Best Beard Waxes
The market is awash with products for beards and mustaches.

From best beard balms to conditioners, it can be hard to know what’s what.

When it comes to wax, the multitude of product and their variation can quickly become overwhelming.

Top 5 Beard Waxes (Summary)

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Image Product Details  
sample-table__image Longest Lasting HoldThe Bearded Goon’s
  • Non sticky or greasy at all
  • Tames unruly beard and gives smooth hold
  • Entirely natural ingredients
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sample-table__image Strongest HoldCan You Handlebar
  • Hold lasts all day
  • Doesn’t weigh beard down
  • Pleasent, not overpowering scent
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sample-table__image Most AffordableFisticuffs
  • Strong hold without stiffnes
  • No greasy reasidue at all
  • Extremely easy to spread across beard
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sample-table__image Badass
  • Easy application
  • Eliminates beardruff and itchiness
  • Makes beard softer and denser
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sample-table__image Mountaineer Brand
  • Mild, pleasant scent
  • Natural looking hold
  • No greasy or sticky residue
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What should you look for in a beard wax?

What distinguishes the top-shelf, high-quality products from their sub-par competition?

Here’s a guide to the best beard wax – how to spot it, where to buy it, how to apply it, and what to expect.

9 Best Beard Waxes Reviewed

1. The Bearded Goon’s

Formulated to work on all facial hair types, The Bearded Goon’s Wax tames coarse and unruly hairs and keeps them in one place, making your beard look neat and clean.

The hold it provides isn’t as firm as you’d get from some other waxes, but it does last the whole day. In addition, this product doesn’t make your beard feel sticky or look greasy.

Only completely natural ingredients made it to the list, so you don’t have to worry about harsh chemicals that are usually found in this type of products because there aren’t any.

Entirely cruelty-free, this item also doesn’t have a strong scent that lingers on your face the whole day. In fact, it only has a mild smell that most men find pleasant.

With its thick consistency, it can be pretty hard to get the wax out of the tin, so it would be a good idea to find some heat source that can help you melt it before use.

The Bearded Goon's



  • Tames unruly beard and provides a smooth hold
  • Doesn’t make hair look sticky
  • All-natural ingredients without harsh chemicals
  • Mild, pleasant scent

  • Doesn’t give a strong hold
  • Too thick consistency which makes it hard to scrape wax out of the tin

2. Seven Potions

Giving your beard shape without making it look unnatural or stiff, Seven Potions is one of those waxes that don’t provide a strong hold but does have a lot of other benefits.

The organic and natural ingredients, without the artificial chemicals, colors and parabens work in conditioning and nourishing your facial hair, preventing split ends, dandruff and itch.

With a medium hold it gives, your beard will look natural, but it’s not good for shaping your ‘stache. For this purpose, you better search for some other options.

Applicable to sensitive skin, this wax is also suitable for vegetarians and is completely cruelty-free. It quickly soaks into your beard and tames the unruly hairs.

There will be no sticky or greasy residue behind and your beard won’t become too stiff thanks to the organic and natural properties this item is made of.

Seven Potions



  • Shapes the beard without making it too stiff or sticky
  • Helps against split ends, itch and beardruff
  • Appropriate for men with sensitive skin
  • Natural and organic ingredients only

  • Weak hold and a bit oily consistency
  • Very small container

3. Can You Handlebar Secondary

Stored in a crush-proof tin made of stainless steel, Can You Handlebar Secondary Wax gives your beard a firm, extra strong hold that keeps it in one place the whole day.

Because it’s crafted from premium, natural ingredients, it’s safe to use on all beard types. Not only does it provide you with an all-day hold, but it also smells amazing.

What a lot of men have noticed about this item is its extremely thick consistency, which makes the application process a bit challenging.

To get it out of the tin, you’re going to need some heat source to melt it. One scrap of a finger size is enough per one use because once melted, it easily spreads across your beard.

