MUST-KNOW Facts Behind Coconut Oil That Will Make Your Beard Impressive

You might have known that coconut oil is great for your overall health, but did you know that you can also use it for beard growth and care?

Yes, that’s right.

So, you not only get to enjoy the wonderful smell and taste of coconut, but your facial hair gets to rip all of its benefits as well.

That’s what we call a triple win.

Due to its unique antimicrobial and moisturizing features, coconut oil offers multiple benefits to your facial hair.

Gone are the days when you had to buy separate, overpriced products to moisturize your beard, get rid of beard dandruff and itch and hydrate the skin underneath your facial hair.

When you start using coconut oil, you get one, natural solution for all of these facial hair problems.

Now, that’s a magical oil at its finest.

In this article, we’ll get over every single detail on how you can use coconut oil to improve beard thickness and boost growth, all of its benefits and uses and how you can make your unique mix.

Trust us, you’re going to love the recipe and everything else you read below.

Chop, chop, get on reading!

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What Is Coconut Oil

Coconut oil refers to a tropical oil taken from coconut flesh. You can see this oil being categorized as refined and virgin oils in stores. Coconut oil contains 80 to 90% saturated fat, which is why it has a firm texture when stored at room or cold temperatures. It does not have fiber nor cholesterol but has traces of plant sterols and some vitamins and minerals.

The good thing about coconut oil is that it has a rich flavor. It also takes pride in its mild coconut aroma. Many consider coconut oil as a superfood or wonder oil because of its plenty of benefits. It is known for curbing the appetite, preventing heart disease, lowering one’s risk of suffering from Alzheimer’s and dementia, strengthening the immune system, and removing belly fat, among many other things.

It also tends to work magic for bearded men. It is because coconut oil has properties that can stimulate the growth of a beard, making it useful for you if you are searching for a solution that makes your beard grow faster.

Aside from that, coconut oil has plenty of other rewarding benefits to men, making it a useful addition to the best beard grooming kit. Get to know more about such benefits in the next section of this article.

Benefits of Using Coconut Oil on a Beard

Moisturizes Beard

The longer your beard, the harder it becomes to manage. The beard oil gets deep into those hair follicles and softens the shafts right down to the roots. The beard looks healthier as a result and can be combed or brushed more easily.

No more will you be pulling or breaking the hairs because they have become brittle. Moisturized hairs will allow the comb or brush to gently glide right through them.

Makes Beard Softer

When it comes to facial hair maintenance, coconut beard oil makes a beard softer without leaving behind a greasy residue that is present in the lactic acid of low-grade beard oils and conditioners.

Massaging this oil into your beard after you’ve washed and pat dried it allows you to keep the skin and follicles hydrated, to balance the natural levels of moisture and reduce irritation.

Wash your beard with beard soap, but never use regular soaps and shampoos as they will damage your facial hair.

What Are Coconut Oil for Beard Benefits

Eliminates Beard Dandruff

One thing that coconut oil can do for you is get rid of beard dandruff. This specific benefit is the reason why it is one of the essential beard care products in most men’s grooming kits.

With the coconut oil around, you no longer have to get annoyed nor embarrassed with beardruff. It can moisten your skin, thereby ensuring that it does not flake nor get too dry. It can deal with beard dandruff effectively by preventing excessive dryness.

Eliminates Beard Itch

Another major benefit of coconut oil is that it can moisturize and clean your beard to prevent itchiness. If you have been growing your beard for a while, then you are fully aware of how annoying and uncomfortable the beard itch is.

However, it also indicates that you are on your way towards growing a full beard. To get rid of the itchiness, you should consider using the coconut oil to moisturize your developing facial hair or beard as well as your skin.

Gets Rid of Fungus and Bacteria

Coconut oil also works great for a beard because of its antifungal and antibacterial properties. It is, therefore, helpful in getting rid of fungus and bacteria that might have built up in your beard.

Note that if left undealt with, the buildup of bacteria and fungus can result in infections and other unwanted skin conditions. You can prevent those things from happening on your facial hair with the aid of the oil’s antifungal and antibacterial properties.

Keeps Beard Protected From Possible Damage and Loss of Proteins

Keep in mind that just like your hair, your beard is also at risk of being damaged. There is what we call as beard loss, which is the equivalent to hair loss. Certain factors, such as oxidative damage, protein loss, and suppressed levels of the hormone, can damage your beard, causing it to fall out.

