Beards for a Round Face

Growing a beard when you have a rounded face is actually a great idea.

It improves your look and hides the volume of your face.

Nevertheless, choosing an inappropriate style will only make things worse, making your face appear more chubby.

To help you make the right pick, we’ve created a list of beards for a rounded face that look great on any man.

We also included steps on how to create every style and the best ways to get it.

Basically, after you are done reading this article you are going to know exactly which beard style to pick and how to shape it in a few easy steps.

What Is a Round Face Shape

To put it in the simplest words possible, a round-shaped face is characterized by having round and short features.
 A person with a round face usually possesses equal or close to equal horizontal and vertical length of the face.

They will also have a similar width of the forehead, cheekbones and the outermost edges of the jawline.

Square and heart-shaped faces also have short features, but what separates these types of faces as opposed to a round shape is that the latter usually come with soft features without any sharp edges. The best example is overweight people, as their faces are much more rounded than others. 

Think of celebrities like Leonardo Di Caprio, Jack Black, or Elijah Wood when imagining a person with a round face. 

How to Know If You Have a Round Face

If you are uncertain if you have a round face shape type, you better break out some measuring tape. It is the only and surest way to know.

You have to measure from the lowest part of your chin to the edge of your hairline, from your forehead, from your cheekbones and one from your jawline.

If the results are as followed:

  • The height of your jaw, forehead and cheekbones is equal or close to equal.
  • The width of the jaw, forehead and cheekbones is equal or close to equal.
  • Your jawline and other facial features are soft.
  • You don’t have defined or angular features.

If you check all the boxes, then my friend you have a round face.

How Does a Beard for Round Face Work

Shaping a beard for a round face type can be challenging. Even by choosing a beard shaping tool, it could be challenging to maneuver.
But the crucial part is picking a style that will make your face look symmetrical and slender.

Luckily, there are various beard styles available and ways to go around this.

Don’t Make Your Cheeks Bushy

Rounded cheeks are already chubby enough, so adding more facial hair will only make everything look unnecessarily bigger.

Grow a Long Beard

Straight lines and a longer beard will define your face more and make it look thinner.

Shape the Chops

Straight, thin, long and chops with less volume will help your face appear longer.

Hide Your Double Chin

Extra beard on your neckline will help hide the double chin if you have one. It will also enable a rounded face to become vertically continuing.

Pros and Cons of Having a Round Face and Beard

Pros and Cons of Having a Round Face and Beard


  • Improving your looks.
  • Making your round face seem longer and more attractive.
  • Getting some attention.
  • Having more self-confidence.


  • Being unsatisfied with your look.
  • Having low self-confidence.
  • Not choosing a beard style at all.
  • Having to do a whole lot of maintenance.

How to Choose the Best Beard Style for a Round Face

The best piece of advice when choosing a beard style for a round face is to pick one that does not add more width to the sides of your face. You need to find one that emphasizes the features of your jaw and chin.

You also need to pick a style that will elongate your face. Refreshing your look with a ducktail beard is a good option as it will add length to the bottom part of your face, creating an impression of a longer face. A faded-style beard is also a good choice.

Since they start shorter and gradually increase as you go down the cheeks, it adds length to your face and draws away any attention to the roundness.

Experimenting with any long beard style is also good to try. Going for some famous goatee styles or any design that adds length to your face is perfect. A boxed beard could be a great option as well.

Basically, the longer the beard, the more rounded and oval your face will appear.

How to Grow a Beard for a Round Face

After we got all the facts out of the way, it is time to go over the step-by-step process of growing a beard for a round face.
Step one is taking all of the mentioned pieces of advice above. Choose a beard style that will match a round face shape.

Don’t worry about making a mistake, it is always good to experiment, and it might take you a while to find the most suitable look you are searching for.

Start by:

Step 1 – Grow out your beard

Trim the facial hair on your cheeks. Make a clean cut with a safety razor and shave off excess hair on your cheeks and neckline.

Step 2 – Let it grow longer and trim when necessary

Connect the chops with your beard and make sure they are also nice and thin. Grow a bit of hair on your neckline if you have a double chin. Don’t let your beard get too bushy, you don’t need more volume. Trim when necessary and use a premium beard oil to maintain.

How to Trim a Beard for a Round Face

Step 1 – Trim or shave off the sides

Keep the facial hair on your cheeks thin.

Step 2 – Use shaping scissors to trim the excess hairs

Be sure not to cut the chin part too short; you need to keep it long. Trim the neck hair. You need to maintain it and not let it grow wild.

Step 3 – Use beard Oil or balm

A quality beard also demands a healthier lifestyle. So be sure to exercise and maintain a proper diet.
It helps more than you think and will make your new beard look incredibly good on you.

18 Most Popular Beard Styles for Round Faces

Most Popular Beard Styles for Round Faces

Light Stubble

A light stubble is very suitable for people with round faces, particularly if you have lighter hair.
If you combine it with some wavy hair, it will help you to stand out in a crowd.

Natural Full Beard

Trimming a full beard neatly is suitable for a rounded face. A naturally grown full beard will compliment a round face and a short chin to perfection. It may be a bit conventional, but it works, not to mention that it couples well with a bald head as well.


A lot of people act surprised when they hear that a goatee works well for a rounded face. It just might be one of the best options for it.
You only need to keep the rest of your facial hair as short as possible or at least to a light stubble.

