Do Beard Growth Kits Actually Work

Growing a nice, strong beard does not happen overnight. You have to take care of it and nurture it to health so it can become as good as those in the pictures that celebrity stars wear. To make it happen, a lot of men utilize the help of beard kits.

But do beard growth kits work? The answer to this question is much more complex than you might think. First of all, many people will say that they do not work.

“It does nothing for me” is the answer you might hear. On the other hand, some claim that beard kits did wonders for their beard growth regime and helped them get the most out of their beards, resulting in even a nice one.

We’ve decided to put these claims to rest and have analyzed this topic to help you understand the best way to utilize a beard growth kit. We will bust the myth of beard growth kits and give you the most adequate pieces of advice that will tell you what to do with one and get rid of a scraggly beard.

Do Beard Growth Kits Work

Right off the bat, we need to explain that there are a lot of different beard growth kits out there. Some are meant for grooming and caring for a specific type of beard.

While others can be used as an all-around kit for any beard type, many also contain a variety of barber shop tools, while others don’t, and each kit is designed differently.

So it is essential to say that one kit might work for a specific person while an entirely different one will not be able to do anything for them at all. This is because we are all different and have other beards.

You have to approach every beard differently and for that reason, the wrong kit will not be able to do anything for a specific beard type. For instance, beard kits for black men may differ from other kits. Therefore, the way to approach this matter is to know yourself.

This means that you need to understand your beard and know its needs. It is like taking care of a child; you must know which products and grooming regimes work for it. Once you start from yourself, you will know exactly which type of beard kit to get.

So to get the right kind, there are a few things to consider when choosing the appropriate beard kit. Getting the wrong one will most likely result in something you don’t want, while an appropriate one will get you the beard you want.

Things to Consider Before Buying a Beard Kit

To help you choose the suitable beard kit for you, we highlighted the main things one needs to consider when selecting it. So if you have a patchy beard, for instance, you have to consider a different type of kit than those with a big bushy beard.

All in all, be sure to think about the following aspects when making your ultimate choice.

Ingredients in the beard kit

You will want your beard growth kit to be stacked with quality products. There are hundreds of beard products and supplements out there where a significant part are not that good.

So you will want to read exactly what you are getting as only good products will affect your beard. So if you want to add a beard balm, study the ingredients on the label.

You should use one with natural ingredients, such as jojoba oil or Japanese essential oil. Those oils or beard products that don’t contain quality ingredients will not do anything for you, rendering your beard useless.

So don’t be lazy and study the details. Read every label and be sure that it comes with additions genuinely aimed at beard growth.

Do Beard Growth Kits Work

Skin Type

Many people tend to disregard their skin type when devising a beard growth kit. It is a significant factor as it dramatically affects how your beard grows. If you want it to grow healthy, you must adapt to your skin type.

This means choosing the products and tools that will not devastate your skin—getting a product you are allergic to will cause a rash. A sharp straight razor should not be used for sensitive skin. Having dry skin requires products that will revitalize and moisturize it.

All in all, you have to be extremely careful about your product choices. It is like growing a plant. It will not grow strong if the ground from which it grows is not good enough. Your skin has to be in quality shape to grow top-notch hair.


Getting the right fragrance is essential to the products you decide to put into your beard growth kit. Your beard is the closest thing to your nose and you will want it to smell nice. At the same time, your significant other will appreciate your beard smelling nice.

With a variety of products out there, many of them come with specific scents, some of them even with artisan smells. You can mix and match and go for those that will help you feel good, smell nice, and at the same time, allow your beard to grow.

But avoid products that are too strong. You are also going to want to pick products that are made from natural ingredients and those that don’t have artificial scents. The ones that are made from all-natural products are the ones that are going to make your beard smell well.

Tools in the beard kit

Hand in hand with the products are the tools you need to equip your beard growth kit. These are as important as the supplements that you apply. No matter how good or quality the products are, if you can’t use them well throughout your beard, they will not work.

What you need to get is a good beard comb. It helps to spread out the oils or supplements you are using evenly throughout your entire beard. It also allows you to shape the beard and style it the way you like it.

Next comes the beard brush. This tool is vital to have as it helps you clean your beard. With a perfect brush, you can also get rid of excess oil or dirt.

The best ones are boar bristle brushes, as they can help to both cleanse and moisturize your beard at the same time. Plus, it feels excellent on your cheeks, like getting a face massage. Beard growth rollers are a perfect additional tool to have.

It is not essential, but it works for those with a patchy beard. The tiny microneedles of the roller improve absorption and help you to feed your beard much more efficiently.

Finally, we can’t forget an appropriate shaving mirror. It is much more essential than you think as it helps to apply all the products and style your beard the way you planned it.

Price of a Beard Kit

Finally, there is the small matter of the price. When devising your beard growth kit, you get what you pay for. Essentially it means that if you want some more quality products, you are going to have to pay for them.

beard growth kit

Of course, that doesn’t mean you cannot get value from a cheaper option. You can always get a beard relaxer for a budget price if it has the necessary ingredients that you need. Be sure to research the prices on the net and determine which ones are appropriate for you.

In some cases, you may not have any other choice than to splash some cash, but there are ways for you to cut back on the cost and devise a kit that will work. So, generally speaking, the price can be balanced if you calculate the necessary additions to your kit well.


How long does the beard growth kit take to work?

It depends on how you use it and the products within the kit. If you apply all the techniques appropriately, you will be able to see results much faster if you don’t follow the necessary steps.

Also, the products you use are of the utmost essence, so if you’ve added quality ones, the results will be visible much faster.

For whom will beard growth kits work?

Beard growth kits are suitable for anyone with a beard. Those that want to grow a bigger and better beard will significantly benefit from them as it will help them with patchy beards.

On the other hand, those that already have a good beard will be able to maintain it and preserve their beards.

How often should I use my beard growth kit?

If you want to improve your beard growth, you can use your daily beard growth kit. People who want to make their beards look better and those that need help growing it will benefit from using them as often as possible.

The ones that are maintaining or styling their beards and use them less.


A beard growth kit is an excellent way to improve your beard growth. But you have to devise it to tailor your beard and needs.
Adding all kinds of unnecessary products will diminish its purpose.

But if you choose well and devise it correctly, you will be able to see improvements faster than others.

It also helps versatility when creating the kit, so it does not hurt to add wet shave products and other types of tools to improve things. Essentially speaking, proper tactics in creating the kit will provide better results.

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