You can prevent such issues with the aid of coconut oil. It is because this oil works in increasing the level of your hormones. Aside from that, it also works effectively in preventing the loss of protein in your hair follicles, which is often triggered by the elements, excessive combing, poor diet, and constant exposure to the sun.

Hydrates Beard and Skin Beneath

Coconut oil is also very hydrating, which makes it beneficial for facial hair and the skin surrounding it. You can count on it to hydrate dry skin under the beard. It is necessary to apply this oil across your beard’s length.

To do that, massaging your face with the oil is a must. Doing that can hydrate your face and beard’s roots well. Massaging the oil also ensures that any lost hydration in your skin will return. Coconut oil is, therefore, a huge help in rebalancing its natural moisture.

Improves Length and Thickness

Another fantastic benefit of coconut oil is that it improves the length and thickness of your beard. If you think that your normal beard growth pace is too slow, then apply coconut oil on it to stimulate growth.

You can anticipate such kind of growth in terms of length and thickness. Aside from that, it also works in nourishing and healing your skin. This ensures that your beard will grow as healthily as possible.

Coconut Oil for Beards Improves Length and Thickness

Natural and Free of Harsh Chemicals

Coconut oil is also safe and beneficial for the beard because it is 100% natural. It means that it does not have any harsh chemicals, such as phthalates, parabens, and benzoates, that might be damaging to your facial hair. Just make sure to go for the virgin coconut oil, instead of the refined one, as the former is truly known for not undergoing any form of processing.

Improves the Look of Your Beard

Another proven advantage of using coconut oil for the beard is that it can significantly improve the way it looks. It can add a healthy and attractive shine to your facial hair. The good thing about the shine that the coconut oil provides is that it would just be enough to make the beard look good.

Some users even say that this oil is better in terms of providing a good shine to the beard compared to jojoba oil and argan oil. The fact that coconut oil contains moisturizing properties also prevents tangles, split ends, and knots.

Boosts Hormones That Affect Growth

A lot of those who have used coconut oil were also impressed with its ability to boost those hormones that can stimulate and encourage beard growth. These include testosterone and dihydrotestosterone – both hormones are famous for stimulating beard and hair growth.

If your body has high levels of the mentioned hormones, then you have a higher chance of growing a thicker and longer beard. It is possible to increase the level of those hormones in your body with the aid of coconut oil.

Helps the Shaving Process

A lot of men are also happy to say that coconut oil is a major contributor to making the shaving process a lot more manageable. It can produce several favorable benefits if you use it in all stages of shaving. One related benefit is that it has the ability to soften both your skin and beard prior to using the shave or blade.

Some also find coconut oil effective as a substitute to premium pre-shave oil or shaving cream. It is because this product offers additional lubrication that promotes ease when it comes to letting the razor glide smoothly over your skin and face.

Aside from that, it softens and hydrates your skin, making it a crucial part of any routine that you have after shaving. It has properties that can heal the skin, plus it boasts of its natural scent.

Protects Your Skin

If you want to protect your skin when growing a beard, then the use of coconut oil can surely be a big help. It protects your skin from dryness and irritation. It is mainly because of its high Vitamins E and K content. The two vitamins work in repairing broken skin while also reducing the risk of flaking. Aside from that, it can protect your skin from sun damage and possible inflammation.

How Does Coconut Oil Work on a Beard

How Does Coconut Oil Work on a Beard

Coconut oil works on your beard with the aid of its moisturizing, hydrating, antifungal and antibacterial, as well as nourishing and healing properties. With all these nutrients and properties, the oil will work its magic towards stimulating beard growth. You can apply it topically to moisturize your beard and keep it nourished.

Once applied, expect to have a healthier-looking beard and the skin surrounding it. It can also lessen irritation in the area as it supports the growth of the hair follicles on the skin surface. Moreover, coconut oil works on your beard by ensuring that wild hairs do not grow.

Pros and Cons of Using Coconut Oil on a Beard


  • Softens facial hair and the skin surrounding it
  • Stimulates and supports hair growth
  • Promotes healing in case your skin gets irritated
  • Works effectively as an anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial agent
  • Moisturizes and hydrates your skin and beard
  • Prevents common issues when it comes to growing a beard, like flaking, beardruff, itchiness, irritation, dead skin, and clogged pores


  • Might cause acne, but rest assured that this effect is rare

Methods of Producing Coconut Oil for Beards

Coconut oil is produced using various methods. Among the most frequently used methods in producing and extracting coconut oil are:

Dry Processed

This famous method of extracting and producing coconut oil extracts meat from coconut called copra then dries it up. After that, it dissolves the meat together with solvents, producing the raw oil along the process. One thing to note, though, is that it is not meant for human consumption.

