Man With Sideburns

You want to grow a beard, but you don’t really like sideburns?

Or your sideburns are a bit thick and curly and ruin every beard style you decide to grow?

If you think you can’t grow a beard without sideburns, here is where you are completely wrong as there are dozens of great beard styles without sideburns you can try out.

We gathered only the best and most popular ones of them.

You will not only be able to find a beard style that will look good on you, you’ll also learn how to create and maintain it as well.

So here we go.

What Are Sideburns

Sideburns are facial hair that grows on the side of your face. They are supposed to grow just beside your ear and downwards towards your chin. Sideburns are also connected to your hair and in some instances, you can’t tell where the hair ends and the sideburns start.

People also like to call sideboards or chops, but it essentially means the same thing. Some people like leaving their sideburns in favor of their style while others tend to shave them off. Growing a decent pair of sideburns can benefit your style.

However, going overboard and allowing them to get a lot of volume may not be good. Many celebrities had styles that included sideburns and even David Beckham was known for wearing them at one point.

Our favorite X-Men Wolverine has made them an inevitable part of his style, mainly when played by the magnificent Hugh Jackman. But no one can surpass the King himself, as Elvis Presley’s sideburns are the best example of a perfect pair of sideburns.

25 Most Popular Beards Without Sideburns

Man With Short Beard Without Sideburns

Even though there are numerous ways one can take their beard style without including the sideburns we decided to exclude seven of the best-looking examples. Who knows, you might find your latest beard style right here.



Photo @moeecutz

Probably the most effective way to add facial hair to your face without growing the sideburns is going with a goatee. There are various types of goatee beards and it looks best when you shave off those nasty sideburns around them.

A goatee has become one of the favorite choices for various celebrities as many have grown a goatee at some point in their careers.

It doesn’t matter which way you decide to go, you can grow a long goatee or a shorter one. But the most important part is shaving off the sideburns. Remember, the goatee does not have to include a mustache, only the hair strands growing on your chin.

But you can leave the mustache as it does combine well without the sideburns.

Van Dyke

Photo @moeecutz

The Van Dyke beard carries a lot of history. It was created and named after the Flemish craftsmen. Later on it was worn by royalty, like King Charles I, or was dawned on the face of certain generals like Colonel Custer.

Today, the most celebrity that has one is probably Johnny Depp, especially in the role of our favorite pirate, Captain Jack Sparrow.

The Van Dyke combines a basic mustache and a goatee beard. The mustache must be pointy, and the better the pointier it is. It indeed does look something like what royalty should wear. But not with the sideburns.

Adding bits of facial hair on the sides will only diminish this look. So, if you are going for a Van Dyke lose the sideboards.

Soul Patch

Soul Patch

A Soul patch is a small tiny piece of facial hair that grows beneath your lower lip. It usually works best when combined with other parts of facial hair like a goatee or a mustache or even both. You rarely see it on its own, but there are instances of people wearing one on its own.

But what you don’t have to do is to sport a soul patch with some sideburns. Not only does it not look bad, but the bigger the chops the worse it gets. If you are a fan of the soul patch be sure to stir away from the sideboards from your face.

The Zappa

The Zappa

Photo @ao_the_ace_of_fades

The Zappa style is as unique as the musician Frank Zappa was. The style involves some thick mustaches that flow downwards from the sides of your mouth and a massive soul patch on your chin.

Add some long unkempt hair and you are essentially going to look the same way Zappa did. But what Frank avoided doing and by all rights should you is adding some trendy mutton chops.

Don’t think that it is a good idea to combine the Zappa look with big sideburns. It simply does not work. Long hair works much better to complement the style.



Photo @alan_beak

The Balbo beard is a versatile choice on its own. It can include longer and shorter mustaches, It can come with a mid-length beard or a longer one or a neat and thin Balbo. It also goes with various hairstyles, providing an added level of versatility.

But what it can’t do is go with sideburns. Most people with a Balbo style avoid having sideboards. Even thin ones are going to make everything look weird. So when shaping your beard in a Balbo style start by removing the sideburns first.



Photo @ao_the_ace_of_fades

Here is where things get interesting as a chinstrap is a beard style that, in some cases connects with your sideburns. People grow a thin strip of facial hair that circles their chins and goes up to their sideburns. But why not try out a different type of beard style.

Make the chin strap wider and thicker and disconnect it from the sideburns. Remove the chops altogether. Now things are getting interesting! It is a look that you will appreciate the second you decide to style it.



Photo @barberhiroshi

The Verdi is an exciting combination of beard and mustaches. The two are not connected and the mustaches are twisted a bit upwards. The style was originally revolutionized by the 19-century Italian author and is not worn by various contemporary celebrities.

Stars like David Beckham and Connor McGregor have had their go at a unique Verdi beard style. But they were wise not to commit the mistake of adding some sideburns, and nor should you.

It would be an atrocity to try and embellish this look with sideboards, as it simply will not work.

