Circle Beard

Are you getting bored with your regular beard style? Fancy a change?

Why not go with something simple as a circle beard?

A circle beard is actually one of the most underrated beard styles on the planet.

Literally, anyone can grow it and you don’t really have to have a strong beard to do so.

You just have to have enough to connect the mustache with the goatee.

Even though it does sound simple to do exactly that, there are ways that can help you style this beard and grow it to perfection.

With our help, you will be able to learn more about the different style options of circle beards, find out how to properly grow one, and then maintain it for a long period of time.

If you are now convinced about trying a circle beard, then we propose you keep reading the lines that follow.

Types of Circle Beard Styles

Precise Cut

Precise Cut

Photo @chef_barber_jay

The precise cut looks sophisticated due to the neat and precise trimming. It is ideal for almost all face shapes and looks perfect with all hairstyles. 

The look is achieved by combining the goatee with a trimmed mustache. There is also a distinctive soul patch underneath the lip used to highlight the beard style even further. 

If you want the style to look cleaner, then you need to shave the cheek areas clean every time. 

Full Circle Beard

Full Circle Beard

Photo @khaledgazawi

The full circle beard is suitable for men who grow thick facial hair. The style is easy to maintain in that it involves easy styling options.  

When you are styling a full circle beard, you need to leave thick hair underneath the chin to give density to the rest of your facial hair. 

Extended Circle Beard

Extended Circle Beard

Photo from: Jean_Nelson/

It is one of the most enchanting circle beard styles. The style involves leaving out facial hair around the mouth, a thin hair strap around the jawline, and clean-shaven cheeks.  

You also need to ensure that the hair underneath the chin remains trimmer making the style one of the hardest to maintain.  

It goes well with oblong and square face shapes and a slick back hairstyle

Stubble and Circle Beard

Stubble and Circle Beard

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This beard style is achieved by combining a stubble and a thick circle beard. Like the full circle beard, it’s very easy to maintain since you don’t need to shave the beard daily. 

To pull off the look, leave the beard to grow and then trim it to form a circular shape and then use clippers to trim and shape your stubble beard. 

Auburn Circle Beard

Auburn Circle Beard

Photo from: Jean_Nelson/

The unburn color is what makes this beard style look not only vibrant but unique. To achieve an above-bearded look, pair the beard with a very light stubble or a Peek a Boo. 

The beard style appears thick and dense, which is great if you are going for a strong personality. 

Light Stubble Circle Beard

Light Stubble Circle Beard

Photo from: Jean_Nelson/

This beard style involves trimming the beard to a light stubble that is circular and covers the chin and mustache area. 

As such, the beard style is one of the easiest to maintain as long as you keep the sideburns and jawline areas clean-shaven

Messy Circle Triangular Beard

Messy Circle Triangular Beard

Photo from: everett225/

The messy circle triangular beard is ideal for almost every man. Elegant and yet stylish, the beard style is characterized by a messy circle beard covering the chin area and is usually trimmed to form a triangular shape.   

The sideburns are trimmed short using the stubble trimmer and the mustache is connected to a rugged jawline facial hair. 

Strong Full Circle Beard

Strong Full Circle Beard

The beard style is characterized by a full circle beard that covers the whole chin area. There is also a mustache that is strongly connected and matches the hair on the chin.  

When it comes to this beard style, the jawline is clean-shaven and with sideburns trimmed to a longer length. 

Heavy Full Circle Beard

Heavy Full Circle Beard

Photo from: PopularImages/

The heavy full circle beard is a style that every man should spot at some point. It is easy to grow and maintain since all you need is to allow your beard to grow into a circle around the mouth.

Only the lips can be seen with this style, and the sideburns are short-trimmed while the jawline is clean-shaven. 

Traditional Circle Beard

Traditional Circle Beard

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The traditional circle beard is achieved by growing a full chin goatee and combining it with a strong mustache that connects to the chin hair on both sides. 

The jawlines are shaved clean and the hair on the sideburn is trimmed short. 