Wet Produced

Another famous method is a wet process. It involves the use of raw coconut, but unlike the dry process, it does not dry the meat. It is a good method of producing coconut oil, but it tends to lose a substantial amount of oil during the process.


It stands for refined, bleached, and deodorized. This method is quite the same as the dry process, but the only difference is that it uses a hydraulic process to extract oil.


This method brings the RBD method to another level. It takes the extracted oil from the RBD method and heats it further. It results in the making of the refined version of the coconut oil.


In this method, different fats are broken into parts as a means of segregating them from the oil. It extracts acids or fats that tend to have other uses.

How to Apply Coconut Oil to Your Beard

Before applying the coconut oil on your beard, it is important to ensure that it is dry and clean. You can maximize the effects of coconut oil in that case. It is because both your skin and beard can absorb it even more effectively.

Step 1 – Rub around one teaspoon of the oil using your palms.

It can adequately warm the oil, so it melts. Once it does, applying it will be easy.

Step 2 – Massage the melted oil on your face and beard direction

Stroke it downwards for effective beard shaping. This motion also helps in taming any stray hair.

Step 3 – Emphasize the bottom part

Simply end the process by emphasizing the bottom part of your beard even more. What you should do is to massage any leftover coconut oil down to the ends or bottom of the beard.

How to Make Your Own Coconut Oil for Beard (DIY Recipe)

Are you interested in making your own coconut oil for your beard? Then you can rest assured that it is possible with the help of this simple procedure. Gather the following ingredients first:

  • ½ oz. each of virgin coconut oil and jojoba oil
  • 7 drops each of rosemary and lavender oil

Here are the steps in making this beard grooming product containing coconut oil.

Step 1 – Prepare a 1-oz. bottle

Choose one that has a lid with a built-in eyedropper.

Step 2 – Mix the oils

Pour the required essential and carrier oils, specifically the virgin coconut oil, jojoba oil, rosemary oil and lavender oil, into the bottle.

Step 3 – Secure the bottle by closing the lid

Shake it to mix all the oils well.

Once done, it is safe to use as a good beard oil. If you intend to apply beard oil every day, then use this DIY solution for better results.

How to Shave With Coconut Oil

Depending on which areas of the face or neck you need to trim or shave, by applying a generous amount of coconut beard oil to the skin, you can improve your shaving experience.

Step 1 – Apply coconut oil before the shaving cream

Put it on the skin before you use your shaving cream as it will soften both the skin and hairs, making it much easier to glide the razor over those areas.

If you don’t have any shaving cream, the coconut beard oil works as a great substitute because it provides extra lubricity to the beard and skin.

Viva Naturals Organic Extra-Virgin Coconut Oil


Step 2 – Use it as an aftershave

Once you have trimmed your beard, you can again utilize the coconut facial hair oil as an aftershave or use another premium quality aftershave with a bit different scent.

This oil has healing properties, so it will speed up the time needed for nicks and cuts to heal while softening the skin at the same time.

The smell of coconut also makes for a natural scent that will drive women crazy.

Shaving With Coconut Oil

How to Maintain Your Beard With Coconut Oil

Now that you are aware of all the benefits coconut oil offers to your beard, we will discuss how you should be applying it to your face and beard.

Step 1 – Heat the oil with your hands

The best way to apply it is when your hands are clean and dry. Place a small amount of the oil in the palm of your hands, then gently rub your hands together to heat the oil.

Step 2 – Apply the oil starting from the beard’s end

Apply the melted oil to your beard, starting at the ends of the beard and massaging all the way down to the roots.

Step 3 – Get to the roots

Be sure that you get all the way to the roots because the oil will soften the skin and allow new hairs to grow with less irritation and itching.

One of the advantages of using a coconut beard oil is the fact that the skin and beard absorb it almost instantly.

