Verdi Beard

One of the most masculine beard types is the Verdi beard.

It will make even the most unmasculine man look rugged and sexy.

Or at least that is what it should do.

It is quite easy to make mistakes when styling this type of beard and it can often lead to unwanted results, some of which can’t be repaired, leading inevitably to shaving.

Nevertheless, if you have your sights on a manly facial hair type, you should really pursue the Verdi to the fullest.

In order to do things correctly, we suggest reading our article.

You will find all the elements needed to grow an amazing Verdi beard.

What Is a Verdi Beard

The Verdi beard refers to a mature and masculine beard style that needs plenty of styling. It is why you may also need to use a premium beard balm or the ultimate shaving gel when you sport this style.

It comes with a short yet full beard and a mustache, which you must style to perfection. You have to style it correctly to serve its purpose of bringing out your confidence while making people in a room turn heads because of how great it looks.

Benefits of This Beard Style

Is it a good idea to wear a Verdi beard? Here are some benefits of letting yourself sport this specific beard style using professional beard care products:

Bold and Distinctive

One impressive fact about the Verdi beard is that it has a bold and distinctive look. This means it works well for anyone who wants to display and showcase their masculinity to everyone.

Allows You to Stand Out

The unique and distinctive nature of the Verdi beard is one reason why it will let you stand out wherever you go. Therefore, it is the perfect style for you, especially if you want to take pride in your uniqueness and like people to look at you because of your confidence and charisma every time you enter a room.

Works With Almost All Face Shapes

Another reason why you should start using a beard shaping tool that will let you sport the Verdi beard is because it tends to fit almost all facial shapes. You can wear it regardless of your facial shape, though it looks better on specific shapes compared to the others. Despite that, you can easily adjust the style to ensure that it will continue to look good on you.

How Does It Work

The Verdi beard tends to work better for everyone by pairing its 3-inch to the 6-inch-long full beard with a styled mustache. Note that the mustache is the primary key to make this beard style work. This mustache should be unique from the beard, which should be impeccably styled using a mustache wax to suit Verdi’s traditional definition.

Pros and Cons

Pros and Cons of a Verdi Beard Style


  • Bold and distinctive style.
  • Brings out your unique personality.
  • Fits almost all facial shapes.
  • Can boost your confidence as it seems to look great on everyone who wears it.
  • Makes men look more masculine and attractive.


  • Requires a lot of dedication and patience to grow and maintain – The reason is that it takes pretty long to grow, sometimes reaching around 3 to 4 months.


Short Verdi Beard

As its name suggests, it requires you to grow your facial hair at a shorter length, less than four inches specifically. Pair it with a unique and distinguished mustache with heavy styling. A beard wax absorbs quickly into the beard, so use it so you will have no problems styling the mustache heavily.

Long Verdi Beard

This style is over four inches long. You also have to combine this long beard with a heavily styled mustache. It is even possible for you to take this style to a whole new level by letting your beard grow for at least a year.

Verdi Beard and Different Face Shapes

As mentioned earlier, the Verdi beard fits various facial shapes, making it one of the most versatile beard styles anyone can sport. Generally, this specific style provides the bottom part of your face with a more rounded look. This makes it more beneficial to those who have narrow jawlines.

It also seems to fit you well if your face is either round-shaped or heart-shaped. The reason is that the style can add a bit of bulk to your chin. The Verdi beard also works for those with diamond or triangle faces as it tends to soften their jawline.

Considering all that, it is safe to say that the Verdi beard works perfectly well for almost everyone. Just use the world’s best shaving brush and any other beard styling and grooming products to help make it fit your face and look even better.

How to Grow It

How to Grow a Verdi Beard

Step 1 – Let your beard grow to around 2-4 inches

It takes a bit long, sometimes taking two to four months, depending on your beard’s natural growth rate. Some even have to wait eight months for the facial hair to grow.

