Behold the monkey tail beard. Perhaps one of the wackiest beard style to become a facial hair trend.

This beard style literally looks like a monkey slapped you across the face with its tail and just left it there to tickle your upper lip. This look starts with one sideburn that extends into your beard and wraps around the other side of your face to curl up and over into your mustache.

At first glance, this style could just look like you had a shaving accident, but an almost certain double-take will show that it is a pretty hilarious and cheeky beard style.

Whether you’re just looking for something unique to represent your lighthearted personality, or you want to make your friends and family laugh, the monkey tail beard surely won’t go unnoticed.

How to Style and Groom It

Styling and grooming a monkey tail beard is pretty simple, but you’ll need the right tools and techniques in order to shape the facial hair properly so that it really doesn’t look like a shaving mishap.

To master this look without any monkey business, here’s what you’ll need:

[intense_content_box title_tag=”div” background=”#ffffff” size=”1″ custom_icon=”5775″ position=”topleft” border_color=”#2ea3f2″]

  • Beard comb
  • Electric razor and trimmer
  • A mustache, beard, and sideburns[/intense_content_box]

Step 1: To start off you’ll need a full face of facial hair. Most people who go for this look let their hair grow out to a nice medium and full length, but some have attempted it with mere stubble as well. The length is truly up to your personal preference, but to get an authentic monkey tail look, fuller is usually better.

Step 2: Using a proper beard comb, untangle any knots in your beard hairs so that each strand lays flat and is easier to cut. Investing in a high-quality beard comb can make a big difference because these combs are specifically made to be anti-static.

Step 3: Now it’s time for the shaving part. Begin by shaving any hairs below your jaw line using an electric razor. Try to get as clean of an edge as you can right at the bottom of your jawline as this will serve as the bottom of your monkey tail.

If you want to get a truly precise line, you can use the trimmer part of your razor to get a crisp horizontal edge.

Step 4: Decide which side of your face you would like your monkey tail to start on. If one of your sideburns is thicker than the other, then this may be the better choice, otherwise just pick whichever side will look better in monkey tail selfies.

Step 5: Shave off your other sideburn and any beard hair that is beyond the point where your mustache extends.

Step 6: Carve out the area below your bottom lip, getting rid of any sole patch that you may have and using the electric trimmers to create a crisp edge.

You will want to make sure that the hair you leave behind is the same thickness of your sideburn.You will also want to shave a small gap between your mustache and your beard on the same side of your single sideburn.

This will help define the bottom of the “tail” as it wraps around your jaw, curls around, and ends in your mustache.

Step 7: Clean up any edges so that the tail is more defined. You may need to adjust the thickness of your sideburns to match the hair below your chin if you accidentally shaved too much.

Rounding out your sideburns where they meet your jaw can also help create the appearance of a tail. Make sure you take your time on this step as this is where the magic happens.

If you need any help getting this look, this video provides an easy to follow walkthrough of the shaving procedure.

Should You Go with This Beard?

Only you know whether your personality is cool and quirky enough to pull off this beard in style. If you’re curious how the tail will compliment your face, why not give it a try?

The best part about this beard is that it is really easy to fix by just shaving off your extra sideburn and adding a gap on the other side of your facial hair to turn it into a basic mustache and goatee.

Some people dislike this look, others go bananas for it—but whether you like it or not, one thing is for sure: it is certainly an attention catcher.

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