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Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the hottest celebrities in the modern era of Hollywood.

He has captivated a lot of people with his polarizing performances and exceptional acting skills.

His good looks and amazing style make most of the formula that makes him famous.

Most recently DiCaprio also started sporting a beard.

He is no longer the baby face charmer we remember from the Titanic movie.

He has grown up into a really manly figure that a lot of girls are lusting for.

Guys, in particular, want to copy his style, and now they want to do the same with his beard.

It is not as easy as you might think.

But, let’s start with the basics.

Choose one of Leo’s facial hair styles you’re most fond of and follow our tips.

Top 5 Leonardo DiCaprio Beard Styles

Throughout the years, Leonardo DiCaprio has shown off many different beard styles to show off the versatility in the facial hair styles he can pull off. For countless roles and reasons, Leonardo DiCaprio’s facial hair can be shown to take on a variety of forms.

  1. Disjointed Moustache

With his trademark goatee look, Leonardo DiCaprio typically has his mustache connected to the rest of his goatee. Here, however, he can be seen showing off a disjointed mustache from the rest of his facial hair, resulting in a unique look.

  1. Light Stubble

Looking great with a light stubble look, this Leonardo DiCaprio beard is easy to maintain and gives a clean and sexy look with the hair on his chin and neck being the most prominent. Paired with a clean jawline and short sideburns, this tidy looks a great look on a young Leonardo DiCaprio.

  1. Full Beard

For a grown out and dramatic look, Leonardo DiCaprio here shows off a style where the facial hair on the chin, jawline, and neck are permitted to grow out, while the mustache is trimmed and connected to the rest of the beard.

  1. Neck Beard

With his trademark stubble goatee, here Leonardo DiCaprio completes his look with a neck beard and keeping his face shaved above the jawline. This look is a comfortable and casual style, making it a great look to try.

  1. Lumberjack Look

This overgrown beard styles a manly image of Leonardo DiCaprio. In this case, he lets his hair grow out naturally and keeps the mustache reasonably groomed for a burly, sexy lumberjack look that we all love!

How to Grow a Leonardo DiCaprio Beard

If you admire this famous Hollywood star and want to adopt his trademark look and classic beard style, then you too can grow a Leonardo DiCaprio beard. All you need to do to begin is to let your facial hair grow out to the desired length.

In general, Leonardo DiCaprio does not keep his facial hair very long, so one exciting aspect of attempting this style is that will not take long for you to grow out your facial hair long enough to style it in an immaculate imitation of Leonardo DiCaprio’s beloved beard.

Leonardo DiCaprio has sported several different beard styles over the years, but one aspect of his beard styling preferences that appears to remain relatively constant is his goatee. One of the most recognizable images of Leonardo DiCaprio’s beard is his goatee with a connected mustache.

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The movie star tends to rep this style in a whole host of lengths, so feel free to experiment with different lengths and settle for the one you like most. You can have a longer goatee or a shorter one.

To imitate this style, start out the grooming process by trimming your beard, leaving hair on your chin and a connected, casually grown mustache.The hair is still left along his neck and jawline and this style is paired with a slicked back hair to complete the entire look.

This is a relatively simple beard style to accomplish, and with proper maintenance to keep it regularly groomed, you will be rocking a classic Leonardo DiCaprio beard look in no time.

Tools to Groom a Leonardo DiCaprio Beard

If you’re looking to groom a Leonardo DiCaprio beard, it’s important to have the right tools available in your arsenal for a well-groomed look and to bring about the best possible results.

Some of the things you will want to make sure that you have before you get started include the primary grooming tools like a pair of trimmers, a razor, and a high-quality beard comb that isn’t made from plastic, as those tend to have jagged edges that can rip the hair and result in split ends.

tools for beard grooming

Other things you will want to have to help keep your beard soft and well-nourished include supplements that will help your body’s natural oils keep your beard in good condition. Your body supplies your beard with natural oil, called sebum oil, through your hair follicles.

However, these oils aren’t enough to provide enough nutrients to your facial hair if you have a longer beard. This is where supplements like beard balm and beard oil come into play. In addition to keeping your beard softer and more luxurious, it also keeps your facial hair manageable, making it much easier to style.

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