Monkey Tail Beard

Who would have taught that a style named monkey tail would become so popular?

Well, it did. In fact, it did even more than that. Not only is it one of the wackiest facial hair styles, a trend that’s not going anywhere any time soon, it’s also an absolute attention-catcher.

Be it because of its bizarre, but intriguing look or the fact that only the brave ones can pull it off, the monkey tail won’t leave you indifferent. This style isn’t for those faint at heart.

But a man who has confidence and is not afraid to experiment and play around to showcase his uniqueness can totally rock it.

At first glance, this beard style may seem like you had a shaving accident, but it certainly won’t go unnoticed.

How can it not, when it’s so hilarious and cheeky.

Whether you’re just looking for a way to make your friends and family laugh or you want to show how brave and unique you are, monkey tail beard is the way to go.

Ready to experiment? Great, keep reading this guide on how to grow, trim and style it.

What Is a Monkey Tail Beard

Just as the name suggests, the monkey tail beard is shaved to look like the tail of a monkey. It starts at one ear, wrapping around the chin and the mouth to complete the monkey tail look. 

It’s a beard style that will certainly get people talking, but if you are going for a business meeting or your normal job, this is not the beard style that you want to be wearing. 

Most Popular Monkey Tail Beard Styles

Most Popular Monkey Tail Beard Styles

If you are looking for a unique beard style that will bring out your lighthearted personality, then you can’t go wrong with a monkey tail beard

There won’t be a lot of guys along the streets wearing the beard style, so you can be assured that you are bound to stand out. The good news is that there are a variety of monkey tail beard styles that are worth trying out. 

Monkey Chin Curtain

If you have half an inch of facial hair, then you can create a realistically looking monkey tail beard without struggling too much. 

The goal of this style is to let the hair grow between the mustache and the beard, then shave off the extra hairs and you are good to go. 

Chinstrap Monkey

When it comes to money tail beard styles, the chinstrap monkey style is the easiest and fastest to make. With it, you don’t need to wait for the beard to grow too long.

As soon as the chinstrap is grown, shave off any extra hairs and you will have yourself a unique beard style. 

High Mustache

Any mustache will look good with a monkey tail beard. However, it will look much better if the mustache grows towards the chin on one side and falls off a tiny bit down from your lip on the other side.

Patchy Tail

If you like experimenting with your beard, then you can do so with this particular style. It involves creating a monkey tail beard and then making patches resulting in a beard that looks like a striped lemur or raccoon tail. 

Blonde Tail

Depending on the natural shade of your hair, you can have some fun with your monkey tail beard by adding some dye to it to create a real masterpiece. 

Benefits of Growing a Monkey Tail Beard

The monkey tail beard trend is here to stay and if you are thinking about trying it out, here are a few benefits of this beard style. 

Easy to Fix

Perhaps the best thing about this beard style compared to others is that it is very easy to fix in that what you only need is to shave off one part of the face and add a gap on the other side to create a basic mustache and a goatee

Attention Catcher

Some people have disliked this beard trend since it came into existence while others go nuts for it. Either way, one thing that we can all agree on is that the style is a real attention catcher. 


The monkey tail beard is one of the unique beard styles that exist, and if you wear one, you can be assured of turning a few heads here and there. 

Pros and Cons of Growing This Beard Style

Pros and Cons of Growing a Monkey Tail Beard

Just like with every other beard style out there, there are a few pros and cons of trying out the monkey tail beard that you need to know about. 


  • It is a unique style that is hard to go unnoticed.
  • It is very easy to fix since all you need to do is to shave part of your face and shape the mustache and the goatee. 
  • It’s easy to maintain since there are very little trimming and shaving that you need to do.


  • It’s not a professional style if you are going for a business meeting or an interview.
  • Most people see it as childish and not a style that a grown man should be wearing and considering that it is hard to go unnoticed, this is not what you want to be walking around with, especially in public. 

How to Grow a Monkey Tail Beard

Step 1 – Let the beard grow

If you are looking at giving the monkey tail beard style a chance, then you need a full face of facial hair. You need to allow your beard to grow to a good medium and full length, although you could still do with a stubble although it won’t look as nice. 

How long you grow the beard will depend on your preferences, but to get the real monkey tail look, a full beard is much better. 

Step 2 – Comb the beard

Use a high-quality beard comb to untangle any knots that may be in the beard such that each strand lays flat so that it’s easier to cut. 

Step 3 – Start shaving

Using an electric razor, start by shaving the hairs below the jawline, trying to make the edges as clean as you can at the bottom of the jawline. If you want a more precise line, use the trimer part of the razor for a crisp, clean horizontal edge. 

Step 4 – Decide on which side the beard should go

Monkey tail beard style involves shaving one side of the face, so you need to decide which side you want hair to remain. 

If you have one side that has thicker sideburns, then you want to go with that side, otherwise, just go with the side that you think will make you look better when you are taking selfies. 

Step 5 – Shave off the sideburn

Once you have chosen a side, you can go ahead and shave the other sideburn plus any facial hair that is beyond the point where the mustache extends. 

Step 6 – Carve out the area below the bottom lip

This is to get rid of the soul patch. Use an electric trimmer to create a crisp edge. While doing so, you want to ensure that any hair you leave behind is of the same thickness as the sideburn. 

You will also need to shave a small gap between the mustache and the beard on the same side of the remaining sideburn. 

This helps to define the tail bottom as it wraps around the jaw and curls around, ending in the mustache. 

