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ddccb2c51ca2668c0934f7ef9b15e48cIf you are suffering from dry skin under beard issues, the problem can be as simple as the way you take care of your hair each day.

The dryness and the flakes can affect guys who are just growing their beards to men who have enjoyed that full robust face of hair for years.

It all comes down to treating the skin under your beard to eliminate the redness, itchiness, and flaking skin.

Consider these simple tips for eliminating dry skin and getting back to ruling the world with your thick flowing beard.

Tip #1: Take Colder Showers

It is understood that nothing can feel better on that cold blustery day than taking a nice hot shower. The problem for guys growing beards is that the heat from the water robs the skin of natural oils.

Although it might not make sense that water could actually dry out your skin, the truth is that you are causing that are too dry out, resulting in flakes and redness that will lead to that incessant itching.

The simple solution here to reducing the chances of dry skin under beard issues, turn the hot water knob a few notches towards the cold water.

This simple fix could reduce the dry skin and eliminate the problem in a few days.

Tip #2: Stop Using Facial Soap

It is just a habit that guys will use the same bar of facial soap on their beards because they use it all over their body anyway.

The truth here is that your face has undergone changes since growing the beard, and using a cheap bar of soap can dry out the skin under the beard and lead to flaking issues.

You wouldn’t use that bar of soap on your hair, so stop using it to wash your beard. Start a new habit of using shampoo with moisturizer on your beard instead of the bar of soap.

Your shampoo should contain essential vitamins usually contained in popular dandruff shampoos. These shampoos will moisturize the beard and skin below, eliminating your itch and reducing those flakes.

Tip 3: Drying Your Beard

Unlike running a towel over your head to dry your hair, your beard is coarse and retains more of that moisture for longer periods of time.

If you are not properly taking the time to dry that beard, the excess moisture can become problematic tow the skin underneath. If your water contains excess minerals, they too can lead to issues with your skin when left in contact too long.

Take the time to run the hair dryer over the beard while using your fingers to ensure the warm air dries all that moisture.

Now that the hair is dry, pamper yourself with a little beard oil. This product is all natural and designed to keep the skin under the beard moist so that even new hairs will not cause irritation as they grow.

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It’s really that simple! These three simple tips are excellent for dealing with dry skin under beard issues.

The thing to remember is that the skin under your beard goes through many changes during the growth of the hair follicles.

Moisturizing the skin with products made with all-natural ingredients will ensure you are not contributing to the cause of that irritation.

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