Soul Patch Beard

A soul patch is an overlooked beard style that many men tend to overlook when picking their next facial hair style.

However, if trimmed correctly there is a lot to gain with this exquisite beard trend.

A soul patch on its own doesn’t come with a whole lot of diversity.

But when you combine it with a beard, you get the unique look you’re aiming for.

To style everything correctly, you’ll need to follow some instructions as one wrong move may destroy the entire look.

Our article holds the key to a perfect soul patch beard.

If you follow the steps, you will be able to get the desired look and effect that you need.

Let’s start with the following.

What’s a Soul Patch

A soul patch is an effortless yet recognizable beard style. It is a small patch of facial hair grown directly below your lower lip and above your chin. There are various soul patches as some can be sharply trimmed, like a soul point or a simple square.

Some of the more unique soul patch styles cannot be created without a shaping tool. But generally speaking, almost all of them are very easy to make and are as big as a post stamp.

11 Best Soul Patch Styles 


A solo soul patch might sound simple, but if styled correctly, it can be pretty effective. But be sure to match it with your hair color and skin tone, as this combo is what makes or breaks your solo soul patch style.

Soul Patch Style With a Mustache

Expanding your soul patch with a mustache is quite a good idea. A fuller mustache will look better on a thicker soul patch, whereas a thinner one is more suitable for a pointed and trimmed soul patch. Guys with lighter beards should also keep things thin.

Goatee Soul Patch

Adding a goatee will compliment your soul patch quite effectively. A thinner one looks particularly good. It suits a person with a thinner face and somebody with a light beard. But guys with stronger beards can try it out but keep everything full and thick.

Long Soul Patch Style

A long soul patch is a very bold look. You don’t get to see it often, but it can be an exciting addition if paired correctly with your hair. Try it on longer hair or try to keep the hairstyle quirky and unique.

Mustache Combo

Pairing a mustache with a soul patch can be an impressive combo. You can even try out a look that involves some longer mustaches with a longer soul patch. But be sure to point them up a bit and stylize them correctly.

Long Mustache and Chin Patch

A long mustache doesn’t go with a chin patch or a small soul patch. But if you have the face size, you can pull it off. It doesn’t hurt to try it out; it just might become your next go-to look.

Full Chin Patch

A soul patch and a full chin patch go hand in hand together. It is a pairing comparable to peanut butter and jelly. It will work even better if you have lighter hair and a shorter haircut.

Stubble Soul Patch

For guys that don’t like getting a close shave, having stubble is perfect. But pairing it with a soul patch can be even better. Maintain your stubble with a premium beard balm and keep the soul patch pointed and neat. More grooming is needed with this look, but it pays off in the end.

Pointed Beard

Best Soul Patch Styles

Combining a soul patch with a pointed beard creates a very serious, premier look. It suits older gentlemen well and it is best to let the soul patch grow longer and almost connect it with the beard. Some durable barber scissors will help you get the beard pointed nice and sharp.

Full Beard

Guys that have stronger beards will be able to combine it well with a suitable soul patch. You can’t have a longer beard without the soul patch. You can choose to keep the soul patch smaller, but the longer the beard, the longer the soul patch will need to be.

Chin Strap

Extending and connecting your soul patch to your chin strap is perhaps an unexpected addition to our list. It looks surprisingly good. You can even combine it with both longer and shorter hair. But the hairstyle will significantly depend on your face type. However, we do recommend this style for younger lads.

Benefits of Growing Soul Patch Style

Due to the minimalist nature, it comes with many unexpected benefits. What characterizes the soul patch is that it is very easy to create and everyone who can grow a beard can also grow a soul patch.

The most obvious benefit is its very low maintenance. You don’t need a high-quality beard shampoo to take care of it, as with other beard styles. There is no specific brushing requirement either. The only thing you will need to do is shave around it a few times a week.

The soul patch is very rewarding for people who can’t grow a thick beard. Growing a neat soul patch is the best answer for people with such types of beards.

Don’t forget about the immense versatility of a soul patch. It can be combined with literally anything. In some cases, it is an essential part of a specific facial hair style.

About Soul Patches

At its most basic level, the soul patch is a tiny patch of hair that can be worn on its own or paired with other types of facial hair. It is always positioned at the base of your lower lip and can be both large or small as well as big or thin.

When people first started wearing it, the soul patch represented a very bold fashion statement. Wearing it on its own was a sight to behold back in the day. But after entering into the limelight, it becomes a part of the mainstream and a beard style that is highly recognizable.

It is very common to see soul patches, but they are usually paired with other beard styles. People like to combine it with mutton chops, a chin strap, long and thick mustaches, etc. But pairing it with a full beard is a great option as well. No matter which way you decide to take your soul patch, you will rarely make a mistake.

