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The King may be dead, but his music will continue to outlive him as it always had.

The legacy that Elvis Presley left is not measured in songs and appearances only, there is that lady-killer style and the charisma he had, which combined magnificently with his captivating hair and perfect sideburns.

You don’t have to be the King to copy his style.

What you need to do is copy all the steps correctly in order to successfully transform yourself into a rock icon.

Now, that doesn’t come overnight and there are certain steps that need to be followed.

Lucky for you, we do have all of them right here in our article.

After going through it, you will know exactly what the secret to the success of Elvis Presley was.

Not only that, but you will know exactly how to create the same style that made him so captivating.

Elvis Presley’s Famous Sideburns

Elvis Presley is a synonym for head-turning sideburns aka mutton chops.

He rarely grew a full beard or a mustache but sideburns were his facial hair style of choice, and it is the mutton-chopped Elvis that most people remember today.

It is rare to see photos of the King of Rock n’ Roll rocking a full head of facial hair, but there was a point in his life when he sported a full beard and mustache for a movie role.

Trimmed short, neat and clean, a full beard gave Elvis a more masculine, movie star looks very much unlike his clean-cut, rock n’ roll image.

How to Grow Elvis Presley’s Beard

The mutton chops are suitable for men with round or oblong faces, but not as flattering on men with pointed jawlines.

Since mutton chops will frame your face, you must take this into account and you also have to think about whether or not they will lengthen or shorten the appearance of your face.

For starters, stock up on a good beard trimmer or clippers, beard scissors, a good beard shaper, wooden beard comb, and natural beard oil to condition your beard.

Also, use a beard soap instead of regular soaps or facial washes.

Benefits of beard soap include keeping your facial hair soft and conditioned without drying out the skin on your face.

How to Grow Elvis Presley's Beard


Elvis went for the full-on mutton chops which means that you need to grow a full beard to get this style. Grow your beard for about three weeks to get the right thickness.

Use natural beard oils and regular grooming to encourage healthy growth.

Trimming and Shaping Your Beard Like Elvis Presley

Use a beard comb and start combing against the grain before using a clipper with a low guard number for an even trim.

It is best to use a beard shaping tool to get the shape right, especially if this is your first time in shaping sideburns.

Use a straight razor on both sides of your face to shape the mutton chops more precisely and to ensure symmetry.

You can also use a straight razor to clean up the surrounding areas to create clean, distinct edges of the mutton chops.

Once you have finished trimming and shaping your sideburns, comb along the grain to smooth out the hairs and give them a neat finish. To keep the shape intact, use a beard balm.


Trim your sideburns regularly every few weeks to maintain their shape, since sideburns can get bushy fast.

Use all natural beard oil to condition your beard to keep the hairs soft and healthy.

Without the iconic sideburns, it’s almost certain that you wouldn’t recognize Elvis Presley.

The good news is that if you want to copy his beard style, the only thing you need to do is follow the steps above and channel your inner rock and roll star.

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