mutton chops and sideburns beard style

You might think that mutton chops are outdated and have overstayed their welcome. Indeed, mutton chops beard is not for everyone. It has that timey feel that contemporary people don’t see as attractive.

However, mutton chops are one of the oldest styles and are a timeless classic that a variety of people used to wear. It was considered a style for various occasions and featured a perfect look even for a gentleman.

While it looks like a bushy beard without some parts, we think it is cool to try it out at least once in your life.

We are here to help you learn how to do it.

What Are Mutton Chops

Mutton chops are a type of facial hair that began several centuries ago. Also called sideburns, this facial hair stretches past your cheeks into a mustache but misses the chin. One thing that encourages men to grow mutton chops is that it represents intellect and masculinity.

If you are interested in growing one, be aware that several techniques are capable of flattering various facial shapes, occasions, and styles. It is a classic beard style that also works perfectly for modern men. It will suit you if you are searching for fun facial hair which allows you to stand out in the crowd.

The mutton chops also showcase a classic look capable of powerful dominance in various areas, including the fashion world. It is also styled to draw attention to your face and outfit. The good thing is that it has a sideburn styling, which you can leave alone or with various beard styles or mustaches.

16 Most Popular Mutton Chops Beard Styles

Contrary to your belief, there isn’t just one mutton chops beard style. There are quite a few of them, all combining beard and mustache styles to create an awesome combo.

We rounded up only the best and most intriguing contemporary chops you can try now.

Mutton Chops Beard Styles

Neat Mutton Chops 

Wearing mutton chops and still looking classy enough for a working environment is very much possible. It is a toned-down version of the classic mutton chops, as these are trimmed into a more subtle shape and are a bit thinner than what you are used to seeing.

To get it, keep the sides of the beard thin and regularly trim so it does not get too bushy. However, it will require regular maintenance and lots of grooming to keep it neat and you also have to learn how to trim your facial hair properly.


Bushy Mutton Chops

The bushy mutton chops are the opposite of the neat version and evoke a rebellious style. If you have a bit of a wild side, the bushy chops are the ones to get. Start growing out your beard and groom it as you regularly would.

Once the hair starts growing over your mouth, you need to shape the chops in their classic shape. You don’t need to cut everything perfectly; flyaway hair is quite okay here.


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Wolverine Mutton Chops

Hugh Jackman epitomized how a real live-action Wolverine should look like. The way he could do it was not with muscles and rigorous training; it was the mutton chops that allowed the real Logan to come out on stage.

To create it, keep the hair along your cheeks full, like when growing an epic beard. Shorten it gradually as you reach the mustache and the chin area.

The two sides of the sideburns should join at the bottom of the chin, which essentially creates a pointed edge.


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Mutton Chops With a Quiff

You may also want to sport mutton chops with a quiff, which is known to showcase a truly unique combination. What is great about this style is that it is trendy plus easy to do and replicate. It is also known for having the freshest look out of the different styles of mutton shots.

If you want this style, note that a neat, short line across your jaw characterizes it. This specific style is, therefore, helpful in ensuring that your mustache stays light while removing hair from your chin. You can balance this look by integrating the quiff hairstyle.

Mutton Chops With a Quiff

Stubble Mutton Chops

It may be called stubble, but this mutton chops style is anything but subtle. It is an introductory way to get to a fat mutton chop. While it may be viewed as a transitional style, it can still be worn independently.

, trim the stubble to an equal length on both sides of your face and then use a razor to shave off the excess hair around it.
You can go regular or friendly when it comes to the shape of the chops.

Stubble Mutton Chops

Clean Mutton Chops

You may also want to go for the clean mutton chops, which work well for all occasions. It combines sideburns and regular mutton chops. One thing that makes this style distinctive is the neat and full length, which eliminates the mustache.

Its length can’t be considered short or long, making it suitable for semi-formal and smart casual events. Prevent the beard from becoming bushy by giving consistent care to the lines.

Clean Mutton Chops

Elvis Presley Mutton Chops

The most legendary pair of mutton chops are the ones that Elvis Presley used to have. These are characterized by enormous sideburns that come with sharp edges. You need to grow your facial hair as wide as possible to create the same ones.