Circle Beard

If you want to make a statement with your round face, we suggest a circle beard. Grow your sideburns long if you’re going to make a real impact.


A ducktail beard is a perfect choice for a round face. It does everything that you need to make your face look longer.
You can even grow it long as it will only make things better.

Full Goatee With a Mustache

We already mentioned that a goatee would look surprisingly good on a rounded face.
But it works significantly better if you add a mustache to it.

The impact is massive and it gets even better if you decide to grow a handlebar mustache to add to the entire picture.

Horseshoe Mustache and Soul Patch

A horseshoe mustache does wonders for a rounded face. It gets even better if you improve the look by adding a small soul patch.
Horseshoe mustache will elongate your face while a soul patch balances things out.

Tapered Beard With a Soul Patch

You are not going to make a mistake when going with a pointed beard for a round face. It is one of the best options as it will make your face more angular and masculine. The soul patch only expands and adds to the overall look.

Musketeer Beard

A thin musketeer beard like d’Artagnan can also elongate your face, which is precisely what a rounded face needs.
Grow the beard long and shape it for a prime musketeer look.

Van Dyke Beard

The Van Dyke beard is a type of beard style that is made for a rounded face. It will cover the jawline and make your chin look slim and angular. You’ll never know unless you try it.

Balbo Beard

The Balbo beard will compliment a round face perfectly. It is long and bushy enough that it covers a greater portion of a rounded look.
You may need to grow it for a longer period, though. Investing a year in growth is expected.

Balbo Beard for Round Face

Garibaldi Beard

Named after the Italian General Giuseppe Garibaldi, this beard style is long and bushy enough to cover a rounded face.
It combines a mustache with a full-grown beard and a circular base at the bottom.

The circular base is what distances the Garibaldi beard from other similar styles.

French Beard

A French beard is one of the most popular styles in the world. It is very distinctive and is characterized by being adequate with almost any face type. Therefore, it can also be used by people with rounded faces exceptionally well.

Anchor Beard

An anchor beard is another classic type of beard style. Not only that, but it is also a good style for a rounded face.
An anchor beard never fails to make an impression and so will you when you incorporate it into your look.

Faded Beard

This might not look like a good option, but the results are surprisingly good. Adding a faded beard style does well for a rounded face, much better than you would think. You don’t have to grow it long, but some maintenance is required.

Hipster Beard

A hipster beard is an adaptation of an inverted beard style. It is a new type of look that has garnered much interest and impressions in recent times. It looks cool and instills confidence in a person.

Boxed Beard

A boxed beard is without a doubt one of the most common styles for people with rounded faces. It looks incredibly good but will take some time to grow and groom properly.

Bald Head With Beard

A bald head is quite nice for a rounded face. It looks much better on people with rounded faces. But adding a beard will only improve things. This type of combination is what will make a person look unique.

Quick Tips for Styling a Beard for a Round Face

To help you keep things as neat as possible, we have excluded some essential tips for growing beards for round faces.
It is not a
s simple as shaping your chinstrap beard but can be rewarding if you follow these pieces of advice.

Keep it Trimmed

Slimming down the face is the most important part of creating a beard for a rounded face. Any bushy beard will make things even chubbier. Since we don’t want too much volume, keeping things trimmed and short is key.

Use a beard trimmer and maintain your beard weekly, at least.

Watch the Sideburns

Long sideburns work well on elongated face types but do not on a rounded face. You will want to avoid significant and bushy sideburns as they will only add volume to the face. Keep things short and trimmed.

Mutton Chops are the worst and should be avoided at all costs for a rounded face.

Mind the Neckline

Don’t allow the neckline to grow all wild. Letting the hair grow beneath the beard will add volume and support to it.
But don’t let yourself go and go overboard with too much facial hair or you risk looking shaggy.

The best practice is to shape everything underneath Adam’s apple. But don’t shape too high up the neck or you might end up looking like you have a double chin.

Accentuate the Chin

You need to highlight the chin if you have a rounded face. Therefore an adequately faded beard or a nice goatee is what makes things work. Making the chin the center of attention and making it seem longer will also allow your entire face to look more elongated.

Quick Tips for Styling a Beard for a Round Face

Keep it Healthy

Keeping things healthy is important for all beard styles, not just for a rounded face but all beards in general.
Washing your beard regularly shouldn’t be a chore but a part of your routine.

Using beard balms, moisturizers, as well as oils will keep your beard strong and healthy.
If you take care of it, it will take care of you, making you look good in the process.


What kind of beard poorly fits the round face?

The most inappropriate beards for round faces are short or stubble beards, but also, every beard style adds volume to the sides of a person’s face.

Does beard give a thinner look to the round face?

Depending on the beard style you go with, it does give a thinner look to a person’s face.
Longer beards or any beard style that elongates your face will make your face look slimmer.

What is the perfect haircut for a round face?

There are several styles of haircuts that go well with a rounded face. A bald head also looks nice as well.
But avoid long or busy haircuts that will make your head look bigger.


You may think that a rounded face may be the most challenging face shape type to pair with a beard.
But you’re mistaken for thinking that as
many appropriate beard styles will complement a rounded face.

For some, it takes courage to try out, while others are pretty standard. You don’t have to worry, as many beard styles will look perfect on a person with a rounded face.

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