Step 2 – Prepare your beard brush

Use it in removing tangles from the beard.

Step 3 – Get your beard trimmer and trim the sideburns

The goal here is to let the sideburns fade into your beard.

Step 4 – Round off your beard’s bottom

This is necessary for making it look neat and friendly.

Step 5 – Style the mustache using beard or mustache wax

In case you intend to separate the mustache, shave beneath it. Use a standard razor or trimmer to clean your cheek and neckline.

How to Trim a Mustache

Step 1 – Shorten the sideburns

Do this using a guard comb, which is around one inch, and a beard trimmer.

Step 2 – Use beard scissors to cut the bottom part

Your goal here is to have a beard, which is naturally round-shaped. As an alternative, shape the beard’s bottom with the help of a beard trimmer that does not come with a guard.

Step 3 – Trim the neckline

Ensure that the line is a one-half inch over your Adam’s apple.

Step 4 – Start shaping your mustache

Ensure that the output is clean and friendly in front while also being long enough on both sides.

How to Maintain Your Verdi Beard

Step 1 – Use beard wax for styling

A beard oil made with organic oils can also help, but many still prefer the wax as it assures them that the style will remain the entire day.

Step 2 – Style the mustache

Trim stray hairs. This is necessary for ensuring that the Verdi beard’s bottom remains rounded. It can also prevent the style from becoming too wild.

Verdi vs Garibaldi Beard

One beard style that many often compare with the Verdi is the Garibaldi Beard. It is important to note that the two are different. The Verdi beard features a handlebar mustache separated from the beard.

On the other hand, the Garibaldi has a grown-out mustache, which is brushed a bit to the sides or into the beard. The Garibaldi is also different from the Verdi in the sense that it does not have heavy styling.

Do’s and Don’ts


  • Include the right beard products in your routine. It helps to use beard shampoo, beard oil, and wax and make it part of the routine maintenance of your Verdi beard. A hair pomade with a pleasant scent may even be useful. All these products can help in softening your beard and preventing dry skin.
  • Comb and moisturize your beard regularly. Combing your beard is also crucial in ensuring that it remains uniform.
  • Experiment with various mustache styles. The goal is to find out which type will work for you.


  • Do not forget to use shaving soap now and then. A shaving soap provides a smooth shave, so it helps to use it from time to time, especially during your scheduled beard trimming.
  • Do not get disheartened if it takes pretty long to grow a full beard. Note that the process of growing a full beard for the Verdi style may take a bit long, so be patient and enjoy the process.


FAQ About Verdi Beard

Are Verdi beards attractive?

Yes, most of those who witness men wearing Verdi beards find the style attractive. The style may be more traditional, but it will surely draw attention because of its uniqueness. It can also give you a more rugged and masculine appeal.

How do you shave a Verdi?

To shave a Verdi beard, ensure that you put a bit of beard oil onto your skin and stable. This can help you achieve a smooth shave afterward. Use a sharp and clean razor so you can shave based precisely on where the hair grows.

How long does it take to grow a Verdi beard?

It takes around 2 to 4 months to grow a full Verdi beard successfully. Others even have to wait up to eight months to grow, especially if their beard growth rate is usually slow.

What products are suitable for Verdi’s beard maintenance?

The Verdi beard requires regular maintenance for it to continue looking as great as you initially hoped for. Two of the most valuable products you need for Verdi beard maintenance are the mustache comb and the mustache wax.

Choose a wax with good hold so that it can maintain the shape of your mustache the entire day. As for the comb, go for one that is small enough, promoting ease in maneuvering it, particularly on and around the top lip. You should also be able to carry it with ease everywhere so that you can style your beard anytime.


The Verdi beard is indeed one of the most unique yet ruggedly attractive hairstyles you can sport. Just make sure that you are patient enough and willing to wait for a couple of months to grow sufficient facial hair necessary in the proper shaping of the Verdi beard.

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