Laughing Bearded Man Wears Bunny Ears

Grooming your beard is one thing, but getting creative with it is something absolutely different.

There are people who are real beard aficionados and they can style their facial hair to perfection.

There are others that take things to a whole new level.

A lot of men take beard styling seriously, all the way that they twist and turn their facial hair in all kinds of manners.

We don’t suggest doing it yourself unless you are an expert.

Today we will show you some very funny beard styles.

The wackier the better.

Perhaps you will get inspired and make one of yours.

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33 Most Funny Beard Styles

Humorous Design

For this style, you have to take note that the longer the beard is, the more fun things you can do with it. It gives you several options for styling it in the quirkiest way possible. It would be best for you to slather it with some styling mousse, so you will further have more fun styling it.

Octopus Beard Style

Do you want to look like Cthulhu, who was invited to a fancy dinner party? Grow out your beard until it is around six inches long. After that, partition your beard and mustache into eight symmetrical segments and curl each outward.

Freak Real Handles Beard Style

If you cannot grow a full beard to save your life, but you can grow a mustache without any problem, this style is ideal. You can trim your beard to whatever length looks good. Use generous amounts of beard wax to shape your mustache into handlebars.

Humorous Terminal Beard

This style is reminiscent of the beard that Grigori Rasputin sported. It is pretty straightforward. You have to grow a longer beard and slick back your hair. This is an excellent style if you feel like overthrowing your local monarchy.

Old Humorous French Fork Facial Hair

You will need to be genetically blessed to grow facial hair that is thick enough to pull off this style. You grow your beard until it reaches your chest. After that, you can part it down the middle. Complete the look by sporting a huge turban.

Mustache with a Funny Heavy Beard

This is the style you should aim for if you want to look like Jesus. However, remember that you will need a strong jawline and a chiseled physique to pull this off.

Long Haired Man With Long Black Mustache and Beard

Worst Homeless Beard Style

What is great about this style is you do not have to think about it. This is the natural progression that every man has to go through when growing a beard. This can go from clean-shaven to looking like a homeless bum, and finally, a majestic beard.

Humorous Best Effort

If you are tired of growing your beard and plan to shave it off anyway, give it a new cut. You will admire your handiwork for a couple of minutes.

Hilarious Lawnmower Beard Style

This style is literally what you would look like if you used a lawnmower to style your beard. It is characterized by a couple of shaved patches, some untouched patches and some perfectly trimmed.

Funny Question Mark

You will need to have a thick beard for this style to work. It is also necessary for you to have a steady hand to carve out the question mark design from your beard. This is a fantastic design if you can pull it off. Seen from either side, this design looks normal.

Freakish Beehive Beard Style

This style looks best for redheads, as you will look like the Lion from the Wizard of Oz. However, note that anyone can pull this off. This is as long as you have enough time to grow your beard and hair. Your beard and hair need to be roughly the same length. After that, you will have to fluff it all out using a beard comb. It is like an afro took over your entire head.

Hilarious Old Dutch Beard

Van Gogh is relatively easy to do. You do not even need to cut your ear off, which is always good. This funny beard style is similar to the homeless style. The only difference is that this one is thinner and patchier than the latter.

Crazy Handlebar Facial Hair

This style is a variation of the traditional handlebar. This one quirkier and crazier, though, is that it is longer and the ends curl in on themselves.

Funny Mutton Chops

The mutton chop style is when you shave your beard and mustache but leave the sideburns alone. Done well, you will get to sport magnificent Elvis Presley mutton chops. However, note that it will look hilarious if you do this style incorrectly.

Funny Chin Curtain Beard

The chin curtain first became mainstream in the early 2000s. In most cases, the beard is trimmed close to the skin, and then most of it is shaved off except for a thin line along the jawline. This facial hairstyle is hilariously outdated. It is also hard to pull off if you do not have a prominent jawline.

Confused Guy With a Funny Beard

Monkey Tail Beard Style

This is a funny facial hairstyle that began as a meme a couple of years ago – after which it has gotten a life of its own. As the name suggests, this style looks like a monkey sitting on your shoulder with its tail curled around your nose.

Full Beard With Untrimmed Goatee Style

This is the usual facial hairstyle used by older East Asian men. The main reason is that most Asian men cannot grow a full beard. This looks like a goatee that you just let grow out.

