Growing a beard can be problematic for many men. They simply can’t grow facial hair in any length without it itching beyond control or it never grows robust or long enough to really qualify as a healthy beard.

Now you have the ability to grow that beard with the help of beard growth serum. The ingredients in this product will help to jump-start the beard growth, even if you are in your 40’s or 50’s and have never grown a beard before or just growing your first facial hairs.

We will discuss how the beard growth serum can help with beard growth, how to use the product properly, and which are the best on the market today.

How Beard Growth Serum Can Help

Unlike Rogaine, beard growth serum penetrates the hair follicles on your face and forces them to begin to grow.

The hair on your face is different than on your head, so the serum needs to work specifically to activate each follicle for maximum growth potential.

The end result is the beard grows longer, thicker, and stronger, without risk of damage to the hair or irritation to the skin.

By applying the serum to the face each day, the hair follicles will spring to life and you will notice improved growth quickly.

The primary ingredient in most beard growth serums is Minoxidil, and it works by increasing the flow of blood to the capillaries in the follicles.

Once the follicles receive the nutrients they need, they hairs grow longer, stronger, and lustrous. Many men incorporate taking protein supplements in addition to using the serum to bolster growth.

Consider Biotin, beef gelatin capsules, or Viviscal supplements. The beard serum will dissolve away any sebum build-up that is clogging your pores and keeping the hair from sprouting. Most men see incredible results after a few weeks of starting their new routine.

Directions for Using the Beard Growth Serum

In order to achieve maximum beard growth, it is important you apply the product correctly or you will be wasting your time and your money.

Here is a simple step-by-step guide for applying the serum each day and enjoying that long beard you crave.

1. Before applying any serum to the face, it is especially important that you wash the facial area thoroughly or you will not attain the desired result.

Washing the skin and then pat drying with a clean towel is preferred. The perfect foundation for starting the beard growing process.

2. Take your bottle of beard growth serum and shake it good to ensure all the ingredients mix properly. Massage the serum into the face where you would like to see hair growth in circular movements.

Continue working in the serum to get a nice even coverage. If you are growing your first beard or have patches where hair has trouble growing, pay close attention to covering the area completely.

3. Once you have massaged the serum into the skin, you must allow 10 minutes for the solution to properly dry.

Try not to touch or do anything in those areas during the drying time. This is a very important point in the process, so be sure to allow the allotted drying time.

4. Now that 10 minutes has passed and the serum has had adequate time to dry, it is time to rinse off the solution. Using tepid water, use your normal face cleanser and start to wash off every trace of the serum.

Take your time and gently clean the surface of the face and neck until you are confident the serum is gone.

5. Depending on the brand of serum, you can apply a second time later in the day and simply repeat this process again. Applying in the morning and again before bed will ensure maximum effectiveness.

Best Beard Growth Serum on the Market

Choosing the best serum comes down to a combination of ingredients and result.

The following beard serums have proven to give men superior results in record time, with little risk of irritation to the sensitive skin surface below.

Consider one of the following serums to help you to grow that manly beard you want.

1. Lipogaine for Men is considered the top rated beard serum on the market for good reason, it is FDA approved and it gets results.

It is more costly than other beard serums, but the proof is in the reviews. This serum will provide your hair follicles all the nutrients it needs to grow healthy thick hair where you need it most.



2. Organic Argan Beard Oil is a serum that is 100% certified and pure. Not only will this beard serum help to grow your beard hair thicker and stronger, it works to keep the skin soft and supple.

That will help to reduce that itchiness during initial beard growth that is the biggest reason most men quickly shave off the hairs.

Organic ARGAN Oil

3. The Beard Facial Hair Growth Serum is an exceptional choice for growing thicker and stronger beard hair.

This product makes use of all natural ingredients like Ginseng and is safe to use on even sensitive skin.

Although it does help to achieve the desired result, it can take between 60-90 days to see that thick beard, so do not get impatient or try to rush the process.




Photo from: Sasa Mihajlovic ©

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