Shave a diagonal line with the shortest end going toward your earlobe and the longest going toward the center of your cheek. You will also get a chiseled chin appearance if you shape this one correctly.

Elvis Presley Sideburns

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Mutton Chops With Long Hair

If you prefer a style that is a bit longer than usual, this is the one for you. Aside from being a bit longer, it is also characterized by a mustache that tends to whisk out to your jawline.

As much as possible, maintain a clean line across your cheeks. It is also advisable to give this facial hair proper care by applying shampoo and oil. These products can help in restoring the hair’s luster.

Mutton Chops With Long Hair

Strap Mutton Tops

This one screams early new metal from the 2000s. It is a sleek style that is perfect for a guy that does not want to grow a mustache. It can be defined as sideburns on the next level.

To create it, you must grow your facial hair for at least a month while shaving the cheeks and the mouth area. To help it grow faster, you might consider collagen promotes beard growth.

Strap Mutton Chops

John Lennon

You can also go for the somewhat bold mutton chops sported by John Lennon. It resembles the clean style but wider. It is also thicker in density. Another thing that differentiates this style from the rest is the scruffier sideburn. You can sport this look by committing not to groom the strays and edges too perfectly. The goal here is to make the style more carefree and laidback.

John Lennon Mutton Chops Beard

Thin Mutton Chops

Some thin mutton chops will help to frame your face and also allow you to get a chiseled chin appearance. You can also pair it with some sharp and thin connected mustaches.

You only need to trim the lines and then add a fade so it melds into your cheeks. The rest involves you doing some beard care basics to preserve the look.

Almost Mutton Chops

Transitioning from beard styles without sideburns into mutton chops can be done with the help of some minimalistic ones that will allow you to eventually work up the courage to go into some much bolder ones.

Trim the hair close to the edges of your face. It will look like longer sideburns, but it is a way to start and they will develop from there.

The Chin Curtain Mutton Chops

The chin curtain mutton chops are a modern twist on the old-school style. It is a mutton chops beard that needs to be trimmed lower on your jawline. If you are familiar with Wolverine, then you know what you need to be shooting for.

However, to get it to stand out, you should incorporate some conditioner or oil for beards to nourish it and help it get bushier and stronger.

Disconnected Mutton Chops

To create this one, you must start the growing process precisely as it sounds. Ensure the mustache does not connect with your bread while growing the facial hair.

Interestingly, with this one, you have more versatility as you can grow a subtle mustache or let it form a handlebar stache. Personalize it to your appearance and consider the benefits of using beard oil to make your facial hair healthy and shiny.

V Shaped Mutton Chops

V-shaped mutton chops can elongate your face and accentuate your features. To create, you need to start with a regular mutton chops beard and then trim your hair at a right angle so it looks like your jaw was turned upwards.

The way you trim it will allow your jawline to appear square and will make it look much stronger. It is a style that turns on the ruggedness to 11.

Soul Patch Mutton Chops

Pairing your mutton chops with a bit of chin hair is a great idea. You get a variation of a friendly mutton chop paired with a soul patch that will add a bit of flare to the overall look.

You can also transform your soul patch into a chin patch and even add a landing strip goatee if you want to experiment a bit.

What Are The Benefits

Growing this beard style carries with it several benefits. If you ever get the chance to grow this facial hair, then you will surely enjoy the following:

Gives Off a Masculine Look

It can make you look more masculine by connecting to your facial hair, from the jawline to the sideburns.

Not That Hard to Maintain

Most of those who have tried growing mutton chops say they did not have difficulty maintaining this type of facial hair. It is easy to trim, groom, and shave, making this facial hairstyle low-maintenance.


Aside from being unique and masculine, mutton chops are also known for their versatility. This means you can also style it even further depending on your wants. Remember that the only rule for sporting this style is to allow the sideburns to grow full and long.

Once you meet this requirement, you can cut the sides thin or thick, wear it with a mustache, or style it with a shaved-off goatee. You can still apply several more styles with mutton chops, proving how versatile it is.


What’s excellent about mutton chops is that it is also unique. It even lets you switch from one style to another while still getting a unique and different look.

How to Grow and Maintain Mutton Chops Beards

Now that you are familiar with various mutton chops beard styles and ready to try them, you should learn how to grow and style one. You also need to be familiar with multiple stages of beard growth as it will help you create the look you want to perfection.