Short History of Soul Patch Style

Short History of a Soul Patch

The soul patch was made popular in the 50s among artists and the beat generation. Whether it is true or not, it is said that Jazz artists are the ones that made this beard style popular. They enjoyed the patch’s cushioning while playing any type of wind instrument during long jamming sessions.

Today, its purpose is merely aesthetic. Even though Jazz musicians still wear it, a lot of other people do as well. Since you can shave it easily and grow it back again, it is a type of facial hair that has never gone out of style after its inception. You may not be able to shape it as drastically as other parts of your facial hair, but it will massively compliment them.

Pros and Cons


  • Very easy to grow.
  • Even easier to maintain.
  • You can pair it with any other type of beard style with ease.
  • If you don’t like it, you can easily shave it off and grow it back relatively fast.


  • It can be too simplistic at some times.
  • Not a very extravagant look on its own.
  • Looks better if you pair it with some other style.

How to Choose the Best Soul Patch Style

You might think that growing a soul patch is a great idea. Even though it can be as easy as when you learn to grow a long goatee, you still have to consider some additional points. There are a few factors that come into the formula of devising a great soul patch.

Hair Color

Matching a soul patch with your hair color matters more than you may think. Darker hair goes better with a smaller patch, while guys with fair hair should get a full one. Light hair fellas can also match it with a thick mustache.

Facial Hair Texture

The texture of your facial hair is really important. Softer hair requires more time and space to groom and grow. But guys with thicker hairs are in luck as they can grow a very bushy and thick lump.


Fuller lips are generally more attractive, no matter the facial hair type. But when it comes to soul patches, smaller ones look better on thinner lips. A small dot of a Jazz soul patch complements a thicker and fuller lower lip much better.


A soul patch can be quite a fashionable facial hair style on its own. But combining it with either sideburn, a goatee, or even a full beard will make it look exceptionally better.

Skin Tone

Your skin tone plays an important part when choosing facial hair. Some skin tones go much better with certain facial hair styles, while others will avert it and fancy a clean-shaven look. Pairing your skin tone with a soul patch correctly can make or break the outcome.

How to Grow A Soul Patch

How to Grow a Soul Patch

We mentioned a few times that growing a soul patch is an easy job. You can use the world’s best stubble trimmer, but a simple one will do as well. To get things started, begin with a dry beard that is at least 1 cm long.

Step 1 – Trim down all of your facial hair

Trim it to around 3 to 5 mm, but leave out the part beneath your lip long.

Step 2 – Use your trimmer to trim down the hairs off your chin

You will know that you are done when you get a small tuft under your lip. Use a precision shaver to shape the patch of beard any way you wish.

How to Style Soul Patch

Since it is a small piece of facial hair, there are not many ways to go styling it. But there are ways for you to do so by combining it with other facial hair styles.

Step 1 – Grow a mustache or an anchor beard

For example, you can include a mustache or add an anchor beard just beneath it. Making it a part of a combination will not make the patch the main focus of your style, which works much better.

Step 2 – Trim the area around the beard

Men who can grow a full and long beard will probably enjoy the most benefits of the soul patch. It works best when combined with an essential long beard and a simple mustache. But be sure to trim the area around the beard and the patch to emphasize it a bit.

Step 3 – Daily maintenance

But if you still only want to have a soul patch as part of your style, be prepared for daily grooming and maintenance. If you let go of your soul patch, it is not going to look good. So trimming it should become a part of your daily routine.

Do’s and Don’ts 


  • Trim your soul patch every few days.
  • Don’t over trim it, though.
  • Combine it with other facial hair types.
  • It is pretty okay to experiment with a soul patch.


  • Don’t dye your soul patch.
  • No need to condition it as often as a full beard.


Is soul patch considered a beard?

Yes, it is. It can be a style of its own or combined with other beards types as well.

What does a soul patch say about you?

It can say a lot of things about a person. But it depends on how you style it and other facial hairs that you combine it with.
Since it is so versatile, combining a soul patch and facial hair that you grow in other places will define your character.

Is a soul patch a goatee?

No, it is not. It’s a small patch of facial hair grown directly underneath your bottom lip, while a goatee is a beard that sits on your chin.
But the two make a great combination when worn together.

Are soul patches good?

They can be, depending on how you stylize them. Since they don’t go out of style, they can be worn in all kinds of situations.
You can get a cle
an shave, get smooth skin with aftershave, and trim a soul patch to get a perfect look.

How do you shave your soul patch?

You can use a razor to shave around it and trim it down with a trimmer.

Can everyone grow a soul patch?

Basically yes! If you can grow a beard, you can grow one.

How wide should my soul patch be?

It depends on your facial hair color, the thickness of your facial hair and your face shape.
You also have to take into account your hairstyle as well.

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