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63 Most Popular Beard Styles

Classic Goatee

This is a mustache and/or beard with the cheeks cleanly shaved. The beard and mustache might be sculpted or not.

The Zappa

This facial hairstyle came from legendary musician Frank Zappa. It consists of a thick walrus mustache and a soul patch.

Balbo Beard Style

The Balbo beard is one of the goatee styles with no connection between the mustache and beard.

Anchor Beard Style

As the name suggests, this is a goatee sculpted to look like an anchor.

Van Dyke Beard Style

This is the basic style of a goatee. It includes a mustache and beard with the cheeks wholly shaved.

Royale Beard Style

This is a goatee consisting of a mustache and a chin strip. It means you will need to shave the neck as well.

Goat Patch

This is one of the many soul-patch beard styles. The goat patch is a small strip of facial hair on the middle of the chin. Think of it as an extended soul patch.

Soul Patch

This is when you shave the rest of your beard except for that patch of hair directly under the lower lip.

Smiling Man With a Goatee Patch Beard

Old Dutch

This is the same kind of beard style that Amish men wear. It is like a full beard but with the mustache completely shaved.

Chinstrap Beard Style

This is a beard strip connected to thin, sculpted sideburns. You may or may not wear it with a mustache.

Designer Stubble

Designer stubble is a style of beard trimmed down to medium stubble. After that, you will have to use razors to sharpen the edges.

Friendly Mutton Chops

This is a version of the Imperial beard. It is “friendly” because the sideburns meet through the mustache. This is a beard with the chin completely shaved. The upper parts of the cheeks are usually shaved to shape the sideburns.


This is a more extravagant form of friendly mutton chops. The Hulihee has a higher cheek line and the hairs can grow longer. You can also often see them being frazzled.

Circle Beard Style

This is a basic goatee. Many refer to it as the circle beard because it somehow looks like you placed a glass over your mouth and chin and shaved the surrounding area thoroughly.

Mutton Chops

Mutton chops are sideburns allowed to grow out entirely but with the chin completely shaved.


As the name states, you can grow this beard only along the neckline. It also usually comes with sideburns. You need to shave your chin and neck.


This is another one of the beard styles without a mustache. Like the Old Dutch beard, the Shenandoah is a full beard without the mustache, but you can grow it at least four inches long.

Sideburns Beard Style

Sideburns are patches of hair growing along the cheeks and jawline. If you want to wear just the sideburns, you need to shave the cheeks.

Side Whiskers

This is a version of the imperial beard. The chin and neck are shaved. Meanwhile, the mustache, cheeks, and sideburns have to grow.

Chin Curtain

It is essentially just a chin strap. In other words, it is a beard connected to thin-shaped sideburns.

Black Man With Chin Curtain Beard

Verdi Beard Style

The Verdi is a full beard with the cheeks shaved and the mustache styled into a handlebar.

Ned Kelly Beard Style

This is a full beard shaped into a square at the ends. The name came from the notorious Australian outlaw Ned Kelly, who terrorized the outback back in the 18th century.

Hollywoodian Beard Style

This is called the Hollywoodian because it has become the facial hair of choice of many Hollywood actors. This is essentially just a full beard cropped close to the skin.

Garibaldi Beard Style

This is another full beard style where the end terminates in a square/rectangular shape.

Lumberjack Beard Style

Lumberjack refers to a full beard style. It involves just typically letting the facial hair grow without particular styling at all.


 As the name suggests, this is a beard where the ends split into two points. In some men, the beard would naturally split at the bottom. However, if that is not the case, you can train it to do so using some beard balm.

Oakley Beard Style

This is not a beard style but rather a stereotypical understanding of men, usually from the Midwest of the USA. Many say that most full-beard men have Oakley sunglasses as their preferred eyewear.

Muslim Beard Style

Certain sects of Islam, like the Hanafi and Hanbali, require their male worshippers to grow a full beard. Each sect also has unique rules on how men should style their beards.

Viking Beard Style

There is not one definitive facial hair style called the Viking beard. The reason is that the titular ancient warriors wore their beards differently. However, it is commonly accepted that Viking beards should be grown quite long and must be braided.

Long Beard Style

This is relatively self-explanatory. It is a beard that you allow to grow as long as possible. To get a clearer idea of what this looks like, imagine the band ZZ Top.


The ducktail is a full beard where the end terminates to a sharp point that resembles a duck’s tail, hence the name.

Man in a Blue Suit With a Full and Thick Ducktail Beard

Short Beard Style

This is just a full beard that you trimmed short. You can grow your beard to a certain length and then use your trimmer to shave it down to your desired length.