Classic Circle Beard

Photo @pjabreu

Valrus Without Beard

Photo @barbersukraine

Anchor Goatee

Photo @jcbarber17


Photo @jcbarber17

Soul Patch Goatee

Photo @kasthebarber

Stubble Goatee

Photo @legendary.barber

Stubble Circle

Photo @vadim_shifrin_barber


Photo @barbersukraine

Extended Goatee

Photo @pjabreu

Photo @khaledgazawi

Full Circle Beard

Chin Strap

Photo @dynasty_barbers

Lampshade Circle Beard

Photo @vitaly.melchenko

Soul Patch And Circle

Photo @ledanieljames

Bushy Circle Beard

Photo @alan_beak

Classic Van Dyke

Photo @alan_beak

Long Van Dyke

Soul Patch And Mustache

Photo: French_Touch/

Classic Goatee

Photo: French_Touch/

Benefits of Growing This Beard Style

While sideburns can be an excellent addition to your beard style removing them can be effective. If you choose wisely and style your beard per your face type you can create a perfect beard style without the need to have sideburns.

There are also a few advantages of this type of beard that you may not have known about:

  • Needing to groom only some parts of your beard and not the whole thing.
  • A perfect choice when trying to fix a patchy beard.
  • Doing away with your sideburns is more than suitable for people with curly hair.
  • Removes volume from the side of your face, which is more than suitable for people with rounded face types.
  • Gives you an innovative and contemporary look.

How to Grow

Man With s Short Beard Thinking

Step 1 – Let it grow

Growing a beard without sideburns does not take any particular skill. The most crucial part is knowing which style you want to go with and stylizing it correctly. After you double down on a style you will need to grow your beard.

The awkward growing phase might take longer for some, but you can overcome it with patience.

Step 2 – Remove gradually or shave

However, as your beard grows so will the sideburns. Removing them can work gradually along with the growth of your beard or you can shave them off immediately. It all depends on the style of beard you have decided to go.

Step 3 – Use a trimmer

If the beard you desire will take longer to grow we suggest using some beard trimmers to clear the bushy sideburns away.

On the other hand if you need to remove the sideburns here and now, use a suitable razor to shave them off. This also marks the answer to the electric razor vs. blade questions and which one to use at which stage.

How to Trim

Step 1 – Get a grooming kit

The first thing you will have to do is devise your grooming kit. You don’t need some of the world’s best wet shaving kits, but some quality pieces of equipment will be a suitable addition.

Depending on the beard you will go for we suggest adding some scissors, an electric trimmer and a razor.

Step 2 – Remove every week

The trimmer and the razor are necessary to remove the sideburns as appropriately as possible. You can’t just shave them once and hope they will not grow back, it simply does not work that way.

You will have to go back and remove them every week or depending on how fast your facial hair grows.

Step 3 – Fine-tuning

The scissors are necessary for removing stray hair and fine-tuning your beard and mustache. A trimmer can’t reach all the places you need to trim, so using the scissors is the best possible alternative. You will have to maintain your beard every few days or at least once a week.

Man Trimming Beard

How to Maintain

Step 1 – Use facial hair oil

No matter which beard style without sideburns you decide to go with one thing is for sure – needing to use some beard products to maintain it. A premium beard oil is the best way to go.

It allows you to moisturize your beard and nourish it, so it can grow out to be healthy and strong.

Step 2 – Use a specialized shampoo

What you should not do is use too strong products or shampoos. Overuse can lead to damaging your beard. As far as the sideboard part goes shave them off from time to time and apply some aftershave.

A nice warm shower before grooming your beard is also a good and relaxing choice.

Curly Beard Without Sideburns

Things get very tricky to create a beard style without sideburns when you have curly hair. A curly, fizzy beard and hair can easily fit the gaps between the head and hair as things naturally work there.

However, it will not look good on everyone, especially on those with a rounded face type. The most suitable solution is growing a beard on your chin area and not allowing it to connect to the sideburns.

Various beard styles will help you work this to perfection and it does not even matter if you have a rounded face. The classic goatee, the Verdi or the Balbo are all fine choices in this case.

But if you still want to have a full beard, you will have to tame your fizzy beard as best as you can. Removing the sideboards is still an option, but you will have to apply the best beard balms that you can find to tame the beard.

Curly hair is naturally dryer than other types of hair, so using these types of products will also help moisturize it.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Shape and stylize your beard appropriately based on your face type.
  • It is okay to plan ahead or even experiment at first.
  • Don’t be hesitant to remove the sideburns if they will benefit your overall style.


  • Rounded face and sideburns do not match.
  • People with curly hair should avoid sideburns at all costs.
  • Forgetting to groom and maintain your beard.

Removing Sideburns


What is a beard without sideburns called?

There is no universal name for this trend, but there are many beard styles that are complemented by removing the sideburns. These include the goatee, the Verdi, the Van Dyke or the Balbo.

Is it ok to have a beard without sideburns?

Yes, it most certainly is. In some situations it works much better than having a beard style that has sideburns. It all depends on the face type a person has and the kind of beard they wish to create.

Are sideburns part of a beard?

Yes and no. If the sideburns connect to your beard they instantly become a part of it. This is commonly seen in full-size beards or some forms of chinstraps. But your sideburns don’t have to be a part of your beard, as they can remain disconnected.

Where should men’s sideburns end?

It depends on the style that a person has. Sideburns usually end at the length of your ear, but some like to grow them even further and to their jaw.

What beard style without sideburns is most attractive?

There are many beard styles without sideburns that can be considered very attractive. The most suitable ones are probably the goatee and the Van Dyke style.


Don’t be afraid to remove your sideburns. It can do a lot of good for your style. Sideburns are an excellent addition to a beard but the most contemporary and unique beard types usually avoid them.

If you want to be as trendy as these styles are we suggest thinking about departing with your sideboards.

Anthony Giannotti

About the author: Anthony Giannotti

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