Step 7 – Clean up the edges

To make the tail look defined, clean up the edges. You need to adjust the thickness of the sideburns so that it matches the hair below the chin if, for instance, you shaved too much accidentally. 

Rounding up the sideburns where they meet the jaw will also help you create the appearance of a well-defined tail. Ensure that you take all the time you need on this step since this is what determines how defined your monkey tail beard will be. 

How to Style and Groom a Monkey Tail Beard

Styling and grooming a monkey tail beard is pretty simple, but you’ll need the right tools and techniques in order to shape the facial hair properly so that it really doesn’t look like a shaving mishap.

To master this look without any monkey business, here’s what you’ll need:

  • Beard comb
  • Electric razor and trimmer
  • A mustache, beard, and sideburns

Step 1 – Grow a beard to a certain length

To start off, you’ll need a full face of facial hair. Most people who go for this look let their hair grow out to a nice medium and full length, but some have attempted it with mere stubble as well. The length is truly up to your personal preference, but to get an authentic monkey tail look, fuller is usually better.

Step 2 – Use a beard comb

Using a proper beard comb, untangle any knots in your beard hairs so that each strand lays flat and is easier to cut. Investing in a high-quality beard comb can make a big difference because these combs are specifically made to be anti-static.

Step 3 – Now it’s time for the shaving part

Begin by shaving any hairs below your jawline using an electric razor. Try to get as clean of an edge as you can right at the bottom of your jawline, as this will serve as the bottom of your monkey tail.

If you want to get a truly precise line, you can use the trimmer part of your razor to get a crisp horizontal edge.

Step 4 – Decide where you want your beard to start

Decide which side of your face you would like your monkey tail to start on. If one of your sideburns is thicker than the other, then this may be the better choice, otherwise, just pick whichever side will look better in monkey tail selfies.

Step 5 – Shave off your other sideburn

Also, shave any beard hair that is beyond the point where your mustache extends.

Step 6 – Carve out the area below your bottom lip

Get rid of any sole patch that you may have and using the electric trimmers to create a crisp edge.

You will want to make sure that the hair you leave behind is the same thickness as your sideburn. You will also want to shave a small gap between your mustache and your beard on the same side of your single sideburn.

This will help define the bottom of the “tail” as it wraps around your jaw, curls around, and ends in your mustache.

Step 7 – Clean up any edges so that the tail is more defined

You may need to adjust the thickness of your sideburns to match the hair below your chin if you accidentally shaved too much.

Rounding out your sideburns where they meet your jaw can also help create the appearance of a tail. Make sure you take your time on this step, as this is where the magic happens.

If you need any help getting this look, this video provides an easy to follow walkthrough of the shaving procedure.

How to Maintain a Monkey Tail Beard

Step 1 – Combing the beard

Just like with a full beard, your monkey tail beard will collect food crumbs as well as dirt during the day and you need to comb them out if you are to look great. 

Use a high-quality beard comb to also remove any tangles that form in the beard and to train the hairs to grow in the direction you want them to. 

Step 2 – Cleaning the beard

Even if you are missing facial hair on one side of your face, you still need to keep the remaining beard as clean as you can and this means using beard shampoo that doesn’t dry out your beard too much. 

Step 3 – Using beard grooming products

To ensure that your monkey tail beard looks and feels good, you need to use beard grooming products like beard oil regularly. 

This will also help to moisturize the beard as well as the skin underneath, getting rid of any itchiness and ensuring that you don’t get any beard dandruff. 

Step 4 – Trimming the beard

While the monkey tail beard is a low maintenance beard style, you still need to keep the tail as well defined as possible. This means trimming the edges to make them look clean and to keep clean-shaven the other side. 

Do’s and Don’ts With a Monkey Tail Beard

  • Do clean up the edges to have a well-defined monkey tail beard. 
  • Do use beard oil to moisturize the beard as well as the skin underneath, which is something that most people forget. 
  • Do allow your beard to grow before shaving it off if you want to have a good looking monkey tail beard. 
  • Don’t use beard grooming products that might dry out the beard too much. 
  • Don’t trim the beard too much when you are shaving. The monkey tail beard needs to have a certain thickness that can only be achieved if you don’t shave a lot of your facial hair. 


Should you go with this beard?

Only you know whether your personality is cool and quirky enough to pull off this beard in style. If you’re curious how the tail will compliment your face, why not give it a try?

The best part about this beard is that it is really easy to fix by just shaving off your extra sideburn and adding a gap on the other side of your facial hair to turn it into a basic mustache and goatee.

Some people dislike this look, others go bananas for it—but whether you like it or not, one thing is for sure: it is certainly an attention catcher.

How long does it take to grow a monkey tail beard?

Depending on how fast your hair grows, you need to allow your beard to grow first before you make a monkey tail, which should take about two to six weeks unless you are going for the chinstrap monkey style.

Is the monkey tail beard for me?  

The monkey tail beard is not for everyone and neither is it a professional look. If you are into unique beard styles or want a beard that will bring out your lighthearted personality, then the monkey tail beard is for you. 

Where should a monkey tail beard end?

A monkey tail beard should start at the sideburns wrapping around the chin as well as the mouth to resemble a monkey tail. 


Monkey tail beards have been around for a while and the trend seems like it is here to stay. They are fun, exciting as well as unique and are ideal for anyone looking for a fun beard style that will get people talking. Just like with other beard styles, you need to maintain your monkey tail beard to ensure that the edges are always well defined for the perfect monkey tail look.

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