Short Textured Beard Style

If you want to give your short beard a bit more character, you can give it a bit of texture by using a strong-hold beard wax and then combing it a bit.

Five O’clock Shadow

This is a kind of beard stubble. You can trim your beard using the lowest setting of your clippers or shave your face clean in the morning. You can also do so by quitting time; your stubble should have grown.

Trimmed Beard Style

If you are tired of having a beard that seems to grow all over the place, you can trim it using a regular beard trimmer using your preferred length with the guard.


The beardstache is any mustache and beard combo where the mustache is thicker than the beard. For instance, you can grow a chevron mustache and combine it with light stubble.

Bandholz Beard Style

This is a style popularized by Eric Bandholz, a beard expert. This is a full beard and mustache, but you should trim it meticulously so it will not go over the upper lip.

Beard Fade Style

This is when you taper fade your sideburns so that it blends with your tapered haircut.

Hipster Beard Style

There are many kinds of beard styles that hipsters prefer. They usually like full beards. However, they all seem to like styling their mustaches into handlebars.

Pointy Beard Style

This is similar to the ducktail beard, but the point is more pronounced. It is pretty tricky to style and is better left to professional barbers.

Monkey Tail Beard Style

The monkey tail beard started to be a meme done by men who just made fun of their beards before shaving it all off. This is now something that some people wear unironically.

The tip of the monkey’s tail is one edge of your mustache and the line goes down to a chin strap going one side of the head. It is like a spiral on your face.


This is one of the easiest facial hairstyles that you can try. You must set your clippers to whatever length you want your stubble and go to town on your face.

Man With a Stubble Beard

Braided Beard Style

You can do this style if your beard is long enough. Ancient Vikings were among the first ones to wear this style.

Scruff Beard Style

As the name suggests, this is when you just let your beard grow out without trimming whatsoever.

Corporate Beard Style

Any beard can be considered corporate. You need to trim it appropriately to look neat and professional.

Full Stubble

This is a full beard, but you have to trim it down to medium or thin stubble. It is just like the one usually worn by Jason Statham.

Short Beard Style With Bald Head

If you have a bald head, keep yourself from looking like a Cueball by growing a short beard, at least.

Thin Beard Style

This kind of beard is thin, but not in the way that it is just stubble. A thin beard is shaped thinly, which is why many also refer to it as the pencil beard. Some can be so thin that they look drawn on the face.

Asian Beard Beard Style

Not all Asian men can grow a full beard. It is just not in their genes. This is why the typical Asian beard is patchy, if not wispy.

Beard Bun

This is when you tie your long beard like a hair bun.

Full Trimmed Beard Fade

This is your normal faded beard, but it is trimmed meticulously so that it has sharp edges.

Yeard Beard Style

This is just a normal beard you allow to grow untrimmed for an entire year.

Full Blonde Beard Style

As the name states, this is a full beard of a blonde-haired man. On the other hand, you can also achieve it by bleaching and coloring the hair.

Red Beard Long Mustache

This is the same as the Garibaldi beard, but with red hair.

Black Men Beard Style

Black men’s beards are pretty diverse. However, they are usually styled thin. This is because black men’s facial hair can be relatively coarse and kinky.

Soul Patch and Mustache

This is similar to the Zappa, but the mustache is styled thinly.

Sharp Beard Style

Here, you will see your beard sculpted skillfully so that the lines are pretty sharp.

Grey Beard Style

This will typically occur naturally once a man reaches a certain advanced age. On the other hand, if you want a more uniform gray color, you can have your beard bleached and colored gray.

Patchy Beard Style

Not all men can grow a thick and full beard. Others can only grow patchy beards. However, patchy beards are not necessarily unattractive. Keanu Reeves has a patchy beard and he is far from being ugly.

Beard Line-Up

A beard line-up is just a guide on properly shaping a beard. Usually, you can line up your beard using a finger.

Bald Men With Beards

Most bald or balding men choose to grow a beard as this will keep them from looking like an egg.

Beard Designs

Aside from traditionally styling your beard, there are other ways to make your beard unique. One is by shaving designs into your beard. The most common way is to carve intricate geometric designs.

Natural Blonde Beard With Mustache

As the name states, this is a natural blonde beard and mustache. Some celebrities that have this combo include Jeff Bridges and Ryan Gosling.

Pencil Mustache

This style got its name due to the pencil-thin strip of facial hair just above the upper lip. To style your mustache this way, shave the upper part of the mustache and trim the bottom so that no hairs would go over your upper lip.

Man With a Curly Hair and Pencile Mustache

Fu Manchu

The Fu Manchu is a mustache style wherein the corners can grow as long as possible and droop downward. This style got its name from a character the legendary horror film actor Boris Karloff played back in the 1930s.