Given the amount you need per application, the product will last you for a while, although it’s more on the expensive side considering it’s only .86 oz.

Can You Handlebar Secondary



  • Firm, very strong hold
  • Hold lasts all day
  • Doesn’t weigh facial hair down
  • Pleasant, not overbearing scent

  • Hard to melt and apply on facial hair
  • Comes in a pretty small tin

4. Honest Amish Original

With zero chemicals and completely natural and organic ingredients, Honest Amish Original Beard Wax primarily has a function to tame stray facial hairs, soften and condition your beard.

It provides a strong hold, that relaxes only a little during the day, but it doesn’t make your facial hair appear greasy or too stiff.

If you keep it in colder temperatures, it’ll harden a bit, in which case you’ll need to scrape some of the wax with your fingernail and rub it thoroughly between fingers to melt and apply it.

Once melted, the product is easy to distribute evenly across your beard and it gets absorbed really quickly. Furthermore, it’s packed in a completely recyclable tin that’s also biodegradable.

With pleasant, subtle scent and at an economical price, this gel will last you for a few months and maybe even become your next favorite grooming product.

Honest Amish Original



  • Tames, softens and conditions facial hair
  • Decent hold without making the beard too stiff
  • Spreads out evenly and absorbs quickly into the beard
  • Entirely natural and organic ingredients

  • Very hard and difficult to scrap out from the tin
  • Strong herbal scent

5. Fisticuffs Cigar Blend

The unusual mix of rich cigar scent and vanilla candle with a hint of pine make Fisticuffs Cigar Blend Wax stand out among other similar items on the market.

There are men who consider this fragrance pleasant and manly and those who think it’s too strong and dislike it.

All in all, its scent isn’t chemical as it often happens with most other waxes. Manufactured with premium ingredients, it provides a firm hold without making your beard too stiff.

Also, there will be no greasy residue, but you’ll probably have to reapply it throughout the day when the hold weakens.

The fact that it comes in a 1 oz tin may be seen as a downside. However, this is precisely the reason why you can carry it in your pockets and use for some minor touch-ups when needed.

Fisticuffs Cigar Blend



  • Good, strong hold without being too stiff
  • No greasy residue at all
  • Easy to spread across facial hair
  • Very affordable price

  • Noticeable, strong scent, which some may find unpleasant
  • Pretty small container

6. Wild Willies

By using Wild Willies Facial Hair Wax you’ll notice an increase in your beard and mustache growth, they’ll become stronger, moisturized, smooth and soft.

In addition, the product does what it supposes to do – it keeps the stray hairs at bay with its strong hold, giving your facial hair more polished and neat look.

Thanks to the organic ingredients it’s made from, it’ll also help you deal effectively with split ends, beardruff and itchiness.

You won’t encounter any harsh chemicals, preservatives, fragrances and colorants thus this item is pretty safe for all beard types.

What some customers did notice though is that it tends to make your facial hair look slightly oily or greasy, but if you don’t overapply it everything should be fine.

Wild Willies



  • Reduces flakes, itchiness, dandruff and split ends
  • Boosts facial hair growth and moisturizes it
  • Has a strong hold
  • Completely organic ingredients

  • Makes beard appear a bit greasy and oily
  • More on the expensive side considering the size of the tin

7. Badass Beard Wax

The perfect balance between a balm and a wax, Badass Wax has a pleasant sweet citrus scent, but what’s more important is that it’ll help you style and shape your beard to perfection.

One of the first things it does is taming stray hairs and softening your facial hair. With extensive use, it’ll also make it much thicker.

Don’t expect an exceptionally firm hold, because you’ll only get a medium one. Your skin and beard will absorb it really quickly.

Another great news is that this item we’ll help you solve most of your beard problems, such as beardruff, itchiness and split ends.

The price is a bit over the top, but you can view it as an investment in quality because the wax will last you for a while given that a little goes a long way.

