heavy stubble brushing is not always necessary, although brushing it would help you achieve a fuller effect.

Growing a thicker beard can be challenging especially if you aim for the full beard effect. A full beard may also demand more beard oil or balm, depending on the length. A heavy stubble will also require beard oil but not as much as the full beard requires.

Full beards can also become very itchy, and uncomfortable especially in hot water. A heavy stubble won’t give you any discomfort and can be easily soothed with oils in case of itchiness. A heavy beard also does an excellent job of defining your facial features.

Do’s and Don’ts

Do’s and Don’ts With a Heavy Stubble


  • Do wash your beard every day for a clean and fresh look.
  • Do oil your heavy stubble with the best beard oil.
  • Do shave your neckline daily for best results.
  • Do exfoliate once a week for moisture and a healthy sheen on your beard.


  • Don’t trim your beard daily.
  • Don’t exfoliate daily to reduce instances of itchiness.
  • Don’t neglect your beard once you start growing it.


What celebrities grow a heavy stubble beard?

Celebrities such as Adam Levine, Jason Statham, Ryan Reynolds, David Beckham, Chris Hemsworth and Jake Gyllenhaal wear heavy stubble beards.

Is the heavy stubble beard the most attractive beard style?

For many years the heavy stubble beard has been ranked as one of the most attractive beard styles.

How many mm is a heavy stubble?

The ideal length for a nice heavy stubble beard is 4-5mm.

Is stubble unprofessional?

No. A stubble is very professional, and many professionals wear it. It helps to accentuate their professional look.

How do you grow a 10-day stubble?

Simple! Let your facial hair grow for 10-12 days without trimming or shaving it. Once you achieve the ideal length trim and shape it to your ideal look.


Beard hair is one of the most attractive features in a man, especially if it is well maintained. For many years the heavy stubble beard has been one of the most fashionable and safe beard styles for men worldwide.

The style is easy to grow and maintain and does not need too many products to achieve the best look. If you are looking to show the contours on your face and achieve a laid-back look with your beard the 10-day stubble could be the ideal beard style for you.

Anthony Giannotti

About the author: Anthony Giannotti

Anthony Giannotti is a senior writer and editor for Beardoholic and a licensed barber for more than 13 years. He owns 3 barbershops and has his own hair care product line that is sold in barbershops worldwide. Known for his impeccable technique and skills, Anthony is an expert in hair and beard care and he knows the best products and tools to get rid of all beard problems and have an amazing beard.

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