Extended Goatee

Photo from: s_bukley/

Van Dyke Circle Beard

Photo from: s_bukley/

Classic Circle Beard

Photo from: bossmoss/

Lampshade Circle Beard

Photo from: Jean_Nelson/

Garibaldi Circle Beard

Photo from: s_bukley/

Full Beard

Photo from: PopularImages/

Bushy Circle Beard

Photo from: PopularImages/

Circle Beard

Photo from: s_bukley/

Stubble Beard

Photo from: s_bukley/

Red Circle Beard

Photo from: Jean_Nelson/

Anchor Circle Beard

Photo @meeshtheladybarber

Van Dyke

Photo @dladybarberr

Long Stubble Beard

Photo @chef_barber_jay

Full And Circle Beard

Photo @chef_barber_jay

Goatee And Mustache

Photo @chef_barber_jay

Circle Goatee

Photo @chef_barber_jay

Extended Beard

Photo @chef_barber_jay

Soul Patch Circle Beard

Photo @chef_barber_jay

Circle Extended Beard

Photo @e_lybra

Circle Full Beard

Photo @negoreyart

Stubble Circle Beard

Traditional And Circle Beard

Perfect Circle Beard

Short Stubble Circular Beard

What Is a Circle Beard

The circle beard can be termed as a goatee. Also referred to as the Door Knocker, it is a circular beard achieved when the chin hair is allowed to grow. 

The cheeks are shaved clean, which is why some people refer to the style as a goatee. Before the 20th century, goatees were beards that were characterized by hair growing on the chin. 

Today the term is acceptable when you are referring to a circle beard. With a circle beard, the chin hair is usually connected to the mustache and there is also a form of growth under the lip. 

The circle beard is more common in older gentlemen than younger men whose facial hair is not fully grown. 

Benefits of This Beard Style

Attractive Look

While some men can pull off the scraggly beard look, not all men can pull off the circle beard. For those who can, the style is usually not only attractive but very masculine. 


One of the most versatile beard styles, there is a reason why the circle beard is popular among celebrities and non-celebrities.

The beard style is so versatile that you can even wear it to the office. Compared to other beard styles, the circle beard is versatile in that it leaves a lot of room for you to grow your sideburns if you want to.  

Very Easy to Maintain

One of the reasons why the circle beard is trendy is that it is straightforward to maintain.

This is as long as the beard retains the round shape and short hair; there is little maintenance you have to do. 

Draws Attention to the Mouth

There is something about shaving off everything and leaving a small circle around the mouth. 

Besides the beard being manly, it is also an attention seeker, drawing attention to the mouth area if you are looking to impress someone. 

How Does It Work

How Does Circle Beard Work

The circle beard can be termed as a goatee, as mentioned earlier. The beard involves allowing the chin hair to grow while shaving the cheek area.

The mustache then connects to the chin hair forming a round shape. The circle beard is easy to maintain and happens to be very masculine.

Simultaneously, just like a long goatee gives you a unique look, the circle beard is unique. 

Short History

There isn’t a lot that goes around regarding the circle beard. However, just like with other beard styles, the circle beard also has a history.

This history can be traced back to 18th century Australia when the style became popular.

The circle beard can be seen as a mustache and a goatee and sometimes referred to as a goatee.

Pros and Cons


  • The circle beard is extremely easy to maintain as long as the beard maintains the round shape and the short hair. 
  • The beard style is versatile enough that you can wear it almost everywhere, be it the office or social gathering. 
  • The style is masculine and tends to draw attention which only adds to the attractiveness of the man.


  • Besides being an attractive style, the style is only suitable for men of a certain age. Young men, for instance, would look older than they are if they wore the circle beard. 

Different Face Shapes

Different Face Shapes and Circle Beard

Heart Face Shape

If you have a heart shape, you need to consider spotting an imposing circle beard to pull off a circle beard. 

Such a beard will add bulk to the chin creating an imposing look that makes you appear older

Oval Face Shape

For those with oval face shapes, a circle beard can do a great job of lengthening your facial features. 

The vertical hair growth associated with a circle beard will give your face a diamond shape by raising the cheekbones. 

Round Face Shape

Men who have round face shapes can trim their beard to a circle beard style to make their face appear squarer. 

Just like a ducktail beard gives a slim effect to your face, the vertical elements of the beard style will help lengthen your facial features by hollowing out the sides and raising the cheekbones. 

Square Face Shape

If you have a square face shape, you are in luck because you can experiment with different circle beard styles and still look good. 

To take the edge off the strong facial features, go for full, natural variations of a circle beard. To emphasize the features, though, tamed styles will work best for you. 