Humorous Egyptian Goatee Style

To sport this style, you will need to grow a long goatee, which you then have to wrap using a bit of wire. This should help in letting it hold its shape. You can then embellish it with golden rings if you want. To complete the look, apply a heavy layer of eyeliner.

Hilarious Batstache Facial Haircut

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if Batman put his logo on his face instead of his chest? You can now satisfy your curiosity by wearing this facial hairstyle.

Funny Geometric Beard

This futuristic facial hairstyle looks at home in post-apocalyptic worlds like Demolition Man and the Fifth Element. You will need a sharp straight razor, the world’s best stubble trimmer, and a ruler to ensure your lines are all straight.

Humorous Beard Braiding Style

To sport this style, you must have a long beard that is long enough to braid it. The nice thing about this is that you can either look like an awesome Viking warrior or a budget Captain Jack Sparrow.

Funny Pac-Man Lover Facial Hairstyle

This style is where you trim the bottom of the beard straight. After that, you can color the rest in any one of the shades of color that the ghosts in Pac-man came in.

Spiral Beard Style

This style is one of the variations of the monkey tail beard. What makes it different from it is the integration of more twists. In addition, you can also place the spiral on any part of the face that you can.

Emperor Beard Style

The emperor beard style combines the Walrus mustache and mutton chops. It can look magnificent on older gentlemen. Note that you will look like someone who is not allowed near elementary schools if you are not that old yet.

Worst Confused Beard

This is another of the funniest beard styles you ought to try. This style can be seen as trying to create an Imperial beard but deciding to change your mind halfway.

Man With a Bad Half Shaved Beard

Hilarious Freestyle Beard

This is not a “style” per se. It even just looks like you just gave up on personal hygiene.

Humorous Fu Manchu

This is the style you usually see in old Chinese martial arts movies. Let your mustache grow out. After that, you have to trim the middle but let the ends grow out. The most famous Fu Manchu mustache style is probably that of its namesake, which is the actual comic book character Fu Manchu.

Thin Funny Patch Beard

This style is when a person tries to grow out his beard, but he is not genetically blessed with the ability to grow one. If you want to know how to fix a patchy beard, you don’t. You shave the whole thing off.

Funny Soul Patch

The only places where this facial hairstyle is acceptable are in hipster bars, coffee shops, or wherever they tend to hang out. To style a soul patch beard, if you can even call it that, you have to shave your face, leaving just a tiny patch of hair underneath your lower lip.

Horseshoe Beard

Like how it sounds, this facial hair looks like you let a horse step on your face. After that, you shave the area around the hoof.

Addict Beard Style

This is not a hilarious beard style but more of something you want to sport if you want people to stay away from you. Just as the name suggests, it will make you look like a drug addict who is out to get his next score.

Pencil Beard Style

This style is probably one of the most cringe-inducing facial hair in the early 2000s. You will need advanced beard shaping tips and techniques to make this look decent. To complete the whole douchebag look, throw in a pair of Oakley.

Double Mustache Beard

This is one heck of an optical illusion if done right. Use a premium beard grooming kit to pull off this look, then shave off your beard. Leave a patch that is the same size and shape as your mustache. This will leave people wondering where your actual mouth is.


Are there benefits to sporting a funny beard style? Of course, you can find several benefits – among them are the following:

Provides a Topic for Discussion All the Time

This means you will always have a topic for discussion. If you go to a party full of strangers, your beard will automatically act as your wingman. The moment you enter the room, people will be so intrigued that they will be swarming all over you.

Makes You Stand Out from the Crowd

If you are the type of person who does not want to melt into the background, then you will love having a funny beard. Styling your beard in a goofy manner will undoubtedly make you more distinct. This will make you stand out from the crows.

Bearded Man With a Bow on His Beard

People Will Feel More at Ease When They Are With You

People will somehow like hanging out with you if you are silly enough to style your beard weirdly. Something about funny beards makes people lower their guard and relax. Why do you think kids feel comfortable around Santa during the holidays?

You Are Not Easily Stressed

If you are okay with other people seeing your weirdly-styled facial hair, nothing much will stress you out quite quickly. This is also true if you are someone who does not take yourself too seriously. Even when a problem comes your way, you will be perpetually looking at the bright side.