How to Grow Mutton Chops (Sideburns)

Step 1 – Wash your beard first

You can do it while you shower as part of your prep before shaving. Be sure to use a proper beard shampoo or soap.

Step 2 – Be ready with a plan

After drying your bead out, you must shave the excess parts. For a classic look, you will only need to remove the mustache, the chin hair and the hairs around the mouth.

Step 3 – Trim the chops

You can do it with some scissors or an electric shaver. This part is rather tricky and requires a steady hand as you are supposed to shape the chops into how you want them to look.

Step 4 – Add beard oil

Add beard oil once you have shaped the chops into the desired look. It will help nourish them and allow them to look healthy and strong.

Daily maintenance is also essential. Washing the chops with beard shampoo and applying some oil should become regular for you.
Also, if you are wondering how often to trim your beard, you must do it any time protruding hairs or strands come out.

Also, regularly shaving the stache, the chin and the area around the cheeks is a must.

Do’s and Don’ts

  • Give your facial hair enough time to grow. This tip applies regardless of the mutton chops style you choose to sport. Give it at least a month to achieve full and complete growth. Hair growth should also be thick enough.
  • Let your facial hair grow simultaneously. By letting it grow simultaneously, you can lower the risk of trimming off one part of your mutton chops accidentally, which might happen when you shave your beard.
  • Use a regular razor and beard liner when shaving the beard. Both of these shaving items can give you more control. A regular razor is also more precise compared to an electric one.
  • Do not shave without considering the shape of your face first. Remember that you can only apply the perfect shaving option based on your facial shape.
  • Do not trim or shave the facial hair unless it grows fully. This will always be the most crucial tip when planning to grow mutton chops successfully.
  • Do not forget to use some products designed for the beard. For instance, you may want to apply some cream on the area before you begin shaving. A beard comb should also prevent the beard from curling up. If you have some essential oil, then use it to massage the hair, too. An excellent important oil works in preventing facial hair breakage.


Are mutton chops an attractive beard style?

It can be a very attractive beard style if you style it correctly. Some neat and thin mutton chops are also perfect for corporate occasions.

What are mutton chops with a mustache called?

Mutton chops with a mustache are called friendly mutton chops and are a toned-down version of the standard mutton chop style. 

What are some famous people who wore mutton chops?

Elvis Presley and John Lennon are probably the most famous people that wore mutton chops. Today you also have Hugh Jackman, but only when he suits up as Wolverine does he grow the chops.

Who can wear mutton chops?

Anybody who can grow facial hair is quite capable of wearing mutton chops. You also need to consider your face type, as it is not a good choice for people with rounded faces.

What is the best way to shape mutton chops?

The best way is to do it traditionally, shave the mustache, remove chin hair, shave your neck and a little bit off the cheek area.

FAQ About Mutton Chops

Why are mutton chops called that way?

Mutton chops are called that way because of those who could not grow sideburns effectively in the past. That caused them to use sheep meat pieces, or mutton, to put on their faces and get the look they wanted. This is where the mutton chops facial hair style was taken because it resembles such a look.

Are mutton chops in style?

Yes. While this type of facial hair started a few centuries ago, you can still see it used nowadays. Also called sideburns, mutton chops became a trend throughout the mid-19th century. Many also use it nowadays because it tends to symbolize intellect and masculinity.

What do mutton chops say about you?

Mutton chops are facial hairstyles that can say many things about you. It can give off an intellectual and masculine vibe. Mutton chops are also ideal for those with creative jobs, which also symbolize creativity. This style also represents those who want to show their somewhat rebellious side. Furthermore, it can also say a lot about how independent you are.

What face shape mutton chops fit best?

Mutton chops are perfect for those men who have oval-shaped or round-shaped faces. It also works for those with a thinner or longer face, but they need to ensure that the mutton chops are bushier than usual. If you have a pointy chin, then this facial hair may not be the most suitable style for you.


Mutton chops are not that hard to grow if you are just aware of the different versions of them as well as the basic steps in growing, trimming, and maintaining them. Just remember that the main rule is to let your chops grow thick. Do not forget to trim it regularly to keep its unique look.

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