Circle Beard vs Goatee

A circle beard is often loosely referred to as a goatee because it takes the shape of a goatee. Until the 20th century, a goatee used to be a beard style where hair was left to grow on the chin, such as a chinstrap beard. 

Today, the term is acceptable when you are referring to a circle beard. Circle beards are usually characterized by a mustache that is connected with chin hair.

A circle beard also has additional growth beneath the lip area that adds volume and density to the beard style.   

The beard style is best suited for men who can grow full and thick beards rather than young men whose facial hair is still growing. 

How To Grow One 

Step 1 – Allow the beard to grow 

If you are considering spotting a circle beard, you need to give your beard time to grow. The reason why you need to do this is to avoid over-shaving or over-trimming when that time comes.

If your beard doesn’t grow as you want, you can always invest in a premium beard growth kit that contains products that can stimulate faster facial hair growth. 

Step 2 – Keep the beard clean

As your facial hair grows, you need to make sure that it is clean. Therefore, you might want to do things like cleaning the beard with good beard shampoo and conditioner and detangling your beard with a beard relaxer now and then. 

Step 3 – Visit barbershop

Unless you’ve done it before, if this is the first time you are growing a circle beard, you need to visit a hair salon or your barbershop to have a professional outline of the circle. 

After that, you can go ahead and start trimming at home since you will have a clear outline of how the circle should look. 

Step 4 – Use the right trimmer

When it’s time to start trimming the beard at home on your own, you need to make sure that you have the right trimer to do the job.

Beard and mustache scissors are easy to grip and use and they will help you clean up the sides to have an accurate circle. 

How to Trim It 

Step 1 – Clean up the sides

A circle beard is characterized by chin hair that is connected to a mustache. You can, therefore, either clean-shave the sides or leave a light stubble depending on the style you are going for. 

Use the right trimmers to clean up the sides every once in a while, and then shave the lower part of the goatee to about an inch above Adam’s apple. 

Step 2 – Shape the corners

For a smooth and round circle, you need to ensure that you shape the corners of the beard. To do this, you need to invest in a precise trimmer. 

Step 3 – Use beard products

A circle beard is a fancy beard style that is easy to maintain, but that doesn’t mean that it doesn’t require beard products to keep it looking great.  

Style the beard by applying butter or balm to your beard or moisturizing beard oil to keep the beard looking healthy. 

Do’s and Don’ts With a Circle Beard 

  • Do ensure that you clean up the sides to maintain a perfectly shaped circle beard.
  • Do shape the corners to ensure that the circular shape remains accurate. 
  • When starting, do allow the beard to grow out to an ideal thickness and style.
  • Do consider your face shape when you are choosing a circle beard style. 
  • Do ensure that you visit a barbershop for the first trim so that the barber can outline the circle before you proceed to trim the beard on your own at home. 
  • Don’t allow the hair on the sides to grow out. Rather, be trimming the sides to a desirable length to maintain a well-shaped circle beard. 


Are circle beards attractive?

Yes, circle beards are not only attractive but give off a masculine vibe.

How long does it take to grow a circle beard?

Depending on how fast your facial hair grows, a natural circle beard can be achieved in about 4 weeks, while the tamed styles can be achieved in as little as two weeks. 

How wide should a circle beard be?

When you are trimming a circle beard, you can keep the hair wide across the chin but not too wide to pour over to the chin area. 

Ideally, a circle beard is characterized by a clean-shaven cheek area and facial hair around the chin that connects to the mustache

Are circle beards in style?

Circle beards are in style and celebrities like Leonardo DiCaprio have been known to rock the circle beard style. The style has become popular due to shows like Breaking Bad.  

What is the difference between circle beards and full beards?

The main difference between a circle beard and a full beard is that a circle beard is achieved by leaving the hair on the chin and mustache to grow and the two finally connect to form a circle. The cheek area is clean-shaven or trimmed to a light stubble.

On the other hand, a full beard is simply a beard that has been grown out indiscriminately throughout the face. 

Men who grow full beards will have thick growth on the cheek area, chin area, and mustache. 


Circle beards are fully back and they happen to be stylish as they are versatile. They can go with any face shape and hairstyle, which makes the style quite popular among celebrities and non-celebrities alike. If you are thinking about growing a circle beard, make sure that your beard grows thick and not patched.

Anthony Giannotti

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