Badass Beard Wax



  • Eliminates beardruff and itchiness
  • Keeps beard in one place and makes it more manageable
  • Tames beard and makes it feel softer and denser
  • Melts easily for a simple application

  • Feels a bit greasy
  • Pretty costly

8. Bossman MUDstache

Beeswax, coconut oil and some other quality, natural ingredients make the blend of Bossman MUDstache Wax.

They all work together in taming your facial hair, moisturizing it and making it softer. Because the hold is one of the most important things in wax, it’s noteworthy mentioning that this wax gives a solid hold.

Once applied, it’ll keep your mane in one place and desired shape for at least 24 hours. The application process itself is simple because this product melts easier than some other options.

By using it regularly, you’re actually training your facial hair, especially mustache, to stay the way you want it to.

Although water-based and lightweight, it’s possible that you’ll find this wax to be a little sticky. Besides, even though the seller says it’s unscented, it actually has a slightly unpleasant smell.

Bossman MUDstache



  • Strong hold that lasts all day
  • Lightweight and easy to apply
  • For all facial hair types
  • Made with all natural ingredients

  • Feels sticky
  • Has an off-putting scent

9. Mountaineer Brand

Natural looking hold and completely manageable facial hair are two things you’re going to get with Mountaineer Brand Wax.

Talking about the hold, it’s important to know you won’t get an extremely firm hold, but rather a natural one that’ll allow you to style and shape your beard the way you want to.

Moreover, there won’t be any greasy or sticky residue that would make it appear too stiff or shiny.

The tin in which the wax is stored is of a decent size and because you only need a little bit of product per application, it should last you for a while.

Almond and coconut oil mixed with beeswax make the potent formula of this product that help your beard look and feel healthier. Its scent is mild, but some may still find it off-putting.

Mountaineer Brand



  • Natural looking hold
  • No greasy or sticky residue
  • Mild scent that doesn’t linger all day
  • Affordable price

  • Not very strong hold
  • Some may find the smell to be unpleasant

What is a Beard Wax

Best Beard Wax

Any seasoned beardsman will tell you that growing the beard of your dreams is only half the battle; having world-class facial hair also means taking the time to sculpt and shape your face fuzz.

Truthfully, that is something which takes a little help. Thankfully, beard wax is just the product for the job.

Every beard has those stray hairs that go rogue – wax is here to put those bad boys back in their place.

Without wax, your beard would be left to run wild.

Benefits of Using Beard Wax

If you’ve ever found yourself standing puzzled in an aisle among the balms, oils, washes, conditioners, and other countless beard products, you may be wondering if beard wax is truly necessary.

The answer, of course, is yes. If you want your beard to be fashionable and healthy, you need the help of wax.

Can Be Used For All Beard Styles

Think of Salvador Dali’s iconic upwards twist, or Zach Galifianakis’ immaculately-formed facial shrub (the kind that can only be achieved with the help of a professional beard shaper).

Impressive and iconic facial hair isn’t grown on its own, it’s sculpted using patience and the perfect beard products.

Wax exists to take the beard you’ve grown, and shape it into a masterpiece.

Every man knows that no beard grows naturally into the perfect form: some patches grow faster or stick out.

Some beards naturally sit crooked or struggle to contain a few wild, scraggly curls that just can’t seem to stay in with the rest of the whiskers.

In short, the benefit of wax is that it gives you ultimate control over your beard, its shape, and its style.

Protection Against Split Ends

In addition to immediately improving the look of your beard, it also promotes overall health.

The cohesive elements of wax serve to coat the ends of individual hairs, which can otherwise be inclined to split or fray.

The destruction caused by split or otherwise damaged beard hairs can slow growth and lead to frizzy, sickly facial hair.

Especially in cold or dry weather, when hair is strained and prone to breakage, a good wax can protect your beard from splits and breakage.

A Shield Against External Elements

Best Beard Waxes

You might not think of your beard as something that needs protection, but it is.

Sure, your facial hair makes you feel manly and maybe even a little rustic–like a modern woodsman or sexy lumberjack.

