Awkward Beard

You wake up one day and decide to grow a beard. It excites you very much and the first two weeks are great as that stubble is coming along very nicely. But suddenly, something unexpected happens.

Before you enter the short beard phase, you see that things are not going as smoothly as you hoped. It hits you right as you enter the awkward beard phase. During this phase, the beard is neither here nor there.

It is not quite a peach fuzz beard, but it is not close to a full beard. What happens is that a lot of guys decide to give up and revert to a clean-shaven look.

We are here to help you not give up and explain how to overcome this awkward beard phrase everyone hates.

What Is the Awkward Phase of Beard Growth

The awkward phase of beard growth is considered the part that comes after two weeks and a full month. At this point, the hair you’ve grown is not defined as stubble anymore but, at the same time, is not characterized as anything other than one of the funny beard styles.

Besides not being able to define it, the beard will most likely be patchy, as some of the slow-growing hairs will still not have surfaced at this point. This phase might not phase Guys that can grow a strong beard.

They can transition through it and go on to grow a 5-month beard without any problems. But guys with weaker beards will go through the awkwardest part of growing a beard which might even prompt them to give up on the entire ordeal.

Most guys give up at this point, but going on strong through it will earn them a good beard.

How Long Does It Last

Expecting your beard to look good after a week of growth is unrealistic. The first week of beard growth includes your facial hair still filling in. Some sleeper hairs will remain dormant and activate a bit later.

The uneven growth of facial hair will cause your beard to look weird, hence the awkward phase. The most usual troublesome area is the patchy mustache, which takes a bit longer to fill properly. All in all, the awkward phase is supposed to ensue after two weeks of beard growth.

It will most likely last for about two weeks, as you can’t expect to get a good beard for less than a month. Growing a thick beard that you will need a beard comb for happens after three to six months of beard growth.

To get there, you have to be patient and stubborn at the same time, particularly when overcoming this awkward phase.

Awkward Beard

How to Deal With It

Going through the awkward beard phase requires a lot of determination. You have to power through it and not let it affect you. Be true to yourself and remember that after it passes, soon you will have something like a Bradley Cooper beard that you can be proud of.

Step 1 – Don’t trim or style

Many people make a clinical mistake and try to style this beard. The beard is still not defined well, so it cannot be styled. Also, trimming it a bit might urge you to shave it down entirely if you are not satisfied with the results.

Step 2 – Overcome the itch

What all people experience when growing a beard is itchiness. While the beard is growing, it is going to itch like crazy, sometimes to the point that it makes you want to give up on it.

The best way to overcome it is with the help of natural products like coconut oil for the beard and by brushing it with a good comb.

Step 3 – Ignore the negative comments

Being that the beard is not formed in any shape or form during this stage, you will look weird so much that you will get teased and ridiculed for even attempting to grow one.

You should let all of those comments slide, as when you are finished growing the beard, you will know that a majestic one is on the way.

Step 4 – Don’t get obsessed

Many guys become highly obsessed with their beard as it grows and start checking up on it constantly. But a beard will grow at its own pace and not having it grow faster and in the way you hoped it would be will only cause added stress and pressure.

Try to distract yourself with a hobby or something you like doing and leave your beard be so it can do its own thing.


How do I know when the awkward phase is over?

The awkward phase is supposed to be during the second two weeks of the first month of beard growth. But since all of us grow our beards at a different pace, you will notice that the phase is over when your beard starts taking shape and begins to look fuller without patches.

Man With Awkward Beard

What products are best to use during the awkward beard phase?

The best products to use are the ones that are going to help you speed up beard growth. Also, if you start to experience itchiness, you are going to want to use something to alleviate the itch. In both cases, beard oils can provide help.

No need to blow dry the beard as it is still not well defined.

Is itching part of the awkward beard phase?

Itchiness is a part of the initial beard growth phase and can very much be a part of the awkward phase. As the beard forms and facial hair start to protrude, the short ones will cause discomfort and cause you to itch like crazy.

Itchiness is also the cause that makes many people give up, which, combined with the aesthetic look of the awkward phase, is more than enough to make a person give up on a beard.


If you are considering growing a beard, whether you want a long beard or are planning to add a beard fade down the line, be prepared for the worst part – the awkward phase. We can’t prepare you for what is to come, but we can tell you that it is something you will not like.

You will have to power through it and hold on for a couple of weeks, as only with the hardships that come with this awkward phase will you be able to get a perfect beard afterward.

Anthony Giannotti

About the author: Anthony Giannotti

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