Pros and Cons 


  • Prevents ingrown hair and acne. The trouble with regular shaving is that it makes you more prone to painful ingrown hairs and acne. This is especially true if your razor is not quite as sharp as you need it to be.
  • People cannot tell your age accurately. When you grow a beard, people assume that you are a bit on the mature side. However, they would not be able to pinpoint your age exactly. All bearded men would look the same regardless of their ages at a certain point.
  • Promotes ease in diffusing tension. If you ever get into an argument with someone, your beard will be able to quell the tension. Who would want to argue with someone who has a funny mustache?
  • Helps you stand out from the crowd. You can always differentiate yourself from others because of your quirky and funny beard.
  • People will hang out with you more. The reason is that they will feel more at ease with you, which means that they will also open up with you more.


  • Quite expensive styling products. The thing about funny beards is that they usually do not come naturally. You will need to deliberately style them to get your desired look, spending more on styling products.
  • Most styles are only temporary. Many funny beard styles are obviously for temporary use only. These designs are for those who grew out their beard but need to shave them all off for whatever reason.

How to Get

Step 1 – Grow out your beard

Your beard should at least be long enough for you to style it the way you want. This means you will need to grow your beard for around 3 to 6 months, depending on how fast your facial grows. Your hair should be 3 to 4 inches long for the basic styles. You may also need them to be longer for the more extreme designs.

Step 2 – Choose your design

Research the different quirky beard styles that you can sport. The good news is that there are many different styles that you can shape your beard into, so picking one that you like is possible.

Step 3 – Decide if you will be keeping the beard or not

As mentioned earlier, there are funny beard styles that are so wild that you might not want to use them all the time. A good example is the Monkey Tail. It involves shaving patches off your beard, which means you can never style it any other way.

Man With Half Shaved Beard

Step 4 – Gather the necessary tools and products

Once you have decided on the type of funny beard style you want, it is time that you prepare your operating table. You will need a good quality beard balm for shaping and curling the hairs. If you are shaving and shaping the actual shape of your beard, then you will need professional hair clippers and/or a sharp straight razor.

Step 5 – Commit to your design and start styling

Some funny beard styles will require you to mangle the facial hair you have patiently been growing. You need to be committed to what you will be doing. After that, you can start having fun with the funny beard style that you finally got.

How to Trim and Shape

Step 1 – Decide on your design

If you are trimming your beard, then it must mean that you are planning on shaving off patches to create your desired design. Are you going with the double mustache, the batstache, or the monkey tail? Decide on what you want beforehand because there is no going back once you start.

Step 2 – Trim to a uniform length

Once you have decided on a design, take your hair clippers and adjust the thickness to the length required. For instance, you need to set the clippers to an inch thickness for the double mustache. You will need to set the clippers to an eighth inch for geometric designs.

Step 3 – Shave and shape

Take the guard off the hair clippers and carve out the shape you want. Removing the guard makes the clipper into an electric shaver but provides more control.

Step 4 – Clean the edges

The hair clipper is only for carving out the basic shape of your funny beard. You will need to use a straight razor to clean the edges and make them crisper.


What is the most popular funny beard style?

As of writing, the Monkey Tail beard is by far the most popular. Professional baseball players unironically sport this funny beard style on live TV.

How can I make my beard look funny?

It will depend on what kind of humor you have. You can take a bit of beard balm and use it to make different crazy shapes. Alternatively, you can take a trimmer to your beard and carve it into otherworldly figures.

Man Wearing Funny Beard and Hair

Is a funny beard attractive?

Attractiveness is subjective. Some people may not like your beard, while others may like it. When sporting a funny beard, you feel good about it and like it personally. Such personal feelings can make your chosen funny beard style look attractive.

Is it hard to maintain a funny beard style?

It will depend mainly on the style. For instance, if you choose freestyle beards, it would be yes since it is effortless to maintain. However, it will be harder to keep if you go for more complex styles, like the monkey tail. You will even have to shape and trim it every day.


There is no set rule on how a man should style his facial hair. You can do whatever you want with it. You can style it to give yourself a dignified look or goofy look whenever you feel inclined to.

The styles mentioned here are just the tip of the iceberg: funny beard styles. To give yourself humorous facial hair, you will only need some essential tools and a lot of imagination.

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