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t need to be safe and protected.

Besides shaping your beard and coating it to protect from split ends, a good wax also helps guard against the elements, kind of like an invisible, all-day shield made just for your chin.

Locks in Moisture

Especially if you live in a dry climate or even just if your inclined to dry hair and skin, wax helps keep what’s important inside: moisture.

The water-resistant consistency of wax doesn’t just keep out what’s bad, it seals in all the good stuff and helps your bush stay hydrated and luscious.

Types of Beard Wax

From all-organic to vitamin-supplemented and handmade, the beard wax market is awash with options.

Though you and your beard may at first be overwhelmed by the many options, take solace in the fact that there is a wax that suits every beardsman’s needs.

If trying to sort out the differences between one product in the next has you stroking your own whiskers in confusion, here are a couple differentiating factors that may help you pick the perfect wax.

Strength of Hold

The stronger the hold, the more control and creative power you can have.

Remember, though: with great power comes great responsibility.

Stronger waxes are stiffer, harder to apply, and can easily be over-applied, forming your beard into a rock-hard icicle instead of a shapely man-mane.

On the spectrum of strength, the scale is usually divided into three categories: light/weak, moderate, and heavy/strong.

A heavy wax is necessary when aiming to achieve a more drastic style, like Dali’s aforementioned pencil mustache.

For beardsmen looking to achieve styles that are simply shaped and manicured (like the lumbersexual style for example) then a light wax should serve splendidly.

Other factors that go into the selection of the perfect hold also include how thick your beard is and how curly or unruly the individual hairs tend to be.

Duration of Hold

Do you need your beards style to last into the evening, or just provide a little shape for several hours through the day?

In addition to the strength of the wax, the duration is also a distinguishing factor from product to product.

Keep in mind that waxes boasting an incredibly long hold have their drawbacks as well.

Durable waxes will probably consequentially be more difficult to remove when it’s time to wash them out.


If you’ve got a dark-colored beard that falls between brown and black, color is less of a concern – most waxes will blend.

However, if you have a light colored beard such as blonde or red, the color should be a determining factor when selecting a wax brand.

For those who are fairer-haired, dark waxes make your beard look dirty. Instead, opt for a light-colored or even clear wax.

If you wanted to change the color of your beard, you’d opt for a natural beard dye and color instead of just waxing it over with a contrasting shade.

What Ingredients To Look For in Beard Wax

Best Beard Waxes

The ingredients label of most beard wax products generally aren’t novels; it’s most common for the label simply to list a few items.

Waxes may include other components to add fragrance or boost shine, but the three staple ingredients are usually some variation of beeswax, natural oils, and butter.

Most often (and ideally) these are all-natural ingredients.

Here are a couple of things to look for on the back of a product’s jar, and a couple of ingredients to avoid.

Waxes should include:

  • Some type of beeswax, ideally one which is organic
  • The best oil for facial hair is usually natural oil. Natural oils such as fruit oils, nut oils, or tea tree oil help to keep beards healthy and give it a lasting shine
  • Shea butter, cocoa butter, or similar butter ingredient to smooth and condition
  • Vitamin E to encourage overall health

Waxes should avoid:

  • Synthetic fragrance agents which scent the wax but lessen its overall quality
  • Any other non-natural, synthetic ingredients
  • Chemicals such as artificial dyes or any type of parabens

How to Use Beard Wax

Step 1 – Wash Your Beard

You’ll want to start with a clean slate. First, wash your beard with one of these best beard washes.

Washing should be done regularly as a part of your daily self-care routine.

You wash your face every morning and every night; your beard should be no different.

Step 2 – Dry Your Beard

Next, dry your beard completely. It doesn’t have to be as parched as the Sahara in summer, but dab it as you mean it until there are minimal amounts of moisture.

This allows the wax to take directly to your beard, and not get watered down or lack adhesiveness.

