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coconut oil on the table

Coconut oil has gained notoriety for the many benefits it offers the body. This amazing oil offers numerous health benefits and is now being incorporated into many cosmetic products designed to improve the skin, hair, and nails.

While this might be something unfamiliar to most guys, those amazing coconut oil for beard growth benefits can help to transform the look and feel of your beard too.

Is Coconut Oil Good for Your Beard?

Your facial hair needs moisture in order to grow healthy, that is why beard balms, oils, and conditioners have become as popular as they are today.

The coconut oil can help to not only lock in that moisture, but it can help to soothe that dryness of the skin below that is causing that itching that is driving you crazy.

The healing properties in the coconut oil go to work at restoring the skin so that as the hair follicles grow, less irritation to the surface of the skin results.

The coconut oil can help to control wild hairs and allow you to better control and shape your beard. When the beard is hydrated, it grows more easily, feels softer, and can be managed with less difficulties.

What Are Coconut Oil for Beard Benefits?

The longer your beard, the harder it becomes to manage. The beard oil gets deep into those hair follicles and softens the shafts right down to the roots. The beard looks healthier as a result and can be combed or brushed more easily.

No more will you be pulling out hair or breaking the hair because they have become brittle, the moisturized hairs will allow the comb or brush to gently glide right through them.

When it comes to your beard maintenance, your coconut beard oil creates a softer beard without leaving behind that greasy residue that is present in the lactic acid of low-grade beard oils and conditioners.

Massaging in the coconut beard oil after you pay to dry your beard from your shower allows you to keep the skin and follicles hydrated to balance the natural levels of moisture and reduce irritation.

coconut oil for beard

The coconut oils make use of anti-fungal agents that benefit your face, keeping it looking and feeling fresh while promoting healthy hair growth.

Stronger hair means less damage from breakage and faster growing facial hair.

Shaving With Coconut Oil for Beard Maintenance

Depending which areas of the face or neck that you need to trim or shave, by applying a generous amount of coconut beard oil to the skin, you can improve your shaving experience.

Use the coconut oil on the skin before you apply your shaving cream, it will soften both the skin and hairs, making it much easier to glide the razor over those areas.

If you do not have any shaving cream, the coconut beard oil works as a great substitute because it provides extra lubricity to the beard and skin.

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Once you have trimmed up your beard, you can again utilize the coconut oil for beard aftershave.

coconut oil for beard

The oil has healing properties that will speed up healing time on nicks and cuts while softening the skin at the same time.

The smell of coconut also makes for a natural scent that will drive women crazy.

How to Maintain Your Beard with the Coconut Oil

Now that you are aware of all the benefits of coconut oil for your beard, we will discuss how you should be applying this all-natural oil to your face and beard.

The best way to apply the coconut beard oil is when your hands are clean and dry. Place a small amount of the oil in the palm of your hands, then gently rub your hands together to heat the oil.

Apply the melted coconut oil to your beard starting at the ends of the beard and massaging all the way down to the roots.

Be sure that you get all the way to the roots because the oil will soften the skin and allow new hair to grow with less irritation and itching.

One of the advantages of using a coconut beard oil is it is absorbed instantly by the skin and hair.

That means no oily residue left behind, just the clean fresh small cuts of coconuts to enhance your sense of smell and the overall health of your beard.

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Got experience with coconut oil on your beard? Share with us in the comments bellow.

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