That means no oily residue left behind, just the clean, fresh small cuts of coconut and a healthy beard.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Check whether your hands are clean or dry prior to the application. Your beard should be clean and dry, too. Do not apply the coconut oil if you haven’t dried your beard first.
  • Use a specialized beard soap when cleaning your beard. Since you will need to clean and dry your beard before you apply the oil, it is important to wash facial hair with a specialized beard soap only. Avoid using any other product, like regular soap, as its properties and components may not be suitable for facial hair.
  • Apply it daily. If you want to maximize the effects of coconut oil, then the daily application is a must. It allows you to enjoy its numerous benefits, like ensuring soft skin even with the new facial hair growing as well as minimizing possible problems, like itchiness.
  • Do not let excess oil stay on your beard and skin. If you notice any excess oil, then make sure to pat it off using a face cloth. If you don’t, then it is highly likely that it might cause clogged pores.
  • Do not heat the oil using other methods when trying to melt it. Rubbing it between your palms is enough. You do not have to melt it through other heating or warming methods. It melts on your hands easily.

Quick Tips to Keep in Mind

You should also keep in mind the following tips whenever you decide to use coconut oil for healthy beard growth:

  • Use cold-pressed and unrefined virgin coconut oil. It is better to go for the pure or virgin version of this coconut oil, instead of the refined or processed one. Unrefined virgin coconut oil can be expected to treat any hair issues, such as your beard safely and conveniently.
  • Apply only a little at first. Remember that coconut oil can be quickly absorbed by your skin, but both your beard and skin have limits on how much of it they can absorb or carry. That’s why you have to start small. Apply only a small amount at first then add more only if you think that your facial hair and skin can handle the added oil.
  • Consider your beard’s length and density. This means that the specific amount of coconut oil that you should apply on your beard should depend on its actual length and density. Avoid applying the same amount applied by another user with different beard lengths and density as yours. This means that if you have a short beard, then do not apply the same quantity of coconut oil applied by someone who has a long and thick beard.
  • Use a beard brush for a long and full beard. If your beard is long and thick, then you can take advantage of a beard brush after you have applied the oil to distribute it perfectly. By distributing the oil evenly, you can maximize its effects.
  • Shampoo your facial hair regularly. Do not forget to use a high-quality beard shampoo regularly, too. Note that you need to have a clean beard before you apply the coconut oil. By shampooing your beard with the right product regularly, you can keep it clean and ready to receive the nourishing effects of coconut oil.
  • Apply it before shaving. Another quick tip is to use it as your pre-shave oil, meaning put it on before you shave off or trim your facial hair. It contributes a lot to soften your facial hair and skin prior to the application of lathering products. By applying the coconut oil prior to shaving, it will be much easier for you to do the routine since the razor can easily and smoothly glide on the area.


FAQ About Coconut Oil for Beards

Is coconut oil good for your beard?

Your facial hair needs moisture in order to grow healthy, that is why beard balms, oils, and conditioners have become as popular as they are today.

Among many products for facial hair care, there are some that stand out more than the others in terms of quality. That’s precisely the case with Beardoholic Beard Balm.

The oil from coconut can help not only in locking in the moisture, but it can also help in soothing the dryness of the skin below that is causing beard itching that is driving you crazy.

Besides, it can help tame wild hairs and allow you to control and shape your beard better. When the beard is hydrated, it grows more easily, feels softer, and can be managed with fewer difficulties.

What kind of coconut oil is good for beards?

The best kind of coconut oil that you can use for your beard is the virgin and unrefined variety. It is crucial to choose virgin coconut oil and make it a part of your usual beard grooming routine since this product does not have any additives or harsh ingredients that might trigger skin irritation.

This product is also unprocessed, so it does not contain anything that might cause dryness and brittleness on your beard. If it is your first time to shop for this product and you plan to apply it on your facial hair, then go for a genuinely unrefined and virgin variety. It should be organic and free of any additive and perfume. If possible, it should have ECO certification, too, which proves that it is safe and friendly to the environment.

Does applying coconut oil on the face cause facial hair growth?

If you consider the properties in coconut oil, then the answer is yes. It supports hair growth by stimulating hormones that can encourage the process. The regular application of oil can also prevent possible hair damage while supporting hair growth. It is a great all-natural product for facial hair in case you want to speed up its growth process and guarantee thick and full beard growth.

How often should I use coconut oil on a beard?

To maximize the benefits of coconut oil, it is advisable to make it a vital part of your daily beard care and grooming routines. This means you have to apply it every day, although you have to limit using it only once daily.

It is because the once-a-day application of coconut oil is already enough. You do not have to apply it anytime during the day when you feel like your skin or beard is dry. You can make the application either before bedtime or in the morning after you have cleansed your face and beard.

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