English Mustache

This is similar, if not completely identical, to a handlebar mustache. In other words, you will have to grow out the mustache and then style the corners to twisted curls.

Handlebar Mustache

The handlebar mustache is the quintessential hipster mustache. You grow out the corners of your mustache and then use a bit of beard wax to curl them upwards.

Imperial Mustache

The imperial mustache is similar to the handlebar. However, the entire mustache is grown rather long and styled to a handlebar instead of just the corners.

Dali Mustache

This is a mustache made famous by the famous Spanish artist Salvador Dali. It can be classified as a pencil mustache with the corners allowed to grow to around 3” to 4” long and then styled to stick upwards.

Chevron Mustache

The chevron mustache is one of the most classic types of mustache styles. This style got its name because of its shape, which is a chevron. This is the iconic mustache style worn by Tom Selleck and Burt Reynolds.

Pyramid Mustache Style

The pyramid mustache is similar to the chevron mustache, but the corners terminate to points. To shape this type of mustache, you must shave the top from underneath the nose. After that, shave it into a triangle.

Lampshade Mustache

This is similar to the pyramid mustache, but the top of the mustache is wider. Meanwhile, the shaved part starts outside the nose rather than underneath the nostrils.

Painter’s Brush

This is a mustache similar to the chevron, but rather than the sides sloping downward, they are straight all across.

Horseshoe Mustache Style

As you can probably tell, this mustache looks like a horseshoe. This is essentially a goatee, but with the hair on the chin shaved off. Imagine Hulk Hogan. This is his signature facial hairstyle.

Toothbrush Mustache

This is a controversial facial hairstyle as this is the signature look of Adolf Hitler. If, for whatever reason, you want to get this style, you should shave the parts of your mustache that extend beyond the corners of your nose.

Walrus Mustache Style

The walrus mustache is thick and combed straight down. Unlike most of the other mustaches on this list, the walrus covers the entire upper lip. Some men even have mustaches that completely cover their mouths.

Hungarian Mustache

This is a big, bushy mustache with corners pulled towards the sides. The corners are then allowed to grow beyond the corners of the mouth. This facial hair looks like a handlebar mustache, but the ends do not curl upward.

Zapata Mustache

This is the facial hair style worn by Emiliano Zapata, the hero of the Mexican Revolution. This is similar to the Hungarian mustache. This means it is also a big and bushy mustache, but the corners are not quite as long and curl up a bit.

History of Beard Styles

One of the earliest recorded histories of the veneration of beards came from an ancient Semitic civilization that once resided in Lebanon. Archaeologists found sculptures of men with intricate depictions of hair and beard, similar to the style used by the Assyrians.

The ancient Egyptians also venerated and held facial hair in high regard. The ancient pharaohs used to grow beards on their chins, which they typically dyed and often braided with gold threads.

Other ancient civilizations also held facial hair in high regard, which is why many historical figures are depicted with beards and other forms of facial hair.

How to Get and Maintain Beard Styles

Step 1 – Choose a beard style

Choose a beard style depending on your face shape and the amount of facial hair you can grow. For instance, if you can grow a thick and full beard, you can choose from most of the styles available.

On the other hand, your choice might be extremely limited if you can only manage patchy beard growth.

Step 2 – Use some beard tools

If you will be styling your beard at home, ensure that you have the right tools for the job. I suggest you invest in a good precision beard trimmer and a sharp razor. For the more intricate designs, you will need to get the services of a good barber.

Step 3 – Style and maintain 

You will need a good beard brush and/or comb to style and maintain your facial hair. The comb is for styling, while the brush can help exfoliate the skin underneath the hair. It can also remove dead strands.

Step 4 – Use beard oil

I highly recommend using quality beard oil to keep the strands moisturized and soft if you have a beard. A good beard oil will help keep your beard from getting frizzy. It also helps prevent breakage by making the strands stronger.


When does a beard look good?

Attractiveness is entirely subjective, but typically, if a beard is trimmed and maintained correctly, most other people will find it attractive. For instance, patchy beard styles can help make the most out of this seemingly awful coincidence and run with it.

How to choose the right beard style?

First, take the amount of facial hair that you can grow. After that, you have to check if your choice of facial hair suits the shape of your face.

What type of beard is most attractive?

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Some people like short, trimmed beards, while others like full long beard styles. Different people have different tastes in facial hair, so instead of worrying about what other people like, choose a style you want.

Do beards make you look hotter?

Again, this is subjective. Some people think men with facial hair are sexy, while others like clean-shaven men. On the other hand, most people do believe that a person does look manlier with a beard.

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