Step 3 – Prepare and Brush Your Beard

Brush it – not just with any hairbrush, you’ll want to use a brush for beards which is specifically designed to remove loose hairs and promote overall health.

Step 4 – Apply Beard Wax

To apply, focus on one side first. Massage the wax gently into the outside of your beard until it is evenly distributed.

Apply this method to both sides before moving on to the front of the beard.

Some waxes are harder and require softening before application.

With medium-hard waxes, this can be done simply by rubbing the wax between your thumb and fingers, using the friction to warm and soften.

However, with harder products intended for more extreme styles, it is sometimes necessary to directly apply heat.

One idea way to do this is through the use of a hair dryer, which can be directed at the wax’s surface in order to make it pliable enough to scoop out and apply.

Step 5 – Remove Excess Wax (If Any)

Lastly, use a hand towel or washcloth to remove excess wax.

To do this, remember to gently dab the wax away instead of aggressively wiping it, which will compromise the structural integrity of the shapely beard masterpiece you’ve just created.

How Much Beard Wax Should I Use

Best Beard Waxes

Once your wax is soft enough to use, you need to decide how much to use.

Most products recommend a dime-sized sample, but the amount you need is directly related to how much beard you have.

More hair require more wax – think about it, Zach Galifianakis’ trim-but-full facial fluff would inevitable need less product than Gandalf’s long locks or any of the beards included in this compilation of best long beard styles.

Once you’ve assessed how much you need, place the amount in your palm.

Remember, you can always add more, but it’s hard to remove wax without starting over entirely, so underestimate your needs and add wax little by little.

If you’re not totally sure what kind of fashion or shape you want, just getting all of the hairs going in one same direction is a pretty good place to start.

When it comes to the use of various waxes, also remember that the ease of application and time it takes to style is not the same across the board.

Harder waxes are more difficult and time-consuming to use, while softer waxes which are used for less-drastic styles can normally be applied quickly and with ease.

Differences Between Beard Wax and Beard Balm

For the purposes of beard styling, beard wax and beard balm can be considered brothers.

They normally have the same ingredients: wax of some sort, a natural oil, and butter.

The main differentiating factor is the amount of each ingredient which goes into the product.

Beard balms tend to have more butter.

They’re generally softer and can act as soothing and smoothing agents on the beard’s hair (though they are not the same as beard conditioners – there are products specifically for that as well!).

Using the oils and other natural ingredients, products like these best natural beard balm also condition facial follicles and can help to immediately relieve the itching that beardsmen with fledgling facial hair often experience.

Balms are good for natural beard styles, like if you’re thinking to try a hipster beard style or a more casually loose look.

Unshockingly, beard waxes are considered wax instead of balm because they generally contain more beeswax than other products.

They are, in short, “waxier” in texture. This allows them to be more effective in shaping and holding hair into specific styles.

Though a bit harder to apply, beard wax allows you to achieve shapes and styles that beard balm.

Its softer, easier-going brother, could never dream of.

If you’re keen on styling your beard but you’re not sure how to go about it, check out these shaping tips for your beard for some solid ideas.

Differences Between Beard Wax and Beard Butter

Beard butter is a hydrating product that can be considered the soft-textured lovechild of beard oil and beard balm.

While wax is intended to protect your beard, lock in moisture, and hold shape, beard butter is more like a lotion for your hair.

It won’t help you shape your handlebar mustache, but the beard butter will help your facial hair stay hydrated.

While beard wax can be hard in texture and difficult to spread, beard butter is soft and easy to apply.

Its texture is attributed mainly to a lack of beeswax in the product’s ingredients – something that makes it smooth-textured and creamy.

Choosing the Best Beard Wax

You can get the world’s best beauty rest and it doesn’t mean you’ll wake up with perfect facial hair.

Even the best beards need the help of a solid beard-care and styling routine to reach their full potential.

Wax is the style and strength powerhouse that lends you the ability to achieve the beard you’ve always dreamed of.

With the right wax and a little bit of love, any beard style is possible.